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At a certain point as you grow up, you realize there are more than two flavors of ice cream: chocolate and vanilla. Both made of the same ingredients. Both do the same thing. They just taste different. That’s the American politics paralysis we were all trapped in for the last 50 years that made American go backwards in time and bankrupted the country. It’s time for new thinking here. Try RTDNOW, Redeem The Dream Now. Who knows, maybe Ben and Jerry will name a flavor after it. How about calling it RTDNOW Evolutionary Twist? Because its time to stop regressing and twist our evolution forward not backward anymore. You’re going to like it! For a small taste, read the RTDNOW PLAN to save America and restore 300 million American dreams OVERNIGHT!


Making of the Song "Have a Party"



While I had a music theory class at Chico State University, I had a full load of business and dance classes, did dance production and took a music class, this music broke all the rules. What key is this is what my producer Tim Ellis asked the band as they were about to take a run at making this song in session. They all kind of shook their heads. “C”…and “C minor?” maybe, not sure. There was no conclusion. Tim taught music and scored music for symphonies when he and Aaron Meyer played in front of full orchestras. Most great bands have someone like Tim that irons out all the music notes so you end up with ear candy. Obviously I wrote the music this way on purpose and wasn’t going to change it. As they got into it they understood. Years later I listened to a podcast explaining some of the great Billy Joel’s music, and the Beatles famous song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. What did they both do? Break a clean orderly scale apart with disharmonic notes and chords and returned back to the major key. Yep, that’s essentially what I did here, nobody understood it then, but they will now.



I think the video clip was shot on an iPhone 4! But I am lucky enough to have a clip of this attached on this page. I wanted to make a national sing along and moments like this made that vision come alive. Tim and the band came into my ‘vocal booth’ room and I was surrounded by about 100 years of professional music production experience (compared to my 6 months). These guys were all humble enough to let me lay out what I wanted and Tim led us through it. Thanks guys!


The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Have a Party"



Articles of Confederation 
A “League” format

The Constitution 
A “Covenant” format

A “100% Citizen Participation” format

The big question, the one that determines the quality of your life, and everybody’s life, how much fun we all really have, your American dream, is “WHAT kind of party are we ALL going to have?” How do we all come together and all have a really good time? The Republicans and Democrats, both controlled by big money today with no answers to our biggest problems. For over 40 years now. All that money and all those ‘brains’ and the problems in America all got much WORSE! So the BIGGEST question in America is still the same: WHAT KIND OF PARTY are we ALL going to have come together to fix things?


In our history of government in America, we reinvented Government In 1776, there seems to be 2-3 types of structures to, quoting the Beatles, that were used to help us all “come together” as a people and have kind of a ‘fix it’ party: (1) A League, (2) A Covenant, or (3) A Participatory Citizen’s Format. Today we are examining the history of each and discussing their differences. What worked for American citizens, and what didn’t.


We are all doing this so we can thoughtfully determine how we will live, survive, and prosper, after 2020: together. We need to understand the details (where governmental structures came from, how they function, or don't), so we can determine exactly how America, and all its citizens, will come together online at RTDNOW.COM in 2020 to all rock and roll the nation everyday in a new Citizen First America.  So ALL 330 Million ordinary citizens will really know and understand how they will ALL proper, in a new Citizen First RTDNOW 2020 America. One of 100% Active Citizen Participation in Government. 



A League is like the National Football League, known as the NFL. There are team owners who set the rules in committees and appoint a commissioner to implement the rules and resolve disputes. Simple enough. Coaches work for the team owner. But laborers, the workers, the players, have a Union, to protect their rights and safety. There’s no league without players with names: even with Madden the online football game for kids. So the Player’s Union has a President, that renegotiates the contract between the League and the Players, when circumstances, and times change.


Such as the invention of Television created unexpected new large broadcast revenues, etc. If they don’t negotiate a resolution to changing times and adequate pay, there is a worker strike: a work stoppage. And in extreme cases, Owners ‘lock out’ the workers/players, ending negotiations. Then a New competitive League is formed under new rules. The talent and resources are massively diluted and the quality goes down for a few years until old standards of excellence are reached or exceeded. All move on. Then they realize the cooperative nature of increasing profits and merge into one league again.


The NFL was followed by the upstart, American Football League, known as the AFL. Later they merged into one NFL with two conferences: American and National to reflect the former competing business leagues, that now only competed, on the playing field. Similarly, so it was with the National Basketball Association, the NBA. The upstart American Basketball Association, ABA, splintered off and later they both merged again to be stronger and more profitable. In a League Format, everyone is represented and gets a minimum, adequate entry salary and standard of living: or there is no league. While not perfect or total equality, its pretty well operated as both sides are well represented. In a League, there’s what I call “Baseline Equality” (that’s an RTDNOW original term) for a decent living standard for all, and then superstars make much more: based upon merit. That’s a league ‘association’ of all the people in a venture.


Here’s where it gets more interesting. America’s First Government was a League. It was called The Articles of Confederation. That’s what Confederation mean: League. The State’s were the teams, 13, comprised of players or citizens. Owned by the local citizens, like one actual NFL team, the Green Bay Packers football team of the NFL, still is today. Local government officials were the hired (and fired) coaching staff. Citizens could switch teams and move to different States: unrestricted free agency. The first government of America from 1776-1789 was a League of States; their charter (operating rules) was known as, The Article of Confederation.


Confederation/League, showed up earlier in the 1600’s, in Holland, before America. Sports Leagues like the NBA and NFL and NHL seem to thrive as there is a collective bargaining agreement (like any performance work, cutting hair, or finding a piece of business, the player/performer seems to get 50% and the House gets 50%) in place to “Readjust” the agreement as the pool of profits grow from a combination of: good leadership, technological advancement, quality of the players and officiating. Bad officiating, as we saw in the NFL Game Officials Strike, where untrained “replacement” temporary Officials, were used, was a total disaster, with clearly bad calls changing outcomes of games, and turning many games from a contest, into a farce, as the wrong team became the victor.


Now transfer that analogy scenario to bad politicians, OUR Elected ‘Game’ Officials. Our paid off government officials making clearly bad calls, which pronounce the undeserving “team”, which is never the citizens, the victor on game changing calls. As in Wall St. always wins: just like the casino it really is. They lose all the money, they get it all back by asking for it. Never paying back TRILLIONS in false profits the prior bad officiating enabled them to make by lying, to create the bailout situation with a new bad game changing call, like the 2010 $700 BILLION Wall St. bailout.


And in absolutely clear cases of fraud like the last housing ‘Home Loan’ crises, nobody ever goes to prison for a LONG time, as they should. Why? Because the guys in Congress that are supposed to regulate them got low priced home loans: they were complicit. Now that’s what TERRIBLE long term officiating is by Our Government Officials. And the odd thing, is they think we’ll all forget. Hardly, that’s why history is written, and some people like me, bother to actually read and study it.


Please read history, all sources. Or as the saying goes, we’re doomed to repeat it. That government official favoritism I speak of killed OUR American economy over the last 40 years as government ran away from serving its citizen and just enriched the wealth class. And that’s why we are separating government and big business with the RTDNOW PLAN and Constitutional Amendment. We need to end the corruption that’s bankrupted American before it kills America. It’s also part of the reason 300 million ordinary home owners (and dwelling loans to lower rents by 50%) will be getting 1% home loans in the RTDNOW PLAN. It’s time for economic equality for all. 1% Home loans lowers everyone’s cost of living by almost 50% overnight: and for 30 years. It’s how we also end poverty in America almost overnight. Add your name 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM, then tell EVERYONE.


Jefferson (and Adrian) both would have just Amended the Articles of Confederation to enact clear monetary policy, and address trade and taxation issues, if they were there! Then, for 4 years, like now for the last 40 years, Congress was ‘Paralyzed’. On the book and page referenced, read how James Madison got his ideas to go on to secretly form the Federalist Party while Thomas Jefferson was in France. James Madison ‘accidentally’ got his new ideas which led him to concoct a new ‘constitution’ which violated The Real American Dream the Revolutionary War was fought for: independent local self rule, equality and economic freedom, and unalienable citizen rights, from the many books Jefferson sent back from France as they corresponded. 

So while Jefferson makes clear all he wanted to do is fix the areas of the Articles of Confederation that are not functional yet, Madison goes astray (from 99% of U.S. Citizens) and takes away ALL citizen rights and moves power to a far off location basically selling out everyone, in the 1st highjacking/hostile takeover of the real American Dream, with his new little document he simply called, The Constitution. 

So while Federalism created an almost unbreakable bond of the States to defend against European powers, that was good, the bad was that for the next 240 years until the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN, the real American dream and citizen equality and prosperity would be buried under an England Money Monarchy Top-Down system Madison drafted, and came to be called Federalism. 

Effectively this transition to Federalism under a Constitution away from the Articles of Confederation “FROZE” citizen and States rights or lack thereof, in place for 240 years. The ambiguity of such powers and rights between Federal, States and Citizens were never resolved and the real American Dream has not re-emerged. That’s why I wrote the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN, to finally fix, update and reform the imperfect document that has also been Dismantled through law changes over 240 years and is not what it started out to be, that we still call, our Constitution.



Kind of sounds like the Godfather movies, “I’ll make you an offer you CAN’T refuse!” The most famous Covenant of course was between God and Abraham, “Follow me and you shall reach the Promised Land.” Well, unfortunately we are all still waiting. Or are we? America is the promised land of citizen equality and economic freedom. Thomas Jefferson penned that into our Declaration of Independence (Independence from Citizen being economic slaves) as to what we were all to have by birthright without question or negotiation: EQUALITY. And the very long list of grievances listed, detailed what we were NOT going to have. When you read the REAL American Dream from that perspective, it becomes CRYSTAL clear exactly what our REAL government is, and was supposed to be, and what it was supposed to do for all of us. For EVERYONE: Every Single Citizen. Ooops! We had the Promised Land, the Good Covenant, until a new Bad Covenant took it away!


As we all know, whenever there’s a GREAT idea and a lot of LAND, the super elite wealth class rolls in and does a hostile takeover. The more sophisticated they are, the smoother it is and many don’t even realize or understand what’s changing and being taken from them, as everything the Revolution’s was fought for was just “Improved.” Like all the products you’ve bought for your whole life, they say “New and Improved!” And make the bottle smaller and charge you more! So they take more and give you less. Look at every product you buy at the supermarket next time carefully. I can spend $7.99 for laundry detergent, or just $1.00 at the Dollar Store. I can go to Grocery Outlet and spend $3.99 for 10 dishwasher pellets, or pay $1.00 at the Dollar Store. You have a choice. But with this new 1789 Covenant, a new and improved form of government, the American people were not given any choice.


300 Million Americans since then are just mice in a daily survival maze looking for more cheese. I took a class on Supermarket layout design in college. The goal is confuse the shopper and exhaust you until you just give up and buy what’s on your list and everything else with a girls smiling face on the package. That’s why they keep moving the cheese: literally. The main place people always need to stop is the Dairy section for basics of milk, eggs and cheese. By moving these products about every six months they force you through a new maze, no joke, so you have to see everything to find the few things you wanted. Its confusing and you end up spending 35% more than you came for. This is one reason grocery shopping will go partially online over the next 20 years. NOTE: Amazon just bought a major grocery chain. What happens when 35% of grocery shopping goes online? You don’t eat 35% more. You need about 35% LESS grocery stores. You’ll get regional hubs versus neighborhood stores. Yes this also relates to my song and Podcast called Ghost Towns predicting half of ALL the retail stores in America will close over 20 years. And all the jobs in them will be lost. Hmmm.


Retail stores let you examine things. But in 2020 forward, once you know what you want, you just go buy online to drive the price down. Simpler and saves the user the 35% extra they don’t spend on what they didn’t come for. But ooops! We lose all the jobs! Now we may not be able to afford anything on Amazon! Oh good, we still have Ebay. The grocer now doesn’t have all the cost that goes with the employee wages and workers comp insurance, and building and distribution, etc. The employer saves 50% on his delivery cost and makes a TON more money even if he gives you a little discount. Both the new online retailer and shopper win.


But oops! We are a 70% retail Economy in America. Take away half the jobs and we go from 44 Million on Food Stamps today (1 out of 7 Americans in 2017) to 100 Million (1 out of every 2) over the next 20 years. THAT’S HALF OF ALL AMERICANS IN POVERTY. One job usually supports two people, kind of. So what does this have to do with what type of party 300 Million Americans are having? Well, as Willie Nelson famously sang, “Turn out the lights, the Party’s Over.” You can’t Party, have much fun, you can’t live very well on Food Stamps. And with no tax revenues from these newly 200 MILLION poor people and the cost of their food stamps and government services, America more rapidly collapses. And if we collapse, so does the world economy.


It’s a great thing to assist everyone. But it’s not supposed to be permanent! We’ve done nothing to really retrain people so that it’s used only temporarily. This will change with the RTDNOW PLAN: everyone who is willing will be retrained. But what do Food Stamps, as now 15-25% of all Americans live, do to the recipients' health quality of life? They can afford inexpensive foods that are the worst. They are cheap because they contain all things corporate American knows your body can’t process in them. Like high fructose corn syrup and additives that make you ill and less productive over a lifetime.


Government and Corporate America know 50% of Americans have food allergy sensitivities to dairy and wheat. But that’s the main diet of food stamps for many. Sadly low cost highly processed food is the equivalent of human dog food. Ouch!!! Yes, they screwed the pooch: all of us. So the more go on food stamps the more corporate America sells more low cost bad food making us all sicker, and they make more money. Ouch again! Which leads to more health problems and health care costs. Beyond that food allergies cause low energy and mental fogginess, which all inhibit the population’s ability to focus, work, and participate.


For example, I financed an Onion mincing operation once. ALL the PROCESSED foods, versus raw and natural, like potato or corn chips for example, are highly DESIGNED to suspend your natural appetite suppressant. So the more lower cost PROCESSED foods our poor Americans eat the fatter they get. Then as you develop Diabetes, you can’t afford the $600 monthly out of pocket cost for treatment drugs if you don’t have good health insurance, because the Pharmaceutical Companies run the government. MILLIONS of Americans suffer EVERYDAY in America because of this, and thousands die a decade early as a result. I’ve chatted with hospitals about this. They say people that can’t afford their Diabetes medication just get to passing out and then get Ambulanced into the Emergency wing: at public cost. Another example of runaway government.


Back to THE COVENANT Government, and The ‘Godfathers’ in 1789 America. The unspoken Covenant, a bond, was called Federalism. That word like The Godfather’s Name is never spoken, it’s not in their Constitution. Constitution means Covenant: that’s the connection. The American Godfathers were: Washington, Hamilton, Madison and Jay. So why did I tell you how supermarket sales work earlier? Because American Government, once centralized in 1789 by ‘the Constitution’ works the same way. They reshuffle all the isles and confuse everyone until most just forget what they came for or buy whatever government is selling because they put it everywhere in front of you with their corporate media. In supermarkets it’s about five spots: end aisles, primary section, cold case, and special entry displays. In corporate media it’s everywhere: TV, Radio, Online, Newsprint. Their message to get you to do something is everywhere while alternatives, and solutions to benefit the citizen, never see the light of day.


So what did these four historical ‘Federal’ governmental brain surgeons do while selling us all new laundry detergent saying it “Fights stains better! It’s new and improved!” They said their new Covenant with the People, called the Constitution, had new and improved centralized Executive power, was more efficient and effective than the Slow “League” system of equals that thought things through and just couldn’t make a decision. And it fights Tyranny Better too! Ok, a few people like Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Mason saw this charade for what it was and loudly screamed BULLSHIT! Everybody knew over centralized power gets corrupted easier and enslaves and bankrupts ALL the people. Like the crumbling English Empire they had ALL just REJECTED!!! 


So back to the grocery store analogy and food shopping. They said this new Covenant was like a ‘Layered Cake’. Kind of sounds like a party? Always back to food and sugar! The original addicting crop that brought slavery to America. Layered? Does that mean someone is on top and the people on the bottom have to be much tougher or they get crushed to death? The top part really doesn’t do anything but prevent the people from ruling, the central part of any government is supposed to handle common national needs like Defense, Money, Trade and Commerce. And the States were supposed to handle local needs and issues. What was different between the League approach and the Covenant approach? The “New” Covenant made the Executive Branch: Judge, Jury and Executioner. It also created PERMANENT ambiguity as to where Federal power stopped and State power began. A lot of people missed the League’s ‘States Equal Rights’ arrangement. That resulted in a NASTY Civil War: 1860-1865.


So for 150 years from 1789-1939 we had ‘layer cake’ Federalism until the time America had transformed from farmers to a global industrial power. Then what happened? The Executive Branch, again our old deranged President Nixon, invented more fictional food for us to all swallow: ‘Marbled Cake’ Federalism? The stated goal was to put more power back in the States control. Was he fixing the Civil War disagreement finally? Like the New Laundry Detergent the not so Fab Four sold us in 1789, he was selling new and improved ‘Cake’. And what did Marble Cake Federalism clean up? What did it mess up?


Well it started a phenomenon called BLOCK GRANTS. Now that’s not money to improve your block you live on in 1/3 of all Towns in America that are decaying economic ghost Towns for the last 30 years. It was CHUNKS of Federal Money (is that where my Unneeded Federal taxes went?) were sent back to states with Hank Paulson’s Favorite line from his Wall St. Mafia 2010 bailout, “No Strings Attached.”  So why don’t we pay less or no federal taxes and just pay for what we need as citizens in our States. That’s RTDNOW thinking. As America started, and was supposed to be. But now we have a GIANT WAGE VACUMN CLEANER called Federal taxes that sucks up all the money and what? And gives trickles back?  


Worse, as ‘the Covenant’ made the Executive Branch omnipotent: made it God. They could do anything, with the assistance of Wall St. Money in Politics since 1791, they now pushed through whatever baloney “they wanted.” Congress, our representatives are supposed to only have the power to declare war, now Presidents do by having undeclared wars. Hmm let’s see. We get a new Chief Executive Every four years. One says “Use all the money and Build me a Castle!” The next ‘Chief/President’ says, “I need all the money to build a different castle!” None have a plan for the citizen’s checkbook or home economics so you don’t drown in debt, or build our next American Dream engine so you can live your American Dream, or a governmental plan so we don’t drown in debt as a nation and TOTALLY collapse. This 50 year arm wrestling match ignoring the real problems and issues left all ordinary American citizens behind and made America the money slave state it’s become today. 50% of all jobs are minimum wage with little to no benefits.


So where did this “Covenant” called the Constitution bring us ALL to? The Covenant, which was actually between the Executive Branch and Wall St., is just a money-sucking machine. What they “promise” for the citizens well being end up as what they call “UNFUNDED MANDATES.” They can print a Trillion dollars to attack a country that has nothing to do with 911, but citizen needs go Unfunded. Well just like Jefferson, Henry and Mason, I’m screaming BULLSHIT in 100 songs and Podcasts. We need to end this charade that can no longer be hidden or wished away as technology will take away 30 Million Jobs (forever) over the next 20 years. What’s it time for? New thinking. That’s what RTDNOW is. And what does the RTDNOW PLAN do overnight? It finally clarifies the ambiguity of “The Federal Covenant” known the Constitution with new mechanisms that create a SUPER collective bargaining group; you guessed it, of 300 Million citizens who want their American dream back right now. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM




  1. The “Constitution” of 1789 was forced upon the many by the few and never represented the people. It still doesn’t. WE THE PEOPLE meant the fab four of 1789 and the wealth class: not the ordinary people not involved in writing the rules. RTDNOW implores all citizens to effortlessly participate online in writing our new rules.

  2. The “Covenant” it created was for the wealth class, deemed the only ones smart enough to rule, to manage government by corruption and payoffs. See Alexander Hamilton’s own writings on this.

  3. Federalism died 10 years after being born. It was a blip. As a political party it vanished. The 1789 ‘Covenant Constitution’ was a military coup in America. And now it’s time for 300 Million to manage its shortcomings that bankrupted us all, with a new RTDNOW PLAN, before the dead hulk of ancient Federalism collapses America and the world.





Today it’s called RTDNOW, Redeem The Dream Now, a Citizens Equality Movement for every citizen to become involved, to Restore EVERYONES Complete American Dream (social, political and economic equality) OVERNIGHT. And its simple: we start by all adding our names 300 Million As 1 at RTDNOW.COM. We had local participatory government, lost it, now we need it back again. Let’s disuses this long strange 240 year trip.


We had 100% citizen participation twice before. When? When our economic and social survival was threatened in the Revolutionary War 1774-1785, and World War 2 1942-1946. In early 1784 America, we had 100% participation, all states were heard and citizen needs were being heard. Citizens marched into their LOCAL representatives’ offices. There was NO federal government in between, and there were NO Federal taxes: for 130 years! What hadn’t formed yet in 1784, hadn’t been clarified, under the Articles of Confederation, was how to put in place systems to help America grow economically: money, banking and commerce plans. The wealth class was itchy!


The ONLY problem we had as a League of equals under our Real Participatory Government under the Articles of Confederation, (where the Feds couldn’t just go start war after war and tax us to death to do it), was we had NO statesmen who understood finance. You can say that’s still true, because it is! But back then they were all farmers, slave owners, or artisans. So we had NO expertise and NO leadership to work within the LEAGUE framework to fix Money and Commerce issues. And like any warrior, General Washington true to his personality in the war, let all the battles be lost until his back was against the proverbial Wall, and like the Crossing of the Delaware, when he was out of options he could imagine (he farmed), probably said the same thing he said that night as they hit the Delaware water, “Victory of Death.”


He left no room for opposition to his new centralized power government called the Constitution, because the general he was, he covered all his flanks as he steamrolled his new vision, Federalism, over us all. He hoodwinked all unwitting State representatives into a conference to amend the Articles of Confederation (the League) and held them under armed guard for four months. But what did that ZERO % Citizen Participation meeting to fix government get ALL of us? The same runaway government for the next 240 years we had just rejected in the Revolutionary War.


So the 4 Federalists take away everything the Revolutionary War had won, just by shortening everything? A New 1776 Democratic-Republic became just an authoritarian top down (not bottom up or side to side) Republic, and a Con-Fed-eration of equals became a Fed-eralism, of Masters with money, and corrupted and non corrupted slaves. He was a slave owner. Brilliant George, just BRILLIANT! Just take away half of everything and give it to your Executive Branch. And just say, “It’s better!” That’s like telling Alzheimer’s patients it’s better to not remember. Washinton recreated ancient Rome! And that’s why all the building built in Washington D.C. look ROMAN. He was Julius Caesar reborn. Make no mistake. He just had defeated the last modern ROME, called England. He was THE MAN! No wonder he needed his picture on EVERYTHING, for 240 years? So now that we understand George a bit better, and how that all worked and why, it’s time to fix our Romanesque Empire he created, that is about to crumble.


Now for some of the new RTDNOW thinking. READ THE RTDNOW PLAN for most of it. We are going to have 100% citizen participation, cooperation, in America. And it’s going to be easy, simple, almost free, and fun. Why will this happen? Because all of our futures, depend equally upon it. And every time Americans are in that position they effortlessly band together to save themselves. That’s why we are all still here 250 years later. And how does that happen? In times of crisis we ALL lose ALL the false politics BS that is there to divide us, and just focus on what Americans have been best in the world at for 250 years! PROBLEM-SOLUTION, type thinking, and ACTION. We all started as just Americans, with NO political parties, for a reason. America was to be for its citizens and NOT be an elite wealth class like England and the Old Order of European colonialism that was crumbling. Political parties exist to be dominated by the wealth class: all of them.




Well it’s lowering the cost of EVERYTHING we can’t pay for by 50% or more. And its taking Government Access Online, making it free to all, to put OUR Government all in the palm of your hand, so you can conveniently participate, in making the rules you live by. And you the Citizen, 300 Million (330 Million if the Wealth Class add their names) literally own it equally, and the citizens control it. That’s why I’m asking EVERYONE in America to sign up, SUBSCRIBE at RTDNOW.COM for $1.00 per person per month to fund the RTDNOW Movement. In a new 2020 Citizen First America, that’s all GOOD government should cost the citizen! We then will all have equal voice. And an ACTIVE AND IMMEDIATE way, to manage OUR government to prevent future runaway government, after we ALL end current runaway government quickly by detaching it from Wall St. with the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment.


So 300 Million ordinary citizens have Fed the Fed-eral Government and Fed-eral Reserve forever with tax dollars and what did we all get? Nothing. Most of it, at least $50 Trillion, got diverted to the wealth class who took our jobs and their factories offshore abandoning us all. Federalism died about 10 short years after it started as a political party because all saw what it for what it was, it did not have much support. It was a military operation by military men to change government to grow the country by force-feeding the new wealth class of its time. Bad, bad, bad. This “ism” died for that reason. And ALL Americans have been saddled with what those four men did since then for 240 years. For 24 decades, we’ve ALL accepted a highjacked Government process instead of the original American dream of equality and participation. And what happened? Our economy got highjacked AGAIN AND AGAIN, as our government got highjacked, by corporate money AGAIN AND AGAIN, as the wealth class Washington and Hamilton constructed and set up to flourish, at the citizens expense, took all the money AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. 


But the question today in 2018 forward is, “how do you the every day ordinary citizen of any age, all of us, fix a botched government soup that went rancid over the last 50 years, and make it taste good and be healthy for everyone?”  And how do you do it for pennies? And do it OVERNIGHT? 


we all fix america overnight With a little American magic


The SAME MAGIC Thomas Jefferson used in 1776: a petition of grievances and independence, this time FROM THE POLICIES of Runaway Government. It’s called RTDNOW, Redeem The Dream Now. Read it and sign it. It endorses a clear simple plan to fix all our major problems that does it for pennies and is fast: OVERNIGHT.  Please read the RTDNOW PLAN.


The RTDNOW PLAN answers all these questions simply, directly and efficiently: it’s free for everyone. It’s an overnight online movement of all the people in America, acting like the American spirits of 1776 did, to restore everyone’s full America dream of Equality: social, political and economic equality. THE RTDNOW PLAN fixes 90% of our poverty, ends our hunger and homelessness problem, overnight, by reducing the cost of living for 90% of All Americans by 50% with quick monetary policy changes. 90 million living under the poverty line JUMP out of poverty with this new money.


These changes propel new vibrant middle class growth for 75 Million Americans seeking their first home, seeking their own business ages 20-40 years old. These policy changes help 100 Million baby boomers retiring to retire in dignity and not fearing poverty. The RTDNOW PLAN also ends Runaway Government with an RTDNOW Amendment to fix our flawed Constitution of 1789 by separating Government and Big Business so it become a Government of ALL the people as it was intended. And The RTDNOW PLAN also builds the new American Dream engine over 10 years to replace the 20 Million Jobs we are about to lose and the 20 Million Jobs that were never replaced as the factories left. 




  1. If you’re ready for a new Citizen First 2020 America, get busy just participate for free daily at RTDNOW.COM hearing a free redemption song, reading the bonus material like this, and telling everyone RTDNOW.COM

  2. Nobody but you the ordinary citizen is coming to save us. I went to all this trouble to create RTDNOW from my retirement funds because there are no other real options. None for 30 years or more. Nobody’s offered solutions to any of these major problems let alone ALL of them in one fell swoop. Please read the RTDNOW PLAN. Then add your name.

  3. It’s now the Instant Effortless Information and Communicate Age. We’re all connected now for the first time ever. Nobody can hide from the affects of runaway government of 40 years. The American citizen has been beaten up financially for decades as wages stayed flat and costs tripled. And now the American citizen is about to be slaughtered as technology removes 90% of existing ‘manual’ jobs. We all need to act thoughtfully and with purpose. And that take keen understanding and a real plan. THE RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN. Add your name at and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM. And as you keep the RTDNOW Movement viral, and active in all social media, we will all quickly come together to save America from total collapse, and restore everyone’s American Dream Overnight. Do your homework, then get busy telling everyone RTDNOW.COM





Ever realize you had it right the first time. It’s a bit of silent agony. Thinking you have to dump all the work and wrong turns that came after. Sometimes for years, or decades. After all, life is all about enjoying the journey. But after you said the second way was better, and you spent all your money to build that new road, its hard to ditch it, even after your realize it took you to nowhere’sville.


But after 240 years of political parties that’s where we all are. Where the American dream is. The perfect American dream born in 1776 ended up lost, nowhere, because it was hijacked a few times starting in 1786. Hijacked by whom each time? Like four times over the last 240 years as I explain in my song and podcast Declare Independence Again at RTDNOW.COM. You know by whom. It’s whom the founders of 1776 warned us about. It’s why they formed the nation under the Articles of Confederation: to avoid the development of Political Parties. Because they knew from England that political parties get corrupted by big money, to raise taxes to build armies, to fight wars, end up as a bankrupt empire, and keep overthrowing what government the people fought and died for or try to vote in. It’s no wonder the American people hate politics. Politics keep endlessly stealing their American dreams!!! If you or I had such bad work performance you’d be unemployed in a New York minute! If we lied in business dealings we’d be sued and taken to court pronto! But we can’t seem to fire these non-performers.

Have a Party






It seems like political parties keep saying they represent the people when they really don’t. The famous words WE THE PEOPLE were written by James Madison alone. Then the next political party up says the same thing ‘oh this is much better’ until all our rights are taken away, our jobs and our ability to survive has been taken away then they cut social programs for billionaire tax cuts. They never tell you what they will really do. They never had a plan. It’s like an endless con game “trust me, what have you got to lose?” I think we heard that by the yellow haired candidate. How about what’s left of the American dream!


The political parties and their minions go on and on, getting paid handsomely from those billionaire tax cuts, until they’ve totally destroyed the American dream. All 300 million of them as we find ourselves today with 100 million living below the poverty level, 100 million Americans a recession away, and 100 million living in fear they will get wiped out in the next recession around the bend and all our national debt comes due and we can’t repay it. And America itself is on the path to total economic collapse in 10-20 short years.


So if America was started on purpose without political parties, to defend citizen rights and the Real American Dream of equality, what exactly were political parties organized to do? They create a class society. What the American revolution was fought to end and did for 10 short years until the first political party emerged.




1786: MEET THE FEDERALISTS. Their emergence was the first high-jacking of the real American dream. Read a recent book by another man named Ellis called The Quartet. The first four Federalists were George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. It seems all political parties have their own vision of what America should be and foist it upon us all without our consent! Which is in direct violation of our Declaration of Independence, our only true founding document. The Federalist agenda was radical. It was to undo everything Jefferson and the American revolution put in place to found America. They wanted centralized far off government, to take away control and access from the people so they could do what they wanted. They wanted a central bank and international financing of all states debt, which took away the independence of each State and put it in permanent state of ambiguity, frozen in place without ability to really act on their own and control their destiny anymore. That concept is at the core of why 1/3, 11 of 34 States, (a few more and we would have had two countries here) decided they had enough, and we had a civil war.


The Federalists also wanted new rules of government replacing the Articles of Confederation where the people had to agree to major decisions: like false-flag fake wars it was meant to prevent. They replaced that effective democracy saving organization with something called The Constitution, which was drafted in secret with NO, none, not any, citizen rights. Usually when the General that leads the army rewrites all the laws, it’s called a coup. But after 7 long hard years of the revolutionary war, and nobody really knew what running a country meant, slow if any communications, the Federalists just rolled in and did it. Four guys, one a very persistent writer like me. Hamilton wrote 85 essays called The Federalist Papers and published them in all 50 newspapers of the time. To this day they are used by the Supreme Court as ‘basis’ for legal decisions.


Now old A-Hamilton was a private citizen like me at the time and didn’t represent anyone. In fact he would have been in violation of the Constitution he was touting, and the non existent free speech rights in the first draft of the Consititution, if it was in affect! So what did he really do with all that? Well, the Gentleman Class (all four men were in it, they were elites) formed a giant national Corporation. The States were the regional offices. The articles of incorporation were the Constitution. The Federalist papers were the Bylaws. And how did they do it? They used European Wall St. Foreign bank global wealth class money to refinance, payoff all the States war debts. Just like a hostile takeover of today (that’s why Wall St. and Federal Government are kissing cousins Hamilton taught them how to do it!) to induce all the reluctant States to sign up. That was the first large appearance of money in our Politics. The first lead poisoning of our political system. What else did that do? Gave half the Federal Reserve to foreign banks that own it to this day. This was the old world global elite wealth class. Now you know why we always fight the world’s wars, they control our economy indirectly. So what happened to this political party over time? They fell out of favor, had disputes and disbanded only to re-emerge again in 1971 this time without a name. The Federalists believed the wealthy should rule over everyone. But who they are today should be obvious, they are now called Corporatists. Or as I like to say, the Corporama.


In conclusion, it seems like the radical Federalists got EVERYTHING they wanted, except they had to acquiesce to a Citizens Bill of Rights. And 184 years later the Gentleman Class of today we now call the Corporate Class, re-emerged as a ghost Federalist political party I call, Corporatists or the Corporama pushing tidal waves of money through our political system to implement their agenda of diverting wealth to the elites. Their Declaration of Independence in 1971 was called the Louis Powell memo. And 46 years later, present day, all the wealth of America has been transferred to the wealthy top 10% and America is badly bankrupt. Only 6 mega media Corporations now control 90% of all our media/news information, and far of centralized rule has gone to a new level, to Corporate boardrooms around the world. They read history too you know. They just repeated the Federalist playbook, but did it like they do everything, silently.


1788: MEET THE DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICANS. Yes my friends, they were one party formed to organize against the Federalists. Thomas Jefferson was their leader, who I model after. When America was born, it was formed as a Democratic (of the people) Republic (nation of laws made by the people). And the world called 1777 America, Jefferson’s Democracy. When the Federalist came to power in 1786, they rewrote everything and took out the Democratic part and made America just a Republic. That was the first loss of Democracy. That’s how Jefferson was demoted to the ‘unused’ $2 bill and Washington promoted to the $1 Bill which is everywhere. But when all your rich friends make the laws, its not really a true Republic at all. It seems we have had spin doctors misleading the American people from 1786 on. Taking away our independence signing the Constitution at Independence Hall. Oh my they were slick even back then. Well you can guess what the Democratic Republicans stood for because they were led by Thomas Jefferson. Everything the Federalists took away from the States and all the people. See Adrian 2020/Jeffersonian Renewal for details.


1812: MEET THE NEW KIDS: NATIONAL REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS WHO WERE SIMPLY CALLED DEMOCRATS. After that it seems like the political parties all switch their polar ice caps, their positions on issues, every few decades. For example Republicans were for ending slavery, but in modern times Democrats seems to represent (with dismal results) the plight of the economically enslaved and socially oppressed masses today. I’m not going into detail here on modern day Republicans and Democrats because I believe they are both overrun by Corporate money, global and domestic, and are both shams and do not represent the American citizen. Which is why there are 100 million in poverty in America today and 100 million right behind them. They have both failed the American people dismally until they have become the problem, in a one side, then the other, gross mis-use of powers.


1869-PRSENT DAY: OUR TWO PARTY SYSTEM: which is really a one party global money system where only 25% of voters actively participate for the last 50 years. There were some bright spots along the way when we talked to each other and reached compromise and did good things for the American people. But that got lost. It seems the basic role of political parties is to restrict the American dream to a privileged class that like any class society you earn your way into and never let go unless everyone makes you or you die of old age.









How about that. Now that’s some new thinking. And that’s what REDEEM THE DREAM NOW is. RTDNOW is a 300 million as 1 Equality Movement to restore the real American dream. The complete American dream of social, political and economic equality for every single citizen. And I want us to do it OVERNIGHT in an online stampede as 300 million citizens add their names at RTDNOW.COM to endorse REDEEM THE DREAM NOW and the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s American dream.


In a blink, RTDNOW refocuses American politics to CITIZEN FIRST problem-solution, without any dogma, into a functional system. Its only guidepost that it serves the American citizens needs first. That it is constantly expanding citizen rights and access to the American dream.


That does not mean Mega Corporations will be penalized. They need reforms too so they redeploy trillions of dollars in America to help rebuild the next American dream engine. They exported our last, large factories, its time for them to quickly find their American loyalty again.


Please read the RTDNOW PLAN where you can see ACT 1 is to build the online RTDNOW Citizens Continental Congress so EVERY American’s voice will be heard. So every single American participates in the future of America, and so every gross injustice rampant in America will get voiced to the light of day so as a problem-solution society, we will solve all the issues that divide us. We will solve all the issues that create massive injustice.


Fantasy? Hardly. When 20 million people tell similar stories of oppression together we will address their concerns. When 50 million people don’t have equal rights, we will address their concerns. We’ve done it before in the Woman’s rights movement and the Civil Rights movement. But that was unorganized, agonizingly slow and costly. This is the cell phone Internet age. Things are going to happen much faster and it’s almost free.



As we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM we will all effortless organize to restore everyone’s American dream. Yes it really does start by doubling the net income of 90% of all Americans overnight. Please read the RTDNOW PLAN, it’s written for every single American. Yes, even the super wealth class elites I rail about. How? As everyone’s net income doubles overnight the economy will grow by not a paltry 2-5% but by 20% a year or more and they will sell much more and profit more.


And as we build the next RTDNOW American Dream Engine on every block in every house in America over 10 years it will transform America back to a creditor nation because we will reach full employment at much higher wages. This transformation to full employment enables both massive tax reductions (because 20% more people are employed at better wages) and faster growing Corporations that paid no taxes many years, will be paying at least 7% a year. Together that provides ample cash flow to pay down and payoff the national debt in 15 years while doubling prosperity for 90% of ordinary citizens overnight, and giving them full access to the American dream of economic freedom and advancement. Those American dream economic tools everyone will equally reach every American and get fully spelled out in ACT 3, of the RTDNOW PLAN, the RTDNOW Citizen’s Economic Bill of Rights.


The only fantasy here was making a 100 song rock opera at a professional level: I’d spent my 40-year work life funding and expanding American dreams. But as a novice musician I pulled off doing the impossible, making 100 original songs (all the podcasts and website) and the world’s first mega rock opera off very nicely. So start believing in me, and in yourself, because it takes both of us, all of us to do this. 100 million names added makes it happen, but I want us all involved, 300 million ordinary hard working citizens.


So please add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone. We will all love this future because it solves all our big problems in one fell swoop and leaves no one behind, and saves America from total economic collapse in 10-20 years based upon the path we are now on.


So yes we are changing path from decline to advancement. And as you get busy online we will do it overnight! And we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it. Play all the music I made for us daily and let’s rock the nation in a 99% participation party, actually a 100% party in the new era of 100% citizen activism starting at RTDNOW.COM. But only you the ordinary citizen can make this happen. It’s almost free, simple and easy.



  • What do political parties do? (HINT: nothing good)

  • Why didn’t the 1776 founders want them? (HINT: they steal freedom and bankrupt the nation)

  • Is RTDNOW a political party? (HINT: no, it’s a movement of the people to implement a citizen first equality plan that restores everyone’s complete American dream overnight)

  • Where do I find RTDNOW? (HINT: online at RTDNOW.COM, later as millions subscribe regional RTDNOW regional Café’s will open around the country and as everyone signs up Adrian will have town hall meetings and music shows)

  • What does it cost? (Free: but see THE GREAT DEAL, everyone is being asked to equally subscribe for $1.00 per month to fund the RTDNOW Movement)

  • What does Adrian mean by Overnight? (HINT: use your cell phone to tell 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM and Everyone’s American Dream will be restored OVERNIGHT with a citizen focus plan called RTDNOW: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW that changes our economic policy and doubles your net income immediately. As we change policy, it happens overnight.)

Have a Party
Have a Party

Words and Music by ADRIAN

What took you so long, to wake the sleep from your eyes

So obvious now it hurts to see, we have the power ultimately

So many twisted messages, paid for by the oppressors

Pitting neighbor against neighbor, to keep the status quo in their favor


That’s why, it’s time to have a party, the biggest party you’ve ever seen

Where everyone is welcome and everybody reaches their dreams

It’s time to have a party, the biggest party you’ve ever seen

Where everyone is welcome and everybody reaches their dreams

A 99% party, a 99% party, a 99% voter turnout party!


Simple as saying I’m in, when we all do, it will begin

We’ll start cleaning house, the lobbyists and their feeding mouths

We’ll right this sinking ship, faster than you may think

Get rid of waste and mismanagement, save our treasure

Cut the red ink


Ever been to a puppet show? For 75 years!?!

Same actors dancing around, dancing on fat cat strings

It’s time to say goodbye, to the big lie!


We’re gonna have a party

Let’s have a party!

Every party, every one of us

Everybody get everybody

It’s time to party

Let’s get this party started!

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