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HOME OF THE BRAVE is a phrase from our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key. He penned the words to this anthem while witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry from a British ship awaiting the negotiation of a prisoner’s release. America prevailed and became the most powerful country on earth, because of the same spirit Francis Scott key saw in our people that night. We don’t quit, no matter what. It’s in our blood; it’s who we are.


Making of the Song "Home of the Brave"

Tim Ellis does a breathtaking guitar solo to end this inspirational song

This song rages out of the speakers in one long breath, just as it came out of my head. Right away I knew it was finished as is. When I shared it with Tim Ellis, my producer, I thought he’d say, “Where is the rest?” But after three years in studio watching my songs getting longer, Tim exclaimed, “I love it, it’s perfect. You need short songs; don’t add a thing!” We quickly scheduled a fourth two-day, full band studio session to get it on our recording schedule.


My song writing was still improving. Andy Grammer, whom I met after one of his shows in Portland told me, “Keep writing!” And, he was right. It resonates that his own story exemplifies that same “don’t give up” American spirit.


On this song, J.P. Garau sat in on keyboards, since Troy Welstad was on tour. You can hear both J.P. and Tim light up the world with rousing piano and guitar solos. I love long solos and kept encouraging them to keep playing. The intro and outro are adapted from a CSPAN broadcast about the open Internet hearings. I watched the operatic TV chess game battle in words for our liberty, which was hanging by a thread, while free Internet was being slowly crushed by the weight of Telecommunication lobbyist money. Our future does hang in the balance of what we do next. Be brave, add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM.

Talented young backup singers rehearsing

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Home of the Brave"

What December 1941 and Present Day, May 2018 have in common, and how we PREVENT a negative American Dream turning point happening right now, before it gets into high gear.

1941 - President Franklin Roosevelt:


Forced Japan to War cutting off their oil.

1941 - Japan’s prime minister Hideki Tojo:


Failed to negotiate for natural resources and went to war with us to get them.

December 7, 1941:

2,000 American soldiers killed in one day, 80 Million in the War that followed of which over 50 Million were CIVILIANS. Half our Navy fleet is destroyed, pushing America forever into a ever failing wartime economy we are still suffering under 75 years later. It’s time for new thinking and new policy. It’s called RTDNOW.

2018 - President? Trump:

Staggering through history like a pitiful blind drunk poking everyone in the chest and saying “What you gonna do about it?”

2018 - President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping:

China withdrew from the world in the 1950’s with Communism to escape western imperialism. It’s emergence as an industrial power now sets it up for its first Great Depression, which new 2018 U.S. tariffs may bring on. Like Japan responded in 1941, China will and must respond. And while China has natural resources, if economically destabilized, to prevent widespread revolt and separation of one China into what should be 12 countries, they will go to indirect war around the world. Just like past colonizers of the past to have direct spheres of influence to buy their products and keep their economy going and power in the hands of their repressive elite.

2018 - Adrian:

Citizen activist trying to get every U.S. citizen to add their name at RTDNOW.COM so he can implement the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN to restore America and everyone’s American Dream overnight, and to move the world to a global policy of Mutual Sustainability. Which basically means we learn from history as noted on this page, and we cooperate with each other, versus trying to control everyone, so we don’t repeat the bad parts of history over and over again every 50-75 years like we have been. War means Capitalism and elite wealth control of government has died again. It’s a bad rerun the world is living in. It’s time to leave the Boom-Bust 50 year American economic cycle (China is approaching their 50 year bust cycle) which keeps getting pushed into the next era with a 30 year War cycle.


I think it’s because they stopped teaching real history and we stopped reading history. The sitting President obviously doesn’t read, or read history, and is about to plunge the world into the next economic war if he doesn’t come to his sense and just go play golf until his term ends.


In this page from the book The Next 100 Years, A Forecast, read how the world could be thrown into World War III. Mostly economic but with sporadic hot spots. A seismic shift in world power may be the result. This guy isn’t stating an equation for cold nuclear fission here, he’s just basically saying, “If one country does one thing, the others will react.” Brilliant! Yes global policy is as simple as that and understanding who’s really abusing who on the playground the overly complicated elites make sound so serious calling it, “Geo-Politics”.


My take in history as you know it just repeats, it’s cyclical, unless we all act (add your name at RTDNOW.COM) to break the negative generational forgetting cycle. Most of this we can all see coming. Like World War 2 was kicked off as President Roosevelt cut off shipments of oil to Japan who had no oil. They had to respond. And so the 2018 sitting President puts tariffs on Chinese goods. We make up about 25% of China’s exports. This could cause a recession in China: they will respond. Same thing different Asian country.


What short sighted game is the 2018 president playing with all our futures? Why doesn’t he focus on modernizing American factories to compete with China so we can export? And creating new ones. As more jobs get eliminated through advanced technologies, wage costs really aren’t the issue for expanding factories here. Labor unions and pensions and healthcare for the workers have been dismantled. That’s not the issue anymore to not reinvest in America. The reason he’s imposing trade imbalance (without a real plan) that could result in a whole restructuring of power in the Pacific Basin as China determines its had enough, is to get re-elected.

This misguided “Foreign Trade Lack of Real Plan and Policy”, act by yet another economically brain dead American President, is only to rally his small base of 30 Million that he ‘kept his campaign promise’ so he can be re-elected. It’s so he can create conflict to continue to promote a military budget that is 50% too big right now and killed the real American Dream. It’s so he can show himself as a Bully and ‘great negotiator’. But that will fail, it’s short sighted, and the next President will have to clean up the mess he is making.


We owe China over $1 TRILLION dollars we can’t repay. They pull half of that, and our economy crumbles into a big decades long Depression. The stakes of his wild Presidential tariff aggression, (enabled by a flawed constitution giving the chief executive too much power, which the RTDNOW Plan fixes), he is waging, are far too high, when he should be focused on retooling American industry here in America to be able to produce here and export worldwide: like we used too. He’s given up on that. WOW is right.


Seems like he’s a globalist in nationalist sheep's clothing. Acting like a psychotic narcissist changing friends, cabinet members, policy, and hookers every five minutes (sorry but it’s the sad truth) is more reckless than a teenager driving after downing a six pack: he’s going to crash the car with all of us in it. No doubt about that. It’s his personal egotistical Joy-Ride he’s taken us ALL on.


I’ve noted in the ABOUT section above for this song, MILLIONS of Brave Americans (forget political parties that have failed us for over 50 years) came before us and paid the ultimate price so we can stand here today and discuss and debate in some level of freedom. Each generation of American Spirits constantly prove, we are the home of the brave, as we win any war we should be in. But now we have to prove we are not the home of the stupid.


We have to leave the fantasy world that if the elite billionaires drive the economy and world into total debt and corruption and economic failure, again, we will all be OK. We won’t.


Please see my song and podcast for Ghost Towns. America is already 1/3 economic Personal Ghost Towns before Donald McRonald subverted the will of the people (I didn’t vote for him or Hillary FYI, I voted third party as I’m asking every American to do) hijacked our 2016 Presidential election. All he’s doing with his shortsighted reckless knee jerk Mara-Lago actions is accelerating how fast the next 100 Million Americans slip below the poverty line. Many who voted for the sitting President told me, “Let him crash the plane we all fly in called America, faster: it’s going down anyway.” I don’t think half the people who voted for him (we didn’t and never have any real choices which is why I’m a write in Candidate for President of the United States 2020) like him at all. But faced with “more of the same globalization” under another Clinton, enough people said enough of that BS.


But for the first time in 250 years you have a real choice. For the first time in 250 years a citizen is presenting a detailed Citizen First (versus corporate First we suffer under) Vision for America. For the first time in 250 years 87% of Americans hold the power in their hands, their cell phones, to reject runaway government and fulfill the real American dream of a true government of, by, and for, we the 300 Million real people.


But are you brave enough to add your name at RTDNOW.COM to endorse the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN? Are you brave enough to take 5 minutes of every day to hear the next redemption song and tell everyone across social media: RTDNOW.COM. Are you brave enough to let go of the fantasy world you live in every single day of momentary happiness of illusions and diversions, and do something simple to save your future and everyone else’s?


I know you are brave. Welcome to the 300 Million As 1 REDEEM THE DREAM NOW Citizen’s Equality Movement. Read the RTDNOW Plan, Add Your Name, subscribe for just $1.00/month ($12.00/year) to fund the movement, and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM






Every generation has its memorial in Washington DC, to denote its sacrifice for the next generation. Our capital is even named after George Washington, the bravest person who had the most “Never quit, American spirit”.


He along with our other founders were looking over the horizon, betting their future, hoping their efforts would secure a better tomorrow for their children and themselves. I seek this same end with each song I write for REDEEM THE DREAM: THE ROCK OPERA TO SAVE AMERICA.


Every generation’s future is challenged, but here’s what I see as our challenge: the 300-Million households of America face prolonged and pervasive economic tyranny affecting every aspect of our lives. Our standard of living keeps decreasing as the American dream is stolen right before our eyes, decade after decade. Our economy keeps imploding every 10 years from corruption. Our paid-off leaders are the only ones who don’t understand what the Home of the Brave really means. And our democracy has become an endless farce of lies, repeated in tweets every hour of the day. Every American’s future has been severely threatened for some time now, but they are beginning to wake-up their sleeping American spirit.


“This is our generation’s moment, this is our time to do what is in our blood: to act for freedom. What will 300-Million brave Americans do? What will be our generation’s memorial in Washington D.C.? Will we have one? What has our generation done to restore America? Nothing. Now, it’s up to the brave. The brave act on what has to be done and don’t look back; it’s that simple. And now it’s easy. Redeem the Dream with me now, add your name, and tell everyone, “This is still the home of the brave!” The renewal of America can occur OVER-NIGHT. Like our founders, we can redeem the American dream in every single household, become our generation’s legacy, and the gift to the next generation.


Abagail Adams, the wife of our second President John Adams, used to read William Collins' famous poem How Sleep The Brave to their children at bedtime. Their son John Quincy Adams must have taken it to heart. He later became the 6th President of the United States.

 While my song Home Of The Brave may be a little too loud to play at bedtime, (play it at breakfast!) you may try reading it to your children at night and talk about how generations of brave Americans came before us. And as they drift off to dreamland, they can dream of America and by being brave too.

And so America shall remain, for generations to come, The Home of the Brave.America is the home of the brave. Don’t forget it. Be brave with me now!”


The Capitol Rotunda Ceiling -

Ascension of Washington

Jefferson Memorial

WWII Memorial

Home of the Brave

Vietnam Memorial

Home of the Brave
  • What makes America the home of the brave? 

  • What are you doing to save America and restore everyone’s American dream?

Home of the Brave

Words and Music by ADRIAN


What you do today can secure the future of the open internet,

And make sure all our voices are heard, each and every one of us.

Our struggle continues?

(For 250 years and counting!)

Hmm: yeah I know, but screw that.

I want the world and I want it now: OVER-NIGHT!

Well…if you want something done right…you have to do it yourself. 

(What you do today can secure the future.)

Picture yourself with the power to save America (RTDNOW.COM). Redeem the Dream Now.

Let me explain: 1! 2! 3! 4!


Our daddies died for it, our mommas cried for it.
Now we all have to fight for it again!

It’s the Home of the Brave,

Home of the Brave.
Gott-a country to save,

It’s the Home of the Brave.

Penny saved ain’t a penny earned,

Can’t cross bridges that we burned;
Only the brave find their way home again.

It’s the home of the Brave,

Home of the Brave,
Gott-a country to save,

It’s the Home of the Brave.

For decades, we’ve been letting the Corporama run our show.
That’s how, the American Dream got foreclosed.
That’s why I’m reaching out to every one of you.
Help me make our American dreams come true.
Add your name; tell everyone!

And we’ll save America again!

Saved ourselves before; we’ll save ourselves again.
Disaster calls the brave to rise again!

You know what I’m talking about; I don’t even have to shout. 
What you do today can secure the future.

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