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In 1888 England acts so cruel occurred they’re still remembered. A faceless sociopathic killer dismembered victims in impoverished areas. Today, a new sociopath is taking healthcare away from 18 million impoverished citizens, leaving them to die. For over 50 years our sociopath uses money in politics to fund candidates who fake national emergencies to justify taking societal programs away, so they can double the defense budget every 8 years. And that sociopath puts us all in endless debt by giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest 1%. Our Jack the Ripper is so sadistic he uses our proud military ‘defenses’ to go kill civilians around the world for their resources to support endless corporate profits going to the wealthiest 1%.


Here’s your chance, 300 million as 1, to stop our modern sadistic sociopath ripping off the worlds American dream. Our Jack the Ripper, we sadly call, "runaway government." It’s time to stop being scared about the future. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

The fabulous horn section, left to right:

Lars Campbell: horn arrangement and trombone 

Dick Tetterington: flugelhorn

Adrian: vocals/songwriter 

Tim Jensen: saxophone and flute



I can write fun songs. What my producer would call ‘song-songs’, the usual stuff. Because I had made so many ‘serious’ songs I decided to do a band session of mostly ‘fun’ but serious songs, like this one, Area 51, Lip Service, etc. This was the fifth band session at Kung Fu Studios. We’d all played together for close to 80 of my new songs so the musicians knew me, and each other well. It may have been our best session. This song puts pounds of sugar on the darkest subject of the opera, who’s been strangling and dismembering our democracy and American dream inch by inch, year by year.




Every great rock opera needs to clearly identify the villain. Or the alter ego that is your villain, like the great rock opera Tommy, by The Who. I picked a villain the world knew, but didn’t know. Which makes it perfect for this story. Jack the Rippers real identity was never known. And ghosts “Ripping Off” ripping off the American dream at home and around the world.  Once I decided to identify the villain, our unknown assailant, the choice of the name, was instantaneous.




Great grooves are unmistakable and can make the song. Blues have been done thousands of times…but I’m not a blues player. However my new producer after Tim passed, Dean, says I drop into blues here and there for moments in several songs. But this song went all the way. I played it for Tim and before the first words came out he said “Fantastic” you can put any words to that beat. For a lyricist that works on music, it was nice to nail the music and have the lyrics kind of follow. Elton John songs ALL work because Elton was the musician and Bernie Taupin was his lyricist. Led Zeppellin was music driven. Bob Dylan was lyric driven. This song was groove driven. That’s why its so fun.


Making of the Song "Jack the Ripper"


The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Jack the Ripper"


Alexander Hamilton:

The villain of democracy

Thomas Jefferson:

the champion of democracy 

Oxford History of the American People 

by Samuel Eliot Morison


Read this attached passage where Hamilton's aspirations to transform America into a money monarchy of the wealth class to profit upon the citizens and saying 'Corruption' was a necessary form of government. And he was the head of the new Federalist Party! And my hero Thomas Jefferson smelled the rat and began organizing an opposition to a king-like power and a money Mafia in government, and the first BIG duping and financial raping of all American citizens. Hamilton was a person. A person who chose to act against the interest of the American people. Today I look at people and their actions, not a supposed fluid 'party' affiliation. People need to be held accountable to restore public trust. 240 years later, I'm blaming our 1st Jack the Ripper, Alexander Hamilton for the start of runaway government that didn't represent the American people at all. He went on to write 85 'essays' published in the 50 newspapers of the time to dupe public support for the new 'constitution'. But his goal as you can see was to build a country of a wealth class. It's time to build an America for all American citizens. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM and we'll do it OVERNIGHT.


Read for yourself from, the clear debate of how Alexander Hamilton set up a system of finance to rip of the following generation by enabling the current wealth class to achieve titanic inequality at the expense of all the citizens. 

That’s why Alexander Hamilton is my original Jack the Ripper, ripper off-er of everyone’s real American Dream of equality. He was a wealth class wanna be elitist, and felt it was his duty to rip off all the citizen not playing his game to create a super wealth class. 300 Million citizens of today got sold down the river Back in 1790 with his bad policy. And after 235 years that wealth class feels ‘entitled’ to keep manipulating government policy to get free money (the citizens money) to grow richer. Thomas Jefferson whom I model after opposed Hamilton’s twisted class society politics and policies.

All that wealth class BS monetary policy from Hamilton is, is passing the bill on to all the citizens of the next generation: it began in 1790. 75 Million Millennials should be mad as hell. Redeem the dream now at RTDNOW.COM 300 Million As 1 and we’ll turn this Bankrupt policy upside down!


Because, the global elite corporate class, are sociopaths. They just don’t care about 300 million citizens, or the world’s poor. We’re ants to be controlled or stepped on. That unfortunately, is the story of the American dream from the 30,000 foot view in tough love for the last 60 years. And that’s why we have Great Movements like REDEEM THE DREAM NOW for WE the people every 60 years: because they are literally killing us. To stop their ruthless and unnecessary killing. Taking away healthcare or sending us to war or charging 100 times what they should for prescription drugs when they don’t have to is sadistic. They enjoy making 300 million ordinary hard working citizens suffer. “Oh Adrian, you’re so dramatic! You’re exaggerating!”


I don’t think so at all. It’s not in history books because they took it out. It’s not in media because they own that. America and Australia are the only companies that allow drugs to be marketed, sold like better toothpaste on TV. That’s because the drug company cartel pays off government. And that’s why an MRI to see what soft tissue injury you have costs $1,800 in America and $180 in Finland. You pay the fee or you live in pain and die.


The elite global wealth calls is pathological because they really don’t care if you live or die. They have a God complex. They feel that because they screwed their way to the top not paying vendors and overcharging, not paying taxes, they are better and entitled. They actually enjoy their version of economic Darwinism. They take away healthcare and see who lives. The strongest survive. They are CONTROL FREAKS. Anything you want, they want to take away or totally control. I’ve known a few people like that. They are sick. Until you make up your mind to just leave their sick world, and in this case governmental policies behind, they eat you alive every day.


Now compare that madness to what I call 300 million ‘Jeffersonians’. The ordinary average hard working citizen, just trying to live their American dream. Jeffersonians want to live and let live, and are happy with what they make through their toil, and don’t need to swindle our neighbors to get their riches. In fact, Jeffersonians, normal people, feel bad, when we take something: we have consciences, we can’t do that. The elite global wealth class running our country for the last 50 years ripping off everyone’s American dream has no conscious. You, me and 300 million average ordinary citizens, are facing our own Jack the Ripper everyday in America.


That’s why 35% of Americans are on stress reliever prescription drugs. That why the rest flee to fantasy mental relief of food, and movies, partying all to escape that we are being economically hunted and killed everyday by our Jack The Ripper elite global corporate wealth class. That’s why nobody knows who we are anymore or what we stand for. It’s become a sad joke.


My podcast engineer Jeramy, rightly always asks me for specific examples. Current ones that bring home my point to every single American. Bring my point into your wallet, into your family, into your ability to survive in America today.


Here’s today’s top 10 list of sadistic sociopathic policies foisted on 300 million American citizens by our elite global corporate wealth class funded by their money in politics. What we refer to as runaway government and what we will all end if you use your cell phone to tell 300 million citizens to add their names at RTDNOW.COM:


  1. Healthcare: Denial and removal of services, costs keep doubling. Before 1970 it was non-profit and we didn’t have this problem.

  2. Exports: instead of keeping industry here, they exported it to avoid union wages, regulation, and paying any taxes! Now America doesn’t make anything and has nothing to export for national income so we go into endless national debt until America collapses under it.

  3. Trade: Global trade is how America started. They gutted the American economy over the last 50 years. Nobody is that STUPID it was done to high-jack the American Dream on purpose. Now all corporate money and factories are offshore along with most of their money instead of being put to work in the United States.

  4. Tax cuts: for the 1% while raising our taxes. Therein lays the criminality of the elite problem: the fraudulent tax code paid for by the elite favors the elite. They ‘invest’ and pay no taxes. While we citizens ‘work’ and pay 10-50% taxes like clockwork every two weeks on “wages” instead of fake tax deductions to get to zero “operating income” so they pay no taxes. That’s mafia-like payola. You pay or we come take your house. See the last three Home Loan Crises over the last 35 or so years. The investors, who fund politicians, take millions of American’s homes (and businesses) wiping out the middle class over and over again. The government is nice enough not to break your legs, so government is not called Mafia. 

  5. Hidden taxes everywhere: higher costs to us, by money in politics paying for deregulation that was put in place to protect every American citizen from this and prevent economic collapses as monopolies are created. It’s elite wealth class paid for financial fraud. Kind of slick-legalized-embezzlement. They get communications regulations relaxed and we get price increases as they merge. Banking regulations get deregulated and they make MILLIONS and we the people pay for their collapse and for their EPIC failures and CRIMINALITY of perverting a system that was working for we the people to their benefit. And if we don’t pay exorbitant higher costs, or taxes, on time, they ruin our personal credit reports, which makes everything, cost more! First it was the insurance industry that could use your personal credit report to see how much to charge you, now that control and money taking tactic is being used more and more.

  6. Banking IS THE WORST: privatizing profits, socializing (we bail them out) risk. It’s time to fix this criminal run system. We need a new CITIZEN’S banking system with our money: 1% home loans reducing your mortgage cost by 50-80% OVERNIGHT. That in itself, one thing, goes a long way to effectively double your wages OVERNIGHT, and restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT! You will see more of this, the details, as the opera progresses. In the RTDNOW PLAN to Save America for the Ordinary Citizen, you will find at the RTDNOW website. And in Act 3, The RTDNOW Citizen’s Economic Bill of Rights.

  7. MEDIA: they controlled another supposedly government controlled (for we the real people) part of our society and killed our democracy with a wooden steak through our brains. They bought the media companies; they bought off regulators to make super corporations taking away a diversity of view and information. Then they took laws protecting our democratic way of live away. They removed the ‘equal time’ rule of having to share opposing views in a broadcast. This created information anarchy of no real facts about 10 years ago which brought us to social chaos. This pitted American’s against each other, instead the Corporate global 1% elite doing it to rob us all endlessly. And this is why I wrote a 100 song rock opera: to cut through all that Corporate controlled brain washing and brain dimming media you ingest everywhere you turn.

  8. ELECTIONS ARE BOUGHT AND SCANDALIZED: the Corporama, what I call the corporate wealth class 1% elite, changed the laws in 2010 to make ‘artificial persons’, corporations, ‘citizen’s’. It also was changed to give those corporations ‘free-speech’ rights. So Google can fund $20 billion to candidates who then need them to be re-elected. The only voice and vote that matters is then Google’s, for example. Our votes, the votes of the average citizen, 300 million, don’t matter anymore. They don’t matter because even if your vote counts the politicians are all paid off by the 1% after the election with newly ‘legalized’ ‘donations’. 300 million American votes don’t matter until we ALL ACT AS 1 to get money out of politics (Act 2 of the RTDNOW Plan) because no matter who gets elected, they change their policy once in office to favor their donor’s agenda. This is how our laws have been slowly changed to kill 300 million American citizens American Dreams and turn this country into a corporate police state. They also do everything possible in criminal fraud to discourage us from voting. The sitting Billionaire President in 2017 asked each state for the social security numbers and maiden name info of every voter in America, violating the citizen privacy ethic. This is Fascist! Acts like this UN-punished is why every American now fears our totalitarian leaning government and most fail to participate. This alone is grounds for the President to be impeached: his attempt to pervert and abuse 300 million American citizens most scared right of voting. 47 States are refusing to comply! Fraudulent politicians’, of any party, or no party, need to be promptly punished for any such acts against the American people, to restore belief and trust in government, which is at zero right now for decades of such abuse of our citizen rights.

  9. COLLUSION: Wall St. funds our politicians, who put them in office. See current treasury secretary, see last treasury secretary, see treasury secretary before that: see the pattern yet? To keep repeating ripping off 300 million American citizens. The last recession those bozos’ with their ‘Too Big to Fail’ that only happened because Presidents were paid off by Wall St. donations and payoff of regulators to approve absurd mergers, cost us citizens, about 300 million of us, about $7 TRILLION DOLLARS. I might be off by a trillion or two, but those ignoramuses did whatever they wanted and knew we the people would have to bail them out. As usual, these wizards of Wall St. and Omaha, and Silicon Valley, leave us all holding the bag. They’re not stupid. They game (payoff) the system to win and run America like their casino. We bet on a guy with ‘promises’ but no real ability, every four years. We all lose all our money. $25 TRILLION in debt, America desperately needs to get out of this bad casino of money in politics where we the people always lose, and find a new way forward. See the RTDNOW Plan to restore 300 million American dreams OVERNIGHT!

  10. POLITICIANS: How come none ever had or has a plan like I wrote, The RTDNOW Plan, to restore every American Dream OVERNIGHT? Because they all just want to hold office. They want to be special. They have no spine. They just take corporate America’s money and orders and say “I’m doing my best” which turns out to be what their donors best interests are. They are all paid off in a paid off system of money in politics. They don’t want to restore everyone’s American Dream: I do!


I can go on to fill a 100-page book, and may before this REDEEM THE DREAM project is done. But for now, let’s just say any group of people so diabolical, they plan, so sadistic, they kill again and again (in slow motion and indirectly, mostly), so cruel, they smile as they deny you, 300 million Americans, the means to live, (decent food, affordable shelter, education, healthcare) so they can be multi-billionaires at all of OUR expense, its beyond sociopathic. That’s why I chose the cruelest English speaking person in history as their namesake: Jack The Ripper. The elite global wealth class has a sickness. Everyday they parade about like elite citizen Gods, and when the lights go out, in dark rooms, they rip the guts of every citizen’s American Dream and every social program to help enable it. Or they spend the money elsewhere to fund their buddies companies and profits.


We can change all this madness OVERNIGHT


We, 300 million as 1, can put an end to our sociopathic modern day runaway government, with a plan, RTDNOW, of coordinated citizen-based policies to restore everyone’s American Dream OVERNIGHT. But only if you are willing to wake up now from this nightmare, and stop reliving your Jack The Ripper nightmare fantasy every day: he comes for me and I’m helpless and it keeps happening. PARTICIPATE WITH ME!


It’s free, its effortless, and with the Rock Opera, hopefully fun and entertaining. Just add your name and tell everyone REDEEM THE DREAM at RTDNOW.COM



This song laments, “We should take a look at those lobbyists!” And so we ALL shall. Here’s a long reading list so we can REALLY see how this antiquated process is killing America. As we all begin to better understand ‘the biology process’ in “the swamp” we can’t drain, we will all understand and see how these piranhas eat us all alive to the bone. $26 Trillion in national debt is past the bone, it’s our national soul, it’s our children’s future.

It’s hard to read these books so I suggest you pick one from the past like 1970-1990 and one more recent. If everyone in America does this we will all QUICKLY add our names 300 Million As 1 to RTDNOW.COM to stop the literal sellout of all our American Dreams. The RTDNOW Plan deals with lobbying by getting ALL money out of politics: including all this DARK MONEY nobody sees. 

In the RTDNOW world lobbying, using corporate money from the few, to influence economic, political and social policy (what controls how much American Dream you get) over 300 Million citizens, the many,  without the citizens full understanding and consent, would become a racketeering crime and carry a 10 year prison sentence. OUR REPRESENTATIVES NEED TO REPRESENT ALL OF US. Period. 

Please Start Reading. The easiest way is to go into a big bookstore, like the GIGANTIC world’s biggest, Powell’s Bookstore, on burnside avenue in Portland, Oregon. Do it with a large cup of coffee and a muffin. Grab five such books off the shelf and sit down in a quiet area. Skim the tables of contents and focus in on what interests you the most in each book. Then dig in. And when you leave two hours later, buy the one book that you feel Best tells this wicked story and share it with all on social media and note a key outrage. 

And of course, tell everyone to Add their names at RTDNOW.COM to end this lobbying madness that affects 300 Million ordinary citizens equally, that the process that stole everyone’s American Dream, must end. It’s obviously just an elite wealth class tool, their invisible hammer hitting us all in the back of the head that we never see coming, we are so dazed we just call the after affect Runaway Government. 

Its time to stop Government from running away after these Lobbyists “sucker punch” is all. We will ALL replace it with a peoples democratic tool, all our voices being actively heard, to control OUR government. And now it’s easy: Tell Everyone daily in social media, 300 MILLION AS 1,


Here’s a list of lobbying books, "This Town" and "Dark Money" are relatively current, the rest look at different aspects of the same problem perpetuating runaway government, which the RTDNOW Plan fixes as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM: Money in Politics.

Machiavelli in Brussels: The Art of Lobbying the EU by Rinus van Schendelen, 2006

Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist 

by Richard Feldman, 2007

Lobbying and Advocacy 

by Deanna Gelak, 2008

Turkmeniscam: How Washington Lobbyists Fought to Flack for a Stalinist Dictatorship by Ken Silverstein, 2008

King of the Lobby: The Life and Times of Sam Ward, Man-About-Washington in the Gilded Age by M. P. C. M. van Schendelen, 2009

So Damn Much Money: The Triumph of Lobbying and the Corrosion of American Government by by Robert G. Kaiser and Shyh-Fang Ueng, 2010


by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, 1993.

Demosclerosis: The Silent Killer of American Government by Jonathan Rauch, 1994


Jack the Ripper

The Arab Lobby by Mitchell Bard, 2011

Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth about Washington Corruption from America's Most Notorious Lobbyist by Jack Abramoff, 2011

Combating Mountaintop Removal: New Directions in the Fight against Big Coal

by Bryan T. McNeil, 2012

Revolving Door Lobbying by Herschel F. Thomas and Timothy M. LaPira, 2018

Interest Groups Unleashed by Paul S Herrnson, Christopher J Deering, Clyde Wilcox, 2013

The Business of America is Lobbying: How Corporations Became Politicized and Politics Became More Corporate by Lee Drutman, 2015

The Influence Game 
by Stephanie Vance, 2012

Republic, Lost by Lawrence Lessig, 2016

Corporate Conspiracies: How Wall Street Took Over Washington by David Wayne and Richard Belzer, 2017

Lobbying America: The Politics of Business from Nixon to NAFTA 
by Benjamin C. Waterhouse, 2015

Lobbying for Change: Find Your Voice to Create a Better Society by Alberto Alemanno, 2017

  • Who’s is Jack The Ripper in American society?

  • Why is he endlessly ripping the guts out of the American Dream?

  • What drives our Jack The Ripper?

  • Who pays our Jack The Ripper?

  • How do we kill our Jack The Ripper

  • What will happen if you use your cell phone to tell 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM (HINT: Everyone’s American Dream will be restored OVERNIGHT with a citizen focus plan.)

Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper

Words and Music by ADRIAN


Jack the Ripper goes to strip clubs, he belongs to private clubs

You never ever see him, he hides in a cloak of secrecy

Jack the Ripper never died you see, he lives inside you and me

It’s the part of your brain, that thinks rules don’t apply, ohhh


Jack the Ripper, Jack The Ripper

Dines with you, over dinner

He gets feisty when the lights go out!


Jack The Ripper lives in our media, X-men, Godzilla, Hugh Jackman

Penny Dreadful, be careful Josh, Devils and Demons abound!


Oh my, my, my, my, somebody’s been ripping off our American Dream

It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s not 300 million hard working citizens

I wonder who it could be? I think we should take a look at those lobbyists


So what’s this have to do with you and me, that’s the gristle between the sinew you see

We’re all flesh and blood, a meal, until we raise the American spirit to slay our demons, Yeah-Yeah!


Elementary my dear Watson, it’s Shakespearean and Malthusian

A barrel full of monkeys, but who owns the barrel

That is the question Jack asked, “To consume, or be consumed?”

That is the real question, and if you want a real answer

You better ask Jack the Ripper!

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