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About 1950 after two world wars in 25 years and the third, a cold one ramping up, somebody made a few executive decisions behind closed doors. (1) We would do what the generals asked and go to a full time war economy. (2) We would use the newly developed CIA (9/18/47) to covertly work internally inside the US to support this goal. (3) Corporate America would become the tip of the spear to shape public opinion to support this effort to manipulate all media. That’s how they got all the corporate give-aways.


So after 50 years of this internal black op’s, our journalism is not only dead, its painful to watch: high school reporting is more in depth most of the time. The fact dumb-ing down and misinforming fed the American people has become SO profound in 2018, everybody finally sees it. And it’s been a leading killer of 300 million American dreams, more than cancer and all diseases combined, and put America as a nation on the road to total collapse within 10-20 short years.


Today on Redeem The Dream RADIO in this song’s bonus material, we are going to examine and figure out “Who Killed Journalism In America.” I mean really, whose arms are long enough to silence and manipulate a whole huge nation of media? Keep reading to find out.



That’s what they call it when you try to capture the sound of a past era. Because I was becoming Thomas Jefferson in a rock band circa 2018, and sounded a bit like Johnny Cash, so many told me, it became an interesting endeavor to get this song right. We started with some stark modern ‘dust-bowl’ guitar. Troy Welstad put in some great piano. And as I write this we are adding some background vocals percussion to set the hook and deepen the groove of the song to progress it from the dust bowl era to retro moderne.





That was the look on my producer’s face as he heard the bridge lyrics on this song for the first time in my preview demo. Tim Ellis was like a Yoda of music: he knew all! Not kidding one iota. When he heard a sloppy or under developed lyric that would waste the world’s time aside from his, he’d wince or raise an eyebrow and stare. This was a year into my four-year musical journey to make 100 songs to create the new era of 100% activism in America, so we could all save America from total collapse. But as the intense truths the words on the bridge of this song made visual in his mind, it rocked Timmy. His face said it all, and I knew this song would be a good one.




My producer Tim Ellis liked how I sang starkly on this song kind of like Woody Guthrie twanged out a song. Which was the point of this throw back song. But after Tim passed we re-examined the lead vocals. On one hand I was doing whatever I wanted because I was the record company and it was my music and I was telling a story of passion; the story of the American dream. On the other hand, for this story to accomplish what I wanted, get to 300 million peoples ears (and stay there) to restore the American dream, it had to be commercial enough. Meaning it had to be a bit more sing along, like Woody’s famous song ‘This Land Is Your Land’. In that endeavor I surprised my sound engineer and postproduction guru Dean Baskerville and laid my vocals way back and down in that way emphasized the sing along chorus. After which he remarked in not so many words, “that vocal was so real I felt it”. Because it’s hard to get a seasoned high level producer type excited or putting out a complement, even if begrudgingly, I guessed I had improved the vocal presentation to the level it needed to be. I hope you agree.


Making of the Song "Journalism is Dead"


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Journalism is Dead"


7/4/1776 to Present Day:


  • American Journalists, supposed to be Watchdogs of our Democracy, became...Chihuahuas

  • Journalism was killed in America over 40 years as it was bought and consolidate, and completely died in 2010.

  • New bold Citizen Activist Journalists, Real Watchdogs of Democracy, start to re-emerge circa 2010, to fill the real news complete media vacuum.

Edward R. Murrow, 1954,

our greatest journalist stood tall to face and defeat McCarthyism as it threatened to destroy America then.

WATCH VIDEO: Murrow on McCarthy, No Fear, 1954 

Jacob the Chihuahua, 2018, what Corporate America turned modern journalists into by buying ALL their companies, consolidating the news, and putting in paid ‘expert consultants’ as panelists to mislead us all for decades. They are no longer our citizen’s watchdogs of democracy.

Note the bark collar.

Daniel Ellsberg, 1972, Unpaid Citizen Activist Journalist. Formerly an analyst for a Defense Industry ‘Think Tank’. He brought the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times and Washington Post to publish to expose government lies for 20 years that cost: 58,000 American lives needlessly, $1 Trillion, and citizen cynicism of government since the 1970’s as the Nixon and prior administrations were exposed as liars, puppets, and fools. Nixon heaped further disgrace upon himself by trying to discredit Ellsberg: he sanctioned the Watergate break in. The cover up got him impeached, and removed. Nixon also was famous for trying to stop, revoke, free speech in America. Ellsberg outed them all.

Julian Assange, 2006, Citizen Activist Journalist, founder of Online News Source called, Wikileaks. It had become the very independent and digital, Washington Post, of the modern era publishing. It published what Chihuahua journalists were paid not to publish and hide from the citizens of the world.

Edward Snowden, 2013, Citizen Activist Journalist, another former Defense Department employee, released government files that alerted the world that the U.S. Government had violated every domestic and foreign citizen rights law in the world to hack every computer on the planet and plant malware in foreign countries systems. Basically, this was an act of war, but wasn’t taken that way because it wasn’t reported that way or ever followed up on by Chihuahua media journalists of today.

Michael Moore, Citizen Activist Journalist, and documentary filmmaker and citizen activist journalist whose American Dream biopic films such as “Capitalism: a Love Story”, and, “Which country do we invade next?” delve deeply into what our Chihuahua journalists fail to report. Such as the recent unsolved theft of $700 BILLION by Wall St. We’re tough on crime! We bring criminals to task! Don’t we?? And how the world adopted American principals over 50 years that once made us world leaders. But as we fell deeper under a money monarchy they were stripped away and that gutted 300 million American Dreams. Moore entertainingly explores all this.

Oliver Stone, 2016, Citizen Activist Journalist and American filmmaker whose works focus on American history. Gained fame with Oscar winning film “Platoon”, about his time in the Vietnam War and its senseless horror. Recently made the movie “Snowden”, so the world heard his story exposing modern global digital oppression, and wrote the books and Netflix series titled “The Real History of the United States.” All are must see.

Bono, 2000-2018 era, Irish Rock SuperStar and founder of ONE organization that seeks to alleviate growing world poverty with such initiatives as cancelling third world debt, the economic chains that help enslave it. “Hey Bono! Join me on a few song in RTDNOW Album 4, DRIVE, and let’s get the whole world rocking!” Adrian.

It seems every action in American history has a big reaction that plays out over the next few decades. Why? Americans don’t like things like rights or their American dream taken away: without their direct and full consent. Today we are having a super TTM to track those turning point moments in the history of the American dream in relation to having a journalistic free press. And how when the press is truly free, it protects the citizens rights and expands their American Dream. When not free we have decades long periods of news oppression (half news, fake news, not reported news) that leads to massive corruption which brings tyranny to us all: they took all the money in the country!


Looking at American journalistic (free press) history in the long view it becomes obvious the battle of the revolutionary war never really ended. The Gentlemen Class, the elites of their day, promise idealistic freedoms in a Declaration of Independence, so all the citizens will fund and fight the revolutionary war. Then three short years after hostilities stop the Gentlemen Class that didn’t write that document, four individuals, draft something called the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation. To replace the rule of the many with the rule of the few: the wealth class. In one swoop they took away states rights and ALL citizen rights. NONE were in the original constitution because it wasn’t written for the people. It was drafted for the elite wealth class. Now at that time communications took a week and there were only 50 major newspapers. Seems like today we have instant communication and have about that many major newspapers once more: and they’re dying fast! So back then journalists didn’t have a chance to dissect and adequately critique the first theft of American citizen rights, what we know as the American Dream. In album 3 Song Bonus Material and Time Traveler Moments I show exact quotes by American Spirits such as Patrick Henry who voiced their opposition loudly in one the of the primary gathering places of the time, in church. Any of the people who really knew what was going on with this new ‘government’ not of the people, were outraged! And sadly, that’s how American government has operated for 240 years lying to the American people and doing what they want. Declaring a new constitution at Independence Hall as it took away the independence of the states and citizens.


The role of Journalists was to be our Democracy’s WATCHDOG. To bring all such lies quickly and thoroughly to light so we can all keep a strong Republic (laws made by people for all the people to follow equally) and a functioning Democracy (where we all have equal voice in the direction of our futures). Today the promise we all have to such fundamental equality in a country of the real people, the many, is DEAD. And it’s dead primarily because Journalism Is Dead. The title of this song.


As a result of all this, as a people, we have been in a mostly quiet ongoing rebellion. Like two ghost countries occupying one constitution. The people’s country was added as a Bill of Rights to get the states to sign off and get the global payoff of all war debt. The basic Constitution as proposed without any bill of rights, was the wealth class country charter to rule America. That was the start of the battle for a new America with the wealth class oligarchy stealing control and the people’s Democratic Republic trying to get it back for 25 decades now.


On this page is a brief chronology of the battles between these opponents. And how the wealth class did what they wanted silencing the press by either threatening them, making them friends and allies, or in the end just buying them all! Evidence? Today 6 major media companies we control 90% of the media we see. Teddy Rosevelt would have busted up these too big to fail monopolies long ago because they work against the public interest: stifle competition, kill free press, and put too much power in the hands of the few.


And that action, the monopolization of media, over the last 35 years, total control of the media we see Daily by Corporate America, the few, who shape our opinions and elect their candidates, caused the emergence of today’s free unregulated press online, known as Wikileaks. The moral of all the stories here about the truth getting out, is that average citizens had to stand up with bravado and courage to do the right thing: for all of us. They put the country and it’s citizens needs ahead of their own. That’s VERY American. If they hadn’t the soft police State we all live in now (cameras at all intersections, all bank transactions monitored, all communications illegally monitored, police forces militarized) would have become a full East German type State already. When the few people in power have an agenda other than the people’s agenda, which is what we’ve all been oppressed by for 50 years, that’s what you eventually get and what we are all headed for the full thing if we don’t change course and all participate without voices at RTDNOW.COM.


And given this ongoing attempt to silence real journalism by the wealth class every decade, what do we see today in America? All our freedoms are being constantly eroded, repealed and diminished decade by decade as a free press was literally bought off in my lifetime as an adult: 1980 to Present. And who was President then when that all started with his Repeal of the Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine? Oh yeah, smiling Ronald Reagan. And gradually thereafter journalists failed to report the slow strangulation death of our democracy and theft of our treasury. Take both away you take away social and economic freedom. Which brings us to the bankrupt America in the verge of social chaos today. That was an American Dream turning point (for the worse!) we will examine it in more in detail in album 3 song bonus materials.


Here are a few examples of the erosion of citizen rights as our bought media was put to sleep. Freedom of privacy is almost gone as noted with cameras and internet monitors, just like in China! Privacy is our most basic freedom. When you are watched all the time you are afraid to act. This is what oppression is. That was East Germany 1960. Russia 1985. China today. Freedom of speech: today the 2018 President himself threatens SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits (in tweets no less) against individual citizens (Gasp!) to shut up people (women and colleagues) with information declaring his misconduct. He never sues because most states have anti SLAPP laws. Why? Why wouldn’t you sue? I mean if you were right and honest, why wouldn’t you sue for slander and absolute falsehoods? Aside from free speech rights, he knows they are right, or he would have sued. Freedom to assemble: it seems peaceful protests are galvanized into spectacle by a militarized riot police show of force. We seem to never learn the lesson of the Kent State shooting and murder of 4 students: armed soldiers against unarmed people. Putting the problem, a militarized uncontrolled (by the people) force, in front of people angry about the dilution of their rights, will never end well. And the people who put on this show of militarism know this. That’s the evil potion in the soup. By bringing out such a show of force they incite fear, broadcast it, and then actively restrict our right to assemble. I can go much further like saying really read the Patriot Act where it has passages that restrict free speech about corporate wrongdoings as ‘a threat to national security’. So there it is another smoking gun of the erosion of free speech rights.


When the perpetrators (corporate America in bed with the CIA) make it illegal to criticize them and their wrong doings as a national security issue, with legal penalty, they just by-passed the anti-SLAPP laws most states have that protect the good citizen speaking up. Like with the Nixon era, where he issued a Court injunction to stop the New York Times and other newspapers from printing the pentagon papers, effectively violating the Free Speech and Free Press in the constitution, effectively ending democracy, if not for a few very brave publishers at The NY Times and Washington Post who just said, NO! No you can’t take my free speech rights away. No you can’t scare, threaten and bully me into silence. No you can’t rob the country with false ears anymore! No you can’t own this country: it belongs to the people!

Now that was a high point in American journalism. However, that came after they accepted lies, half-truths and misdirection from politicians (the White House) for 30 years as their kids (mostly the kids of the 1/3 of America who had been kept in persistent poverty by design for 200 years) were sent off to die in a senseless Vietnam war that they knew for two decades was not winnable.

Adrian, 2018, unpaid Citizen Activist Journalist, creates the Redeem The Dream Now Movement, the Rock Opera to Save America, the RTDNOW.COM website telling the real story of the American Dream, explained in 100 Podcasts and in 100 Time Traveler Moments taking us all back to specific turning points in detail, as bits of the real American Dream, were stripped away. Doing what Chihuahua journalists failed to do, connect all the dots over 250 years of American history. Connect them by being specific, and as sustained and focused as Edward Murrow was. Listen to his broadcasts on YouTube, in taking down 1950’s McCarthyism, which has re-emerged, alive again in 2018, discrediting all governmental institutions to create total national confusion and paralysis, and hide the truth as the American Dream continues to implode. Adrian: “I’m no Ed Murrow, but I’m doing my best every single day!”



As you will read near the end of the second paragraph of the attached reference source, an overwhelming 78% of all newspapers in the 1780’s were controlled by Federalists. 

They were all used to promote adoption of the elitist wealth class new ‘Constitution’ (that’s how it was seen and described then!) and drown out the Anti-Federalism voices of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Mason. The new ‘Constitution’ for We the People was an end to end wealth class military operation to disenfranchise the real ordinary people they referred to as a herd. 

Let’s explain how. It was a gigantic shell game. Federalists argued that taking power from the States gave it to, how they started the document, We The People. The problem with that is that when local government power is removed to a far off location it becomes corrupted and bought off. And the States and the people have limited rights as a result to the elite wealth class that serve themselves. And create empires that start wars, that tax the people to fund them, and the final insult not spending money on the people to improve their lives. And lastly not everyone could vote then: not women and not slaves and not anyone without land and some money. In that context, ALMOST NOBODY COULD NOW VOTE with local power gone!

Basically, the Federalists used the newspapers, almost all of them, to bamboozle an unknowing public having confidence in George Washington, the Head Federalist, that losing all their power and rights was ‘better’. That’s not Government, it was a hostile military takeover.

It seems like the elite wealth class Greed always masks itself in a ‘we’re smarter, we know better’ attitude. And it seems like FOREVER in America, even though the emperor has had no clothes, (their motives are unveiled, a Not Free Press is unveiled), controlling America for the elite class by grabbing and centralizing Government Power So they can buy it off to benefit them, the Not So Free Press, has always been bought off and part of the elites game. That’s why the Pentagon Papers came out, the Press didn’t do their job for 25 years!

Just like today when only 6 mega media Corporations now control 90% of all media. Conclusions: Journalism has been dead for over 240 years. This is why Net Neutrality is imperative. Or we will all live in a totalitarian mega state of elite wealth class oligarchs, yes, just like the Soviet Union does now, forever. And somehow one was just elected President because a media repeated his name a zillion times like idiots. Or paid off idiots.

If you’re tired of being treated as a peasant SCREAM LOUDLY and OFTEN for Permanent net neutrality. And maybe, even free journalism from an unpaid citizen activist like me, may live. And our democracy, and citizen rights to facts and the truth, may survive. 

Final conclusion: we’ve all, 300 Million As 1, been taken for fools for a very long time and all manipulated. The 120 Million people who didn’t vote in the 2016 Presidential election understand that well and opted out. How about those 120 Million who didn’t vote write in Adrian 2020 for President? Then we’d implement the RTDNOW PLAN which gives every citizen real voice, make your vote really count, and restores your American Dream overnight by doubling your net income instantly. 

This is what I’m driving at with all this: there are quick simple solutions to our biggest problems, which I’m presenting in The RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN. But a paid off media as explained above doesn’t want you, 300 Million ordinary citizens to know. That’s how they keep 100 Million Americans living in poverty that will increase to 200 Million if we don’t implement a plan like the RTDNOW PLAN soon, that builds the new American Dream Engine in every household in America.


In 1968, The Kerner Study concluded that biased media played a major role in perpetuating racism in America.


Read for yourself

And today 50 years later, in 2018, where are we with lack of real and timely Journalism leading to the government engaging in endless lies to wage false wars which bankrupt the country and kill our national soul? Same position as 1968. Our 30 years of lies and the undeclared 4th world war on terror. It seems ‘the few’ that control global arms and corporate America just laughed off getting caught in the false Vietnam war and pentagon papers and just went back to it a few years later. But this time with their plan. To put plants in media and buy it so they could silence and control it. Today our major news is much like the state controlled Soviet news of the Cold War. The few took notes!


Instead of America gradually moving to the only thing that can work in terms of foreign policy, a global policy of mutual sustainability, that’s the core value statement of my new foreign policy for us, and the world, we are stuck in a dominance and mutually assured destruction policy. Which by definition does not end until we control every country economically with the threat of military intervention as the big stick we carry. This is why we are in some type of war every 10 years that further bankrupts the country and all its citizens. When regimes around the world (or in states) do not do what we want, and we can’t undermine their political system, we make up false accusations like ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which were never found In Iraq and invade. Or at home allege or bring to light real sexual misconduct, etc. How about invading Kuwait? Remember that one? Remember when Congress said NO to Bush 1? They the White House orchestrated televised testimony of atrocities about babies being ripped out of Kuwaiti incubators by the invading Iraqis and slaughtered! The only problem after this effectively swayed public opinion, MANIPULATED it to sway a few congressional votes, so we invaded, we later find out that the young hospital worker gal who testified so passionately was actually the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat and never worked in a hospital. Like all political shows we see, they are all a farce. And while I know this because some journalists did their job (thank you!) where is the accountability? 


Why didn’t we (pardon the pun) press the issue in the press that this was another manipulation of the national treasury and treasure (our kids that serve in the armed forces) by an out of control executive branch. Which was enabled only by the 1786 power grab called the Constitution.


While Bush 1 was smarter than his son and stopped short of entering Iraq, just invaded Kuwait, he should have been impeached by the press doing their job for a false war. Why? That invasion destabilized the region by letting Saudi radicals more freedom when they were to that date fighting silent regional power struggle wars. Then when Bush 2 invaded Iraq to start a 50 year war for his defense industry buddies, he took away the immediate threat to Iran (our CIA had overthrown their democratic government in the 50’s and put in the Shah, our guy, as a brutal dictator) who then had more time, resources and motivation to focus on a nuclear arsenal. Why? If you were Iran what would you see looking out the window? America coming closer and closer taking down all your neighbors. Which means what? You’re next! It’s not rocket science. We created a nuclearized Iran by decades of encroachment. While I digress into foreign policy, back to the point of journalists and the death, absence of real journalism. Where were they on all this? Do I have to be the one to connect all the dots and point out the obvious? That we need a new foreign policy? And have for 25 years. How about rather than strangle the world economically and militarily (which is unsustainable), and kill our national soul in the process as we’ve been doing, how about changing our aggressive stance and have a soft embrace with the world. Everything we do in one country affects another 10 times faster in the Internet instant communications world. 


We are becoming rapidly socially intertwined world beyond just economically. Failed Economic and political states are creating mass exodus’s of people across borders to survive. Causing massive human suffering and displacement the world has not seen in 60 years. It’s like the end of World War 2! The only way to stop this which will at a point cave in the social structures of host countries in a few decades, is a new national and global policy of mutual sustainability. Help them make their world a place they want to stay in. I’ll never forget Bush 2 in a Presidential debate with Al Gore lying through his teeth. Telling the world that we should not be nation builders, which is what he went on to do wasting trillion of our dollars. And just so your mind is fully blown, ask, why do we bomb other counties to the ground? So we can rebuild them. Then control them forever economically with World Bank (that’s us) loans to rebuild their country infrastructure with all the profits going to...wait for it, some of the biggest donors to politicians, corporate America. This sick global enslavement policy is found in several books. One is Confessions of an Economic Hitman. So we destroy (military industrial complex makes all the money) civilizations, rebuild them in our image (American corporations make all the money), and hold the economic strings forever (bankers who are really CIA make the money). Now, if everyone in America was making all the money too, if 300 Million citizens were millionaires (like the RTDNOW Plan’s policy makes them all) millionaires with good healthcare and free college and trade schools and 1% home loans living a good quality life pursuing their American dreams, without 100 Million below the poverty level and 10 Million to 30 Million homeless a s shelter insecure, I might not be as hard on this contravention (intertwined misuse) of Government and corporate power that has been in high gear for almost 60 years since the end of World War 2. Which was a primal reaction to having to fight two hot world wars within 25 years. And then enter a cold one! Our leaders of the time now with nuclear weapons were saying “what the hell is next? If we’re not offensive we’ll always be defensive.” And in a world of nuclear missiles that doesn’t work well being late to the battles anymore as we were in both world wars. So I get the nuclear madness. But we need to now move past that irrational “everybody’s coming to get us” military policy mentality that’s become permanent.


To bring this back to the topic of JOURNALISM IS DEAD, do I have to be the one to report all this and connect the dots. Journalists have been scared of their shadows for decades. Today, in the Information Age, if you pay attention and read a lot, all this is just starting to become obvious to the average ordinary citizen like me, Adrian.


So where does real Journalism like The NY Times and Washington Post of the 1970’s when they published the Pentagon Papers to out three presidential administrations for 30 years of lying to the American people and waging false war, where does real journalism exist today?


Where it did then. Unpaid Citizen activists like my song says. The pentagon papers were illegally taken by Daniel Ellsberg because he saw a crime against the American people that needed to see the light of day so we could hold lying politicians to account. Today with the Internet it’s international. And an Australian named Assange put up a site called Wikileaks where Future Daniel Ellsberg’s could publish to the world. More recently, in this citizen activist mold to voice injustices against the many we had Edward Snowden who informed us all that about $3 trillion (that’s my guess) of our national debt went to hacking the world and every government on the internet every minute of every day breaking every law in every country. While that was a revelation that BIG BROTHER, The Orwellian social oppression Future was actually here right now, what have we done about it? Why hasn’t it been dismantled? Deep and troubling questions indeed. And where is the Free Press to pursue the moral and legal nuances of all that? And the emotional and psychological affect of knowing we are all watched and monitored 24/7 everywhere we go? Where are the real F-ing journalists? Nowhere. We just have Wikileaks and citizen activists like me. I’m trying to do what journalist should. Not only say what happens but discuss THE AFFECT it has on you, Your American Dream, and your kids Future. And offer alternatives to passively watch your freedoms and future slip away.


Right before all our eyes we are being turned into a nation of silent ‘survivors’. Afraid to speak out, and yell “Iceberg Dead Ahead!” So we can change course. So afraid to find real facts and truth we all have our heads in the dirt like chickens. And if you live on a farm you know what happens to them: when they can’t lay eggs they get eaten. We’re all Afraid to come to grips with the painful and sad realities of what we have become. Despotic like old England or Rome as a country and desensitized and an afraid, nonparticipating, me first society. This is not the real America or American Dream. These are false realities we can flip a switch and change overnight, from anywhere you are anytime. 


Stop being afraid to be American. It’s easy in the Internet age. Use your voice once again. Stop being silent to the destruction of 300 Million American dreams. Add your name 300 Million As 1 to the 2nd Declaration of Independence from modern runaway government at RTDNOW.COM


In our modern world since all the news media has been purchased and controlled by corporate America and the CIA, the only place we get real news is in song and comedy. Now you know why I made you 100 songs and Podcasts that open with a little comedy to get the RTDNOW message to you daily.


Enjoy the daily free access songs and Podcasts and then tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

And if everyone subscribed for $1.00 per month (that’s the first step in living equality) I can fund the expansion of RTDNOW RADIO in depth news reporting with real facts, and all sides of the story which is what enables us to leave the paralysis we are in and move forward as a nation. Because when we all focus on problem and solutions, Americans are the best in the world.


Redeem The Dream Now at RTDNOW.COM

Journalism is Dead




To have a ‘Will of the People’ you have to have the American people involved using real factual and truthful information of all sides of the story. That is the bedrock of Democracy and a Republic form of government. And those two American principles when functioning on some level of real truth, powered the growth of the American dream for 300 million Americans. But over the last 50 years any semblance of truth and factual information was taken away from Americans. And as it did we became mired in political gridlock chasing false issues while our treasury and economy was decimated. It made us all apathetic just getting lies and half-truths and being ripped off and we all tuned out.


Our journalists with a little help from economists were supposed to be the watchdogs of our democracy and economy. To bark and scream out when things were going awry. To do the real in depth reporting so we could all be outraged to self-correct before government FULLY ran away from its people. But our watchdogs only watched their bank accounts grow as media was bought by Corporate America and became a tool of the invisible internal government wing known commonly as the ‘Deep State’. Those people who have an agenda that is different that the bureaucrats we elect, that come and go every 4-6 years. That’s why nothing can get done in Washington.


But we can change all that as 100 million to 300 million people add their names at RTDNOW.COM. We can transform our paralyzed bought off system of Corporate America managing the American economy for themselves into a citizen focused one and we can do it overnight. Please read about the REDEEM THE DREAM (RTDNOW) MOVEMENT.




The short answer is we all did for accepting trash for news. Lies for news. For accepting entertainment for news. For accepting un-reporting and direct manipulation from news programs ‘industry consultants’ which were paid off plants to disseminate false information so we all literally live in a land of Make-Believe. But let’s focus in on what our real elected government officials did which caused the slow unraveling of real journalism which happened over the last 50 years, over my lifetime: I was born in 1958. So slowly it happened that as we were busy living our lives we didn’t notice real information leaving the news broadcasts. We cover that in depth in Album 2. Let’s go back to the first turning point of how losing real journalism caused the decline of America itself.


It was President Reagan’s 1987 repeal of the Fairness in broadcasting doctrine also talked about in depth on Album 2 podcasts. That repeal enabled corporate interests to start buying media because now it could serve them, as the song says, by obscuring the real problems. And as it served corporate interests intertwined with government, it now started to serve government interests. Like TASS of old Russia for example. Reagan worked for the largest company in the world, GE, before becoming President. After election he just carried out their agenda. And who was GE? What had it become? What could it be if it pays no taxes on billions of income, takes ¾ of its profits overseas, and gets a lion’s share of government defense contracts?


This contravention between major corporations and the deep state is why we never have a real third party alternative for President. We only get corporate puppets. To prove this I am running as a 2020 write in candidate for President of the United States. I’d like to implement the citizen-based REDEEM THE DREAM NOW Plan I wrote which restores 300 million complete American Dreams OVERNIGHT. ___Read it__ So if you want a real person only beholding to the American citizen, write in my name, Adrian.


So we just defined the start of the death of journalism in America and who wielded the knife in the back. Let’s now examine how it bled out as media gradually lost its all its independence. And as it did, we lost all control of government and who we elect to the point we are living in an Orwellian nightmare of ‘Duckspeak’ and ‘Big Brother’ reading all your texts, tweets and email and categorizing them for later use, against you.






Here’s the list of the corporate take over of independent media which has removed all fact, no longer serves or represents we the real people, 300 Million Ordinary hard working citizens that make this country run everyday:




Now that we know how real journalism was killed, and have a sense who killed it, or ordered its killing, let’s revisit why we needed real journalism in the first place. We all know that ultimate power corrupts ultimately. Nice saying but what does that mean? It means that journalism was supposed to show us when corruption in government such as dismantling of the fairness doctrine was afoot. Like the real radio intro by Edward Murrow showed you today. And real journalism was supposed to show in detail how that would lead us to false states of reality, which would kill America and the American dream.


Soft ball example; Dick Cheney (who was Ford’s chief of staff, Sec. of Defense, way before becoming Bush 2’s VP) said as VP, ‘Deficits don’t matter’. I guess he didn’t read the history of failed states that as their populations aged and debt grew to unsustainable levels, all collapsed or stagnated for 100 years or so until all the old people die off. And when Presidents act against the American people like taking out the Fairness Doctrine of media so their corporate buddies could waltz in and buy it to manipulate it, kind of what the CIA did in foreign countries indirectly, it destabilizes the entire country, any real leadership, and fractures public opinion so badly until the whole country is dysfunctional. That’s how you make a highly productive country like America totally unproductive and bankrupt.


But why? For corrupt corporate giveaways and fake wars to steal our whole treasury and put us in a mountain of new unnecessary debt. Today that’s $26 Trillion growing by the minute.That’s all the money you paid over your life in taxes, and will pay in taxes, got handed out to global corporations who pay little taxes and take their companies overseas, with your jobs! There are books written on that like Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and others. Do your own homework. Read, read, read!


What else was real journalism supposed to do? You know, because nobody has the time or wants to do it. It’s the hard long work of putting things like Redeem The Dream RADIO together. And what’s that all about? It’s about pointing out the problems we face, bringing them clearly into the light for all to see. Focusing them with examples. Examining it in some depth so we know how we got the problem, who gave it to us, and where it will lead if not fixed. And then provide real solutions. Not the type of solutions we’ve had for 50 years which were all BS to get us to go along as Corporate America stole our treasury, political system and country. No, I mean real solutions to make the lives of all 300 million American citizens much better virtually overnight without using mountains of debt to do it. We have had no solutions out of government or journalism for 50 years. Just mind numbing ‘talk radio’ and ‘talk TV’ and ‘talk shows’. Aren’t you tired of being talked to death? I am and that’s why I put the songs and RTDNOW movement together for us.


But what’s the worst thing ‘journalism’ media has done over 50 years by not providing real in depth information? What did they do to every American? They manipulated your sense, our national sense, of what can be. They stole the possible. You see what you focus on is what you get. Really watch the news and journalism and see what is focused on, that’s what you are getting. I mean getting in your life, and that’s it. They focus on the negative, on the petty, they ignore real problems and real solutions because they report to corporate America. They do not represent the people. Today in journalism, sadly nobody does.


When they repeat someone’s name 1 Billion times so that enough people think its good and they get president elected, so we then find out he’s just another billionaire serving billionaires. No surprise there. But then they broadcast his false and deceitful messages in office endlessly such as ‘you just got a lot richer!’ after his tax bill passed. Let’s take a look at that. If Joe Mainstreet gets $3,000 and James Madison-Avenue gets $300,000 it just worsens inequality in America in a big way and accelerates the total collapse of America in 10-20 years because Billionaires needed more tax breaks to be bigger billionaires. There’s no way you can be much richer when you just added $1 Trillion dollars to national debt. You just took the money and passed the bill to everyone in America age 20-45. Yes you! The 75 million Millennial just got another $1 Trillion dollar bill, and debt to pay over your lifetime. You should be outraged enough to add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone about the opera and movement daily.


But when all the news is fake or negative, it just makes us all more apathetic about participating as we just watch in horror as our American dream, 300 million of them, yours my friend, keeps getting sold out. If you want to see what can be, solutions that don’t cost much of anything but 5 minutes a day and $1.00 a month per person to double every Americans take home pay, read the RTDNOW PLAN to save America for the ordinary citizen.





He came to prominence in world war 2 as a radio broadcast journalist and was followed by millions of listeners. During the war he assembled a team of foreign correspondents known as the Murrow boys. He was known for on the spot reports around the globe and a series of television news reports that led to the censure of U.S. senator and fascist Joseph McCarthy. That’s what a watchdog and guardian of our Democracy does. Think about it, the whole government hated McCarthy and couldn’t get rid of him. It took a real journalist to stand up to him and do it and end his threat to our freedom. There are no Ed Murrow’s today, none. That’s why we currently have a joke for a president. And in today’s no news environment where any name repetition is good, they are only strengthening him every time they mention his name. You’ll notice that I don’t mention his name. If anyone is going to report on the sitting president, please follow the Murrow tradition and do your job!


Edward Murrow is considered a pillar of real journalism. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Peabody Award, Grammy Award for Best Spoken Album, ‘A Reporter Remembers’ Vol. 1, The War Years. Wow, you mean you can get a Grammy for spoken word? Cool! He’s in the Television Hall of Fame. His award list is a mile long and casts a long shadow. His alma matter was Washington State University. Now you know what real journalists and real journalism is supposed to do. End corruption and save us from our lazy selves by doing all the really difficult and ballsy work. That’s why today’s ‘news’ entertainment people, are not real journalists.







With just a tiny bit of help from every citizen I want to save a foundational part of the American Dream: truly non-biased problem/solutions fact based in depth reporting. I want to restart real journalism in America that is only beholding to 300 Million citizens who are all equal stakeholders in the effort by equally subscribing for $1.00 per month at RTDNOW.COM.


And as you are reading in the bonus materials, and hearing in the Podcasts, it’s already started. And its obvious I need editors and researchers. But while I can make a superhuman effort as I have, I can’t do it alone. Like Murrow I need a team of people to do the real job for the American people, to go deep and in depth, so we can have truth and a country again that debates verified facts to arrive at the best solutions for us all.


Until we all get involved, until we get fact based citizen centric, honest, unbiased and fully detailed reporting, we will continue to have Runaway Government and our standard of living will continue to decline all across America. We must have real facts again, not paid for manipulative points of view. We must have hard truths again, not soft lies. We must restore everyone’s American dream of citizen equality and prosperity and it starts with real citizen based journalism.


Journalism, fact based unbiased reporting is completely dead in America. That means we are living in a quasi fascist-totalitarian-diffused corporate dictatorship that manipulates all information we get, or if we get any at all. To survive as an American people, to keep our poverty level at 100 million Americans from going rapidly to 200 million, to keep America from total economic collapse as runaway government crosses the $40 trillion in national debt level in 10 short years, we must all take action.


Redeem the Dream Now by adding your name,

subscribing, and telling everyone RTDNOW.COM


And we will bring real journalism back to life and save America and restore everyone’s American Dream overnight. And the point of restarting real journalism, after America has been stolen, is once the real American dream is restored by passing and implementing the RTDNOW PLAN, we need to keep government accountable to the people so it doesn’t keep happening. We are all adding our names to RTDNOW to restore everyone’s American dream overnight and end runaway government. Restoring real journalism by expanding REDEEM THE DREAM RADIO will end runaway government permanently.

Journalism is Dead
  • How long has journalism been dead in America? (HINT: about 50 years)

  • Who Killed American journalism?

  • Why was it killed? (HINT: to end the American dream and make us all                 minimum wage worker slaves again)

  • How do we all get real journalism back? (HINT: demand it! Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and subscribe for $1.00 per month)

  • What is the future of Journalism? (Free: see THE GREAT DEAL at RTDNOW.COM, we all subscribe for just $1 month to reinvent in-depth non-biased reporting on issues that affect every American’s life by expanding Redeem The Dream online RADIO)

  • What happens if we all don’t participate? (HINT: what always eventually happens when all the peoples voices are not heard, we have extreme tyranny then revolution. RTDNOW is an evolution to what we were supposed to be. A fully engaged citizen society. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and SUBSCRIBE for just $1.00 per month. It’s that simple.)

Journalism is Dead

Words and Music by ADRIAN

24 hour infomercials, cable TV's become a carnival barker

Whoring anything they can, driven by profits- greed of man…  mmm  

Even the news they choose to air, is just to condition us to care

About what their sponsors want, to obscure the real problems… mmm


Journalism is dead, Cable TV shot it in the head

Real Journalism is dead, they beat it to death, cut it to shreds….  mmm  


Fareed is trying, to revive an art that's dying

To look deeper at the issues, so we can all learn to think again.. mmm   

Media tries to portray, protesters so poorly

Like masters and slaves, telling us go back to our caves…. mmm  


Media bosses are just pawns, of Wall St. and money strings

That’s why journalism died, and why all the broadcasts lie


A new generation is here, one with a global public square

Real journalism will emerge, from unpaid activists like me and you …mmm   


Read between the tea leaves, leave mass media for real facts

Talk to your neighbors actively, and connect online when you see the real truth...cause


Real Journalism is dead, Cable TV shot it in the head

Real Journalism is dead, they beat it to death, cut it to shreds

Real Journalism is Dead, …Old Ed Murrow’s rolling in his grave

Real Journalism is Dead,….We’re all being led down the garden path

Because, Real, Journalism’s, Dead.

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