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And they wasted $50 Trillion (national debt and money down a black hole) of our money doing it!


I never heard any of our political leaders ever say while running for or while in office, "we're going to waste ALL our money, gradually lose citizen rights, kill real news, oppress minorities who build America, gradually turn America into a police state, kill our democracy by flooding government with corporate and billionaire money, end our republic by having preferential laws paid for by billionaires, trash our whole economy and send half of it overseas quietly while “working together across the aisle” to turn America into a 70% (OMG) retail economy with 50% of the jobs being minimum subsistence wages, put us all in $25 trillion of debt in less than 50 years with no way to repay it, nothing to show for it, with the final achievement, and utter embarrassment making America the laughingstock of the world because we are now economically weak and vulnerable (OUCH). Together it means five decades of runaway government put America as a nation of the path to total economic collapse, with social chaos and has completely killed 300 million American dreams of upward mobility.


While they didn’t say that's what they would do, they never do, that’s exactly what they all did over five decades because all of the American people, 300 million, didn’t really participate. We’re gonna change ALL that OVERNIGHT! January 16, 2018, I'm declaring it Judgment Day. And like it or not, we ALL have to judge the results of broken government, and to fix it, we ALL have to participate to fight for our futures. Here’s the good news. It’s easy, free, fast, and most will find it entertaining as well to quickly save America. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM, tell everyone, and enjoy the free access daily redemption song!

Maybe we're not talking about literal Heaven and Hell, but we've been living economic Hell on earth the last 50 years. 


Making of the Song "Judgment Day"



This song materialized after the first day of the second two-day (12 hour days) band recording session at Kung Fu Bakery Music Studios. I would sing to the songs in studio production to give the band markers where the music needed emphasis, building and falling. As my producer said, most shows are 2-3 hours because that’s how long someone can sing. Being new and not knowing what I shouldn’t do, I just did it. After such a stimulating 12 hours, maybe singing for six hours and hearing 8 new songs come to life in a day, I was to say the least, over-stimulated. As I got home about midnight and reflected, this song just poured out. I wrote it and did a garage band home demo on the spot. I rolled into the studio early for the second day of the band session and cornered my producer, “you gotta hear this.” As he listened I pleaded, “we gotta slip this into the song making line up today.” He said, “Yeah, can be very cool. Do you have a music chart ready?” We both sat down and quickly wrote out a music chart for the band and made the song two hours later. Now that’s what I call a quick turnaround!



Tim Ellis was a master musician and superb guitarist. That’s putting it mildly as he could have played and be superb with any band in the world. As we we’re finishing the basic studio track he said, “Let me put some banjo on this right now.” Listen closely to his banjo; it’s hauntingly superb. Tim Ellis was known for having impeccable timing and its on display here.



That was not lost on me for 50 years. And since I was singing about a Freak Show Arcade of politicians that seemed like Frankenstein’s sometimes, a hastily sewn together patchwork of odd parts, some of which were dead, I knew just like in the famous movie, I needed some awesome violin to tame it. Tim Ellis had been working with Aaron Meyer, Rock Violinist (and oh so good on classical) for years. They did seven albums together, gigs around town and a very well attended Christmas show each year in Portland. I quickly learned guys like Aaron are so good they just play along and its spectacular. Aaron played with the world famous Portland band, Pink Martini, before making his own star shine and now plays for audiences around the world. Thanks Aaron!



Listen to how well the background vocalists (BGV’s) captured the emotion of this song. It holds me every time I hear it. But that was the second time we had to record these. I am positive no recording studio in the world has an electronic filing system for a 100 song rock opera. Which at maybe 30 tracks per song is well over 3,000 ‘final’ tracks. That’s before you factor in that you’d do about 3 takes of each song and part you recorded. That’s about 10,000 total audio files! And that’s before redundant back ups of the whole thing a few times! And each song had about 4 versions: because once I figured out how to make music, I augmented everything. To Tim Ellis’s credit, we only misplaced two such final BGV sessions. We’d often joke as he’d take 10-15 minutes to find the last version of a file to work with that it was like the ancient old man in toga and sandals from biblical times who had to run through a giant maze of archives of stone tablets in the library of Alexandria to finally find the right one a month later, blow it off in a giant cloud of dust and say, “Ahhhhh, I’ve got you now!”


The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Judgment Day"


Thomas Jefferson

America, 1776

Louis Lebègue Duportail 

French Engineering Officer,

with General Washington

America, 1778

President Franklin Roosevelt

America-Yalta, 1942-1945

Ho Chi Minh 

Vietnam, 1945

President Harry Truman

America, 1946


America, 2020

The consistent thing about the long arm of history seems that one people conquers another and puts them into social oppression and economic slavery until they judge their captors and rebel. Thomas Jefferson eloquently penned and settled this eternal struggle for EQUALITY in our Declaration of Independence from Britain, “all men are created equal” seeking “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. So this all too frequent growing yolk of economic slavery, taxation in one form or another by a government that furthers that insult by not spend those tax dollars to improve the lives of their people but to only engage in more military conquests and enslavement of people to enrich the very few, seems to be the norm and the cycle of bad history (for the many) we and the world seem to be stuck in. It’s time for all of us to to judge all that, the bad cycle we and world are in. The ruling money class that plunges the world and its People Into war after war and endless regression to redo every Declaration of freedom from economic slavery and social oppression. 


That’s exactly what Thomas Jefferson did for the whole world in the Declaration of Independence. So much so that Ho Chi Minh, the leader of North Vietnam, now just Vietnam, quotes directly declaring Vietnam’s independence from France. Which before his death, President Franklin Roosevelt supported: ending the 100 year French colonization (slavery) of Indochina. Ho Chi Minh wanted his country to exit the same social oppression and economic slavery the American colonists did in 1776. But the question in a world of persistent slavery of nations always seems to be “how do we exit?” Well old Uncle Ho (their equivalent of our Uncle Sam face of the national spirit) wanted to align with the U.S. after President Roosevelt died. Our old friend President Harry Truman, with his new toy, nuclear bombs, changed policy abruptly. This of course led to the Cold War and the Vietnam War.


Even faced with this tragic turn of events, America changing its tune, Ho continued his fight for independence aligning with...the other side: Russia and Communism. Faced with worse odds than George Washington in our Revolutionary War, what did he do? He followed the same strategy that was brought to light to General Washington by a French Engineering Officer named Duportail, who was assisting a defiant infant American and the General. The only advantage, the strategic advantage, missed by the colonial generals who wanted pitched large battles, but not to Duportail, was to exit. Not to have direct decisive conflicts and lose, but to engage and retreat. Duportail’s brilliant strategy: the colonists only had to not lose, the English army had to win. This little mental stroke of mindful brilliance from a French advisor (America and France soon signed a Peace treaty) is what won the Revolutionary War and American Independence. Battles and engagements were selected and engaged in with PLANNED Exit Routes. With some thoughtful assistance, Americans tenacity bled the British into eventual and complete submission. Ho Chi Minh read our history carefully and took the same strategy. Prior to that New American Strategy Armies literally faced off (never in winter) and fired until one side was dead: the stronger force prevailed. So Americans not only changed world history by declaring for the world “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” we changed the history of warfare with the Christmas crossing of the Delaware to route Hessian mercenaries but by winning by retreating and surviving and bleeding the enemy. America eventually lost the Vietnam war 20 years after they knew they couldn’t win. See the Pentagon Papers. That’s exactly what rampant militarism is. The Vietnamese lost (had killed) 3,000,000 people! To our 60,000 American souls sacrificed. 


Why? As Ho Chi Minh paraphrased Thomas Jefferson, “there is no life without liberty.” Ho kind of sounds like Jefferson and Patrick Henry (Give me liberty or give me death) all rolled into one. So my judgment of our inept and misguided foreign policy of that time given the great advantage of hindsight, we missed the Boat. All the boats. Ho would have preferred to be a capitalist rather than a communist. We just blew how we assisted the Vietnamese people EXITING from French Colonial rule which was fading anyway. We, Roosevelt, didn’t do enough and Truman changed his course abruptly once he had his new toy, nuclear weapons, thinking everyone would capitulate based upon the implied intent to use them after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That’s the real reason why he dropped those bombs as Japan was surrendering, Truman chose aggression versus mutual sustainability, and like missing a lay up to win the game, created an epic fail and blew the exit strategy and put us on a course of militarism we are still stuck on. We blew assisting the Vietnamese people exiting from French colonial rule, European colonial rule was ending around the whole world as that old order was ending under the weight of all empires: overextend for too long. 


It seem all U.S. Presidents are driven by wealth class interests (money in politics) to control territory in constant military (lots of money made there) arm wrestling matches around the world. All while China, our real threat, be it an economic threat, sat back and watched for 150 years and saved their resources and planned a smooth economic war. What’s an economic war? They just take away Industry by industry and a country full of factory jobs And our national earning power and THEY DIDN’T EVEN FIRE A SHOT! Now that’s wisdom. If America doesn’t produce products for sale anymore, it can’t pay for a huge military. Oooops! we are an over extended empire and they saw this. The Chinese don’t need to invade. Like Duportail’s brilliant retreat (less) strategy, and Ho Chi Mihn’s version, attrition at all costs, the Chinese combined both versions “economically”! Retreat to Chinese based (exit strategy) factories, use a billion laborers (attrition) to lower the cost by more than 50%! 


American policy makers, Corporate America actually, made this happen sending President Nixon to China to open the door to Chinese cheap labor in the 1960’s. So the Chinese Judged America as short term profit minded corporate thinkers and over 50 years with the help of money in politics exported our earning power as a nation, our last American Dream engine, big factories, to China. Even small factories. New companies start in America NEVER trying or planning on manufacturing or having employees here! Now you know why I say American Presidents have all been nincompoops, economically brain dead, for the last 50 years, at least. 


So with this little tale of a few men who read history and used their brains to form a real long term strategy, a few who did not, I am judging the last 75 years of American international and economic strategy, as it relates the death of 300 Million America. Dreams in 2018, as short term thinkers, driven by money in politics, has been a total failure. This brings us all to 2020 which is less than two years away as I write this. Will we continue to drift aimlessly down the rest of this abyss of failure (I sing of this abyss in the song) or will we all, 300 Million As 1, Add our name’s at RTDNOW.COM and redeem the dream? 


We all know we are in a bad spot economically over the next 10-20 years facing total collapse of our country (see the preview song for Album 3, ITS OUR TURN to Save America, Ghost Towns, because on our present course not only 1/3 of all American Towns will Be Economic Ghost Towns, all will be. I describe exactly how this is happening in my Podcast for Ghost Towns. Make no mistake, our American dream and way of life is at the edge of the cliff. We start to fall off, into national economic collapse and social chaos, as national debt crests above $40 TRILLION. 


Our friends the Chinese think in 300 year strategies. They’re not like us thinking in 90 Day quarterly profits. They win the next 500 years on this earth is we fail the next 20. Back to the key point of this time traveler moment, judging strategy and finding the EXIT strategy from economic slavery when faced with insurmountable odds like the examples above. 


REDEEM THE DREAM NOW (RTDNOW) is our instant overnight exit, and strategy for the next 50 years, to leave our failed international and economic policies, which are both intertwined. RTDNOW exits 300 Million hard working citizens from economic slavery instantly as the RTDNOE PLAN is passed, and rebuilds our next American Dream engine in every home, in every person, on every block across America. We can transform America overnight, we can double the income of 90% of all Americans overnight, we can rebuild the next American Dream engine over the next 10 years.


But it takes you. 100 Million to 300 Million YOU’s. You have to have a judgment day. You have to judge what our leaders have done over the last 50 years and make a big decision about your future and the future of America. More endless failure? Or a new start? I vote for a new start, a new citizen first focused America. Please read the RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) PLAN then add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. That’s how we Save American and Restore 300 Million American dreams overnight. We do it daily using the Internet.


And if you want me to implement the RTDNOW plan, write in my name for President of the United States, Adrian 2020, at least that way we’ll finally have a plan and way forward for all our citizens. As you hear the podcast for Ghost Towns, you won’t need to plan to have a Judgment day. You’ll be having it. Let’s learn from our history. Let’s restore 300 Million American dreams of local self rule and economic freedom overnight. RTDNOW is our exit strategy to leave failure and oppression behind. Hear the free daily redemption song then tell everyone RTDNOW.COM it’s that easy!






As citizens we all get judged, in one way or another daily or weekly. Sales tax, income tax, property tax, excise tax, bonds, deficit spending is a mis-labeled tax, Inheritance tax. Am I forgetting any? Probably. We get tickets, we get student report cards, we get credit reports, job performance reviews, we as citizens, 300 million of us at least, get judged EVERYWHERE we turn.


But for 50 years we haven’t had a way to judge politicians performance actively to keep them on track. They say whatever then do what their ‘donor’s’ suggest to get more money and we end up sold out by Corporate American and billionaires (the global wealth class elite) until America is about to collapse.


In America we seem to have only a, HIRE / FIRE, every 4-6 year system which enables the politicians to run wild. That’s called runaway government, which is defined as endless new debt, widespread corruption, mismanagement with NEVER any low cost simple solutions, and an almost total disregard for the needs and cries of the people. We’re about to change that recipe for endless runaway government as 100 million to 300 million citizens add their names at RTDNOW.COM.





Report Cards are a form of judgment every single American is familiar with so let’s get to America’s 250-year American Dream report card. We all kind of know this is going to be rough. It’s solid D leaning to F. Here’s the fast break down:

Judgment Day

So you tell me, because it’s judgment day, how can the smartest people on earth, who proved that by reinventing our modern world, and the toughest by winning three World Wars, have a D average, on the verge of failing, when it comes to providing a system of government that adequately takes care of ALL its people so they can all live their American dreams?


That's the overview. Let's discuss a turning point in the real American dream: they changed how we communicated. And that changed how we saw ourselves. And that changed where we ended up, disenfranchised on the road to total collapse.





And they did it right in front of all our eyes and ears


Yes, I am judging how we use language. If we want to live equality, we have to speak it.



You see by labeling every citizen falsely they (the global wealth class elite I call the Corporama) frame the argument in your brain, which gets repeated in your mind and in print and media everywhere you turn. That’s what brainwashing is. The legal term is ‘salesmanship’. They put so much of how they want you to think of yourself into your brain…there’s no room or voice left to be you, to think for yourself.


The global wealth class elite, and their cadre of paid journalist who literally these days work for them, endlessly repeat false labels. By doing so, they put you, your world, your life, your American dream, in ‘classes’ that tell you what to expect or not. By controlling how we speak, they control how we think, and the world now runs on their terms, to their ends, eventually bankrupting you and us all. They do it every generation and a half in high gear and we the real people respond with some type of uprising: 1776, 1901, 2020. But the GOOD NEWS is you, every single citizen, right now, have the power to change all that OVERNIGHT!




Let’s just start living equality right now. Consciously use the simple RTDNOW rally word, Citizen, instead of the terminology the global wealth class elites want you to use to mentally program us, divide us, factionalize us endlessly, so as to have a minority of elites be able rule over 300 million American Spirits.


We the People are about to set the whole national agenda for the next 50 years just by how we speak. One of social and political equality and citizen focused economic policy. You see we have to actively tell everyone we have rights (that’s what our 1st Declaration of Independence announced to the world) in how we speak, speak to each other, all the time, which also establishes and reinforces the notion of basic equality, and remind everyone in public office that they are merely citizens: who are working for all the citizens.



From this day forward change the way you speak and change the world OVERNIGHT!

If every citizen wants to be respected, we have to speak that way all the time. Start today!

You start by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM, then follow this simple chart daily.






First, by labeling they minimize and disrespect every citizen. And as we accept that they teach us to disrespect each other, which divides us all, all the time. It’s subtle but that’s how they get a nation of productive citizens to fight amongst themselves endlessly to become a totally unproductive nation.


The irony here is that corporations have used the word citizen falsely and taken it from the real citizens by the wealth class overrunning our political system. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling called Citizens United was a farce: corporations united was the real meaning, but they called themselves citizens to enable corporations to be perceived as citizens. They just stepped into it! See how easy that is?


So the Citizens United ruling making it ‘law of the land’ (Corporate land we call America) passed by a rogue, false and politicized, and wealth class appointed Supreme Court may have overthrown the Will of the People temporarily and granted corporations the rights to be artificial persons that never die, but Business entities of any sort of organizational format will never be any type of real person or citizen.


We need all be absolutely clear about that because what the Supreme Court took our citizen rights and gave them ALL to the wealth class elite in this ‘LEGAL’ ruling. And in doing so Killed Our Whole Democracy in one fell swoop. The supreme court formalized the global wealth class elite's overthrow of our government policy making, by making corporations artificial citizens. So now we all really report to billionaire masters hiding behind corporations and candidates and office holders who can't be put in jail presently for paying off our politicians with "donations.” That will be overturned and outlawed as we all add our names and implement the RTDNOW PLAN to save America for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens.








Wow, a solution for a change! The Supreme Court was envisioned and came into being when America had under 4 million people and only 13 States. Today its 330 million people and 50 States. We the real people need a way to quickly nullify billionaire driven rulings that kill our democracy and dismantle our Republic. Take a look at Adrian 2020/ Executive Orders/RTDNOW Appellate Supreme Court. It’s a suggestion, an overview, on how we all can evolve our antiquated (250 years old and never meant to represent 330 million people) ‘Law of the Land’ Supreme Court body so it actually represents we the real people and OUR Republic, not the mega Corporations.



For clarification


Animals are not people or citizens: DOG will remain DOG, etc. We are talking about humans with heartbeats that are born from a woman, live, can think, and die. No clones, no deceased, no living trusts entities or anything else the Corporama may think up to try to circumvent the truism that we will once again have a true government of, by and for the real people who are US citizens.





And I'm sure like the ‘Birther’ spectacle and fiasco of 2012-2014 the citizen who perpetrated that injustice who just before he became President admitted he lied and was ‘wrong’, challenged the birth and citizenship of the then sitting President. That is pure Corporama industry playbook tactics of endless false accusations to diminish and confuse the public leaving the accused with a mindless and baseless smear bouncing through corporate paid media and your brain endlessly.


They do this every four years to rig elections in our brains and make people so disgusted with politics they stay home and don't vote. Remember "Fast Boating?" Birther was the same thing but more personal. It was shameful. At its core it's an aggressive and oppressive fascist fear tactic: denying what is obviously true and being stubborn about it until a fair amount of people begin to question if it may be true: just because it's all they hear.


The accuser made himself look bigger than he was just by standing up to the most powerful person on the planet and endlessly calling him a liar and a fraud, when he was the liar and the fraud. The only question in that sordid tale of recent Freak Show Arcade political American history was why didn't the accuser get sued for making defamatory false statements. Failure to fight back for citizen rights, a President is a citizen, got us to our sad full blown four years of full Freak Show Arcade.






As we all watched in bemused horror, we didn’t quite realize that this was what I call, American dream ‘turning points’. It was not only ugly, it was extremely hazardous to 300 million citizens rights and we didn’t notice that it was fascism restarting: because it was an American. Oh my! Gasp. No news media called it for what it was which, as we know we can’t depend on them for news or truth.


We all should have fought back right away. We all should have howled 300 million as 1. Hopefully we will quickly the next time such blatant mis-use of free speech rights occurs. We ALL have free speech rights, we just need to use them. Soon if we all subscribe for $1.00 at RTDNOW.COM (to get all 100 songs downloaded and support the movement, RTDNOW will have the funding to build the equality online citizenship platform for all our voices to be clearly heard, individually and as one, all in one place. See the RTDNOW Plan under Movement/About at RTDNOW.COM






So the Birther Billionaire, was a citizen. That’s not new. Orson Wells famously used the word CITIZEN in the title of his epic movie about a BILLIONAIRE who controlled public policy, influencing national policy using Fake News in all his newspapers around the country, and shamelessly manipulating us all to war and national bankruptcy while they grow richer.


What some consider the best movie ever made is called Citizen Kane. It's an epic tale more relevant than ever. He used the title to tell everyone that Citizen Kane as devious and fascist as he was, was just a citizen, and you don’t have to be President to direct national policy. You should watch the movie. Watch it with the knowing that the Internet revolution has created many billionaire potential Citizen Kane’s. Our only defense to have OUR country be ours, and direct OUR future, and not what they manipulate, is for every citizen to be aware and actively use their voice to create equality and prosperity for all citizens. That is what RTDNOW is all about.






We are actively (but not overusing) using the term Citizen so that citizens verbally assert all their equal rights as a given: it’s not negotiable or diminished. So it's clear every day that our representatives report to we the citizens, not the global wealth class elite who donate the most to put them in office and employ them when they leave office. So that as 300 million newly empowered American Citizens we can all use our individual voices equally together to have laws that represent and empower citizen not corporations.


Corporations used to report to the citizen that's when the American Dream flourished and grew. The tipping point details of corporations ascendency to power over the citizen over 100 years from 1910-2010, their response to the Trust Busting of President Teddy Roosevelt who broke up the "too big to fail" monopolies of that time, will be covered in depth in Album 2 on the songs Wake up America and The Sellout (of the American dream).


But as we are in Album 1, this is the overview of the titanic battle that has been raging between the global elite wealth class, and the US citizen since 1787, when the global wealth class elite refinanced all US debt so that Federalism could ascend to power, who then, as now, sadly owed its rise to power in American politics, and ability to stay there, to its global bankers.


And in banking parlance, by the way, what did the global bankers get as collateral for their financing all US debt in 1787? As security for $42 Million in 1787, which today may amount to the equivalent of $42 Trillion dollars, what did they take? They took control of the United States Federal Bank, The Federal Reserve. They bought it with their titanic loan. That's why to this day we do not know who owns the Federal Reserve, it doesn’t work for 300 million American citizens, (it works for the wealth class) and it's never been audited.


Now we are starting to get into the real story of the American dream. It's a sickening and twisted story of power and greed that first stole the real American dream of Jefferson's Democracy that only lived in its pure form from 1776-1786 until the global wealth class did a hostile takeover called Federalism that has been bilking the citizen at every turn as a middle man to pay unseen global bankers and global corporations.


Now it has gone on for 24 decades and bankrupted America and put it at risk of total collapse. It's time to restore the real American dream of local self rule, equality for all and economic freedom which when put together with your pursuit and active participation in government by using your voice restores your full America dream you were promised but was stolen as I've deceived.






I encourage you to stay tuned for more details, read the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone's American dream overnight under Movement at RTDNOW.COM and read the RTDNOW Time Traveler Moments on the daily song bonus material at the website RTDNOW.COM which take you back in actual reference data, history books and founders letters, to let you see for yourself what the real American dream was and how they all knew they were getting screwed as the global billionaires rolled into America to control it the first time in 1787.


American history is actually very thrilling when you get all the facts. But thrilling as I may be able to bring t back to life, its more thrilling to make history like our original pure founders of 1776. Those were idealists such as Thomas Jefferson who created the American dream. That is also detailed word by word in Album 2 podcasts.


That's done so 300 million citizens can understand what the real American dream was, and so 300 million as 1, Today's the day, we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM to our second Declaration of Independence REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, to end our runaway government and implement he RTDNOW plan to restore everyone's American dream overnight!


Just add your name, subscribe for $1.00/month and tell everyone daily RTDNOW.COM The free daily new song at RTDNOW.COM is meant to stimulate and inspire you to change the world like our founders did.


So today and everyday forward as the title of this song and podcast say "It's Judgment Day" in America. So, are you better off than you were four decades ago? The last four decades have failed the America people because we did not show up. That's the judgment of the American people, me included. 


But it's time to redeem ourselves. It's time for all of us to show up 300 million as 1 to build the country of our dream overnight! To Restore everyone's American dream overnight! add your name at RTDNOW.COM and REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!


My names Adrian, see you at RTDNOW.COM daily for our next redemption song, thank you for your time.

Judgment Day
  • What is being judged? (HINT: the ability of government to take care of its peoples needs)

  • How is it being judged? (HINT: by deeds not words. Words lie and we seem to accept those instead of deeds.)

  • How does every single American judge government performance? (HINT: they don’t and can’t there isn’t a system in place until we all build the RTDNOW Citizen’s Continental Congress. Add your name and subscribe for $1.00/month!)

  • What does Citizen mean? (HINT: we have rights no one can take away or diminish. As well as civic responsibility to be involved, get real facts and use our voices loudly.)

  • How does language used kill the American dream? (HINT: labeling us divides us and distracts us so we don’t have citizen focused policy like RTDNOW is creating)

  • How does that affect me? (HINT: Politicians saying ‘American Taxpayer’ are programming you, that you were born to pay taxes. That’s not so, personal taxes weren’t part of the real American dream for 130 years.

Judgment Day

Words and Music by ADRIAN

Hello, my name is Adrian, and you’re listening to

Redeem The Dream Radio, located somewhere

Between reality, fantasy and possibility

At RTDNOW.COM on your Internet dial

If you’re tired of being robbed blind

By runaway government, if you’re tired

Of decades of abuse, if you’re ready

To restore everyone’s American dream

It’s time to do something that really matters

Add your name at RTDNOW.COM

And tell everyone.


Time flies like an eagle cresting, on swirling winds of change

See it but can't touch it like a kite, its always moving to a higher light

There’s a message blowing in those down drafts felt every night

From The walls of Babylon, and the temple of Solomon

All the way from the Parthenon, the Holocaust and gates of Avalon

From St Peters, to our Washington Monument


There’s a Judgment day coming, there’s a judgment day coming

Like a freight train running round the bend

There’s a Judgment Day coming, always coming around that Bend

It’s coming to meet you like a freight train my friends


Well you may believe in fate, think life’s like a Tarot card game

You will be the worse fool you know, everything you do comes back to you

Everything every moon, every coin, every trump card you turn

To pull our country from the abyss, we may need to Draft a people's man

Someone outside corruptions span, a write-in Presidential candidate

We’d all have to have his back, to get the keys of the castle back


So don’t just pray it all works out the right way,

Let's work together playing the wheel of fortune and chariot cards

And determine our own Judgment day


(the angel advises) On that cold and rainy night, when you’re asking God

If what you did was right, and your gut tells you hold on, hold on


(Adrian directs) When the almighty creator stands you under his light

You better be able to look him square in both eyes: It’s judgment day


Listen, the rich will always be rich, but having students put into

Indentured servitude with outrageous student loans they can’t pay

Is criminal. I’d like to make everyone in America a millionaire

Make college and trade schools free to create whole new generations

Of American dreams, and end hunger and homelessness in our country.

It’s midnight in America, tell everyone: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW

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