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More poor in America than in the Great Depression of 1932 and economic oppression is on 2 out of every 3 doorsteps across America as we all struggle for quality education to live our American dreams, struggle to pay rising bills, and struggle for healthcare to just remain alive.




Let’s build the country we want to live in, right now: where no American spirits are left behind. Where we all live the American dream. Where we all have baseline equality of food, shelter, healthcare and education so we can all pursue our American dreams at our own pace, based on our own drive, so each of us can determine how much we each prosper. We will build an American where we all prosper. This is not fantasy. You’re living in one now that I want you to leave by visiting RTDNOW.COM




“We now have a way to do it, virtually OVERNIGHT. And every single citizen has a way to participate daily that’s: free, easy, simple, and fun. It’s called RTDNOW.COM, The Rock Opera to Save America: REDEEM THE DREAM. So it’s finally time to stop leaving everyone but the top 10% behind. Stop leaving yourself, your American Dream, your family, and your fellow Americans all behind. Add your name to RTDNOW, read the RTDNOW plan, get an RTDNOW T-shirt. Most important, use your smart phone daily to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM and in months everyone in America will be on the same webpage with the same goal: Restore Everyone’s American Dream OVERNIGHT. And it shall be done.”


Redeem The Dream Now!

In Certainty and Trust, ADRIAN, 2017 


Making of the Song "Left Behind"


Tim was my friend, my producer and guitarist extraordinary. Read the full back-story here. Let me tell you about the great American spirit of Tim Ellis. After I spent six months in songwriting workshop with Tim, I felt I knew him well enough to roll out my grand musical plans. Which at that time was just a tiny 30 song rock opera, to save America for the ordinary citizen and restore everyone’s American dream. Overnight. Tim didn’t blink. That’s Tim. Like me, world changing over-the-top projects didn’t phase him. Bring it on was the look on his face. You don’t know how hard it is to find people that know they can move mountains.


Tim knew America and the American dream were in serious trouble. He owned the studio and saw his water bills double, etc. We’d spend the first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes of a 2-4 hour session discussing such water bills, corruption, and titanic government mismanagement for 50 years, which has bankrupted EVERYONE in America with $25 Trillion in national debt, which was being left as an anti-inheritance to all American children. The things all concerned Americans talk about. But most important point as we whine as a nation daily: there was NO new direction, or way to fix all this. I was about to change all that.

While Tim didn’t live to see this website come to life, he watched me agonize for three months developing the name of the opera. Then he knew it was happening, what the goal was, and wanted to help make it a reality. While I paid him for his services, (I still have a ‘day’ job) money doesn’t explain Tim taking this ‘epic’ musical journey with me. Tim wanted to help all Americans, so he put his heart and soul into 100 songs I wrote, over 40 months. Tim fit me into all his ‘down’ time between teaching music classes, gigs, making his own music, producing other artists, giving lessons, and taking care of his wonderful family. His daughter Tiffany is putting a documentary of his life. Tim Ellis: A Musical Life. It’s a must see.


Tim was a fantastic person, musician and family man and humanitarian. He and Aaron Meyer did (Aaron still does) music workshops in schools in the Northwest and around the world when they travelled. While Tim’s gone, he will never be forgotten. He lives on in every song of this rock opera and if you get busy telling everyone RTDNOW.COM on your smart phones, he will touch every single American daily. Listen to all of his guitar work as you listen to the opera: it’s fabulous. He played every guitar except bass, which he did on about 10 songs we pieced together. As Mary Poppins famously said, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. “Thanks for all the sugar Tim!” Amen.




This great guitar music was done on what Tim would call an ‘Acoustic’ Day. Just Timmy and I alone in the studio. I wanted at least 5 songs that showcased Tim and I, and this was one of them. On the last verse Tim plays a small South American guitar made of Armadillo shell called a Charango. It’s a small Andean instrument in the lute family.


Alexander Hamilton, 1789, 1st Treasury Secretary, recommended first central bank and mint, was an elitist who brought in the equivalent of $42 Trillion in global offshore bank money to payoff the state’s to ratify the constitution, which ended state sovereignty and did not include any citizen rights. Claimed “men are controlled by force or interest”. Force against members of Congress was not an option so financial favors were used to ‘align them’ with the executive branch. This was where money in politics started and corruption as an integral part of the new Federalist ‘Monarchy’ form of government was born by design.

William Pitt, Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1790. “Let the American people go into their debt-funding schemes and banking systems, and from that hour their boasted independence will be a mere phantom." Boy was he right!

President Andrew Jackson, 1823, lambasted Congress about the corruption in the bank of the United States favoring politicians and leaving the ordinary citizen behind. Invaded Florida, and the Philippines, treated Native Americans terribly.

Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary, 2010, delivered a 3 Page $700 Billion Non-reviewable (that’s gangster land man!) bail out to the modern banking industry who promptly paid bonuses and took vacations and left all the citizens behind again with the bill. Alexander Hamilton would have been proud.

Thomas Jefferson, 1823, “The biggest threat to this country is not standing armies, but an unregulated banking system.” He was against Federalism and its built in corruption and central bank to aid that.

Adrian, 2020, an ordinary citizen got tired of 300 Million citizens being left behind for 240 years by biblical corruption levels between Wall St. Banks and the President/Executive Branch. Federalist brought us this corruption (All the treasury secretary’s come from Wall St.), linking the President and Government policies to cater to Wall St., to keep the imperial presidency’s source of power permanent. Adrian wrote Redeem The Dream, The Rock Opera to Save America to rally 300 Million to Fix this inherent Constitutional problem, money in politics, bankrupting us all.

It seems everyone in high government office from about 10 years after our start, 1787, knew a central bank and debt would kill democracy and leave the needs of all the real people behind. Thomas Jefferson argued central banks were unconstitutional.


So it seems the removal of the American Dream of local self rule and economic independence was strangled in its crib by the Federalists of 1789 and Alexander Hamilton put their hands on the treasury and intertwined it with the executive branch. Wow, this was no secret! But like today, nobody got the memo. The money in politics culture was first brought to us by the Federalist, Alexander Hamilton, who said “government needs corruption” to function, has left behind the ordinary hard working citizens since 1787. Hamilton established the 1st bank of the United States, chartered for 20 years, but scandal soon followed.


In 1823 President Andrew Jackson howled about the corruption a central bank brought to government process and vetoed the 2nd bank of the United States. It seems many presidents like Jackson were accused of violating the constitution and acting like kings in ruling power. But that’s the problem with the constitution and the way the Federalists wrote it. Most interestingly, Jackson said, “It depends on your interpretation of the constitution as to if you are violating it.” This hasty Federalist Constitution of 1787 shoved down our throats, our present constitution, was so loosely written it meant to this day, those “holding” Office can do what they want! This is the inherent flaw in our constitution. It’s what enabled runaway government, that the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendments fix to end endless runaway government that has bankrupted us all.


2010 and the global financial collapse and the Wall St. Bailout was no different except it was 700 times as in $700 BILLION dollars bigger. So from about 2000 on Government who oversaw the home loan industry dealt itself preferential home loans in return for not stopping a fraudulent lending spree to borrowers who couldn’t pay the loans from day 1. Effectively Government was paid off to look the other way as CEO’s of banks and home lenders became Billionaires by all making fraudulent loans. The crime here is that they all knew the government, meaning all us citizens would have to bail them out or cause a total financial meltdown. For bankrupting the world nobody went to jail. Our Wall St. Treasury Sec., Hank Paulson, rammed a 3 page $700 Billion “do what you want with the money” bailout given to the fraudulent banking industry. We all watched in horror after the people defeated the passage of the bailout but then back room payoffs ensued to sway congressional votes and pass it. ANYONE who voted for that needs to leave government service and Pray we the people don’t prosecute them. MILLIONS of American citizen’s lives were ruined, homes lost, their life saving investment in it wiped out. This was the low point of recent American history of government/ Wall St. Corruption that played a big part in motivating me to make this rock opera. Not only were they all criminals acting against the American people, they had NO solutions. Their only plan, from way back in 1787, used again, was the same plan: scam the system with payoffs, take all the money and leave all the trusting citizens behind holding the bag. “It’s a rotten can of worms and they all belong on hooks! They smile at us but we know they’re all crooks. Help me tear them down and end our frustration, if they weren’t in the picture we’d already be a creditor nation!” That’s a lyric quote from my song on Album 2: Death To Lobbying. And now with the 2010 sellout of all American citizens one more time, you know why I wrote it! Aren’t you tired of this madness?




  1. The Federalists of 1787 designed money in politics creating Wall St., as an arm of the Executive Branch.

  2. That’s why banks are the biggest donors to Presidents campaigns today.

  3. To end this madness and return the country to its people as the original articles of confederation, our first constitution did, we all must add our names 300 Million As 1 at RTDNOW.COM to enact the Redeem The Dream Now (RTDNOW) Plan that gets money out of politics, separates the Executive Branch, the Presidency, and Wall St., which is another name for the global wealth class elite. Global because they keep most of their money offshore in case they are prosecuted! That connection is also how all our factories went offshore over 50 years and our government did NOTHING to stop it or replace it: because they were being paid off.


My friends, 300 Million As 1 we’ve been left behind by corrupt politicians for 240 years which remained so to this day by flaws in the writing of the constitution. Now you know why we KEEP getting endlessly left behind. 


That’s why I’m asking us, every single American to add their names 300 Million As 1 at RTDNOW.COM. In our new RTDNOW America, the banking industry will work for you the ordinary citizen, instead of against you. That’s how the RTDNOW PLAN doubles 90% of all Americans net income overnight, by changing banking industry policy that is supposed to be set and regulated by who? The Federal Government. And whose that supposed to represent but hasn’t for 240 years? 300 Million of us citizens. So get busy! Hear the free access daily song and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM


The only way the government will ever represent you, is if you make yourself heard and represent yourself! This is your chance. 300 Million As 1, tell everyone: Redeem The Dream Now at RTDNOW.COM



READ HOW ‘FREE INSULIN’ SKYROCKETED IN PRICE bankrupting thousands of Americans, the whole country, and causes widespread suffering.

Read this article and you’ll find out how the original discovery of insulin to help people with Diabetes, was given to the world for FREE, and somehow, all the little improvements that came after that big one, that never would have happened without the big one first discovery, now rob all of us blind in astronomical medical pharmaceutical prices.

In other words, the later small insulin improvements built on a giant discovery, given to the world for FREE, should have had only a small incremental cost for their very small improvements. They didn’t make the big discovery, although they are charging us all as if they did. 

Healthcare costs, under a runaway privatized government living on endless lobbyist donation dollars, are forever bankrupting many Americans stricken, and the nation with healthcare costs at 33% of our economy. Uncovered unpaid healthcare service costs wind up in our national debt now at $26 TRILLION up 50% in 15 short years, about to collapse the whole national economy for good as we reach $40 TRILLION.

For example, today Insulin costs people co-pays up to $600 a month. If they can’t pay, and 100 Million citizens are in poverty today in America, they wind up ambulanced into ER in a coma! And then have a big medical bill they can’t pay which ends up getting buried in more rising healthcare costs.

Insulin should only be costing users $30 a month which is a 300 times increase over its first patent sale for $1.00 by altruistic Canadian researchers. Basically the Corporama, (Corporations and their Billionaire owners) privatized EVERYTHING in your life. For example, Healthcare used to be non profit until 1971 for a reason. So we could all afford it and get it and stay healthy!

Elect Adrian President 2020 (non-political write in Candidate for President of the United States) and all healthcare costs nationwide will be straightened out in a hurry! Yes I guarantee that! Because 100 Million to 300 Million people who all want the same thing will not be stopped. So one and all, let’s PROTEST our own government controlled by lobbyists and add your names at RTDNOW.COM to Redeem The Dream Now! And then VOTE Adrian 2020! And 300 Million American citizens won’t ever be left behind again.


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Left Behind"

The fatal flaw that killed the America Dream was built into our constitution by design: money in politics, that fuels runaway government.


Today we revisit 1787, 1823, and 2010 American Dream turning points.



WOODY GUTHRIE (1912-1967)


This song is dedicated to Woody to remind everyone who he is and why he is an important American spirit. He was part of my musical inspiration for this whole “Opera” and RTDNOW effort. He sang about the 1932 era of corruption and economic depression that ravaged our land and 1/3 of the people. I’m singing about ours, the prolonged one we are all in right now in 2017!  When wages stay stagnant for 30 years and prices triple, that makes it our GREATEST DEPRESSION in all our history and its affecting 300 million American citizens seeking their American dreams every day.

Our current Greatest Depression you are living is harder to see today because it’s made invisible by a fantasy world of images of prosperity and fake news pushed across all media all the time leaving no room for real news and real facts, so we can comment constructively and change, remake our world to what it should be. Which is the way the controlling wealth class made it and want it to stay.


It wasn’t so in the first Great Depression of the 1930’s. Then only 30 million were hungry in America. Today it’s much worse, About 50 million to 100 million Americans and growing, are food insecure every single day in America. You just don’t hear about it through ‘media’. So who stood up for all American’s trying to live the American dream back then with a guitar back then? Woody Guthrie. He sang in a twang about the American thang that nobody wants to talk about: American Poverty. 





Woody Guthrie wrote our famous song, This Land Is Your Land we all learn to sing in grade school. But if you look up his original lyrics posted here, you’ll see he was rebelling about this land not being your land. This is why Woody Guthrie is an American music and folk singing legend. He was my inspiration to go down this path to speak with every single American through my music virtually all at the same time.


In my case, with just a few dollars and a passion to save America for the ordinary hard working citizen, not just sing about it, but to use my music to rally the nation to restore 300 million American dreams overnight. While I’m trying to sing my best like an angel, understand me as a folk singer trying to do what Woody did: wake up a nation to take action. 


If you want to see my little popular music rebellion live in your town, add your name to have the show put your hometown on the tour schedule and subscribe for $1.00 per month to the RTDNOW movement so I can fund the tour. Almost free, almost effortless, the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW movement is for every single American. Please participate so we don’t all get Left Behind.


Left Behind. Unfulfilled-FOREVER. 

Want to change all that overnight? 300 million as 1 just add your name at RTDNOW.COM

Read the 1944 original lyrics to our 3rd national anthem (Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America are our first two) THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND by our first great folk singer Woody Guthrie, is our third. 

Focus on the last THREE versus TAKEN OUT!??!

NOTHINGS CHANGED in almost 100 years in America: 1/3 in poverty 1/3 just above it....just like in 1944 when Woody wrote his famous song. Ordinary everyday citizens don't matter.

Are YOU finally ready to get the American dream we've all been promised forever, and NEVER get as the wealth class steals all the money FOREVER? I hope so. 

For THIS LAND TO BE 'YOUR' LAND you have to act that way. Reclaim it with me now. 

300 million as 1 add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

This Land Is Your Land
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

This land is your land This land is my land

From California to the New York island; 

From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters 

This land was made for you and Me.

As I was walking that ribbon of highway, 

I saw above me that endless skyway: 

I saw below me that golden valley: 

This land was made for you and me.

I've roamed and rambled and I followed my footsteps 

To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts; 

And all around me a voice was sounding: 

This land was made for you and me.

When the sun came shining, and I was strolling, 

And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling, 

As the fog was lifting a voice was chanting: 

This land was made for you and me.

As I went walking I saw a sign there 

And on the sign it said "No Trespassing." 

But on the other side it didn't say nothing, 

That side was made for you and me.

In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people, 

By the relief office I seen my people; 

As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking 

Is this land made for you and me?

Nobody living can ever stop me, 

As I go walking that freedom highway; 

Nobody living can ever make me turn back 

This land was made for you and me.




In my Podcasts I talk about the three trends that as they mature will hasten the implosion of our whole economy: robotics, globalization and the Internet. Amazon is the perfect storm amplifying all three trend putting smaller retailers nationwide out of business unable to compete. I'm always asked for real examples, so here's a big one.


Amazon's end game is to control WHOLE retail distribution chains. Retail site (which is their website for most goods) backward all the way to the manufacturer. This will cut about 200% of profit (each reseller doubles the cost) out of the total cost. Amazon keeps putting massive amounts of small businesses out of business by being able to lower the price and still make a larger profit. Until now they've stayed online, but now they want to swallow the retail world not just the online one.


Eventually as all competitors are squeezed out because they don't have the same volume or capital, amazon will raise prices across the board because there won't be much competition. This is exactly what happened 30 years before the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1930, in about 1900. I made a 100 song rock to inform everyone where we are: about 10 years from total collapse like in 1930'. 


No amount of money poured into our economy then, or now ($15 Trillion in about the last 15 years) can re-float our decimated economy. 


It's time to change all our economic policy top to bottom and restart the American Dream engine, small business, in every single citizen, in every single community, to prevent the death of the American Dream. 


The article above shows Amazon now entering and disrupting the whole Retail Grocery industry nationwide. Expect massive layoffs at grocery chain competition to boost profits to compete with Amazon's price cutting. And that's on top of new technology eliminating 10% of retail service jobs. America is already an economic Ghost Town coast to coast rolling along without a manufacturing profit making and exporting engine, just using debt to stay afloat. 


Now you will start seeing the workforce thinning in large retail corporations. Then, still unable to compete with unregulated mega corporations like Amazon, they will close their weaker stores: see Sears. Then, they will sell at a bargain price before their stores are worthless because if Amazon per the example above controls the whole vertical supply chain, they will be selling, for about 10 years, goods at half normal cost (and still make a good profit) to a nation of part time minimum wage workers who need to survive. 


So in case nobody (300 million ordinary hard working citizens about to completely lose their American dreams) was paying attention, this is Amazon's endgame industry by industry. And it will hasten the collapse of the whole American economy. This is why corporations were regulated before 1900 before billionaires paid off regulators and judges to change the laws, and they need to be regulated again. 300 million as 1, we are all being left behind: rapidly. You will start to see it in your daily life if you pay attention.


Based upon the above, 300 million as 1, we are all out of time. Add your name and tell everyone REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!


The American worker is always put last while the laws have been manipulated to favor the elite executive wealth class. This is one more example of how that’s been institutionalized into our flawed legal system ruled by big business. 300 Million As 1 Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM and we will change all that and the American worker will never be left behind again!

Read Article

Left Behind
Left Behind
  • Who’s been left behind in America?

  • Why are there almost 100 million and growing daily?

  • How are they being actively left behind?

  • What will 300 million Americans do as 1, OVERNIGHT, to fix it all?

  • (Hint: use their smart phones to tell everyone in America RTDNOW.COM everyday as they hear the next free redemption song at RTDNOW.COM)

Left Behind

Words and Music by ADRIAN


This song is dedicated to that great American, Woody Guthrie.


My father rode hobo trains, as the last depression reigned

Searching for work and bread, just to stay alive and keep himself fed

A Man sits in the road today, for a month now I'm told

Some slow give him lunch, but I have a hunch you know


That man, that man, (I know you see him) he reflects all of us

Our morality, our morality, our morality, gone bust

There’s too many caught in an endless bind

It’s a whole new class of people, I call, left behind


When greed capitalism became ghost 3rd party

And when your not invited, well, that’s just good old fashioned Ari-stock-racy

Oh this is our America, where the sun shines forever

Skyscrapers cast endless shadows, on the people who defend her


Woody Guthrie lives on, he's making new friends

Because depression's returned, and his truths now scream

Left behind is human graffiti of what’s happening to all us

People don't want to mind anymore, they like being stone cold blind


There’s over 50 million left behind, heading towards 100 million

Mothers, families, children, veterans, too many hungry and homeless

It’s America’s silent, holocaust. A whole generation being lost!


I tell ya, it’s time for every single one of us, to Wake-Up!

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