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Lip service, also known as spying, lying, stealing, embezzling, gas lighting, unaccountability, and good old cheating, is our new national epidemic. And because it’s a warfare tactic, how a population is destabilized to gain control, It’s our biggest threat! If I were President I’d make it a high crime, 20 years jail time. Our politicians promoted it for 50 years and because they weren’t penalized, everyone’s doing it now. Lip service is gradually killing us all. And we all need to stop it before America is destroyed.

Lip service is a silent continent killer, like the plague in Medieval Europe. You don’t realize its there and it spreads everywhere until you’re all brain dead. This is not new and is not a joke. We’ve just reached the tipping point. Lip service breeds Fascism and we have to stop it now. Our future really does hang in the balance, even if you can’t see it that clearly yet.


Your future depends on it because truth is like water; we can’t exist long without it and common facts. You survive for a while until you get light headed. As your organs (of government) start to shut down, you see a bright light. Your lost opportunities to save yourself flash by in a blink. And as the lip service fake news plays comfortingly in the background, you and your Democracy just pass away. It killed your brain and then you let yourself die. See pre Nazi World War II for the last example.


Add your name 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM and we will stop lip service and save America.


Making of Adrian's Song "Lip Service"


Adrian & Heidi laughing in studio


My Song of the Year Grammy acceptance speech starts, “I’d like to thank all the wonderful politicians and the news media for making this great song possible…” I watched ALL the 2016 Presidential election news coverage. As I was nearing death this song jumped out of my head in a self-exorcism as my brain finally threw up, saving the host body. My girlfriend had been comatose on the couch for about two months. Sticking it out the grim end and lies about inauguration size, I had almost succumbed to our new social disease “Lip Service!” As I wretched this song out howling in laughter it all flew together. I brought Heidi back to life with it and we cried tears of joy. While 300 million of my countrymen lay agonizing in a coma, we had survived! 20 minutes to write the words and music: 12 months of enduring lip service brain-pain and suffering to ‘inspire’ it.

Michele Van Kleef and Dean Baskerville work out background vocals

I just loved the Beatle-esque groove that came with my joy of expelling this song. Michele even thought it had a fun Ringo Star let it rip feel. Side note: he had more hits than any of the other Beatle after they broke up. The piano made this song. Thanks JP! But then, as usual “I needed more!” Bring in the Golden Horn Paul Mazzio!!! Oh my, Paul played with all the greats, he doesn’t need any coaching.

He turned this into a “Chicago” musical type modern burlesque song with an end-to-end award winning trumpet solo. Like the song "Imagine", all this fun helped to sugar coat a horrendous national problem. I hope the song is not too much fun, so you don’t miss the message. Lip service bankrupted the country and puts all our futures in peril. We are all ending lip service 300 million as 1, because that’s how we end the corruption of endless runaway government.


Where do I begin?  I'm 58 years old and over this lifetime I have seen governors, presidents, and all types of politicians say whatever they needed to get elected, while planning to do the exact opposite. They really should teach Machiavellianism in school so we can detect it before we elect our representatives. As it is, our own politicians have succeeded in bullshitting the American citizen for the past fifty years, and if we don’t start recognizing it for what it is, America may go the way of the Roman Empire. Italy has been on life support for 2,000 years! I love Italy by the way.



One presidential candidate who did speak the truth was Ross Perot, a refreshingly independent candidate for president in 1992. He was a billionaire, oops, but he tried to warn us about the North American Free



I stumbled upon a book "The Vision of the Anointed" that talks about a sewer called social policy. The author Sowell seems to dissect it bit by bit and how growing factionalism in America. 


He shows how special interests, acted over time (with money in politics) changing our opinions, policy and lives. He also shows how debate and facts were replaced by 'the self anointed' who decide for us. The Master-Slave model of governing. And then invent arguments to conclude they are right and push it down all our throats endlessly with false and incomplete 'logic' across corporate media.


On this page excerpted Sowell gets to the threat of accepting endless propaganda from our 'leaders' we today all in a friendlier way call, lip service.


Lip service ends very badly for us all. Like the population of Nazi Germany were misled by endless false reality fed to them, ended in their total demise, our endless political lip service will end in our total economic collapse. If we don't stop it now 300 million as 1.

It's time to end our endless lip service to save America and restore EVERYONES American Dream OVERNIGHT. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM



If you want your country back, our American Dream back, our sanity as a nation back, write in my name for President: ADRIAN 2020. Then, 300-Million-As-1, we will end LIP SERVICE immediately and start to solve our problems. Read The Great Deal on my website. One component of the RTDOW PLAN to Save America is to start a fact based, non-biased news service. Where people do their homework, tell the truth and present the facts so we and our nation can survive. I don't use LIP SERVICE, I do what I say, and I intend to implement my plan to save America for the ordinary citizen OVER-NIGHT!


In closing, why is this song so important? We have to end LIP SERVICE to restore everyone’s American Dream. And it’s how we end runaway government. And the first step is we all need to understand the root and severity of the problem. That’s why I picked this song to be in the opera and on the important album 2. It’s Our Turn to end lip service. It basically means ending corruption. Because lip service is just corruption with a well dressed person usually smiling, behind the word.


REDEEM THE DREAM NOW: Add your name and tell everyone about

Trade Agreement. He said NAFTA was like pulling the plug on a bathtub of jobs for America. He called the loss of jobs (going south, to the cheaper labor markets) a “giant sucking sound,” and boy was he right. Ross is a great American spirit because he stood up and told the truth.


When the truth sounds odd compared to carefully, daily prepared political bull crap ‘News’ forced on us throughout the media, as it is now, we are all in big trouble.​ The same type of information anarchy started the Nazi regime. It’s not new. It’s VERY dangerous and has to be stopped now. Read the book 1984 carefully. When billionaires buy the news media. They control the message, which when quacked by everyone, becomes Duck-speak. It’s from his book. READ 1984, George Orwell.

Remember George Bush Sr.’s one thousand “points of light”? That was roughly equivalent to speaking directly to his biggest donors: the corporate 1,000. The son, George W. Bush had trouble speaking so he kept his lip service short. “Axis of Evil” “No Child Left Behind.” This killed real teaching in public schools. Bill Clinton’s lip service was legendary. He gave us that “Place called Hope” acceptance speech before he sold out to Wall Street, deregulated financial markets, and ushered in the Second Great Depression.



Like you, I was taken in many times spellbound by their oratory or lack thereof. I listened and watched the outcomes…Final score? Bull-shitters: 99, Citizens: 1. It’s like the Roman Coliseum: the slaves always die. You wake up 20 years later and your whole country is gone, in debt, and fake news is their legacy. You make up lies for so long everybody finally says, “It just doesn’t matter” like in the movie Animal House. Sadly we have all been programmed to eat bad dog food as information. And it’s given our nation American spirit brain cancer. But that’s their plan. A super minority wealthy elite can only control and rob a country if everyone disengages and become apathetic, and fights with each other. And its worked. So far.



Our government hands out anti-terrorist equipment, like tanks, to police forces around the world, (because they over ordered and don’t want to store and maintain them which costs about ½ as much on top of the over payment! There’s $1 Billion in fraud that should have been caught) as if they are preparing for the big riot, when enough people are hungry and homeless. There will be a day of reckoning; a test of wills. It will be the will of the people versus the will of the corporate elite who are counting on lip service for survival. 



It reminds me of a class I once took in my Bank of America "MBA".  One of the professors from Texas Tech who had worked for the Federal Reserve said, “Their only real job (at the Reserve) is to confuse the public so they could stay in control.” If I were elected president, I would reform the Federal Reserve and make our money actually work for the citizens. Yes, OVER-NIGHT!



While it was easy to write this fun song, painful topics need more than a spoonful of Mary Poppins sugar to make the medicine go down. It may take a pound of sugar on top to make the truths conversational and digestible.

Speaking of sugar…When I was a kid, they used to advertise, “Only 32 calories per teaspoon!” Like it was a diet food. This was their tagline while the sugar magnates were purposefully addicting the populous to sugar. Sugar was the original slave plantation crop, which accelerated slave trade in America. Sugar corrodes our arteries, leads to diabetes and basically robs us of life.


Just this last month, it was revealed that the sugar industry falsified government reports thirty five years ago which stated that sugar didn’t lead to heart disease. Even 35 years ago, corporate America was beyond caring that they were robbing and killing their customers; the chilling part is they were doing it knowingly and willfully. They should be jailed. Is there really a difference in the end result between pulling a trigger in super slow-mo over 20 years, or pulling it in 20 milliseconds?



I feel the same about General Motors. Did you know that in post-bankruptcy, GM asked the court to forget they ignored faulty switches? These switches caused hundreds of deaths. It is criminal and inexcusable. To adopt Hillary’s word I didn’t even know existed, I’ll use it in a more apt context: “Corporate American elite seem to be a basket of deplorables who shrug off preventable death from their produces and refuse to do the right thing for the citizen.” That’s criminal, not just civil. They need jail time. Like Lip Service, when there’s not accountability, lip service in every part of our society is our biggest daily threat.

“We can only be betrayed by those we trust.” It’s a wonder anyone has any faith in any politician, big corporation or government. They are all graduates of Lip Service University, with top performances in advertising BS and rhetoric. As another of my songs says, “Disneyland is the only place that tells you the truth.” They actually label the place where you are entering Fantasyland. 

“Ex-actly Dr. Watson! Round up the usual suspects!” I used my special lip service magnifying glass to solve a real Sherlock Holmes Banking Mystery that way saving taxpayers $100 million by quickly spotting lip service driven fraud. That’s why I’ll be teaching 300 million people to spot fraud. As a country we’ll save $1 Trillion that way.

  • What is Lip Service?

  • Why should it be a punishable high crime crime?

  • What is reverse Lip Service?

  • Why is it our greatest threat today?

  • Who was Ross Perot and why was he a great American spirit?


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Watch the Presidential debates, watch the Governors too

Watch the Pundits crow, Oh there’s so much garbage flows


It’s all Lip Service, nobody has a plan

Lip Service, like only politicians can

Lip Service, it brought us to our knees!

It used to be a good thing, now it’s a social disease


I hear their grandiose promises, I hear their heartfelt denials

I hear nothing substantial has changed, for quite a looong while


It’s all Lip Service, nobody has a plan

Lip Service, like only politicians can

Lip Service, it brought us to our knees!

It used to be a good thing, now it’s our social disease


Oh Ho! Lip Service, Um, hmmm, what they saying now?


Say anything we’ll all forget

When nobody’s accountable

Lip service is our biggest threat!


Lip Service, butter me up!

Lip Service, I can’t get enough

Lip Service, I like it a little rough

It proves we’re crazy, because we just crave it everyday


Ross Perot said there’d be a giant sucking sound

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant

But its all we seem to hear everyday

It’s a sucking sound, that sucking sound

OHHH it’s a giant sucking sound (giant sucking sounnnnnnndddd)

Ahhh Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohh,  it’s the sound of our economy slipping away

It’s the sound we seem to hear everyday

And all we get is lip service, lip service, lip service

Feels so good to believe, that’s why we let them perform the deed

Lip service, lip service, 300 million people on their knees

Turn on your TV, get it anytime you please

Lip service, lip service, lip service, ohh, oh, so good

Want your American dream back?

Add your name at RTDNOW.COM

And tell everybody

We’re fed up with the lip service

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