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Let’s start with Samuel Adams. He made so much beautiful noise in the American Revolution getting word around he still lives with us daily as a beer brand. Let’s keep going to every generation of Americans who had to speak up LOUDLY and get everyone to speak up loudly with them for citizen rights to be renewed, and expand the American dream. Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, but then about 1975, we all kind of stopped speaking up loudly. We had no one to rally us anymore, and we all became…quiet. And runaway government followed which keeps stripping away citizen rights. And gave our whole treasury, $25 trillion in debt, gave our future away, and for 50 years has had no citizen’s American dream economic plan. That’s what quiet got us all: bringing America to the brink of total collapse in the next 10 years if we don’t all act. It’s time to all raise our voices at RTDNOW.COM


If the 1960’s were the 1st Popular Music Rebellion, to get all Americans to speak up loudly, to save the American dream and stop runaway government, then RTDNOW is our 2nd. Tune in daily for a free-access redemption song at RTDNOW.COM. And American music icons…I can use a hand! This is about restoring every single citizen’s complete American dream in an overnight RTDNOW Citizen’s Plan. 300 MILLION AS 1, It’s time again for everyone to MAKE SOME BEAUTIFUL NOISE! Sing along daily then add your name and tell everyone RTNDOW.COM

Civil rights and Union leaders make a beautiful noise, singing 'We Shall Overcome' at the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery civil rights march.


Stephen F. Somerstein — Getty Images

ADRIAN and His Promised Land Band
Tim Ellis, Mike Braun, Adrian, Albert Reda, Troy Welstad

These five core musicians knocked out 100 songs in five monster two day recording sessions over four years to tell the story of the loss and redemption of the American Dream. In post production covering four years about 30 other musicians were added in to create the richness, some beautiful noise, on each RTDNOW song.


Making of the Song "Make Some Beautiful Noise"



I look back on the first two full band studio sessions at Kung Fu Bakery now, like when I put my kids on their first two wheel bike; and they didn’t crash! While I may have been introduced to the musicians as an aspiring ‘rock-folk singer-songwriter’, this song knocked them off their chairs. “Who is this guy?” Who is this unknown tackling such a wide array of musical styles, with no music background to speak of??? Who does he think he is? Well, we were all finding out who I was, or was becoming, over 100 songs I’d written to rock America and the world! And this song does exactly that, and it’s why its in the opera. Hopefully it will get played at intermission/time outs, etc., at high school football and sports games and everyone will sing along, and in stadiums, etc., etc.




For my producer and master guitarist, this song and guitar parts he did was more than fun, it was just a romp. Tim Ellis was a walking encyclopedia of all rock and roll, all you had to do is ask, or not ask, and he could play anything, really well, without the music, from memory. I can remember Tim having a lot of fun with this song. He’d always ask on a heavier metal songs of mine, “Adrian, how wild do you want this?” And I’d always answer, “How much you got? Bring it all and then some!” That’s how this song got to be so much fun.




I could just hear Tommy and Gene of the band Kiss elevating this song to the stratosphere, in my head that is. Tim Ellis knew EVERYONE. And it so happens my girlfriend went to high school with Kiss’s guitarist, Tommy Thayer, who lives in Oregon still I think. So I had the audacity to ask Tim if he could give Tommy a call. But that was wayyyyy early in my whole music journey, like the first year when it was stumble. But as my musicality improved and the songs started to get to a level that made people turn their heads, I was going to revisit that request. But then Tim passed away. But maybe Kiss will cover it for RTDNOW ALBUM 11: VOICES. Or maybe Aerosmith another of my favorite bands. As my producer used to like to say, “We shall see!”




This is the Rock Opera to Save America, and for us to all have a country, unlike the corporate kings, our monarchs of today, who took their factories overseas, (an example of no loyalty) big factories were our last American dream engine, we the ordinary hard working citizens, the people who make anything good happen, have to pledge allegiance to America, or we have nothing at all left. And America goes into total chaos and our mild corporate totalitarianism of the last 30 years will become hard-nosed fascism which is just re-emerging in America. Ti’s the time to stamp that out in its infancy. That, and the love of country we all have, is why I decided to put the pledge of allegiance in this song, and like everything, update it to modern times! Sing it loud and sing it proud. And yes, I put the word God in. I did it because if you don’t believe in God, that’s very cool too. But anyone who can give life like our parents, our ancestors, who can give us a country like America to inherit, even with its flaws, is God-like. So in a relative sense, we all get handed the world from…our parent’s generation. Then it’s up to us to exert our citizen power over our heaven and earth. Everybody has to have faith in something. How about the American citizen and the American spirit. Amen!

The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Make Some Beautiful Noise"


  1. 1780: to see how the American dream of equality began in government.

  2. 1789: to see how one person changed that creating runaway government.

  3. 2020: to see how 300 million as 1, we all effortlessly add our names at RTDNOW.COM to restore the American dream for everyone overnight.



And all we all have to do to restore everyone’s American dream overnight, is what I call, “Make some beautiful noise!” Tell everyone every single day RTDNOW.COM and wear the T-Shirts proudly! And within months, with 300 million people making all that beautiful noise online and all over America, we will all get the real American dream restored by quickly implementing the RTDNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) PLAN.

Thomas Jefferson championed equality and local self-rule, versus top down far away rule, known as Monarchies, that we’ve had under different names in America, (today we have a Money Monarchy) for far too long. He wrote about it in his Virginia Papers and in our Declaration of Independence. In 1780, self rule happened locally at the State levels: States acted like independent countries as our nation began. This had the chance to succeed when there were only 4 million people in America. But before that could happen, an iron will was cast.  While there are bold statesmen like Jefferson speaking and writing their vision for the future, there are always itchy warriors plotting in the shadows.


George Washington was an impatient warrior. Fresh off defeating the biggest empire on the planet, England, I imagine his ego was in the stratosphere. Even though he almost lost all his battles and troops, and the Revolutionary War, unable to form a successful strategy, until finally his French “Advisor” Duportal, figured it out for him. But his end of the war ego led him to say in about 1786, “Screw it!” About the struggling 1st new Democracy in 2,000 years called Jefferson’s Democracy. Imagine winning a war like Caesar, (that’s how he designed Washington DC, like Rome) and the world calling your new country, “Jefferson’s Democracy”. Having none of that, he promptly packaged and delivered his short lived Federalism concept of Government, (top down management), and he ever so smoothly took charge vanquishing Jefferson, (who became a ghost second fiddle on the $2.00 bill) his ideals and the real American dream of equality. Washington basically said, “We’re all having a new government Federalism and a Constitution, and you’ll like it!”.  And with $42 million of offshore banking money Alexander Hamilton, his lieutenant from the war rounded up, (supplied by the Global Wealth Class) he bought off all of our 13 new State’s government (by paying off all States war debts, and some dark money) to get them all to agree to his new form of government that threw out ALL citizen rights, and all States rights, which all 13 States and all Americans had all just fought and died for over seven bloody years. He staged a military coup and nobody noticed because the Fake News of the day was so good even then. This taking away of all rights was held at, wait for it, Independence Hall. The slight of hand was on. In actuality, the few, the wealth class, had just declared independence from State/Citizen rule. Now that’s very, very smooth, and FAST, political work. It turns out George Washington was a much better politician than a general.


Today in 2020 an ordinary citizen named Adrian (it’s on his birth certificate) wants us all to reform this flawed Federalism and the runaway government it spawned, by effortlessly banding together 300 million as 1, adding our names online at RTDNOW.COM, to become who, and what, we are all supposed to be: a true government of the people. Adrian wrote a 100 song rock opera to tell the real story of the American dream, which includes discussion of his RTDNOW PLAN, his vision of our next form of government that fixes (reforms) our terminally broken government, and restores (with new Citizen First policies) everyone’s full American dream overnight. After watching America decline for 40 years Adrian finally said, “Screw it! I’ve waited all my life for someone to dream up a simple plan to fix runaway government and restore everyone’s real American dream of equality overnight, and nobody did, so I’m doing it.” Now it’s up to 300 million citizens to settle for more of the same and economic collapse under Trillions of debt, or add their names at RTDNOW.COM and subscribe for $1.00/month to make the RTDNOW PLAN work. Not a statesman, not a warrior, but an iron willed ordinary hard working citizen stepping up with true American Spirit, and a new vision for America called RTDNOW, and he wants everyone to join him, simply and effortlessly at RTDNOW.COM, to sing, to dance, to reflect on where we are and where we are going, so we can all decide to REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.

When you lose your job to advanced technologies or digital globalism, (your company stays here but your job is done in Pakistan, for example, digitally) and have no longer will have any workplace rights because they’ve been dismantled and ‘absorbed’ by corporations, supported by conservative (whatever that really means) judges, and food stamps are cut back by conservative policy, about 200 Million citizens will have wished they did Redeem the Dream Now! And you will realize that these words Conservative and Liberal are code words for: we don’t care about the American people anymore. If they did, they would have dreamt up the RTDNOW Plan like I did to improve the lives of every single American 100% overnight. That’s what all these headlines, bad noise, say to me. So one and all, it’s time. 300 Million As 1, MAKE SOME BEAUTIFUL NOISE: Add Your Name, Subscribe, and Tell Everyone, everyday, RTDNOW.COM

The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Make Some Beautiful Noise"


More Terrible Noise.

300 Million As 1, Let’s make some Beautiful Noise!

It seems like both the left and right of a so called political divide struggle for supremacy every 4-8 years in an endless death grip see saw, which enables them to all avoid dealing with the needs and issues of 150 Million to 300 Million citizens either left behind or about to be left behind. Conservative doesn’t mean what it used too, just look at $27 Trillion in national debt and we still have 100 Million U.S. citizens living in poverty and growing daily. Liberal doesn’t mean what it used to for the same reasons. The bad noise from both political parties needs to finally go away. 

We all need a new way for all Americans to make some beautiful noise, thoughtful objections and propose focused solutions, so all our citizens needs are heard and efficiently responded to. Please read the Redeem The Dream Now Plan under Movement. It takes us back to a world of civil discourse and debate where it now will include every citizen, who will have equal voice, and we will all matter again. 

The top left article shows the Supreme Court dismantling of what’s left of Labor Unions. For at least 150 Million workers, you now have no voice at all in the workplace as you watch smart machines take half of all the jobs. Think I’m way off? Do what I do and talk to a lot of people about it. Did you know smart machines are now harvesting blueberries and sorting them by size and color and bruising? This takes 60 jobs away from a blueberry processing plant. If they can automate something like that, we may lose well over 25-50% of all jobs, what I project in my podcasts, to advanced technologies over the next 10-30 years. It may be closer to 80%. Now you know why they are stripping away labor unions ability to fund themselves and dismantling net neutrality: so you won’t be able to do anything and nobody will hear your screams. I’m not kidding or exaggerating. That’s what I see on the front page pic of manufactured headlines.

How RTDNOW Improves Government so We Can all Live the Real American Dream of Equality and End Runaway Government


The 1780’s Articles of Confederation were a pure Horizontal Equality of States form of government, taking unanimous vote which paralyzed it by default — the horizontal line depicts it. Without corruption to sway votes, or another mechanism to make it function, it didn’t function well. This was known as minimalism government endorsed by Thomas Jefferson.

Our next government replacing this dysfunction was the opposite. The 1789 Constitutional form of government, led by George Washington under his new Federalism, was supposed to be three flowing circles of checks and balances that interacted. But through built in corruption, money in politics, and ignoring checks and balances and subtle law changes over 200 years, it’s become a vertical top down form of government, depicted by the vertical line | and becomes consistently paralyzed for decades as the system and the people resist knee jerk changes every four years by an autocrat, effectively now a money monarchy, and government only moves forward in response to catastrophic global events: WW2, 911, etc., when this paralysis is intentionally interrupted in forced redistribution of wealth efforts, we call war.

RTDNOW blends the two prior forms of government movement, vertical  |  and horizontal  — , represented by two lines intersecting + where all citizens’ voices are now heard equally and actively, depicted by a circle ⭕️ around it, forcing flow to the center and consensus. Leaders may lead top down, but all now have an equal active voice that is heard and this drives policy to represent all the people in the circle. Or in the RTDNOW Online Citizens Continental Congress. This also focuses policy to represent all the peoples interests, such as healthcare and affordable housing, see Act 3 of the RTDNOW Plan, not just a corporate wealth class, of endless tax breaks and bailouts by the people, that bankrupt the country in a generational stealing of national wealth by the last from the next. The former top, of top down paralysis of Federalism under a flawed constitution, is what the RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment reforms, ending endless abuse of power, we call runaway government.

RTDNOW logo with circle and crosshairs depicts how our next government functions. Amen.







1.THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: specifically the 1st Declaration of independence. We got citizen rights and the American dream of equality powered by local self-rule and economic freedom. That’s what the Global Elite wealth class keeps trying to take away every generation and why we have to stay away and make a whole lot of beautiful noise like signing the 2nd declaration of independence from runaway government, called, RTDNOW, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, at RTDNOW.COM Everyone participated. It was our first era of 100% activism.

Make Some Beautiful Noise

2.THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION: freedom, or the path to freedom for all our citizens. Frederick Douglass spoke up many times on this issue, a great many in the North did. And while Thomas Jefferson had slaves as America was founded and in its early years, he said slavery would ruin America and lead to its destruction if not abolished. How close we came to our destruction in the American Civil War. But a whole lot of people made a whole lot of beautiful noise to free all our people and extend the American dream to all citizens and save America itself. One way or another it involved everyone. This was our second period of 100% activism in America.


3.THE WORKERS RIGHTS MOVEMENT: the problem with every successful movement we’ve had by raising our voices is there wasn’t an effective way to keep those gains solid and progressing. And the next generation HAS NO IDEA what bad working conditions really are. Let’s take jobs, labor. This generation is just starting to understand what getting significantly underpaid for your work is like: you sink into debt and your standard of living goes down. And you need to get 2, or 3 jobs. That’s what I did in high school way back in 1976 with no skills yet because I was only qualified for minimum wage then and wanted to buy a car and go to college. Today the Labor Bureau says it’s 8 million which is probably only ¼ of all people holding more than one job because they do the second or third ‘under the table’ so they and their employer don’t pay taxes! So today I estimate 32 million Americans, about 1 out of 3 American households have 2 or three jobs to make ends meet. If 100 million are classified as living in poverty in America, that’s 1/3 of all Americans!


So much for education, and skills training. They forgot to really teach shop for 30 years in high school and now we have a building boom and are short on skilled tradesman: plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Those are ALL very good jobs with decent pay where you work for 30 years and usually have a nice pension, versus nothing. Those are jobs that don’t go overseas or wages won’t decrease because you can get them in China over the Internet for 10 cents on the dollar. But you need training and the American education system forgot to teach those in a big way for the last 30 years, because corporate America set the education agenda. We had a 50 year long labor movement in America to get decent wages, a 40 hour work week, safe working conditions, some pathway to retirement. And today that’s all been dismantled by Corporate America and our government who they ‘funded’ our politicians to let it happen. That’s part of our national agony today, after very hard won gains, labor has no voice anymore and the workplace has sunk into almost what it was in 1880: an unacceptable subsistence wage master-slave relationship.


Really? Yes really: half of all jobs are minimum wage in America today. Wallmart underpays their employees so that they have to apply for, and qualify for food stamps! We the people subsidize Wallmarts record setting profits, that’s part of our growing national debt. And while I’m party neutral, meaning I think they both failed us terribly, here’s a tid bit that didn’t get reported. Hillary Clinton was an attorney for Wallmart. That’s the Corporate America/Politician connection that killed the American dream we are about to rebuild OVERNIGHT for every single citizen as we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM. This is why you have to read everything. You find out some pretty interesting things! Oh, and while I’m upset I was hoodwinked and voted for him, there’s never really been an honest choice, that’s why 120 million Americans, ½, don’t vote in presidential elections, I voted for Bill (the blue dress) Clinton. Sorry but he did that to himself, pardon the pun. He brought us NAFTA which was part of the globalist agenda. Which popped up in Hillary’s voters pamphlet page. Go re-read that. And compare it to what somebody wrote for the other knucklehead without a plan that got elected. He actually at least, even thought is was all fluff, talked to the people, what he stood for, or wanted us to believe he stood for. “I want to be the first woman president” didn’t say much other than I love America, I support issues all my life and am ready to work with our allies. It was VERY weak. All that after raising $800 billion for a presidential campaign. That is so bad after 50 years of public life not knowing exactly what you would do in office. At least she didn’t lie like the guy who lied to get elected. 


So before I digress too far, I have pointed out above how American labor (300 million of us hard working ordinary citizens) got sold out, a turning point in the American dream, and who did it. It accelerated wage stagnation and jobs leaving bringing us to the mess we are in today. To have a successful labor movement in America, most people, most of us, about 300 million, are workers today, all got involved, had their voices heard in one way or another. This was our third period of 100% citizen domestic, in America, activism.



4.THE UPRISING OF THE 1960’s ON COLLEGES ACROSS AMERICA. As this occurred, musicians sang about what they were seeing. Crosby Still Nash and Young sang ‘Four dead in Ohio’ after Nixon sent in troops?!? to Kent State College and they opened fire!?!!! That was the beginning of the end of Nixon. The Military on campus? Did he think he was Alexander Hamilton sending in two divisions to enforce the new federalist agenda and crush the Whiskey Rebellion? This was Nixon’s feeble and unwise attempt to enforce the new Corporatist agenda (they replaced early Federalists) laid out in the Powell memo to take American from its citizens and hand it over to the corporations.


That was the first and last time troops were armed in the streets when not asked for. College students risked life and limb to SCREAM about the injustice of race inequality under the law, to SCREAM about the injustice of the rampant American militarism in south east Asia, Vietnam, and our CIA led ‘coups’ all over the work. That’s why the world calls the CIA the Capitalist Imperialist Army. So we preach freedom then back dictators. What does that tell you? We want ‘order’ in the world where the world’s resources flow to American corporations, or else.


Now what if, what if, we started using American ingenuity today and invented a new world instead of strong arming everyone in a distant land to take their share of this world? That’s the mission for this generation. That’s the new American Dream engine I want to start with the RTDNOW Citizen’s Economic Bill of Rights, in every citizen, in every home, on every block, all across America. If you have something of value to sell, you don’t have to take what others have. We’ve lost all that when the government became militarized after we invented Nukes and promptly forgot it’s citizens in the 1960’s in a big way with Nixon, an American turning point.


National protests for almost a decade slowed that. But what happened then that caused the total loss of the American dream today? I’ll get into it in detail in Album 2 songs and podcasts, it was the Louis Powell memo. Louis Powell was Nixon’s attorney who he later appointed to the supreme court. What did old Louis do before being appointed? He wrote a memo to corporate America to encourage them to control national politics and the education curriculum.


And here we are 50 years later with no country. Factories gone, $25 trillion in debt with limited earning power, education a joke, most well paying career jobs gone. That was the other big American dream turning point, a bad one, Nixon and Powell, probably the biggest we will talk about again and again. Because they implemented their plan so well, stacked the supreme court with their cronies so well, that in 2010 corporation were made ‘artificial’ citizens with free speech rights which meant they could contribute to political campaigns. This used to be a prison sentence for paying off politicians.


Now with tidal waves of money in our politics they legalized that and in one ruling over threw our Democratic way of life, one person one vote no longer matters, and our Republican way of life. A Republic is supposed to be a nation of laws made by a democracy, of the people not corporations, for improvement of all society not a class of it like mega corporations. Not a corporate pay to play system, which is now the law of the land, that gives billionaires tax breaks and removes healthcare, which was NON-Profit before Nixon screwed that up and ‘deregulated’ it so it’s bankrupting us all. Deregulation is a code word for corporate giveaways so they can quadruple prices to us all. Regulation means we keep the billionaire from ripping all us ordinary citizens off at ever turn. The 1960’s was our 4th American period of 100% citizen activism. I’m leaving out WW2 for this podcast because while that was 100% citizen activism, it was foreign, not domestic.






OK, I recounted some ancient American history, and more recent American history that is but a faint memory to most 20-40 year olds because they stopped teaching REAL American history as the Corporama took over the textbooks and curriculum of colleges. I deal with education in America in more detail in album 2: stay tuned daily! But when you put this all together, the American dream was dismantled and stolen by corrupted politicians that did not represent the 300 million ordinary hard working citizens anymore, only the wealth class making ‘donations’ and giving them lobbying jobs and ‘book deals’ after office. They put our American dream for 300 million of us ordinary trusting folk, they slowly put it to death!


Oh Adrian you’re so dramatic! Maybe in singing a few songs I am, but not here. I don’t think so, not here in text. We the real people, 300 million ordinary hard working American Citizens (I spoke about 2-3 jobs for 33% of all American households) have taken it in the shorts badly for the last 3 decades. That means illegal blows that caused us to wince and lose things while they didn’t get penalized. We the ordinary American citizens are working longer and harder that we have since 1900 the period before America TOTALLY COLLAPSED the last time and couldn’t restart its American Dream engine, because it was wiped out by billionaires in the three decades before. Just like now, just like today. The parallels are BOLD AS DAY if you want to see them. And it means we are a decade or two from total collapse again without bold action like 300 million as 1 adding our names to implement the RTDNOW CITIZENS PLAN to restore everyone’s American dream and save America. You want warnings before the house burns down? This rock opera is it! I made 100 songs so you’d hear the sirens going off!



Put it all together and here’s the mess we are all in 300 million as 1:


1.Politics are totally corrupted for decades by money in politics. The RTNOW Plan gets money out of politics.


2.The American dream engine of long term well paying jobs is almost totally gone. The RTDNOW Plan builds a new American dream engine in every single household overnight by changing economic policy.


3.Most Americans are working harder than ever, to survive! Some Americans hold 2-3 jobs to stay alive and pay bills which keep increasing, when there isn’t a real reason for it as delivery costs keep going down. Think about that. The RTDNOW Plan effectively gives every one in America a 50-100% pay raise by lowering their cost of living by 50% overnight and forever, with 1% home loans, and dwelling loans to reduce your rent by 50%.


4.Lack of healthcare is the governments plan to avoid paying social security for 100 million baby boomer retiring by letting them die, yes die, 10-20 years sooner than they should. This is no joke. We all know people who avoid going to the doctor because of cost. Their illness progresses then its too late and they and their families, and friends, suffer through their terrible death. Everyone over 45 knows 1-2 people right now this applies to. Read Adrian 2020 at RTDNOW.COM and the E-Orders. Those are my Executive Orders. One is about healthcare. All I have to do is spell out who is ripping us all off, who is killing our friends, to 300 million people who can all see ‘they are next in a few years’ and we will all fix the healthcare crisis OVERNIGHT!  We will all go to a dual Non-profit system for 300 million, and a for profit for the corporate elite. Let them bankrupt themselves not all of us.


5.NO PLAN: Lastly and most importantly, government, any politician has NEVER EVER put together any plan, any budget, anything like the RTDNOW PLAN to restore every citizens complete American dream, and by re-starting the new RTDNOW American Dream Engine, save America from total collapse. I AM the only one, unless they all copy me, with a plan to restore the dream of every single American citizen.


6.Write in my name, Adrian 2020 and I’ll implement the RTDNOW CITIZEN’S PLAN overnight!













There’s not much at stake, just your future, the ability for America to exist as a country, and all our personal freedoms the elite wealth class has been taking away since 1787 as I keep pointing out, and to have an American dream of equality, a complete one, social, political and economic, what makes America run, what unlocks human potential and our next great period of prosperity for every citizen.


It’s time to scream 300 million as 1





  • What type of noise is Adrian asking for? (HINT: 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM to endorse the RTDNOW CITIZEN’S PLAN and to tell everyone daily RTDNOW.COM)

  • What does that do for me? (HINT: we need at least 100 million names to implement the RTDNOW CITIZEN’S PLAN which effectively doubles your net income overnight and builds the next American dream engine so you have a job and American dream to live)

  • What’s the catch here? (HINT: you have to overcome your cynicism. Every time you believe in and back somebody they turn out to be frauds, so you don’t participate. You have to read the RTDNOW PLAN and see how it benefits every single citizen equally. It’s an equality movement, we all have to get involved!)

  • Where does it take us? (HINT: to the land we were promised 250 years ago. One of equality and restores everyone’s complete American dream of social, political, and economic equality, in the RTDNOW Plan, so you can live it fully, not about ¼ of it that you do now, and live ¾ of it in fantasy land of lies and images.)

  • What does RTDNOW cost? (It’s Free-Access Daily! Adrian is asking everyone to see THE GREAT DEAL and subscribe for $1.00/month to fund the whole movement)

  • How does the RTDNOW Train “magically” transport 300 million Americans to the land of their dreams OVERNIGHT? (HINT: use your cell phone to tell 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM and Everyone’s American Dream will be restored OVERNIGHT with a citizen focus plan called RTDNOW: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.)

Make Some Beautiful Noise
Make Some Beautiful Noise

Words and Music by ADRIAN

There's always an answer, there's always a way

To make the world come around to what you say

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

It’s not what you play, it’s how you play it


But you gotta make some noise, you gotta make some noise

All you pretty girls and boys, you gotta make some beautiful noise


Every life has a purpose, every purpose has a life

When we come together, things will work out right

Like Martin Luther King, our Founding Fathers

Citizen’s demand Democracy, like Guthrie, Dylan, Springsteen

Adrian, John Lennon and Neil Young sing about!


“I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America

And to the Democratic-Republic, for which it really stands

One nation, under God, indivisible, with FULL liberty and justice


300 million as 1, for ALL!”


But you gotta make some beautiful noise!

Add you name at and tell everyone

See you for the next free daily redemption song

So we can create 100% activism at RTDNOW.COM

And together, 300 million as 1

Oh are we ever gonna make some beautiful noise!

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