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Every American, right now, is looking for answers. “What country am I really living in?” What does America stand for?” “How will our country pay its bills?” “Why do politicians keep selling out the American people?” My friends, 300 million as 1, we are all in the middle of a full-blown, American, Midlife Crisis.



This song came from a personal moment. All couples have a few ‘intense’ ones. I was being informed I was having a “Midlife crisis”, because I started to pursue my music ambitions. This was 15 years after I agreed to delay them until the kids were grown. This from someone who’d spent their life complaining about others, instead of trying to figure out their own American dream and go for it. So as I blankly listened to this BS, you know what I was thinking. “I better get a good song out of this!”  And I did. I turned away, sat down and wrote this song.  



That rhythmic beat you hear is Mike Braun playing 5-inch finger Tom Tom’s. He pulled them out of his drummer’s bag of tricks. Everyone who hears the songs notices them and thinks they’re cool. Mike has spent a lifetime drumming; he’s the real deal.


Thanks Mike!




But let’s get back to intense moments. Same person says one year earlier “Why don’t you go find a producer and make a few songs? You’ve been playing to the living room for 15 years.” I ask one musician, “Whose the best producer in town?” and find Tim Ellis. It proved to be an immaculate connection. It was as I previewed this song to Tim, about 8 months after we had started working together in what he called ‘Songwriter Workshops’, with about 10 other new ones I wrote, he paused. It was a very long pause. Silence. And when two people are the only ones in a big music studio space, with sound dampening so it’s really silent, the moment is intensified. Then Tim says, “Adrian, this is a good song, I love the ending. All these new songs you’ve written have enough merit to make in studio. But in 40 years of making music, I’ve never seen anyone have this level of creativity or drive after 35 let alone 50! Most people have it in their 20’s and then fade away.” It was then we scheduled the first band session to record 14 songs. Tim now knew I had more drive than a locomotive. I had written 35 new songs in the 90 days he was on summer break touring. Which includes such songs as Until We Reach The Promised Land on Album 5. This was the birth moment of my 100 song rock opera.


Making of the Song "Midlife Crisis"



Tim Ellis, my producer and guitarist, probably had about 100 or more guitars he acquired over time. Certain ones he used frequently, others came out for songs like this to capture the mood. Unfortunately I didn’t get my iPhone 6 Plus yet with more memory and better video so I didn’t record video personally. Maybe there is some session footage of this I had my videographer take. And tragically, Tim passed away as the 100th song was finished. I had hoped to have him do a musical bio of each song for the website. See the In Studio bonus material for the song Ghost Towns. I have several clips (from my iPhone 6!) that show you what I had in mind as Tim talks about the special guitar he used, and you can see him, just by ear, rip out a phenomenal lead guitar line. Also see the bonus material clip in Leave the City of the Damned, on album 2. Tim Ellis was a virtuoso musician and a music historian. The guitar he chose and how he played it made the mood of the song.


The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Midlife Crisis"




James Madison

Drafted the Constitution


Wrote the RTDNOW Plan

Madison stepped into the total unknown with full single minded confidence. His good intentions later got perverted to kill 300 million American dreams by 2018. And today we will discuss how we ALL fix that titanic mess OVERNIGHT and end America's Midlife Crisis at the ripe old age of 250 years old.


James Madison, the secret drafter of 'The Constitution' at the behest of George Washington to continue what Washington called 'the American experiment of Government' thought he knew the answer to the paralyzed government of 1785. He was so sure ALL power should be nationalized, centralized, or what they then termed 'Federalized' that he left NO ambiguity in his drafting. This is why he left out ALL Citizen rights!???!!!?? No Citizen Rights. OMG!!!


He later realized his bull headedness was incorrect and learned the beauty of ambiguity. As his 'Constitutional plan' unfolded, the largest States were unwilling and refused to cede all power. The 'compromise' the ambiguity that emerged from the 'Convention' of 1776, was that there was NO clear line between Federal and State powers. Unfinished and finished at the same time setting a recipient for corruption and Sellout of the American people as central power became corrupting.


The 'Constitution' under this 'arrangement' was to become an endless struggle and balancing act for generations. And can only stay balanced if all the citizen participate. This is how our American experiment in government Evolved. And you guessed it. It's way out of balance and time to evolve again. 


Now let's examine the madness of such an ambiguous outcome. A country so recently founded on citizen and state rights just takes them ALL away? Blind Madness by the few. The esteemed few. We still suffer under the wrong impression that because we all know someone's name they actually know anything.


What Madison did wrong, and this Rock Opera to Save America for today's 300 million ordinary hard working citizens is correcting, he made all "original intentions" of the purpose of the American Revolution 'infinitely negotiable' in the future. Endless AMBIGUITY has become our endless American Midlife Crisis.


Madison's Constition and Hamilton's explanation of it called The Federalist Papers, with such unapproved guidelines of 'Implied Powers' was the start of each new administration being elected to waltz in and just say, without the people consent, "old deal is over, we're changing direction." The Constituon and Federal Papers made our President who was supposed to report to us, a King. What we fought to remove.


When this type of change of course deranged thinking happens in a marriage, it gets a quick divorce and the person who lost their mind and forgot the basis of the original bond, the original purpose, the deal, the understanding between people that you can't just take everything they have and have them serve you like a modern slave citizen, usually is punished by the courts for decades for "breaking the original deal." 


What the ROCK OPERA TO SAVE AMERICA is doing is taking us back to our original American belief system through 100 songs and podcasts and bonus materials. The primary American belief of 1776 was 100% citizen activism: we all wanted and participated in our freedom. 


Today we can all get involved at RTDNOW.COM and have every voice heard. This combined with local self rule, economic freedom and a social equality to be able to pursue our happiness as we so choose, comprise the American belief system we all thrived under once and will again. 


Those beliefs, guided by the understanding (the Bill of Rights barely gets this done) that no central government, or Federal system of systematic oppression by taxing and federal policing, could limit or take away citizen and States rights. 


But 250 years later that's exactly where we find ourselves. EVERYTHING we do hinges on a bloated and paralyzed (and hijacked by a global elite wealth class) Federal burocracy that lost its way badly since 1970. And guess who was president then and started our slide to national oblivion? The paranoid drunk militaristic deranged guy that was impeached. The guy who set America on the wrong course for five decades to bankruptcy like his bankrupted mind. And Guess who filled the airwaves with his same bad beliefs of government without ANY solutions over and over again until the whole country forgot who we were, for 5 decades? That was that presidents newsman who just passed away in disgrace in 2017 after selling our America for 50 years: no manufacturing base, no citizens economic renewal plan and leaving us all with a $30 TRILLION dollar bill and NOTHING to show for it. That was his solution as the global elite wealth class made off with the whole American economy. And all he left the American people is confused, apathetic and depressed.


"They" don't bear naming because the peoples names change as the global elite wealth class hides behind an elephant pouring tidal waves of money into our politics. The elephant in all our rooms today across this nation is global elite wealth class policies they foisted on us that bankrupted us all and head us all toward complete collapse. 


They unashamedly use Madison's Madness to change the rules of our lives endlessly without our knowledge and consent. The government no longer represents the people: its 1776 again. That's why they make billions and we the real people get billed TRILLIONS in national debt: $30 Trillion now counting states debts.


Back to the question in 1785 Madison and Washington and Hamilton struggled with: paralyzed and ineffective government. It's the same exact question we all face today: How? How do we fix it? What do we all do? What can the citizen do to matter and make a difference?


I implore you to read the REDEEM THE DREAM (RTDNOW) Citizen's Equality and Economic Renewal PLAN and then add your name. This is the solution I am putting forth in our time for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. THE RTDNOW PLAN rebalance our system of government and create Overnight economic prosperity for every citizen.


THE RTDNOW PLAN like in 1776 calls For EVERY single American to become involved, effortlessly and for free at RTDNOW.COM. It enables America to have an overnight mental shift to return to its original beliefs of equality, local self rule and economic freedom, and pursuit of happiness. 


The RTDNOW PLAN re-creates a BALANCE between a "National" government to provide for national needs and State and Citizen rights. This balance was badly lost over the last 100 years as crony capitalism and billionaire wealth accumulation of 1900 led to the FIRST Great Depression. That was the first TOTAL COLLAPSE of America. 


Today we are a short 10-20 years away from our SECOND TOTAL COLLAPSE. Only a World War where we bombed all other Manufacturing countries to dust pulled America out of its DEPRESSION and gave us unchallenged economic prosperity for 60 years. BUT THATS OVER. 


Not only has the industrialized world reached parity, they have surpassed us. That is why wages stayed stagnant for 30 years and as a 70% retail based economy today, America is approaching total collapse AGAIN. Our LAST and PAST American economic engine, manufacturing, and good jobs that came with it, are mostly gone and still leaving.


The Economic part of THE RTDNOW PLAN restarts the original American Economic Engine, entrepreneurship, overnight, in every home all across America. With 1% American Dream home loans, 1% American Dream Small Business Loans, and tax reform reducing every citizens (not in the elite wealth class) cost of living by 50% overnight. 


In this way we will rebalance our economic engine propelling America and all Americans to prosperity. Remember, every major industry we covet today was started by 1-2 people in a garage. Apple Computer, Aviation, etc. And remember when THE RTDNOW PLAN gives every citizen an effective 100% increase in wages (by reducing costs 50%) EVERYONE has a lot more money to save, or spend. The economy will see a prolonged boom. All will benefit. And those with the most pursuit will start our major industries of tomorrow today.


SO LETS ALL END MADISON'S MADNESS. While his intentions may have been good, his efforts were later badly perverted by the elite global wealth class to do what they wanted with ALL OUR lives until all our votes don't count unable to determine government policy and we are all bankrupt heading for total collapse. We all feel this every day. Things have only gotten worse for five decades. It's time for EVERY citizen to take action to save their futures and the future and and save America itself. And now it's easy.




ADD YOUR NAME, SUBSCRIBE FOR $1.00 PER MONTH, and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM 


AND TOGETHER, we all restore EVERYONES American Dream, and if we all hear a song daily and tell everyone using our cell phones RTDNOW.COM, it will happen OVER-NIGHT!




So what is a “MidLife Crisis?” It’s when somebody stops pretending to be what everybody else wanted them to be. Their parents, their friends, their media programming, their boss. A midlife crisis is when people really grow up. It’s deemed a crisis because it can be an abrupt change for many. Like a buddy of mine who thought he had a quiet content wife who one day got a butch haircut, bought a Harley and told him she was gay, showed him her new tattoo, a picture of her girlfriend and drove away on her bike in leathers she’d been hiding in the closet.


In such drastic cases they deny everything they felt was right for so long, it seemed like an explosion. An out of body experience in body. The ramp up is like a 20-year charade as they unwittingly abuse the people around them as they spend most of their life acting out a false reality, in prolonged inner sadness. Because they are not living the life they should. And they only have themselves to blame. But they still try to blame others.


In my case, Adrian, I told a best friend at age 9, I wanted to be a songwriter and philosopher. Basically what I’m doing here. I nurtured this knowing along the way with guitar classes and musical production in college. And when I was ready to write about the life we all live, someone asked me to postpone it for 15 years until the kids were grown. And I did, because the time with the kids is the only real time of pure love on this earth. So in my case, no midlife crisis. Just a 15-20 year delay. Then a flood of pent up creativity all poured out at once. It’s still pouring out. Eight years of artistic freedom and counting. If you haven’t had your ‘crisis’ yet, don’t wait too long! Cause if you do, you’ll be singing Bob Dylan’s song from his Tempest album “Long and Wasted Years” and you’ll know why. That’s Bob Dylan, you live long enough and many of his songs you may not have been engaged by, become profound all of a sudden.




So let’s get to the heart of this midlife crisis stuff. It’s the sudden awakening from living a false reality. Acting out false programming you mentally ingested. It’s living a lie. And when you awaken to who you really are. You run as fast as you can in the other direction. Now let’s apply this to countries and what happens when all the people finally awaken to the lie they are living.


What’s a civil war? A difference of opinion not resolved peacefully? Or is it two national midlife crises at once? What’s a revolution? As in the French Revolution. Well that was good old text book monarchial economic oppression of all the people. Like we kind of have in America today. So France is still a country, but as all the people awoke to their true potential, they went and got it. The monarchs and economic oppression of the people went bye-bye in a hurry.


In 1776 we had a revolution to get local self-rule, citizen rights, and to get rid of economic oppression. Eleven years later, less than 100 people behind closed doors do a slight-of-hand and undo, ‘reverse’ all the principles the revolution was fought for. They did, as everyone was exhausted from fighting and trying to build a new country. They did it without the people’s consent. And ever since 1787, when new ‘Federalism’ took away citizen rights, their economic freedom, the American dream, we’ve all been living a daily sadness of not getting ahead, because we live in a confused state of false reality. Today that false reality goes by a different name. It’s called Corporatism.


Ever since 1787 we the people, have been trying to get our American Dream of 1776-1786 back. Get back control of our government. To restore all the citizen rights, the economic freedoms won in the American Revolution. Today we find ourselves buried in Federal debt and mismanagement from a far off government that our original revolution ended in 1776. To quote JJR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) “There and back again.” 300 million American spirits today in America are as economically oppressed, as 1 million were in 1776. It’s only much worse: were $25 Trillion in debt with no way back. Today, 300 million American’s wonder where this country is going? How it will survive. So embrace our midlife crisis: it will free us.




Midlife crises are a natural process of quickly awakening to your true self. In the case of America, to again become, a true government of, by and for the people. Not one controlled top-to-bottom cradle-to-grave, by corporate money in politics. Not one that favors the corporation and ignores and starves all the citizens economically. This rock opera you’re involved in is our OVERNIGHT awakening of 300 million American spirits to end our nation’s midlife crisis. We the real people, have been controlled by a corporate elite wealth class of less than 10% of the population, for 240 years, living a lie. We the real people listen to endless words, instead of judging deeds, and taking action. It’s time to judge the Corporama on their deeds. They’ve failed 300 million American spirits screaming for their American dreams. Forget what I say, what others say. When you question, who we are as a nation, you know America is in a full midlife crisis. For countries to succeed, to endure, they have to become what they were meant to be. Or they fade, divide, or die. It’s time use our national midlife crisis to change our world.


That’s what 100 daily free redemption songs at RTDNOW.COM are for. That’s what 100 podcasts explain in more detail and take you time traveling back in our history to understand who we Americans really are. And that’s what this website you are on is for. To help you to examine our real heritage, and bring it into today. To act in the most simple, basic, American way. To sign a new petition to live your American dream of freedom. Social freedom we have mostly achieved. Now we are all, 300 million as 1, about to achieve our long awaited economic freedom. What you yearn for everyday.


Just like in 1776, but with EVERYONE, and without any violence. Without one broken window. And I want us all to use the magnificent tool daily, the gift to this generation, called the Internet, to yes, do it OVERNIGHT, at light speed. With the power of us, all of us, 300 million of as 1, as we all sign the second Declaration of Independence, RTNOW (Redeem The Dream Now) from runaway government, effortlessly online at RTDNOW.COM.


Signing RTDNOW will end our national midlife crisis immediately because like in 1776, it will affirm to the world, who we are and what we stand for. As we leave our midlife crisis, we will end the 50-year epic Corporate era of government paralysis, mismanagement and total corruption. And most importantly, in an instant, as we all add our names overnight, we all become American spirits again. Just like we began: the most powerful force in the world. Only WE have the power to do all this. Together we will quickly enact citizen focused policies that restore everyone’s American dream overnight. See The RTDNOW PLAN. Wow! What an opera!

2018: What American MidLife Crisis? What?

There are three of them going on at once?


Time travel with me to 2004 just a mere 13 years ago. A company renting DVD movies had 9,100 locations and employed 85,000 worldwide and employed 60 THOUSAND, sixty thousand employees, jobs, in AMERICA. 


Today Blockbuster is bankrupt and has less than 10 stores left. Gasp! Silence. What the heck caused that carnage. WTF happened? The movie viewing industry went digital. It went online, didn’t need 9,100 brick and mortar retail stores. 


A firm that got it, got the ability to fire (or never hire) all employees was called Netflix. They are worth $28 Billion today and the one with all the retail locations that employed us, went bankrupt. This is the trend that will kill America (which is a lopsided 70% retail based today) if we do not act to replace the America dream engine of good jobs...all across America and do it Overnight. Read the RTDNOW PLAN for details.


As I’ve pointed out, and will continue to point out, corporate America’s goal is to use technology and the internet to reduce workforce dramatically, YOU, your job, your American Dream, by 85%. 


So if I’m right, look up how many people Netflix employs and see how my logic works. It should be less than 85,000 Times 15 %, or much less than 12,000 WORLDWIDE! This isn’t rocket science. We can all add...and subtract. Now look at every store you go in, imagine one out of every two closing. Imagine the ones that remain operate with half the staff. That’s America 20 years from today. That’s what all our highly educated economists and brain dead politicians aren’t talking about or don’t have an RTDNOW PLAN to fix it because they all work for corporate America, not you the 300 million ordinary citizens trying to survive and life your full American Dream.


You feel all this but nobody but little old Adrian is spelling it out. That’s because our  representatives in government don’t represent us 300 Million Ordinary hard working citizens anymore. That’s why we all feel lost like we don’t have a country, don’t know who we are, or where we’re going as a people anymore.


That’s why I keep saying we are in the middle of a full blown American Midlife Crisis. Well actually three! One is Economic: we have no plan at all forward except the RTDNOW PLAN to rebuild the American Dream engine for every American, which is a well paying job with upward wages you have control over. The second is political, both political parties have no economic or political plan to restore everyone’s American Dream like I am proposing. The third is that we are all adrift without a working civilization Growth philosophy. Our was capitalism but that’s dead. When 1/2 of all workers are at minimum  subsistence wages without adequate healthcare or retIrement, we are 1/2 way to what America was in 1775: a master-slave plantation. 


Blockbuster is a searing example  of what will happen to America over the next 10-20 years if we all sit and watch and say “Oh my!” We won’t have hardly any jobs, we won’t be able to pay our personal bills, or pay our bills as a country, and America will cease to exist. This is no joke. See Post WW2 Germany, the former USSR, Greece, etc.


Look out 20 years and you will see that technology reducing workforce by over 50% will touch EVERY part of society EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN. What do you think flocks of Mini SMART DRONE “Soldiers” will do to the military and warfare? The cost goes up, hence the doubling of military spending every 8 years (which is why we have the highest tax rate in the world) when counting the black budget, and instead of needing 1 Million soldiers, we will need 350,000. That means 65% of all soldiers will be out of a job in 20 years or 650,000. Don’t just gasp and say “oh my...” it’s time to pull ourselves out of our American Midlife Crisis. And it also means ALL our personal freedoms will be gone as these drones become street corner police officers filming everything. It’s happening right now in a few cities in America as a test right now.


It’s time for every America to participate to restore everyone’s full American Dream of equality and prosperity. Its easy and convenient now to end all three of our American Midlife Crises and it takes you just a minute. 300 Million As 1 add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM  


“What happens if I don’t” you ask? Not much, all of America as a nation goes bankrupt and 50% of Americans will be out of work in 20 years staying on the “know nothing, do nothing” “Blockbuster path” we are all now on, all across America.


This is your once in a generation change to Save America and restore everyone’s American Dream. Tell everyone Redeem The Dream Now at RTDNOW.COM

Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis
  • Why is America, our nation, in a midlife crisis?

  • What’s the crisis?

  • What are midlife crisis for?

  • Why are they good?

  • How do 300 million citizens end America’s midlife crisis OVERNIGHT? (Hint: add your name at RTDNOW.COM, share the daily redemption song with EVERYONE!)

Midlife Crisis

Words and Music by ADRIAN


Caught up with some old friends, talked about life's loose ends

About survival in uncertain times, what keeps your soul alive

Everywhere I see unrelenting pain, falling as easy as rain

When People don't follow their dreams, even as their inner person screams


You can call it a midlife crisis, any words to serve your devices

Slowly dying isn't happiness, think I’ll own this so called crisis

Midlife crisis, midlife crisis, I think I like it I’ve waited all my life for it.


What took you so long to find courage, to tell the world exactly who you are

Instead of bottling it on a shelf, fermenting like wine into somebody else

They tell me it's a fact of life, good things take a whole lot of time

That it's our birthright to find, the shade of light that makes us shine


Ask yourself if you’re happy, if your not just ask yourself why

If you get a truthful answer, you'll know what you have to do and why


Never forgot what I wanted most, cause it shadows me like a ghost

Coming back late in the night, when I have no place to hide

When my workday’s done, and the spirit says “I'm the one”

The mystery of life comes back alive, and I do what I do to help it survive


Don’t always reap what you sow, don’t always reap what you sow

May never ever know, till the end of the show

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