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The American Dream is rapidly dying all across America for two reasons. We all fell asleep and didn’t participate: we forgot the pursuit part. And because a Corporate ‘Plantation’ Subsistence Labor System re-emerged over the last 47 years and buried a generation of dreamers. The same tyrannical system our American revolution once destroyed, came back. Nothings Changing: that’s why they declared independence, and so are we. Just online this time, to make it neat and quick. And this time to resurrect all of our American Dreams OVER-NIGHT! 300 million as 1: Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM 



We started with Plantation Systems of forced labor and didn’t evolve far to today’s ‘Corporate Labor System’. Which is now a mobile, similar subsistence arrangement. What today’s Corporate System doesn’t drain out of you in obscenely low wages, it rounds up in taxes and national debt to pay for Billionaire’s (the modern plantation owners) corporate theft. For the last 47 years schools were cranking out ‘minds’ ‘specifically’ to work for corporations. Not to pursue economic freedom, not with the skills to pursue and live their American dreams so EVERY American could set their own wages to match their own level of pursuit! So it’s no wonder we have a 200 million of our people’s American dreams dying. And half our population is living near the poverty level, 150 million people massively underemployment. That’s TOTALLY unacceptable! America’s become a bad dream for most just trying to get by without access to affordable health care. Avoiding health care leads to early death. It happened to my producer Tim Ellis who in his own way rebelled against a corrupt damned if you do, damned if you don’t, healthcare system. We we’re supposed to pursue being skilled entrepreneurs determining our own futures, not accept minimum wage work without healthcare. Half of all jobs today in America are minimum wage or near that.



Corporations’ influence over school policy killed the ability to pursue the American Dream. And so it continues today’s with a computer Billionaire trying to control how we learn. Our schools used to teach us how to make things and debate, to challenge the world to make a better one. But they changed what really worked, what made us a global super power and began to teach obedience with long class schedules and mandated learning. Freethinking and creativity were put to death. Kind of like loading your brain with so many apps and files until the storage space is gone and it starts running slow then freezes.

That’s why schools for the last 47 years, (since 1971, since the Lewis Powell memo that called for Corporations to control schools and college curriculum), schools have felt like forced labor camps: because they became that. So did the money making racket of 6-12 year Colleges in America. You get out mostly brain dead and halfway to retirement and $100,000 in debt?!?! 




47 years ago, a generation, we stopped teaching trades and stopped teaching people how to build their economic dreams, on purpose. I’m 58 and basically passed through high school before the Corporations took over public school curriculum. Which is probably why I do a massive amount of free thinking and am writing all this. That means people less than 47 years old didn’t get the same public education I did. I was encouraged to build, to play, to challenge, to dance, to sing, to build a better world. I was taught TO ENGAGE. The generations after were encouraged to pack in knowledge they would forget. They forgot to teach all the human skills: on purpose. Basically to have a partially developed population that gradually disengages. And most have. And here we all are 47 years later in national collapse and chaos. And mostly confused about it all.



“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. But only one word is the key! PURSUIT! 300 million as 1 we have all fallen asleep and forgotten to participate in determining our own futures. That’s why I wrote Redeem The Dream. So 300 million as 1, we can all engage actively to pursue our economic freedom, known as The American Dream. I made the Redeem The Dream Now movement to make our daily pursuit, almost effortless, and almost free. And hopefully entertaining. So please, ENGAGE!



Jefferson paraphrased an older phrase to make  one of the world’s most famous phrases “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. It came from John Locke the English Philosopher treatise “Life, Liberty and Property”. I studied Locke briefly at Santa Monica City Junior College when I took ‘Economic History’. The textbook was called The Worldly Philosophers. So I was aware of Locke. They taught what they said, but not why. And they taught what history was, but not how to make it. So why did Thomas Jefferson change one of Locke’s words, Property, to Happiness? According to historians, property was code for Slaves, and because Jefferson thought education was the key to enlightenment. Happiness, therefore, was his code for improving yourself. Advancement basically creates happiness. This is why Jefferson is the Kingpin of my Hall of American Spirits in the opera cheering us all on to restore EVERYONE’S American Dream. He updated concepts that kept people down to free everyone to reach their highest potential. Like I’m attempting to do. He was a scholar so he got it: great education is the key to advancement that drives the creation of your American dream, and leads to happiness. How the American dream created and defined! Your welcome. Oh, but back to the main problem today, that’s killing all that: Poor Education. Now you get why good education is the key to EVERY American dream. Please see above sections again for detail.



Now you have a much better idea of how we got there and back again to sarcastically quote JRR Tolkien. The mega corporations, the ones that control world trade, and the billionaires that own them, the ones that bought politicians and regulators to funnel 90% of your wealth to them and leave you holding the bag (Baggins lives on Bag End, no matter where he goes he always ends up there) and the bill of $20 trillion in national debt, don’t want you to change it.


They own the system and they own you. Want your American dream back? Want your future back? Ready to declare economic independence with me again? It’s starting to feel like 1773 and one of Ben Franklin’s writings. Add your name 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM and we’ll change everything OVER-NIGHT!

 "..when legislature can alter the constitution there is no protection against the encroachment of government on citizen rights". 


Liberty, Equality, Power

A History of the American People

When the Supreme Court overturned our Constitutional Rights to a government of the people by allowing corporations to be citizens, it's effectively dissolved the US Government and put America on the path to be a Neo-Fascist State where power (also known as money) dictated laws and citizens right. That's effectively where we are today and why 300 Million As 1, were all going to change it.

Happiness according to John Adams, a founding father, first Vice President and second President, was based on public virtue. Virtue or public patriotism was the notion that people would put the common good above 'self-serving' government service. Because our moral basis of serving our country died over the last 50 years, a money class has succeeded, temporarily, in making John Adams' worst fears come true. The Supreme Court circumvented the constitutional amendment procedure and through a court ruling called Corporate Citizens United changed who runs America. The corporation not the citizen. It affectively changed our constitution because self serving career politicians' livelihoods and ability to exist now rely solely on the special interest of large corporations to fund them, thanks to a politicized Supreme Court overthrowing the US Government. That's why one of my first executive orders is establishing an RTDNOW Appellate Supreme Court to overrule such treasonous acts.

The more I look, the more it seems human nature and history haven't really changed much. That's why our 1st Declaration of Independence was such a level 9.5 Earth-Shattering-Mental-Event.


It rocked the globe. And for a brief 200 years everything and everyone on the planet had changed. The ancient master and slave (boss and worker) relationship had just moved an inch apart, shifted like mental tectonic plates in mankind's brain.


But in the last 50 years it seems to have started to slide-back to its 2,000 year historical position. The magma of of new growth, free thought, was slowed, and we're all slowly being dragged back with it. America just isn't States and borders. Or a world army, or all the inventions we made to create our modern world.


America was always the 'idea' that everyone is special, everyone has the same rights. And that they can never be denied. That's every human should prosper. That's what the world called the 'American Spirit'.


That's also why our country is often referred to as 'America the Beautiful', as put forth in a famous song of that title. That essence captured in the great Ray Charles rendition. The American Spirit lifted the whole human experience, in every person, everywhere on the planet.


The above slide, depicting the second American generation's tectonic small mental shift: opening the door to the idea of freedom a little wider, as slavery was disbanded. In Civil War times they called picture images slides, because you slid in the film, it was taken on.


And with this opera I am doing the same process: but my camera is the webpage and your brain is the slide. For all human history humans haven't changed much. Just the delivery process and the technology that enabled it. So I guess that means aside from the Declaration of Independence, technology has the only real change.


Let's use our technology, our new delivery system, the Smart Phone and Internet, to tell everyone we're returning to our highest ideals that rocked the planet and everyone on it.


In an online stampede: Redeem The Dream at RTDNOW.COM.

Making of the Song "Nothin's Changin"


The piano of Troy Welstad drives this song. Not knowing Troy that well at the time I asked “Do you play any Jazz piano?” Boy does he! It’s so cool. Check out the last part where he goes off. Love it!



Like Bob Dylan’s famous song, Lay Lady Lay, which as an adult I finally really listened to, had some very cool, very simple percussion. So I added it. Want to class up a song fast? Add in Paul Mazzio on horn.  Sweeeet as usual.


Making the background vocals Tim asked “How do you want it to sound? What’s the phrasing?” I said a mocking sing-song. The background singers did a great job. I asked them to get their “Bill Withers on” for the end parts and they did. Lisa Hart is a phenomenal big voice. So big and so long one take it hit Steve Hale’s funny bone and lost it. It’s that laugh you hear at the end. I love unscripted moments like that because they’re so alive. Steve’s laugh seemed to me to be the billionaires laughing at all of us and my effort to involve 300 million Americans to restart America.


For about a month there had been earth movers tearing up the streets near 36th and Division where Kung Fu studios was to repair sewers so huge sink holes didn’t swallow homes. Big earth moving equipment was there week after week digging up the street. The studio was soundproof so only thing we got was ‘vibration’ low in the whole building. After about the third time I ignored it the light bulb went off! I asked Tim to put a mic outside and record the sounds. That’s what you hear at the start of the song, a giant claw earth mover: the sound of real change!  And then a street bum who was trying to ask me for beer money and I put my finger to my lips he went off on me, I pulled in the mic and closed the door. I’d just panned a little gold.



When he was implementing bad government. It was smart government that started this country and our job to make government great. But he said that because he worked for the Corporama and ushered in the death of 300 million American dreams. He was working for the largest corporation in the world at the time: General Electric, who didn’t pay ANY taxes in 2012 I think. He spent years on GE’s dime going around the country speaking to the wealthy billionaire donors. Later after he threw out air traffic controllers and killed their union because they wanted more staff to ensure our safety, he one upped himself and threw all the mentally ill out into the streets. He singlehandedly created our homelessness epidemic of today. Reagan was the Corporama, which promotes corporatism, globalism and the end of unions. He put America off its fine tuned axis, which kept it in balance for decades. The ability to let corporations ‘be’ while setting up social programming so ordinary citizens could survive. Ever since Reagan, our political parties have been bought off and it’s been poltical chaos of bad policy and endless lies. Nothin’s Changin’ until we all change it!



All this flashes through my mind one day when I had been watching an old Super Bowl game on the DVR. The Seahawks lost on a bad play call. Also known as bad policy. I was re-watching it to figure out how the coaching staff got themselves so twisted up they missed the obvious: run Marshawn Lynch, the gold standard. The guy who broke 9 tackles against the Saints a few years earlier to win a playoff game and run the whole field. The stadium rocked so hard on that it registered as a small earthquake. So how do smart leaders make such epic blunders? I wanted to know.


Then my son walked into the room to talk. I hit pause and it happened to freeze on an image of Bob Dylan trying to make a few bucks on a good cause: keeping our dying auto industry alive and jobs here. It was the only Bob Dylan commercial I had ever seen until his IBM commercial a year later. He was standing in front of American autoworkers trying to help them to sell Chrysler automobiles. Now foreign owned. When my son left and I turned back to the frozen image on the screen, it occurred to me that like the image, we have all been frozen in time for 50 years...NOTHIN'S CHANGIN!  It was all the same thing I’d seen over and over again for decades. Dying auto industry, begging for jobs, American workers care, etc.

I just couldn't believe the imagery. Proud American workers led before the American public making a plea in what looks like their last stand. And they are led before the nation by… a singer? Granted, it was Bob Dylan, and kudos to Bob, but where was the President?  Maybe that was the point. Presidents roll in and presidents roll out, while Bob Dylan's been with most of us our whole lives. And we believe in Bob.

The image just burned my brain raw as I stared at it. We're still begging for jobs, even the NFL is a front for corporate America replacing religion as the opiate of the masses. We still have inner city ghettoes across America, we still have institutionalized racism, and we are still losing our national security. People are dying due to corporate 'managed' healthcare which has been restricted to most of us by price. Our manufacturing base is overseas because all our politicians are still being paid off, and we are still doing absolutely nothing transformative, individually and collectively to change all that. NOTHIN’S CHANGIN until we all change it!



As I looked at the picture frozen on the screen, I looked deeper, at each of the people. You can tell who’s headed for diabetes. Our food supply sets us up all to become diabetic. Processed, sugary and otherwise unhealthy food substitutes pushed by mega food and agricultural corporations who know they’re killing us, and who are also setting up a generation of new customers for their corporate controlled healthcare system, that’s bankrupting America. Wow they’ve learned how to work together! Have you ever noticed the kinds of foods they designate as appropriate for purchasers with food stamps? Have you ever thought about the cycle of how corporations want to sell us bad food, and how they also sell us what is NOT really the cure for them? Prescriptions drugs. To make more money they’ve made them an epidemic, which only mask pain, prolonging the cause and cost. As a nation we’ve become addicted to popping pills instead of figuring out and solving the problem. That way after a life of popping Tums or what the doctor prescribes instead of giving you a food allergy test, they prolong endless healthcare costs. It is the corporate raping of America. NOTHIN’S CHANGIN until we all change it!


Apparently, the healthcare industry began back in the day of Andrew Carnegie, when his steel worker laborers began to get sick and miss too much work. He hired doctors to provide healthcare onsite to keep his people on the job. He realized he could 'charge' the workers for that 'care' so he could get back some of the wages he was paying them. Over time, perhaps he could recoup all his money; pretty slick, eh? It’s that deceptive game of giving with one hand, but taking it back (raising prices) with the other. The greed of the billionaire is epic and always has been. NOTHIN’S CHANGIN there either until we all change it!



How come sexuality gets into political reporting? Deep Throat? Tricky Dicky? Slick Willie? There’s a sickness of how abuse of power is mocked to make it ‘interesting’ when its just pure evil. Maybe this is why nobody trusts the news and they all look like fools today. For decades now, they can’t just get the facts and tell the story anymore. Speaking of the story. Even when good government gets involved and makes healthcare a non-profit industry so that it stays affordable and readily available for almost every American, we then get a tool like Richard Nixon, who deregulated Healthcare for his billionaire buddies. So, aside from being our first known deranged President breaking all types of laws which got him removed from office, he allowed his buddies play the old Carnegie game of doing you a big favor, then raping you financially for every penny you have. When I read American history, all I see is that NOTHIN'S CHANGIN'!



Skyrocketing medical expenses are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. Most Americans are only one major prolonged illness away from personal bankruptcy. When will we all come together to fix the whole healthcare system? I am proposing that we can do it OVERNIGHT using REDEEM THE DREAM principals.



My friends, I'm offering real transformational change, the kind of change 300-Million people have been asking for, for decades now. But, NOTHIN'S CHANGIN’ until 300 million people add their name at to REDEEM THE DREAM. Get busy!

  • Why has nothing changed for about 50 years?

  • What hasn’t changed that needs to?

  • What exactly is the American Dream and why do I need to get one?

  • What is free and effortless that you can do to restore everyone’s American Dream OVER-NIGHT?


Words and Music by ADRIAN

“I’ll be quiet when I choose to!” Okay!


The biggest threat to our Republic is not standing armies which concern me

But an unregulated financial and banking system. Thomas Jefferson 1777

My God! Nothings changed.

​​Johnny Cash is still the voice of America

Bob Dylan is still our poet laureate

Dolly Parton is still the Queen of Country

We still have to fight for our freedom

Nothin’s changin’


I woke up this morning with a thorn in my soul

Like a volcano overdue to blow

It’s like we’re all being slowly led to the gallows

Watching America decline is just too hard to swallow

Nothin’s changin’


Cause we’re all looking out for number one

There’s nothing new under the sun

That’s why Politicians’ lie to everyone

Until you redeem the dream

Nothing’s changing, nothings changing

If I were in Mexico I’d have a margarita

If I were in Hawaii I’d have sex on the beach

If I were in Oz I’d kill the Wicked Witch

So many things to do ain’t life a bitch

Nothin’s changin’


But here we all are in the land of the brave

Tying to figure out which country to save

The one in our imaginations or in our dreams

Read the plan I wrote you to save America, add your name, do something

And maybe you’ll change things. Nothin’s changin’


We’re all just animals in a human zoo

It takes total disaster to get through to you

Go buy another pair of $200 shoes!

Keep busy while they’re cooking up

The next disaster for you


Nothin’s changin’ as long as we let the Corporama

That invisible cancerous old boys global network

Of mega corporations officers, politicians

Media moguls, and mega bankers
Operate as modern day feudal Lords

Paying for control of America

To fuel their endless greed

And Empire building at our expense

While quietly hiding behind those ugly words

Runaway Government

Nothin’s changin’ for that elite 10%

For forty years now, or our 90%

Their slow crushing of your American Dream

Is the aching your family feels everyday
Only thing changing? The emperors lost their clothes

The evolution has begun to end runaway government

And make America everything it was supposed to be

For everybody. The new era of 100% citizen activism

Is starting at RTDNOW.COM DON’T BE LATE!

Until you redeem the dream, Nothin’s Changin’!

George Washington

John Adams

Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson

But what happened was the 'constitution ' and the convention that made it threw out the first government of the United States and established a new government similar to what the revolution was fought to separate from: like England's Monarchy. It was our second American revolution. The quiet one. Wow. Double Wow.


Then like today, most people were just living their daily lives while maybe 100 men who don't consult us decide how everyone will live. To put it in context, it was rebellious and treasonous to change everything in a new constitution from the principles of the Declaration of Independence people fought and died for, lost everything, instead of just fix the deficiencies in the old articles. The attached article describes that. Wow, like everything it seems, the most persistent win and the less persistent want to just get back to everyday living, who aren't involved, lose. This is why we all have to participate and RTDNOW is making that simple, free and hopefully somewhat entertaining.


Our original founders true government of the people with self rule had just changed 'overnight' to a military corporate monarchy. In America the corporation/government  stays the same, the monarch changes every 4-8 years. The military which most states in the 1780's (and Jefferson) wanted disbanded to prevent monarchs like Napoleon in France from emerging, and who'd just send in troops to quiet the people's voice, like Hamilton and Washington did in our Shays and Whiskey rebellions, was the start of the government using troops to not keep promises and to enforce a fraudulent start to the taxation in America. Citizens then weren't stupid. They saw it for the sellout it was and rebelled. It gives me new appreciation for today American Spirits who are against the tax code who for 30 years I always theory were out there. They get this. They were right. I guess my issue is they didn't present a solution, which I am.


Many America constantly lament, they ask, "Why doesn't anything ever change?" When referring to tax tyranny, inability to feed and give healthcare to our people, and the police-surveillance state we all live in. 


Now you know where it started. Now you know why Jefferson called Hamilton a little Bonaparte when hamilton directed Washington to send in troops to shoot Americans who wanted their freedoms back and accompanied the force "as an observer". Right.


Hamilton's actions set the precedent for what Presidents would do for the next 250 years including present day. FDR sent in troops to disburse world war 1 veterans at the capital begging for their healthcare and service benefits promised. Kent State killing of college students by troops. We have Hamilton to thank for all that. And while George Washington is revered for all the right reasons, he was persuaded by Hamilton, who changed our government from a true one of we the people, to a centralized corporate monarchy catering to the wealth class. Don't believe me? Read on your own how Hamilton literally sold America (bonds) and part of our federal reserve to the global wealth class. He bought into the old evil off offshore rule by money and it hasn't changed in 250 years.


That's why we've had no real citizen voice for 240 years. That's why the citizen gets ripped off endlessly until they are all penniless and in debt like our treasury without jobs and healthcare. Thats why the recent administrations are bit by bit dismantling the Bill of Rights for complete control of the citizen. 


It should be becoming clearer that America is a corporate police state. In fact, the police were started from corporate policy for godsake, the Pinkerons. They became 'public' to make we the citizens pay for protecting their factories. The billionaires weren't stupid then or now. Civil protection is the police forces side job. This is also why we have an institutionalized incarceration state: we jail the most people in the world! And mostly their poor. This is the height of inequality and we all know it and see it every day. You see it's always all been about central ultimate power. Gee, thanks a lot Alexander Hamilton leader of the second American revolution! 


Since then and today, the Corporama, view the citizen as a renter, not in the wealth class, not a rights holder. Troops and police forces 'evict' protestors in case anyone hasn't noticed. This matrix-like false fantasy world we live in is why we go through 125 years of just enough citizen prosperity to avoid a revolution until every 125 years the Corporama, the 10% elite money class that controls America, corporate America, our real present government, goes too far until it's all about to collapse, like England did and France and all their monarchies did. Our first total national economic collapse was 1901-1938, the Great Depression. Like today 90% of all American households were economically screwed, surviving paycheck to paycheck, or food stamp to food stamp. We are in the first stage of our current depression. Sorry for the bad news, but unless we all act as 1 (the goal of this opera) we have 30 years of economic pain ahead and the fourth world war because you can't pay $40 trillion back any other way. What do you think World War 2 did? Think about that. Don't believe me? Listen to my Ghost Towns Podcast then decide.


Back to the last total economic collapse of America the Great Depression. Only World War Two pulled us out of it and War, hot or cold, became the new American corporate business model to keep the corporate monarchy going because false capitalism with all the wealth channeled to only 10% of the elites while 90% of us slowly are starved economically, never has through history, and never will work or survive. It always collapses. There is always military rule. Then there is always revolution. We are all living the historical lie again our first revolution was fought to fix. That's why our only pure truth is the Declaration of Independence and why I recite it in Album 5: Declare Independence Again at RTDNOW.COM.


This is also why anyone who delves deeply into what really happened in America, and why there are endless senseless wars and millions of killings for two centuries, groans in silent agony and disgust and just wants to mentally escape. That's why reading history books can be terrifying. 


As I joke at the start of a podcast, to keep you entertained so you'll listen, I  quote Tolkien / The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf, "the great evil is back. (Puff from pipe) ...and it's been afoot for many a years". What do you think Tolkien was writing about for God sakes? He witnessed the senseless slaughter of World War 1. I feel a kinship to Tolkien these days. He wrote the epic fictional story of the miss use of power destroying civilization which repeats about every 3 generations which is why it's hard for a new generation growing up in peacetime to see and react to. Then we all (300 Million As 1) have to become Frodo to make the world right again and get rid of the tyrants. 


Redeem The Dream is the Non-Fiction version of the same story. You're Frodo. We're all Frodo. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM that's how you join the fellowship of the ring...Our Journey to save civilization, ours, has begun anew! You see it's so much easier to stomach it all when factionalized. Instead of fiction I used music.


Back to nothings changing. This is also why as Americans we agonize every four years at election time as to who we really are as citizens and as a country. This is why we don't know where we are going as a nation. Because forces described above are keeping us from going anywhere. We're Economic captives.  Like my song NOTHIN'S Changin' laments, this is the short explanation of why nothing ever changes in America. 


So where do we all live? You're living in a military dictatorship dressed in a voting booth charade. Now you know why 1/2 the people don't vote: they see it for what it is. And you thought they were just stupid and didn't care. This bad American drama all started by Alexander Hamilton, who was an artillery General of the revolutionary war, who worked for the General of the whole US army, General George Washington. So when you spell out how many generals started our country, and that Hamilton then wrote 85, yes 85 essays, and published then across only 13 colonies (it's like writing a 100 song rock opera for daily internet consumption today!) to consolidate military power in ratification of the 'constitution' which was the overthrow of the first government of the United States, it starts to make more sense. And they report to the global wealth class that started America finance in 1787.


Now you see why this RTDNOW Time Traveler Moment is titled "Whose Constitution Day?". The first thing I learned in banking was to not use the last persons loan write up. Even though it was easier, that person wrote it one way for a reason to accomplish their goal. And it usually contained dated or false information. Well I've learned that lesson well. If I was president I'd author all my own legislation and put it out to 300 million citizen for comment, debate, and ratification. A government of the people. That is our destiny, always was, and will be again: it just got overthrown in 1787 by a military coup led by General Hamilton.


Now here's the big question. And it is a biggie. Thomas Jefferson the ideological leader of the 1st American revolution who defined what America is and aspires to be in the Declaration of Independence, who detested the constitution, he was away in France as a diplomat when it all went down, sounding intriguing isn't it? Jefferson then became the 4th and 5th President of the United States. So why didn't he work to change it back? Why didn't he work to fix the Federalist/Hamilton/Corporate overthrow in 1787, what was called 'The New Constitution'. The answer? It's a douzey, it's what Tolkien was telling us all: Absolute power is always absolutely corrupting. And history is cyclical: it repeats. Oh my!


And now you know why I've written a 100 song daily rock opera to inspire 100% citizen activism at Because the only way things will ever get better for the citizen is if every single citizen uses their voice actively. 


Otherwise, quit complaining, continue being a victim of the Stockholm syndrome, because nothing's changing. So I urge you, every single citizen, to get involved in making the future you want. Be the change you seek. Add your name at and tell 300 million of your country men and women, and it will change the conversation all across America OVER-NIGHT. Now with this time traveler moment, you have a better why album two is titled, IT'S OUR TURN, to save America for the ordinary hard working citizen.


Redeem The Dream Now!  


The continental convention of 1787 had been to revise and update the articles of confederation, our first true government of the people, after 10 calm years of growth and prosperity. There was a need for uniform monetary policy and to find a way to generate a little revenue, versus none, to pay for the government and War debt. There was zero taxation at the time.

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “Nothing's Changin"

Whose Constitution Day?

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