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America was just a dream: until they signed a declaration. And everyone passed through a magic door as 1 in a blink. So immediate, it’s American magic. 300 million as 1 add your name at RTDNOW and open our magic door.


Making of Adrian's Song "Open the Magic Door"


The elephants in the room yelled FIRE! Bernie and Trump are still yelling ‘Corruption-in-Government’ from the rooftops. But the building burned down decades ago. That’s the time it takes for truth to reach the public. When I started this, saying that would have branded me a conspiracy theorist. But protests were now erupting nationwide and I captured that dicey dance in the intro. In a bolt, the cat had jumped out of the proverbial bag and onto a hot tin roof.

Troy Welstad on keys


Our political meltdown just accelerated. So I reached into my magic bag of music like Felix The Cat and pulled out an unfinished song to accelerate my pace: Join Idle Hands. And like a fast moving car racing toward you, the buzz of inspiration in your ears gets louder and then just blows by as lyrics flutter out and just dance onto the page. Quite a rush. So it was with Open the Magic Door. I love the moment I realize “I need to say something in song. Like in this case: “Hey, we’ve done this before. It’s actually kind of easy, adding your name 300 million as 1 opens a real magic door and takes us back, to the land of our dreams.” My music for this song has two lives and counting.


Unless it’s Pink Floyd, nobody knows the sound engineer. Dean Baskerville is mine and he’s a superstar who elevates everyone’s game. All the Starbucks Caffeine and Carbs suddenly snapped me out of a riveting government corruption story I was telling Dean to stall until I felt “On”, and I exclaimed as I stood, “Let’s do it” and climbed into his Dr. Who sound proof telephone booth and did all the vocal parts in one breathless pass. Dean led a fantastic background vocal session. Michele Van Kleef and Christina Cooper give awesome performances cooing like modern Delphi Priestess Oracles latching the message of this song through the air into your soul. Tim Ellis’s guitar work is so crisp you can feel it. You can also feel his super accurate timing holding a subtle and dynamic song down as it builds. Sonically this is one of my better songs. Funny how I knew when I first played it on a nylon string guitar. I knew it was profound because I was so moved then. But finishing songs is like waiting to see what your newborn actually looks like. This one came out beautiful.



If I could be Jim Morrison singing LA Woman, I would. Love the song, the band: The Doors (of Perception). This song has a Door’s jazz-blues mojo-vibe Troy Welstad nailed on Keyboards. I had heard Robby Krieger, guitarist for The Doors, lived near Portland. Like The Doors producer brought in Elvis’ Bass player to make sparks fly during the LA Woman recordings, I wanted the same. But that didn’t happen. Robby, John and Ray, if you’re out there, this is Adrian Calling! Give me a call, I have more songs to finish and it would be passing through a musical magic door to have you sit in on a couple.


Our founders invented the American Dream and built a whole country in just eight years. Today, the men and women of World War II, the last generation to save and restore everyone’s American Dream in four short years, overnight, are almost gone.


Each generation either declines, or must find its own “Magic Door” for all to step through, to leap forward together into the next great period of prosperity. There have been many Magic Doors in history:

  • Ol’ man Moses left a city of the damned, walking through the door of freedom.

  • Jesus opened the door to the soul and 31% of the people on earth followed.

  • Da Vinci opened the door to the Industrial Age transforming the planet.

  • Einstein envisioned physics that opened the door to the future

  • The Beatles music opened doors of perception

  • Martin Luther King Jr. opened the door to social equality.


But the most profound magic door, the biggest, fastest, and most effective in all human history, was the magic door to the American Dream. That magic doorway was in the form of a declaration. So magical, that in the blink of an eye, every single American in 1776 rushed across a mental threshold with the signers of our 1st Declaration of Independence.


So magical was the act of signing a declaration affirming our values of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that it changed the world forever. Today, almost everyone on the planet has an American Dream.


But the prosperity of post World War II has been lost. 70 years after our fathers and grandfathers generations conquered the tyranny of their time a new economic one now envelops ours. What we called the American Dream is like a fable. A distant memory, out of reach for 300 million citizens. There is little to no upward mobility, just increasing debt, worry and confusion.


250 years ago, 56 American spirits as 1, signed a declaration to launch the fight for our economic freedom. Today, 300 million as 1, we are signing a new declaration, Redeem The Dream Now (RTDNOW), to finish the fight.


And finally, it’s our turn to restore everyone’s American Dream OVER-NIGHT. Adrian's opera has opened our founders magic door of enlightenment again, so 300 million citizens can pass through as 1 to reach financial freedom. Its an economic civil rights movement called Redeem The Dream Now.


Tell everyone to add their name at RTDNOW.COM and we will all open the magic door to the American Dream once more.

  • Where is the magic door?

  • How do I get through?

  • Whose if for?

  • Why’s it magic?

  • What’s it cost?


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Peaceful protest, peaceful protest

There are protests all around the country and all around the world

Hurry up they’re coming! Open the door


Washington found it, so did Jefferson and Franklin

It’s been there all through time, and now it’s our turn to find it

Open the magic door


Ol’ man Moses, Da Vinci,

Jesus, Einstein,

MLK, the Beatles,
Across all time they come back to us

The priest, the sinner, self-righteous beginner
We’re all losers, we’re all winners
Snowden, Stone, Assange, Adrian and Moore
The plight of man is a revolving door  


Traitors? Heroes?  Saviors? Villains?
They're just showing us the world we really live i
Life, death, who owns each breath?
Truth, lies, in your brain the answers hide

Open the magic door: to pure love
Open the magic door: to being alive
To what makes us more: what makes joy?
Open the magic door, reclaim America once more


Open our magic door and slip through its waiting for you everyday
In our time it’s called RTDNOW.COM

Open the magic door, to your best future
Open the magic door, to true happiness
Open the magic door, to ultimate success
Open the magic door


Begin, end, fail, succeed, in your soul, lay the fertile seeds
Of all your hopes and dreams, and all your life can mean

Open the magic door: to your best future
Open the magic door: to true happiness
Open the magic door: to your ultimate success
Open the magic door! To what makes your soul rest


Open the magic door: to what unites you with all
The magic door makes all barriers fall
The magic door makes sunshine
The magic door turns water to wine

Open our magic door, open the magic door, open the magic door
You must, you must, you must, trust, trust, trust
Love love, love, do not obey lust
Open the door to all you must love to become all you were meant to be, a

And you will see, the door to your future shine in front of you like a pathway

To the stars, and you will realize, that they weren't that far

And you were the path all along

Open the door to your heart, only then, will you start to live
Open the magic door, open the magic door, open the magic door
In our time it’s called RTDNOW.COM

300 million as 1, OUREVOLUTION has begun, to restore everyone’s American dream OVER-NIGHT

Help me start the new era of 100% citizen activism by telling everyone to add their name

at RTDNOW.COM to reclaim America once more

And we will all open the magic door

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