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Rigor mortis, beyond dead, our politics, flat-lined. Now, 300 million as 1, ‘It’s Our Turn’ to restore everyone’s American Dream OVER-NIGHT!  The new era of 100% activism has begun at RTDNOW.COM. Tell everyone!


Making of Adrian's Song "It's Our Turn"



Three years spent carefully writing and organizing 100 songs to softly awaken the American people to the trouble we’re all really in. Building to a climactic ending unveiling restoration of everyone’s American Dream in the ‘Over-Night’ RTDNOW Plan to Save America. It was all coming together so perfectly. Oppps! Oh crap, and just like that, I was out of time! The national big secret of total government corruption became front-page news. My whole song order fell into utter chaos. Now with most of the songs already written I had to spend six months reorganizing the whole opera ‘backward’ to tell a more immediate story of the loss and redemption of the American dream.




My website producer April who I’d just started working with to make this site you’re viewing just looked at me and said “100? Songs…?” Her body language spoke volumes. I’m thinking, “Great, no problem. Just reorganize 100 songs; again, into a faster listen that pulls you forward. Make it snappy, and fully communicate my message with the American people in first blink through cover art, album titles, and do it entertainingly”. It was daily Dain Bramage, kind of personal torture for six months. As if that wasn’t enough, at the same time we had to make the new opera album line up translate into a visually compelling story. And, it all had to feel ‘simple’. It was nice to find out that April also has an endless well American ‘can-do’ Spirit. We got though it visually too. Great job April!




So how many potential combinations can you put 10 lists of 10 songs? Multiply 10X10 ten times…its beyond 1 million possible outcomes. It was like working 10 rubric cubes at once, but with songs, not just colors. But now that it's done, without a computer, like planning a D-Day landing, its much more potent. Like I keep telling everyone, anything is possible if you apply yourself and take action, and surround yourself with great people!




But because the whole opera just flip-flopped, I had to make a few new songs like Our Journey Begins Anew, and this song, It’s Our Turn, to fill in the story line. Ever hear of John Philip Sousa? The March King? He wrote all the famous patriotic and military marches you’ve ever heard: way before rock and roll. Redeem The Dream needed a big Sousa-esque Rock-Opera March. Kind of like Queen’s: We Will Rock You, but ‘modern’ hip-hop patriotic.



I sat down with Dean (my phenomenal (or do the kids say ‘dope’?) sound engineer) and said “Grab the guitar tracks from Sign RTDNOW.COM we’re gonna have a little fun. And as my producer, Tim Ellis would say, “It's going to be loud”. We edited the guitars into a new song that would musically tie into the song it came from, to make it a thematic and musical mental echo. Now, just zip in four vocal tracks. I made the first one sound like an army of 300 million mad Orc’s marching grunt-chanting “Our Turn, Our Turn, Our Turn, Our Turn.” And Dean a drummer as well as a few other things added the very ‘Big-Bang’ drum beats in.




Then I put in the narrator's voice, or Aragorn’s or Gandalf’s, to stay with the LOTR’s analogy, saying “And now! It’s our turn”. Which upon hearing it, Dean said: “You kind of sound a little like Bowie there, I think I like that.” Then as that new wall-of-sound swept through my brain and lifted me, a full page of written lead vocals just slipped from my fingers falling to the floor. Swept away by the full new sound I ad-libbed and sang from the heart. I love those moments in the studio: magical. It felt like leading a protest in a great arena with a great band behind you moving to your pace and attitude. That’s how I got authenticity on the first pass, no vocal edits. It’s easy when you mean every word. 20 minutes earlier, it was just an idea. Then it was just a hum as I tested the headphones getting started in the sound booth. Now it was a raging newly born Rock-March. Wow, that was fast! Finally, we added the cool otherworldly background vocals. I hope you like it and play it in the streets, LOUD!




What does it take to awaken an entire country at once to save itself? A $1 Billion dollar campaign? Or a quick ‘American-Magic’ trick that really works and is free? Or how about 300 million tiny mental nuclear explosions, awakening every single citizen at once to participate in the free trick?




That’s what we Americans do when our way of life is threatened. We blow up things: countries, people, and ideas. I’m blowing up falsehoods and worn out ideas here. Here’s my top 10:

  1. What if I told you that we have not had a representative democracy for the past 50 years?

  2. What if I told you that an elite money class pays off almost all politicians to pass laws while upholding an illusion that voters control something?

  3. What if I told you the elite money class is a global money mob, which I call the Corporama?

  4. What if it’s all true, not conspiracy theory, the same way Black Helicopters and Global Internet ‘Wiretap’ hacking were all proven true?

  5. What if I told you the Corporama has slowly stolen the economic engine that powered 300 million American dreams bolt-by-bolt, factory by factory, job by job so America is headed for total economic implosion without action?

  6. What if I told you that our two main political parties were only a screen upholding the charade, and that they perpetually block a viable third party from emerging?

  7. What if I proved to you the Supreme Court (1/2 of it) is part of it?

  8. What if I went on and told you there is a pattern of massive corruption that emerges in governments every 50 to 100 years, as capitalism and wealth become so concentrated by monopolies, to the tune of 90% of our wealth going to the top 1-3%, that ruin the economy for the ordinary citizens who become unable to keep up and fall further into debt?

  9. What if I told you, credit cards and widespread citizen/household debt didn’t exist before the 1950’s? And we we’re a creditor nation? And now we’re $20 trillion in debt on our way to $30 trillion?

  10. What if I told you the majority of ordinary citizen faces ‘manufactured’, made up, economic hardships, shortages of food and shelter, and is forced to live paycheck to paycheck by design?  





We are overdue for a revolution. America had a bloody one in 1775, a one shot wonder one in 1901 as Taft was assassinated, and in 1942, our last period of 100% citizen activism. Yes we dropped bombs all over and save the world in four short years. And now in 2017 It’s OUR TURN to answer the call in the new era of 100% citizen activism to save our way of life. The big question, is how?




Personally, I prefer a way with immediate results at very low cost. That’s why I’m proposing a rapid-evolution of the mind, 300 million minds at once. Which has the same affect of a revolution, just much quicker, without any violence, or massive displacement, and is almost free. The first step is we all wake up at once through this daily rock opera.




To all add our names like our founders did to a declaration. And we are all instantly transported to a new land. One where 300 million people have spoken as 1, which puts the people in charge once more, as it was designed, directing our representatives to serve the citizenry’s needs. Read my RTDNOW Plan to Save America, which is designed to restore 300 million American dreams OVER-NIGHT.  You may be shaking your head right about now. But I guarantee you, if you help me get 300 million people to sign up, it will all happen OVER-NIGHT!



The shock of exposure to truth can cause denial; regression, tantrums and many forms of odd behavior when you find out you’ve been living a lie. All this happens because instantly, you’re not sure who you are anymore. You’re American, always were, it’s that simple. I’m just asking everyone to act that way and sign a petition.

See the movie, The Matrix. The main character Neo represents the American citizen. He has an extreme awakening to the truth of the world. Shown that he was born into complete economic bondage since birth, (cradle-to-grave) he is given ‘the option’ to awaken. NEO, the average hard working citizen, if he chooses to awaken, becomes the key figure in the redemption of mankind.

He’s a kind of hip and sexy sci-fi Frodo, with a leather trench coat and terminator sunglasses who learns to fly, across the Internet. Just like I’m asking you to do. Fly across the Internet to rally 300 million people to add their names at RTDNOW.COM. It’s that easy to get out of our Matrix.


He wasn’t a great President. They just keep telling you that in their media to keep their Wizard of Oz fantasy-illusion going. But like a Cowboy Winston Churchill, he had an American knack for oratory. Ever since his ‘morning in America’ vision in 1981, we’ve had only storm clouds on the horizon. Our government hasn’t functioned for 36 years because an indivisible WALL of money suddenly grew and was firmly placed between all us citizens and OUR representatives by the Corporama. This wall, the wall of invisible money standing between us, we the people, and our true government, is what I’m singing about in this song.




They used their money wall to silence the people’s voice, and overturn OUR laws (a Republic is a nation of laws) without OUR consent, to make paying off politicians legal. Effectively they changed our Constitution without a Constitutional Amendment by 2/3 of the states. This was an overnight takeover of the American government by tyrannical global business interests. And like poor NEO, you were either born into it, or peacefully slept to fake-news telling you ‘things’ were happening. 300 million as 1, I want us all to sign the RTDNOW.COM petition, OUR 2nd Declaration of Independence and we will make this wall fall, tear-it-down, OVER-NIGHT!




Let’s put it all together. Our politics are totally corrupted. We are overdue for a revolution. The country is bankrupt with no way out. The little guy, you and me, always has to rise to the occasion and save the world.


Are you ready to put on your sunglasses and trench coat and fly across the Internet to save our American way of life with me and restore everyone’s American dream OVER-NIGHT?


My friends, 300 million as 1, that’s what it’s our turn to do. And I’m asking you to take action, simple and free: add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone! 300 million as 1, It’s Our Turn to save America.

  • Why’s it our turn? (Hint: everyone in government is corrupted)

  • What does ‘our’ mean? (Hint: we the people take ownership of America)

  • What is it OUR TURN, 300 million citizen, to do? (Hint: Redeem The Dream Now)


Words and Music by ADRIAN


I’m a boy from the projects who fought his way out

I’m a boy watching 300 million hearts broken

All ready for a brand new start


I know you’re hurting, so am I.  And now!  

I know you’re in pain, so am I.

I know you’re ready for change

To change the game. It’s our turn.

House by house, block by block

Gonna get this whole country to rock! And now!

Save America’s, American Dream

Coast to coast, sea to sea. It’s our turn.

Redemption time for thee I sing.

It’s our turn, it’s our turn to drive. And now!

Redeem The Dream, the American dream once more. It’s our turn.

Convene online at dinner time

Now it’s time to drink that wine. And now!

RTDNOW.COM meet me in the promised land. It’s our turn.

One and all, that’s how we’re gonna make the wall fall! And now!


300 million of us, against the corporations

That think they own us

It’s us, us, us, against them.

Pretty familiar isn’t it?

300 million of us, 10 million of them.

I think its time, for all of us to form a line

Coast to coast, sea to sea

Tell the world how its gonna be

It’s our turn. Reclaim America!

Redeem The Dream Now

Restore everyone’s American dream.


He spoke to the Virginia delegates at a meeting at Shockhoe Hill, Virginia, meeting held to discuss ratification of the new "Proposed" constitution. Odd from the get go because they already had a government, the delegates who never expected a "new constitution?" were evenly divided. Virginians like George Mason and governor Randolf hadn't signed the constitution in Philadelphia when it was drafted primarily by James Madison and still were opposed because it took away the rights of the people and created a new corporate or "Federalist" monarchy. The rights they all just fought and died for!!! The Virginians, wow the Virginians.  They had the whole cast of famous founders, four who would become President: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe. But all their wisdom of delaying their ratification meeting backfired. While they thought most states would see the coup for what it was and reject it, they didn't. Hamilton was bullying them and promising them (relief of all states debt!) into it. Now remember, the southern states had largely paid off or were on the way to paying off their state War debt. Not so in the northern states. The sellout again! Omg! The northern states were bought off to ratify the "new constitution". So now the smart Virginians  put themselves behind the old 8 ball and negotiated to have the new capital next to them, Washington DC. They knew far off government wouldn't represent them, they weren't stupid. If you don't show up you get sold out. 

So now with the revolution so many had died for slipping away, half the states had been bought off to vote in favor, the Virginians met to decide if they would be a separate country, or "follow a bad path" and be part of a national union of state's in a military dictatorship.


Patrick Henry spoke his mind (like Adrian is doing and I'm asking 300 million citizens to do with me) and said to the delegation of July 4, 1787:


1. "How can you call the Articles of Confederation, which won the Revolution, a failure, and assert a state of emergency when Americans prosper and the Articles led our conquering of the most powerful nation in the world, Britain, by uniting our people?"  They couldn't. A small group of Federalists overthrew the Revolutions founders. Basically Washington a General had his artillery commander and chief of staff in the revolutionary war, Alexander Hamilton, worked behind the scenes constantly and then stepped into the light to write The Federalist Papers published in almost all the 50 newspapers that existed then, to give Washington total control. History books make it look like a series of nice chats over tea. But look at exactly what events actually happened, not how they sugarcoated it all to make it look like we have a democracy. We have a military dictatorship in America. And we've had it since 1787. Patrick Henry a true patriot of the people, of the Revolution saw this clearly and spoke out! He was awake. I'm awake. Now maybe you're awake. Now use your iPhone to help me wake up 300 Million citizens, just tell them RTDNOW.COM.

2. Patrick Henry continued "How can a new "Constitution" be presented that starts with "We The People" when the people were totally excluded from the discussion?"  The new Constitution was throwing out the peoples document of government. And so we all for 240 years have had to live under Federal/Corporate rule without a true voice of We The People. It's time to hear the voices of 300 million citizens. Add your name at that's the first step in making this "your" country. The average plight of the citizen gets worse because they view you the citizen as consumers, not citizens. Be a citizen again. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM.

3. Henry asserted that "it would be a monarchy to replace a revolutionary true government of We The People with the Imbecility of Federal Government". And we all know how that turned out: endless runaway corporate government. Henry was right. They had all just overthrown a king and tyranny and he knew the new constitution put the country on that despicable path of far off central rule (king) centralized ultimate executive power (king) and central taxing powers (king). My friends, this was not hard to see BACK THEN and Henry stood up! So what happened then? About 40% of the delegates wanted power and took the deal, got bought off with as part of the new constitution had their War debts assumed by the Federal government. That my friends was the start of runaway national debt! Now remember, the Southern states were paying off their debt: not the Northern states. Fast forward 80 years and we have a civil war because the South had to assume the Norths war debt and then the North took away their earning power: slavery. And you thought History was boring.


Back to 1787 and the loss of every citizen's rights in America. About 15 percent of state delegates were all "persuaded." Thank God for George Mason, or we wouldn't even have a Bill of Rights! If you look at the Constitution in that light, without a Bill of Rights, it's a pure military Monarchy! That's what Washington, Hamilton and the Federalists were pushing. That's why "The Constitution" was our 2nd American Revolution 11 years after the first. Mind blowing, I know. Please wake up with me now. It's our turn to restore everyone's American Dream by signing our 2nd Declaration of Independence RTDNOW: Redeem The Dream Now.


300 Million As 1, It's Our Turn to All Stand Up for Every Citizen's Economic and Social Rights. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM to restore a true government of We The People. This is how an overnight movement of all of us starts. This is our time and we need 300 million ordinary hard working citizens to be like Patrick Henry and speak out for liberty by adding your name at


I'm not Patrick Henry, but if I updated his famous rallying cry it would be "Give me Economic liberty, or give me death!" Because the economics is every single American household is being killed slowly by the Corporama. When 100 million can't afford healthcare to stay alive and housing and education and another 100 million are the next recession away from that fear, you know I'm right. American dreams are dying all across America for decades now and the pace is increasing. It's our turn to bring them all back to life Over-NIGHT! You know my modern version of a "Patrick Henry" slogan, it's on my T Shirt under GEAR: "Live Free!" Now get busy! It's Our Turn: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “It's Our Turn"

Patrick Henry Stands Up for EVERYONES Liberty Again!

(Yep, you guessed it. Its Our Turn) 

A few month earlier in 1787 a quiet behind closed doors second revolution had occurred. More of a coup. A continental convention (yep that famous one!) which had been convened to "improve the Articles of Confederation" didn't follow instructions. They basically threw out the old government of "We the People" that was working. Patrick Henry the famous American spirit who boldly declared "Give Me liberty or give me death!" And "United we stand, divided we fail" and helped rally the country through the American revolution, spoke up boldly once more.

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