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This is your personal invitation to save America for the ordinary hard working citizen. Yes you! Every-Single-American. Now it’s easy to participate to make the future YOU want. Just tune in daily at RTDNOW.COM and hear the next free redemption song: 100 promote 100% citizen activism. Then just tell everyone about it daily. And as we all do we will renew America for the ordinary citizen with the RTDNOW Plan to Restore Everyone’s American Dream.


Making of the Song "Your Personal Invitation"




That’s what I said to my producer Tim Ellis one day. I think that’s one reason Tim liked me, I always pushed the envelope and kept it interesting. He stared at me waiting for more. Then he said “The Star Spangled Banner?” Yes I replied. Silence. I said we have to re-arrange the music so 300 million citizens can actually sing it, so everyone can PARTICIPATE daily. We stared at each other. I looked at his guitar and at him. He picked up the guitar, looked at it, and handed me the guitar. I stared at it, let the muse guide me and banged out the simple beat you hear, and started singing. Tim smiled, and got busy putting electric guitars on top of acoustic.




Tim had the background vocalists sing in three different keys to make sweet harmonies and viola; we had a new version of the Star Spangled Banner. Now 300 million citizens don’t have to respectfully tune out while watching a ‘star’ vocalist sing it to see if they will tank or hit the high notes. Now EVERY American can now really sing the national anthem loudly, daily and enjoy it. I wrote you this rock opera to get you to participate and own your future: all 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. That’s why I made this as a ‘camp-fire’ version that is now easy to perform and fun!




Magical Mystery Tour was a Beatles album that was great but just a journey of self-expression. My rock opera for the American people, Redeem The Dream, invites every single American spirit to a journey of self-expression with a destination: to restore their American Dream. The last part of this song is my announcement that our journey, 300 million as 1, has begun!

  • The 200 Year Cycle of Civilization We’re All In

  • The 2020 Tipping Point We’re All Facing

  • And How RTDNOW is Your Personal Invitation to Participate effortlessly online: to Restore Everyone’s Full American Dream

The Real Story of the American Dream

In Context of Adrian's Song “Your Personal Invitation"


John Smith, 1606, led establishment of the 1st American settlement, Jamestown. Present day Williamsburg, Virginia.

John Carver, 1620, led ‘the pilgrims’ to Plymouth Rock, modern day Provincetown, Mass., the tip of Cape Cod.

John Locke, 1625, England, Age of Enlightenment philosopher. Wrote, ‘all men are free and equal’ and are not to be under monarchical governments.

Thomas Jefferson, 1776, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wrote our 1st Declaration of Independence and defined the American Dream to be a birthright of: citizen equality, to enable free pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

James Madison, 1788, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, drafted The Constitution, without ANY citizen rights!

George Mason, 1788, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. REFUSED to sign ‘the constitution’ without a citizen’s Bill of Rights.

Lewis Franklin Powell, 1978, Supreme Court Justice, Washington D.C., formerly President Nixon’s Personal attorney. Wrote Corporate America’s 1971 manifesto to take over our government.

Jerry Garcia, 1971, Berkeley, California, Musician; sang hit song Trucking, a 1960-1970’s American biopic; “what a long strange trip it’s been...sometimes your cards ain’t worth a dime, if you don’t lay them down.”

Adrian, 2018, Oregon Territory, (States don’t have real rights since the constitution) ordinary citizen promoting 100% citizen activism Daily at RTDNOW.COM to restore everyone’s American Dream. Wrote our 2nd Declaration of Independence called, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, the 100 song daily Rock Opera to Save America, and the 3 Page: RTDNOW PLAN to Save America.

I’m just beginning to understand Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead band, as I delve really deep into American history. In 1971 he sang their hit song called Trucking, which refrained, “What a long strange trip it’s been!” And oh was he so right, as I’ve learned the real history of the American Dream. That’s why it was a hit song. Everyone identified with it. As I’ve worked on this project, and talked to every day Americans about the American Dream, for over 30 years, they all saw the same oppressive monarchical runaway government seeping in all around us year by year. This is what I believe Jerry was singing about then. The questions everyone always asked me was, “Adrian, how do we fix it? What can I do? ....I don’t have any money...” Now Jerry Garcia, a keen observer, as all songwriters are, what was his answer? Keep on ‘Trucking’. The name of the song. The message, all you can do is not worry about it, have a drink: and just keep rolling.


But we’re almost at a tipping point, all of America. And I don’t believe we can keep on trucking when in a short 5-20 years 1.7 Million to 3.0 Million Real long haul truckers in America will lose their jobs and their American dreams to automated driverless trucks. And the whole American population that works for a living, 300 Million of us will lose 20-30 Million more jobs to technology and the Internet. There’s only 100 Million households in America. Think long and hard: it affects every household. If we don’t respond now, it will pancake what’s left of the American Dream, all 300 Million. It only takes job losses of 2-5% to create a nationwide recession. This is 20-30% we are facing. That’s the BIG TIPPING POINT we are ALL approaching and none of the wealth class or their paid off politicians are telling you about because....wait for it: they are going to stick the American citizen with another $10 TRILLION Bailout bill to pay. 


That tipping point, if we don’t all respond now, will increase the number of Americans living below the poverty line from 100 Million today in 2018 to 200 MILLION. Two out of every three Americans will be living in poverty very soon if we don’t all violate our instincts to fight each other and come together right now to build the next American Dream engine: please see the RTDNOW PLAN.


This is why I’ve sent out a daily personal invitation to every single Citizen in the form of a free access song, to motivate you to save America by telling EVERY single American, RTDNOW.COM and to add their names and support the RTDNOW (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW) MOVEMENT. Now you know why the word NOW is at the end. We’re almost out of time.


But let’s get back to our strange trip of American history, and go back about 200 or so years in time and remember what the world was. In 1777 masses of people (99%) suffered in broader Europe under totalitarian rule. They looked upon the 1776 American ‘experiment’ in freeing themselves and began to plan their own freedom and called 1777 America, ‘Jefferson’s Democracy’. Soon as the masses, in their time, realized they were in charge by participating, (we’re just about to rediscover it again in the convenient Internet age) they staged the French Revolution and the rest and the world, slowly followed to some form of democratic government.


Today 2/3 of nations practice some form of democracy. But 200 years later, that’s all in jeopardy. If America collapses, so does the world. It’s primarily in jeopardy because today’s masses of people (the same 99%) don’t yet understand that democracy as a bedrock of governmental process, is ‘just the invitation’ to participate. And only you can do that! And if you don’t participate, you slowly lose all your rights, indirectly with new laws and regulations you didn’t and don’t approve of, and your freedoms, and your money is taken in ever expanding taxes direct and indirect like national debt, and your life all goes away bit by bit: because you no longer control ANY of it. A money monarchy parading as a democracy with no participation does that. That’s America since 1970 and today. My musical response to this Greek tragedy, the slow killing of 300 Million American dreams and our future, is the opposite of old Jerry. But he was a great musician!


Back to Thomas Jefferson’s 1776 writing of the Declaration of Independence. It was the original, first, personal Invitation, for every person in America to participate in ‘their’ democracy, for every person in the world, to actually accept the invitation and really live free.


Live free by actively controlling their own future by using their voice loudly in government. That’s all you have to do to live free and save the world again. Real citizen focused government is basically free.


He was, and I am, asking you to have real voice in determining your future, to exercise your undeniable and unalterable Personal and Civil rights, to pursue life, liberty and happiness, without the ropes of tyranny restraining our feet and checkbooks economically, from upward mobility and advancement. The cornerstone of the real American Dream is participating. Happiness meant advancement which came from education. And that means without chains of oppressive false thought (trickle down economics lies for five decades, for example. Or Reagan saying ‘government is bad’ to turn us all away from participation) endlessly cast upon the minds of the masses by corporate owned media. Today we are ALL slowly waking up, and now recognize this fake news that has been going on for decades. At 59 years old, it’s been going on about my whole life. 


So looking back, the great misconception of the Declaration of Independence is that it wasn’t just declaring our American independence and establishing the American Dream. It was so MUCH more. It was the personal invitation to all the people of the world, of every country, to follow the path to Personal freedom and liberty. An invitation for every citizen of the earth to embrace American ideals. The American Ideals of personal freedom: equality, local self rule, and economic freedom, which together bring full the American Dream to life.


The Declaration of Independence brought to life the best philosophical musings of Personal individual liberty from the Age of Enlightenment, (philosophers 150 years before him such as John Locke) off pages and into reality, into daily being for all! And for all time! And one document did it overnight. It was a transformational event of life on earth. And I want to do it again! I want us all to do it again to Reinvent the original American Dream and its ideals in our time. All 300 Million people have to do to make that happen Overnight like in 1776 is Tell everyone: Add your name at RTDNOW.COM


Opps! We all thought America and its people were to be free based upon one Declaration without ongoing active citizen participation. And just as America began its ascent to the pinnacle of the throne of great empires of all time, the wheels quickly came off the proverbial real American Dream wagon. They were ‘ripped-off’ like putting a car on blocks and stealing the tires and rims. Soon after our 1776 independence Declaration rattled, shook and transformed the world like a philosophical volcano of new growing lands, slowly and uncontrollably, spreading everywhere: a curious thing happened. Old world (master-slave) values quietly and quickly rolled right back in steamrolling and gutting the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the underpinnings of our new Personal freedom. What I call the real American dream. In a 1788 age of little media, and a new county with little participation, amazingly without almost anyone, but the few involved in government like George Mason and Patrick Henry, even realizing it was happening!


Led by only four people, they did it very quietly and quickly under armed guard in secrecy (our First secret organization) changing how government would operate: over the people holding them down in poverty, not for them, lifting them up out of it. This new secret government would operate by the wealth class for the wealth class through money in politics, far away from the people, to rule over them. That document 10 years after the most famous document in the world, our Declaration of Independence, that second document just four people pushed through dismantled the real American dream of a government of, by and for the people. That 2nd document was called, The Constitution, of 1789. They sent out no invitations to the people. They approved it and  published a new owners manual of how to use it called: The Federalist Papers.


Read the original Declaration of Independence’s middle section. The grievances, they are long, profound, global, and timeless. It described the molten lava that burned hot in the hearts of the oppressed people across America and the world to create our new promised land of real citizen freedom. Their grievances are EXACTLY what 300 Million Americans are feeling today. Which is why I updated our 1st Declaration of Independence into a new 2nd one, a little more specific to a 2018 world: our 2nd Declaration of Independence from modern runaway government is called Redeem The Dream Now. Read it under Movement, then Add Your Name.


Because of the dismantling the real American Dream in 1789, the same four people also dreamed up the 1st wealth class political party called Federalism, which for obvious reasons fell out of favor, and went where? Underground to reappear as both parties run by corporate money. But generations of Americans were all left with their baggage of overly centralized monarchical government weighing down and burying a people’s government forever! That is until we all update it. That’s what the RTDNOW PLAN does and why I’m inviting everyone to participate. But the wealth class are shape shifters and update their constitution every generation or so to modern times with such corporate charters/manifesto as the very detailed Lewis Powell Memo of 1971. Now we start to see the 200 year civilizational cycle, of freedom and tyranny battling it out, what we all now find ourselves in the middle of, who the key players were, and what they did to dismantle your real American Dream, and American Dreams around the world, a bit more clearly.


 Let’s time travel way back to 1606, Jamestown was established in Virginia. 170 years later our Declaration of Independence was signed. This was almost 200 years since the Age of Enlightenment philosophers wrote about individual natural rights by birth, and a new age that would actually exhibit that, and transform the world, from historical 99% slavery and serfdom, to 99% freedom. That’s about how long False generational ideas take to get ingrained. The falsehoods the masses ingest and are deluded by out in the open, and can delay and derail real transformational social change. And so here we all find ourselves at a tipping point in the history American Dream. Of Americas ability to survive 20 years. See the old USSR for an example. We 300 Million ordinary every day citizens are all on stage again. 2018 is our 1774. Our people’s government was swallowed whole, like Jonah and the whale, by corporate and global money in politics. Now what? What to do? What to do. Just ‘Trucking’ along won’t be an option much longer.


In these RTDNOW Song Bonus Materials and Time Traveler Moments we examine turning points in the American Dream. Here we noted a multi-generational one that isn’t obvious, until you read a few hundred history books! Yep, that’s about my total at the moment for this project.


So 200 years after 1789, by about 1989, American politics had been fully corrupted again by corporate and billionaires money in politics, like a King’s, which they paid to have ‘legalized’ in 2010, had fully swung the 200 year pendulum back from Citizen Freedom, to Corporate Tyranny of the masses again.


In about 1960 our Government began to REALLY run away from its citizens. And we the people rebelled in the streets all across America. But since then, over decades of tidal waves of money pouring into our politics from global corporations, the pace of running away from its citizens, accelerated a few trillion times! It did because government no longer, wait for it, ‘legally’ represented them, us 300 Million who make this country run everyday. Federal Government, since the 2010 Supreme Court ruling making Corporations ‘Artificial Citizens’ made it so Government now reported to Corporations, (this was also the time of the $700 BILLION Walls St. Bailout defeated by the people, was passed against out will) because of their tidal waves of money in politics out weigh citizens real person votes.


Since President Nixon in the 70’s, Lewis Powell was his personal attorney, things went from bad to worse for the American citizen. Then his protégée, Ronald Reagan, who inherited $1 Trillion in national debt, went off to the races increasing it a mind boggling, at the time, 100% in his imperial Presidency (forgets the citizen) and almost every President thereafter has faithfully served their corporate masters: Wall St., Corporate America, and the Defense Complex of ‘Industries’. Since Reagan, both failed political parties increased national debt 2,600% to $26 TRILLION today in 2018. They did it with the insult of willful incompetence of not creating any new net income to offset all this spending/corporate giveaways. Like a Wall St. Tax for example. You see who wears the pants in this dysfunctional family we call Government. See all that political party debt/give aways for what it really is: AN ECONOMIC NUCLEAR BOMB that is about to explode over 5-20 years on 300 Million ordinary hard working citizens. More like a Neutron bomb: the buildings will be left, but the American dreams, and 20-30 Million more jobs will all be dead. America started WITHOUT political parties for a good reason. They are wealth class driven. The real American Dream was supposed to a country of all its people.


Today in 2018 both political parties no longer answer to, or represent, 300 Million ordinary non wealth class citizens. It is 1774 all over again. And I’m offering all 300 Million American citizens equally affected by this, who’ve all been left behind, a personal invitation to represent themselves: by adding their names at RTDNOW.COM. to our 2nd Declaration of Independence from today’s runaway government.


Today’s 2018 runaway government as explained above is far worse than the economic oppression of 1775! Today up to and over 50 cents of every dollar you earn goes to taxes. There were NO, personal income taxes in America for 130 years! NONE. When you tax everyone to death and STILL have $26 TRILLION in debt you know for certain you are living in and UNDER an oppressive wealth class regime that just elects itself in a closed two party system. 


RTDNOW, this whole rock opera and website are your Daily personal invitation to understand the real original American Dream and create an overnight online movement to restore it for EVERYONE.


All these turning points show the civilizational battle (new world distributed free citizen rule vs. old world wealth class centralized rule) has been fought over centuries. That’s the real story of the American Dream. These turning points show exactly how the wealth class willfully dismantled and continue to dismantle the real America dream of equality again and again. Undoing decades of gains of great movements of the people: the labor movement and the civil rights movement, for example. So they can more easily control everyone, economically, and with ‘tough on crime’ BS as ‘they define crimes on the spot’, and militarized police forces. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, the return of the master-slave relationship of subsistence wages, that have gone downward for 30 years by the way, are just modern plantations without fences. The whole economy gets dismantled as they take it off shore and runs bubble to bubble (we’re riding one now) by out of control debt funding fueled, by an uncontrolled runaway government. It is not only headed for total collapse at $40 TRILLION in debt, in 10-20 years, it’s headed for implosion.


It’s unfortunately far worse. 20-30 Million MORE jobs are about to be lost to technology. Please see the Album 3 Preview Song and hear the chilling Podcast: Ghost Towns. Because that’s what we will have, mostly gutted economic ghost Towns all across America, coast to coast, as the Internet wired world matures and sucks all good wages left overseas online in the next 10 years. And that’s 5 Times faster than losing all big factories over 50 years. The economic pain all Americans will feel will be intense and prolonged. That’s what the militarized police is for. Sorry for the tough love, but somebody had to tell you. That’s what we are ALL facing together, if we all don’t act together now. So Please accept my personal invitation to fix America, BEFORE it really collapses again, on us all. Please accept my personal invitation be a real American again: and participate. So we can all chart our brightest future, individually and collectively, as we did in 1776. 


The Redeem The Dream Now petition I’m inviting every single American to sign, also endorses the RTDNOW PLAN (read it under movement, it’s short and simple),which doubles the net income of 90% of all Americans OVERNIGHT as passed by 100 Million to 300 Million citizens. It also ends our crushing titanic runaway government oppressing us all, and builds the new American Dream engine over 10 years, so we ALL prosper for the next 250 years. Until the next Adrian has to dust this off to remind everyone four generations forward that money in politics ALWAYS bankrupts us all! Every single time, it’s timeless. Money empires do what? Take all the money. Pretty basic and we’re all living it in 2018.


So little old everyday citizen Adrian, born in New York City, went to P.S. (public school) 151 in Queens, who went to junior college in L.A., before attending university, and has spent a 40 year career helping Americans live their American dreams by developing their business plans and funding them. This is just me Adrian, (Music was my hobby) I’m inviting you to renew America and transform it OVERNIGHT into a citizen First country, as it was intended in 1776. And I want your help online to invite EVERYONE EVERY DAY AFTER YOU HEAR THE FREE REDEMPTION SONG I WROTE FOR EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN.


It’s time for all of us to redeem ourselves as we all effortlessly redeem the American Dream online:







P.S. you only get an invite like this about every 200 years when all the monies gone. Don’t be late. Like all transformational moments it’s free and should happen fast if you get busy telling everyone RTDNOW.COM. It just takes you! Please participate: RSVP at RTDNOW.COM by adding your name now!











RTDNOW.COM is your personal invitation, sent individually to 300 million American citizens online daily. And as you help tell each one about the Rock Opera to Save America, REDEEM THE DREAM, we all will get the invitation, and we will all restore everyone’s American dream quickly.


This is your personal invitation to participate in the future of America. So you can create the country of our dreams, and not be saddled with the broken corrupt one the last generation is trying to feebly hand you. The technology is now here to include every single American for free. Everyone in the world is holding Smart Phones. Combined with this Rock Opera and integrated Movement, now it’s possible to all get back, redeem, the American dream. And do it fast, OVERNIGHT.


That’s why I wrote this song: all it takes is you. Times 300 million. So get busy daily as you hear the next redemption song free online, tell everyone RTDNOW.COM.

Adrian at the bandstand in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. The bandstand was a natural amphitheater where the people of the city gathered. It's time to do this all over America again with a purpose: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

Your Personal Invitation


The biggest problem in America, for at least the last 50 years, lack of citizen participation. There’s been no way for everyone to easily participate in government and have their voices heard. To control our government. And we all got Runaway Government which bankrupted America and every citizen.


No easy way, no free way. AND NOBODY, NO ELECTED OFFICIAL DID ANYTHING TO FIX THAT PROBLEM. What did they do? THEY MADE IT WORSE! Worse means our representative Democracy, where we the real people elect our leaders to represent us, was ended. Our officials let money in politics get throughout the whole system until the laws were changed to make corporations people with free speech rights. It’s now legal to buy politicians. So now only the mega corporations ‘donating’ thousands and millions to elect or re-elect our representatives voices and agenda are heard. You and I, our voices, the citizens economic agenda has been ignored for the last 50 years. That’s why we the real people pay taxes when many corporations pay none.



SO I DID. The criminal mismanagement ($25 Trillion in debt with nothing to show for it is criminal on many scales) mess we call government. I created a way to involve 300 million ordinary citizens for free, effortlessly, and DAILY, so their voices will be heard. I wrote, performed and funded, the Rock Opera to Save America and the starting of the Redeem The Dream Now Movement. But now it takes 300 million voices that want to be heard, to overcome billions in corporate donations. The billionaires and mega corporations who did this are laughing at me. At you, at 300 million Americans. They think they’re smarter, and we are all stupid and therefore we all get what we deserve. That’s bullshit and we all know it. So act that way. Help me tell them all off 300 million as 1: add your name at RTDNOW.COM. That is my simple solution, and it will work. So please participate!




You see, America, through massive unseen corporate donations was re-made for the few to participate: the elite wealth class, and mega corporations. And the rest of us all to support that. That’s how our manufacturing base, our American Dream factory, was quietly shipped overseas over the last 50 years. That’s why your wages have stagnated for 30 years while the cost of living tripled. 300 million Americans are 2/3 POORER than they were 30 years ago. THAT’S NOT GOVERNMENT! That’s a crime. And when nobody in office fixed it. It means they are all in on it. And that’s why you are being invited along with 300 million citizens to fix this problem overnight and restore everyone’s American Dream.


Money in politics happened because 300 million people didn’t participate, didn’t scream.


Now it’s gone on for decades and gets worse daily. All sorts of money, legal and illegal, billions, keeps pouring into paying off politicians with donations and lobbying jobs, and favors. The more ‘bribes’ they get, the more they keep it that way. That’s why they do EVERYTHING they can think of to keep you from voting and participating. Including the latest for the sitting President of 2017 who requested the private information of voters from the states! 47 States have so far refused! That’s how a minority of 1 million wealth class elites supported by about 29 million junior wealth class elites, about 30 million rogue citizens, have high-jacked America from 300 million ordinary hard working citizens with money in politics, who ‘trusted’ their representatives. As we ALL know, that trust in government is currently completely gone.




What I’ve just described most Americans know in their gut but can’t, won’t, or don’t articulate it, spell it out, because being sold out by your own government is too painful to deal with. To painful like family emotional abuse, because there’s been no way to fix this ‘family’ stealing from the citizens, or else, problem for 50 years. Abusing the trust of the American people and then repeating their sins goes on and on with no end in sight. That’s how our national debt grew OVERNIGHT from a mere $10 Trillion to $25 TRILLION!


But now, we have to deal with it because American home economics, your ability to pay for your life is collapsing. And now we have the technology in our hands to deal with it. Now we can fix it. I’m spelling it out in simple terms so we can all, 300 million American spirits, get on the same page and fix it fast. To get us all, on the same webpage, RTDNOW.COM. Because 100 to 300 million people who have decided to participate to get money out of politics and implement a simple plan to restore EVERYONE’S American dream OVERNIGHT, RTDNOW, can’t be stopped. As soon as you realize that, you’ll feel empowered. And you’ll go buy a REDEED THE DREAM T-shirt and start telling everyone RTDNOW.COM daily.




This is a once in your lifetime, once in a generation, once in a century moment, and this is your personal invitation. The last time Americans were asked to put their name to a document, was to create the American dream, 250 years ago. I’m asking everyone to add their name at RTDNOW.COM to bring it back to life!


Then, in 1776, it was only 56 mostly wealthy American spirits: most Americans couldn’t read then and there was no technology to communicate broadly quickly. Today, we all have Smart Phones and I’m asking 300 million ordinary hard working citizens to use them to add their names to our 2nd declaration to restore EVERYONE’S American dream OVERNIGHT!




You are being invited to participate in the rebirth of the American dream: because it’s your American dream we are talking about. And your kids, and their kids. You see, the key to getting your American dream, always was, and still is, just demanding it firmly, as a group. We are all stuck, 300 million as 1, in the melting down era of Corporate money in, and domination of, our politics. Which has bankrupted America and 300 million ordinary citizens.


To rebirth the American dream it will take all of us, 300 Million You’s, to overcome billions of entrenched elite wealth class money, always denying 300 million citizens our birthright. Our American Dreams of social and economic freedom and local self-rule. In the new era of 100% citizen activism starting at RTDNOW.COM we all about to do only what is purely American: all participating, adding our names to a petition, that will restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT.




This is your personal initiation to tell everyone to add their names to redeem, restore, their American dream. It’s your personal invitation to visit RTDNOW.COM daily, to hear your story of the birth, loss, and redemption of the American dream free daily over 100 songs. And soon, you’ll be able to tell your kids and grandkids, I took a simple action to save America for 300 million hard working citizens who make this country run every day and the generations to come.


It’s a 300 million American spirit party you won’t want to miss. Music, dancing, fun, and your American dream gets restored. Now that’s a GREAT Party!


RSVP by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM

Your Personal Invitation
  • What am I being invited to?

(HINT: Participate for free to restore everyone’s American dream Overnight along with 300 million ordinary American citizens.


  • How can that happen?

(HINT: Everyone tells everyone to go to RTDNOW.COM to add his or her name. As 100 million do, the RTDNOW plan is implemented.)


  • Why is Adrian inviting me?

(HINT: Our citizens economics, your American dream, half your paycheck, have been stolen by changing laws by pushing billions of dollars through our political system. The only way to fix this is with 100 million to 300 million citizens demanding implementation of a citizen focused plan to make the government respond to the citizen again, not the corporation. See the RTDNOW Plan.)


  • What happens if I don’t participate?

(HINT: See volume two song Ghost Towns. The American economy is imploding and will totally crash and melt down at $40 Trillion in debt in 10 short years. We all have to act now to have any jobs left and save America for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. The mega corporations who bankrupted us already left. They’re overseas with most of their cash. We 300 million ordinary hard working citizens are on our own. If you don’t participate, there won’t be an America soon at all.)

Your Personal Invitation

Words and Music by ADRIAN


My name, is Adrian, and this is your personal invitation

To save America right now, get ready, here we go


Ohh, say, can you see, by the dawns early light

What so proudly we hailed, at the twilights last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight

Ohh the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming


“Everybody has a dream, an American dream, mine, is to

Write a rock opera, to rally 300 million Americans, to redeem

Their American dreams, by restoring our Democracy, so we can

Transform our economy, to make America EVERYTHING it was

Supposed to be, for EVERYBODY”


And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air

Came through, through the night, and our flag was still there

Ohh say does that star spangled banner yet wave

For the land of the free, and the home, of the, brave


“Welcome my friends to the show that really never ends

Redeem The Dream Now, Adrian’s American Spirit Revival Tour

And it’s come to your town tonight! This is your personal invitation

To save America and restore the American Dream

The opera is Shakespearean, it’s Orwellian, it’s Machiavellian

It amazes, stupefies and confounds! And you’re living it everyday

In the good old US of A. Yes my friends, it’s the second

Greatest story every told! It’s the 2nd Declaration of Independence!

And its your 1st chance to define, what America will be!

And now you’re part of it, effortlessly, like magic

Get ready my friends for the Ggggreatest show on earth!

I give you, our D.J., our raconteur!!!


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