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Tim Ellis my producer liked to jump into a song musically. That is very cool but this was a storytelling song so I introduced it, like an ‘Opera’. LaterMichele Van Kleef my songstress background singer, who really sings opera, said“Oh, it’s an ASIDE” where the actor/performer speaks directly to the audience. I said “Ex-actly!”. So while not a trained opera professional writing a big opera, I’d seen enough to arrive at it naturally. It’s… storytelling. In TV, its called The Fourth Wall when actors exchange directly with the audience. This whole opera is Fourth Wall. So then I had Tim pull out his Mandolin, he could play any string instrument, and match the melody notes of my introduction.




Every song needs to elevate. Move higher some way to move you. This song elevates in the background singing in the choruses. If you don’t know who James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt are---look them up. Fabulous musicians who also did background vocals on each other records. That’s what these background vocals remind me of. They elevate with great harmonies and voices.




A funny thing happened on the way to ‘trying’ to sing in the studio. I hadn’t been on stage since age 6 and wasn’t a trained vocalist. It turns out it gets better when you, don’t try. While you do need to hit your notes, trying only makes it sound fake. This song is where I kind of just settled into vocalizing just told the story: straight ahead vocalization.




Listen to the beautiful Piano Troy Welstad puts in. It’s so comforting. It carries the song. It’s really something that these songs came out so good musically when we pushed through one per hour in studio. That’s how good the musicians are.




Petty Theft and Grand Larceny is a phrase my Dad used to chuckle out now and then; because it left a mark on his brain. So I asked him about it. When he was a young man, early 20’s, he would sell flowers on the street corner. His family was in the flower industry back in LA in 1938. The police would round them up and take them to the station for not having a license saying “Petty Theft! And Grand Larceny! See the Judge!” They’d make them pay a fine, the money they’d earned, and let them go. Fast forward to the tragic case of police strangling to death Eric Garner for illegally selling cigarettes on the street. When I say America has become a mean place to live, it is down right cruel to some. They used to just tax the poor by fining them. Now it is much worse. I’ll comment on our surveillance incarceration state we all now live in, later. But that’s where the title for this song came from. Read the About section to see who really does all the real theft in America.


Making of the Song "Petty Theft and Grand Larceny"




More mysteries. Who can it be? Who wrote philosophies in a best-selling book that were adopted by all major CEO’s of America and our Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan that changed the course of America from a balance between Corporate and citizens needs to shift it all to benefit the Corporation? I’ll give you a hint. Her famous book is about a fallen Titan God from Greek mythology, Atlas. Atlas lost a war to the Olympians, led by Zeus. As punishment for losing, Zeus made Atlas carry the weight of the world on his back for eternity. But Atlas in this book, (really a false God like most), shrugs and drops the burden of the world, of society. In her book, Atlas’s are the corporate CEO’s in America, the world is all the citizens. So Atlas shrugs off all his civic responsibility and is…free? The revolutionary book was "Atlas

Shrugged". The author who changed America for the worse is Ayn Rand. It came out in 1957 a year before I was born. My lifetime chronicles America’s shift from a finely balanced land of we the people---to a corporate state of Me (The Corporate citizen) The People.



I don’t think so. Because Atlas’s are only 1% of the population. That means 300 million ordinary citizens get squashed by their failure to pay taxes and calling it ‘smart’. They drop the world on us and it's now…OK to kill us all economically? This is where that attitude originated in our lifetime. In her compelling book, the smarter better looking harder working entrepreneur outsmarts the system and all the stupid people and therefore is ‘entitled’ to all the money in the world. And everyone else ‘deserves’ what they get, or don’t get. And the world is evil for conspiring to hold them all back and take their money. It's that warped theory of “ME”. It goes something like this. If all the ‘creators’ in modern political speak you heard it from Republicans, as ‘Job Makers’ etc. in their ‘talking points’, would build the world of our dreams if unshackled by the government and the lazy little guy that wants their money. If that’s Atlas, we should put them all six feet under. Society is a balance, and they don’t want to be part of it. America balanced and turned on that societal axis. Sometimes one way, then the other. But Ayn Rand’s book spawned a self-righteous money culture that thinks it's their duty to take everything. And they did. In a calculated plan they chipped away at media, until they owned it all to change public opinion and hide their theft of our treasury. They bought presidents until they had enough Supreme Court appointees who probably have Atlas Shrugged under their black gowns, voted in ‘Corporate’ Citizens Untied that corporations had the rights of people and corporate money in politics was legal. That was the BIG SHRUG. It was the corporate coup d’etat: corporations overthrow of our government.

Embroiled in scandal, Wells Fargo is just ONE example of the hundreds of corrupt corporations that continue to rob the American people. Charging customers for insurance they don't need, creating fraudulent credit card and bank accounts on behalf of unknowing customers and secretly adjusting loan terms is larceny on a grand scale. It seems that Wells Fargo is being taken to task for some of these gross injustices, but the more insidious companies execute their heists legally.



Our Atlas’s forget their businesses and customers drive on our roads. Their companies take money through public airwaves and banking system. They only exist because we the people provided the infrastructure for their ‘creations’ to be possible. Our stable society and financial markets enable them to prosper. They give no credit to millions of Americans who came before them and died to create a home of the brave that they think they have license to plunder and not replenish. Once they have millions and billions all they do is threaten us all. “We’ll leave”. We’ll have to raise prices”. “We will file a lawsuit”. They know you don’t have money to fight them so they

cower you with their bravado. They are the ugliest people on the planet. And their judgment day is approaching.




Read Dark Money, then find every book on money in politics you can find and read it. I had to keep putting it down so I didn’t retch. Read the chapter about the female billionaire who keeps avoiding all taxation and finally gets sued by two governments. Then ends up in the oval office paying off officials of the Ford Administration, who replace the corrupt Nixon Administration. But that’s just a few hundred million. Ford served from 1974-1977. Atlas Shrugged came out in 1957. So about 20 years after her book, these self-righteous money whore people were at the throats of all our officials trying to pay them off ‘with pride!’ It wasn’t good enough anymore to just have private clubs and be ‘rich’. The billionaires used to hide as you may recall.




The details are chilling and that’s why we have not been able to face it as a nation. Little by little until we were $20 trillion in debt, bankrupt, with no manufacturing base, we’re all slowly drowning in the corruption of big business colluding with government officials. It’s ugly financial incest. So where did the big money go out of the treasury?

Well, one place was the Federal Reserve. Alan Greenspan a disciple of Ayn Rand (dinner parties, etc) believed in her philosophies, which included little to no regulation. That markets would regulate themselves. Like teenagers not having sex. Right. It was total BS and because we all couldn’t see the theft, which came when the financial markets mortgage collapse. I mean the corrupt mortgage collapse ‘before’ last. Anybody seeing the pattern here but me?




Fast forward to Bill Clinton. But before we do, how does a public official, without a company, without making anything, get to be worth $150 million? You tell me. He’s not a painter. I’m waiting. No good answer? It must be a bad answer. Now I voted for the guy. But that’s before I awoke. To get re-elected he sold his soul to Wall St. and deregulated the financial industry, which caused the great-recession about 8 years after he left office, which added about $7 trillion to our national debt and almost caused a total collapse of the world banking system. Now I haven’t even started talking about all the million of jobs lost, homes lost, ordinary citizens savings lost as wages go down, taxes go up to pay for all this. And as mentioned early, if both of those avenues don’t work for them to get the money they want, which is all of it, they just borrow and leave you with the bill long after they leave office.




That’s why I’ve gone to all this effort. Before it’s over I may start writing books detailing how all the corruption happened so it’s crystal clear. But let the above give you a running start on understanding where all our money got stolen, how, and who did it. I have just one question today: want to start winning? The American citizen is on a 40-year losing streak. Let’s win. It’s easy. Hocus Pocus! 300 million as 1, Redeem The Dream Now! Add your name at RTDNOW.COM And Poof! I pass legislation giving the death penalty to stealing from the government by government officials. The endless government corruption problem killing us all, solved, OVER- NIGHT! As my song says, for stealing “The penalty used to be death”. We’re all slowly drowning in their petty theft and grand larceny. Consider it.

  • Why did Ayn Rand become the patron Saint of Corporate CEO’s?

  • Who do we see regularly on reality TV that practiced payoffs to avoid paying taxes     and left the citizen holding the bill? (Hint: See Corporate leaders)

  • How do we fix this endless government corruption problem overnight?


Words and Music by ADRIAN

The Corporama bought our Democracy

Now, it's just their Plutocracy

Of Petty Theft and Grand Larceny

Suddenly it was OK, to take anything you wanted

Didn’t matter if it was mine, in any other time it was a crime

What’s your street Cred? Drugs? Stealing?

Or murder my friend?

Have you been a cruel misfit?

It’s now cool to be a total idiot!

OH, Petty Theft and Grand Larceny

It’s so easy, it’s the thing to be

The penalty used to be death

Now it's appearing on reality TV sets

In the homes of the brave

And the land of the free

We’re all slowly drowning

In Petty Theft, and Grand Larceny

One thing leads to many others

Before you know it's just more

The old values that we fought for

Are what made America invincible

A society that’s not fair and civil

Is destined for the pain of the anvil

A hammer coming down on the hand

Not exactly what Ayn Rand planned!

Rule number 1! Everyone has to be nice

Rule number 2! Is to follow that advice

Because they don’t send ‘5-0’

Or Miami Vice much anymore

(The biggest thieves bought get out

of jail free cards so the justice department

didn’t send anybody!)

It’s better to give than receive

A truism being forsaken

Everyone’s taking just a little more

Until we’re broke and getting rotten to the core

Bass-ackward values quietly crept

Into the shiny halls of government

A cultural slackness slowly sucks

All the life right out of us!

Teach your children right

Or we’ll lose the fight

We’ll all be trapped in the Devils hellhole

Instead atop the winners' circle

We’re all slowly drowning

In Petty Theft and Grand Larceny


After the American Revolution the money in America was somewhat worthless. More worthless were the bonds and promissory notes issued by the Army and Government: IOU's. 


Because they were largely worthless pieces of paper, most sold them for pennies to speculators. For example, 16 speculators owned half of Rhode Island's bonds. Further, state's debts that financed the war were worthless with no way to repay them. In modern language these were all 'cram downs' the face value crammed downward to market value of 15 cents on the dollar as sold to speculators. Or complete write offs, worth zero, used for toilet paper.


So what did Hamilton do and bamboozle the congress into? He paid the full amount due, the original face value, but had the interest rate reduced from 6 to 4 percent. This is like owing $15 and saying "I think I'll give you $100." Nobody does this. This was the start of runaway government by inept corrupt politicians payoffs and when bankers got married to bring us strings of fraudulent elections.


So why did Hamilton, when America had the opportunity to pay 15-25 cents on the dollar and the debt holders would have been overjoyed to get this, donit? Why did he reward foreign banks and speculators who made a whopping 650% return overnight: $15 what they paid for the bond as a speculator was now instantly worth its face value of $100. Hamilton was an attorney who catered to merchant clients before he went into politics. It was a payoff in the biggest way, as presidential politicians still do today in every election (hidden money in politics/corruption) as banks are the largest contributors to candidates and political parties. And like in the last Great Recession with obvious criminal fraud...NOBODY went to jail. Obvious and incredible but we all just watch and get ripped off. The banking system has been married to the political system since Hamilton started it in 1787. 300 million as 1 to save our future we are all going to UN-marry them. 


So let's see who made and lost all the money through this corrupt system. The original investors of the bonds, the middle class merchants of America lost 85% on their investment.  They put in $100 and the speculator (who knew Halmilton or of him) "bought it for only $15".  The inside game we the people never see.


Hamilton instructs and then lobby's the federal government with endless energy to pay face value on all these bonds/IOU's. The investor class wins big time and then keeps using that money to support candidates like Hamilton who 'pay' them off, (choke, cough) 'legally' in a "speculation" cycle every 10 years.


Now let's compare what stupid old American Dream-Robbing Alexander Hamilton did with what I did, given the same situation. Me, Adrian, in my day job in same position (Chief Financial Officer, that's what Secretary of Treasury is) taking the reins of a small completely bankrupt bank, at about the same age he was in his early 30's. But I did the opposite.  


I Adrian, was brought in in 1994 to be the interim CFO of the second most unprofitable bank in the nation in 1992: it was failing and about to be shut. All the loans worth 15 cents on the dollar if anything as there were NO loan files: they'd all been shredded by the fraudulent bankers who were long gone.


But instead of selling out the middle class merchants whose business and livelihood was tied to the collateral and personal guarantees the bank held, I took dramatic and unprecedented action. I told the borrowed the truth about fraud at the bank. And instead of selling their loans to "speculators" and "investors" at 15% on the dollar who would then resell back to the borrower (if they were lucky) at 40-60% on the dollar, I just agreed to write off about 20% of the loan. Now understand, the bank and the federal and state regulators couldn't wait to write off 85%-100% and close the bank. My first day on the job the Federal regulators started chewing me out, the new guy day 1.  After 60 seconds I stood up and I told them to leave and return in two weeks. I told them "If I can't fix it by then, shut it down". I fixed it. Two weeks. Not that difficult. MMMagic!


Like Hamilton I did also reduce customers interest rate by 33%. Voila! Like magic, a failed bank became a healthy thriving bank OVERNIGHT!  All the loans were restructured over the next few months and OVERNIGHT the bank was saved and was later sold. To an attorney, like Hamilton. The investor wealth class always on the prowl like hyenas. Note the reference in the intro of my song Leave The City of the Damned. Now you have a better idea of what I'm singing about.


But let's really look what I did and how blindingly fast I did it. The bank who was insured by the federal government, us, we the people, only lost 20%, not 85%. The 20% was later repaid as new capital was raised once the bank was healthy and purchased. The merchants who had the loans who employs people like you and me and pays taxes got to stay in business and keep employing people, who all pay taxes. 


KEY POINT: I left out the money class out of it and it went blindingly fast and saved all the money. I didn't payoff anybody (speculators) and didn't leave the government (us as it becomes national debt, another Hamilton trick of the Constitution) holding the bag on a massive write off only the speculators would benefit from.


So good old Alexander Hamilton didn't do anything revolutionary but leave the government with the big bill, left all of us 300 million ordinary hard working citizens holding the bag, and empowered the American wealth class of a course of controlling politics by being ready accomplices to stealing from the middle class. By the way, when they say "The government is the lender of last resort" in a crisis, they are talking about YOU the citizen. We lend OUR FUTURES as they just pile it on the national debt: $25 TRILLION and counting. Now when you add in a Defense budget 100 times what it needs to be, you know where most of the $25 trillion went.


So if I was President, or Treasury Secretary, during the last financial crisis where we pumped trillions into the last banking crisis to bail them out, I would have solved the whole thing overnight for just pennies. The politicians are totally inept and corrupt and are following Hamiltons playbook every Recession. It's like a bloodletting every 10 years. I hope you know millionaires and billionaires know this cycle well and take in rents during good times and wait for the blood in the streets to buy for pennies on the dollar in fake recessions. Take the Recession before last. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates straight up for two years from 4% to 8.25%. And just like the warm up to the 1932 Great Depression, the economy collapsed. History is cyclical...and everyone at the Fed knew it. It was a middle class bloodletting. Chilling isn't it?


So let's get to real eyewitness examples of this corruption and bloodletting. I saw this corruption play out first hand as a lender over several financial crisis (the Savings and Loan scandals, the Too Big To Fail Bank Collapse, Housing Collapse, etc) and several recessions. Middle class merchants (not billionaires) would come to me saying "I paid my loan as agreed. The bank failed and the loans were sold off to "investors" who are now foreclosing on my loan!  I need a loan quick!"  So let's examine the petty theft and grand larceny going on. The good bank customer who was paying his loan, employing us, gets sold out. The speculator "buys" (steals) with the help of Federal Government Regulators a $1,000,000 loan (Our checking account money lent out backed by a government guarantee) for a price of $150,000-$200,000 paid by the "investor-speculator". 


Now the speculator doing nothing demands full payment on the loan even though it was paid as agreed and has real estate collateral. The investor is foreclosing because he can take the business and building which is worth $800,000-$1,000,000 and get/steal, an overnight 400-500% profit. Alexander Hamilton lives on! Same deal as in 1787 handing profit to the wealth class speculators.  


If the "investor" has a bit of a conscience he "sells" the loan back to the borrower for $600,000 and only makes a 200% overnight profit. Now the investor tripled his money (these are a taste of the unseen political payoffs- real dark money in politics, it's where they get the money to payoff politicians) the borrower if he was able to buy back his loan, after being scared to death for a year, now got a reduction of 40%.


So in maybe 1/2 such cases, the bank we the people insure loses big time, we pay out and it goes into our national debt of say $800,000. The borrower if he was lucky to get refinancing, from another bank we the people insure, got $400,000 free money, a 40% write off. Half such borrowers lost their property and business lost their 20% down payment on the loan of $200,000 and we the people lost $800,000. Now understand...losing a business CREATES UNEMPLOYMENT! Inept politicians because they don't know how to solve a banking "crisis" are the biggest creators of unemployment. When widespread, across a city, or a COUNTRY, does what? Drives wages down, makes your job harder as there are 10 people begging for your job. I hope everyone is absorbing this tyrannical system we are all stuck in and if you add your name and tell everyone to do it with you, we can get out of this mess. That's one of the opera songs "Get Out of this Mess". The only real winner in this corrupt system is the multi million dollar and billionaire investor. 300 million of us lose every single time.


Now understand, this went on ALL ACROSS AMERICA in the last Great Recession. We the people get stuck with the bill. It added $10 trillion or some ungodly number to our national debt. That's why there's no money for schools, free college, healthcare, job training. ITS ALL BEING STOLEN.


Now put it all together. This has been repeating in one form or another SINCE 1787 WHEN ALEXANDER HAMILTON started it and highjacked a government of the people into a centralized government who caters only to the wealth class. As another of my other songs laments: NOTHIN'S CHANGIN'.


This is our 300 Million As 1 awakening to how we've all been ripped off decade after decade as the wealth class keep filling their pockets and leaving we the people the bill. Jigs up, they've stolen so much America's economy keeps collapsing: those are called "bubbles" and "recessions". That's why I'm asking every single American to end this runaway government by subscribing to the RTDNOW movement for $1/month and by adding their names 300 million as 1 at RTDNOW.COM signing our 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song

“Petty Theft & Grand Larceny"


Or: How Alexander Hamilton Started Robbing the Middle Class and Transferring Their Assets to the Monied 'Wealth' Class as He Shaped America to Perpetuate this with His Federalist Papers and Banking "System".

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