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We are, what we believe we are. Now transfer that to a whole people. What are our core American beliefs? What, if anything, do we as a people really believe in anymore? We’ve been adrift as a nation in a common belief system for 30-50 years: the years of our titanic downward spiral fueled by corruption driven by flooding money by corporations through all our politics. But RTDNOW changes all that OVERNIGHT!


As you participate in this Rock Opera/Movement by listening in and adding your name, 300 million as 1 “In The Popular Rebellion of Today” we will all change all the oppressive ideas and worn out tyrannical economic and political policies that have left the American people behind in favor of the billionaires Corporate run ‘State’, that is in free-fall decline for the last 20 years straight down, we all call America. And together as we all tell each other RTDNOW.COM on our cell phones daily, we will all instantly restore the American spirit of “Do-Better” all across American and trigger the RTDNOW Plan to restore 300 Million American dreams OVERNIGHT.


So my little ‘popular rebellion’ is not a real rebellion, it’s more of a Re-Evolution. 300 million go online and add their names at RTDNOW.COM and show their American spirit and belief that we can and will quickly have the country of our dreams. And it’s simpler than you think. It just takes your participation. You see, we’re not rebelling against a government like our founders did. We’re not moving mountains or even changing a belief system.


Since we’re adrift without our true American belief system we are all just mentally rediscovering it again. Song by song and Podcast by Podcast. And just like it happened, all of a sudden, overnight in 1776, as the 1st Declaration of Independence from Runaway Government was signed to establish it, as we all hear about RTDNOW over the Internet, it will happen that quickly for us in 2020. But what’s different this time? The speed yes, but also a complete built in RTDNOW AMERICAN DREAM SOLUTION, and the complete scope.


This time, this RTDNOW movement of the people includes EVERYONE! And is for the direct OVERNIGHT benefit of 300 million ordinary hard working citizens adding their names at RTDNOW.COM. This is because there is a 3-Step RTDNOW Plan you are enacting as you add your name that restores everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT. And the RTDNOW Plan makes it an ongoing interactive monthly movement of the people in a new CITIZEN FOCUSED America.


Now that’s a complete solution. And for adding your name and just $1.00 per month subscription to fund it per person, it’s a nice peaceful and if you get busy telling everyone RTDNOW.COM, fast, Popular Music Rebellion. All in one for $1.00 per person per month in America, its what I call THE GREAT DEAL. My big idea is we all stop whining and losing right now. And we all participate simply online. Just Add Your Name and Tell Everyone at RTDNOW.COM. That’s my type of popular rebellion of today. Simple, almost effortless, almost free, for everyone, and you get to sing and dance. I hope you’re enjoying it!


Making of the Song "Popular Rebellion"

The fabulous horn section, left to right:


Lars Campbell: horn arrangement and trombone 

Dick Tetterington: flugelhorn

Adrian: vocals/songwriter 

Tim Jensen: saxophone and flute



I miss Tim Ellis, my producer who passed away just after he produced the 100th song. Tim was a wonderful person who everyone liked. He was tough too. He held me and anyone he worked with accountable on the spot: in a nice but firm way. In the studio, he was the leader. I was a little shy (me shy?) when I brought this song in because it's what Tim would call a ‘lofty idea’ I was singing about. I said “I don’t want anyone to start breaking windows and get hurt.” Tim in his worldly view read the lyrics and said, “Adrian, idiots with no idea how to get what they want or work hard will always go break windows. Let’s make this song!”



Late in the mixing of Album 1, pushing through my 60 day feeling of exhaustion on this project before I see all the dismay in America and get reinvigorated, Dean Baskerville now doing post production and mixing and I listened through every song again. Dean hadn’t heard them since he tracked them in studio when we made them. Whereas I’d listened to them weekly for a year trying to imagine them ‘greater’. He said, “sounds pretty good, shall I mix it?” My reply, “you know, Lars Campbell and Tim Jensen on horns are SOOOO good, I think they’ll put this over the top. He looked at me for 10 seconds as we both reflected: that will extend completion date again. But he said “let’s try it. I’ll send the file to Lars and see what he thinks.” Lars did a great horn arrangement and brought in Dick Titterington on Flugelhorn/trumpet. Read their bios. They are all over the top talented. That made this really anthemic. Thanks guys!




2018: 100 million in poverty, 100 million just above it, 100 million scared about the future = 300 million American dreams need to be restored RIGHT NOW. Now for the good news: it’s 2018 and we all have cell phones and live in an instantaneous communication world. Big marches are great, but they don’t really work: that’s why we are where we are. Contributing money to back ‘your saviors’ is great, but that’s been going on for 50 years and we are all in free-fall economic decline: 3 recession in a row propped up by $16 TRILLION in new debt, with a 70% retail based economy that is about to lose half its job as that collapses: see my song Ghost Towns album 2. WAKE UP! Everyone right now. 3 recessions in a row only propped up by debt is our GREATEST DEPRESSION….EVER. And the only thing that got us out of our last Great Depression which was an endless freefall of our American dream engine that got dismantled by the same type of Mega Corporateers steering government policies in 1900, was going to war.


OK, we’ve been in a state of War for 15 years now: in case you didn’t notice because they don’t show it, just the bill in national debt. That kinds of cements the repeat of bad policy: go to war to hide the collapse of our economy and hopefully it will right itself. IT WON’T WORK THIS TIME: we live in a different world that 60 years ago. It is our task to re-start the American dream engine in every American, in every city, all across the country with RTDNOW Plan to save America and 300 million American dreams.


If we don’t enact RTDNOW by all adding our names, we will end up in a hotter war and it will get much hotter for another 15 years. My friends, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, takes this long. WW2 took five years. We are all being endlessly played and manipulated by the Corporate Elite Global Wealth Class in bed with all our ‘leaders’ through massive unseen amounts of money in politics. It’s time to end all that. Endless chipping away getting a little of the American dream back, then its all swept away in the next corporate/government, man-made economic bubble, means NEVER. NOBODY BUT YOU CAN GIVE YOU YOUR AMERICAN DREAM BACK. THAT IS WHY I’M IMPLORING EVERY AMERICAN TO PARTICIPTE WITH ME.


So wake up, the American Dream for 300 million citizen has been going a BACKWARD for 50 years and its decline is ACCELERATING! Hot real rebellions are messy and don’t get the job done. So let’s have a cold, cool, clean one called RTDNOW.COM in every person, on every street, and in every home in America RIGHT NOW. Let’s all have a new simple, easy, and fun one I invented for EVERYONE in America that includes free entertainment. 300 million as 1, Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM










But today pot is legal in more and more places in America so it can be taxed by a played out government that wants another revenue source and a way to keep the population passive and asleep. We haven’t had a rebellion since the Civil Rights movement and there’s a reason. See “America’s Police State’. See ‘Rebel leaders all assassinated’ even Bobby Kennedy. See “Growth in Substance Abuse” with inexpensive Heroin, Meth and whatever desperate sick people produce to create terror in their own countrymen and women. They have us all rebelling in the wrong self-destructive ways. And like Sheeple, what the Corporate Global Wealth Class Elite call us, we play right into it because..we are depressed. We are poor. We don’t have futures. We don’t an American dream anymore.


I get it, but put down the doobie, that’s what we called a pot cigarette 40 years ago, hence the band, The Doobie Brothers, great band. Or whatever the new generation calls it. Vaping, etc. Let’s have a history lesson about drugs you don’t get in school. You see, England ran drugs into China for profit and they finally rebelled. Our CIA ran drugs around the world for profit and population control. Now, we the people wanted pot legal. Great, now we all get high to forget we don’t have American dreams! I wanted pot decriminalized, not abundant. When it’s too easy to get you are wasting the minds and a decade or two of about 1/3 of today’s youth who want release. Then instead of spending money on learning a skill, they get tattoos. Many, spending up to… a few thousand dollars. Well I do like GOOD tattoos. When I find a great artists and one I want, I may get one or two. But my naturopath tells me there’s lead in the ink and at my age my body would react poorly to all the toxins. I fully endorse SELF EXPRESSION, obviously. But amount to more than a pictogram, take charge of your own futures. Getting high all the time is not the right type of rebellion that gets you a life. A real birght future. As I tell youth I know “I get it. Just MINIMIZE it and do it at home.” I invite you as you get your next tattoo or get high to rebel the new fun way (add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM) while you’re grooving to some to the cooler songs I made for you youth because I know how parties go. I was young once. But right now I’m busy trying to save your American dreams. And I’d like you to help.





Think about historical rebellions. Most are crushed. Others like the Russian replace one poor human rights system with another many times WORSE one. They are supposedly ground up but then once they end up being the same old thing. That’s why Pete Townsend laments in his song Won’t Get Fooled Again “meet the new boss, same as the old boss…I tip my had to the new revolution, …the new constitution, then I get on my knees and pray WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!! NO NO.” But while that correctly captures the sentiment of the ordinary hard working man and woman, it doesn’t solve the problem. He’s a musician, a great one. I’m a mediocre aspiring musician and social activist. And my popular rebellion is to use popular music to reach 300 million American to make them ALL activists at once, AND, put in place a system for us all to communicate and watch over ALL our politicians so we really won’t all BE FOOLED AGAIN AND AGAIN!


Let’s stick with Pete Townsend an inspiration of mine for rock operas and such. He’s about 13 years older than me. That means when I was 10 in 1968 riding my metallic blue Stingray bike with a banana seat, cards in the spokes, and Hells Angels handle bars, he was 23 starting his music career. Pete was growing up right after World War 2 in England. His generation had to clean up all the rubble across Europe. They had to use their hands to rebuild their world: America helped. In his working class lyrics he like Johnny Cash and many musicians identify in a real way with the ordinary persons struggle. His music captures that rage we let out on the weekends that ‘we won a bloody war but was outraged that after we are all still economically imprisoned 9-5!” Let me add, if we are lucky to have a job these days. That’s why The Who’s music is timeless. Because economic oppression like we are all under and corruption of government against its people is timeless and repeats ever 2-3 generations. But aren’t you just tired of wishing you had a real American dream?


I wish I had a well paying job. I wish I had real good education for low to no cost that double my wages and gave me a career or my own business. I wish I had full healthcare at a reasonable cost. I wish I was participating in the equity boom in real estate. I wish my rent wasn’t doubling. I wish I wasn’t wondering where my next paycheck will come from. I wish we weren’t $25 Trillion in debt so our government could do something. I wish we had real leaders with real brains to quickly fix it all. I wish I wasn’t worried about the future all the time, it’s a big buzz killer. Me too. And I wish, I wish, I wish I wasn’t writing all this! But I do because this ‘Wishful Thinking’ American dream is all about 150 million Americans really have every single day.


I am, and I think 300 million are, so I wrote this song (see the lyrics below) to tell everyone how we all get real American dreams back OVERNIGHT, and a new RTDNOW Citizens System to continue to connect us to our future monthly so we make sure that our future is what we want. Now that’s new!




CUBA: Most real rebellions are crushed fast or succeed fast. We see Cuba. They outed Big AMERICAN and Global Corporations raping their land and people economically: like what happened to 300 million American dreams over 50 years by corporate America. Cubans acted, but that again ended up as a military dictatorship with its oppressions. Well, our first military leader was sooo smooth he did the same thing without violence in 1787. Threw out the old original American dream and supplanted it with an English version of ‘Empire Central Government’. We just called our King, President.


CHINA: We all remember Tiananmen Square in China: crushed fast. We all remember the picture of one brave soul standing in front of a tank. Brave idea, great optics, wrong method, bad ending. Many Chinese workers today are chained to their factory floor assembly tables like 1840 Americans were before our labor movement and labor laws. Which is why Corporate America slipped it all out the back door as our politicians took payoffs to say nothing. But China is also tearing down new unfilled buildings to create jobs to stave off unrest. Shanghai smells like a sewer because somebody forgot to tell them to bend the pipe under the sinks and toilets to keep the smell down.


Oops. The air there is always unhealthful to the point they had to shut the city down a week before the Olympics to get all the particulate matter out of the air so athletes could breath. Oops, our corporate elite forgot to tell them they’d F-Up their whole environment for decades if they didn’t have Environmental regulations. Corporate America is ALWAYS SHIFTING THE COST of half of their product to someone ELSE! That’s what you get when you have NO leaders, Money in politics, and corrupt systems. When the Chinese economy crashes they can follow the new RTDNOW model. China today followed our Corporate model of government of the last 50 years. I met with the first Chinese delegations of businessmen and bankers coming over in 1988. Wow, talk about awkward. But they persisted as they do and we used to do. And here we are without a manufacturing base and them without an environment and labor laws. They are repeating our 1850’s industrial revolution and we are repeating England’s decline. Brilliant, just, brilliant. Don’t any of our leaders read history or think?


And like in the 1700’s we sold them, and they took, the wrong, a bankrupting economic model. Our economic model today? Corporate centrally planned communist economics. When you don’t have hundreds of millions of small businesses, that’s what we got. And everyone these days knows Communism doesn’t work. But that was China’s reaction to do ‘something’ to end English and American Imperialism and two Opium Wars they had to fight. Read a little Chinese history. THEY were the ORIGINAL CAPITALISTS!!! And Yes, England flooded China with Opium for profit. Then America oversaw it as a ‘Sphere of Influence’. What does that mean? I learned it in high school. Now I know it means we economically raped it six ways to Sunday.


RUSSIA: They do keep busy over there. The fall of the USSR and recently Chechnya. But let’s talk about their big rebellion: Communism. We remember the 1917 Bolshevik Russian Revolution, the executing of the royal (what is Royalty anyway? A fairytale?) family and assuming power pretty quick. We all know how that turned out. Programs by insane Russian leaders killing 20 million people. Putin looks like a poster child compared to their past leaders. The thing about Russia: which of their people will rebel next. They need democracy in baby steps over a generation so they can stop with the modern totalitarianism. See the whole problem in our government or others, they don’t think far out and introduce things over time. Except corporate America who progressively stole 300 million American dreams. So I mean introduce reforms helping the people progressively over time.


The American Revolution: It happened in an instant, the Declaration of Independence, and because it was against the largest empire in the world, lasted about 8 bloody years. We discuss that throughout the opera, that we’ve had 3 so I won’t dwell on it here. THREE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONS??? Yes, the one of 1776 that established the real American Dream. The one of 1787 that took that away giving us an oppressive English style Empire form of Government. And the Corporate Revolution of 1971 which progressively changed our laws to make corporations citizens with free speech rights which overthrew the agenda and policy of the United State of America through money in politics and a few other things, so we have no American dream, our major corporations are 2/3 overseas paying no taxes and have taken our jobs away to avoid labor laws and environmental regulations, and oh yeah, use our military to protect THEIR corporate economic interests around the world and give the US taxpayer the bill. That an paying off Wall St. which is the biggest contributor to political campaigns, got their industry deregulated which is a code word for THEFT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM, and we, you me and our kids, just spent about $7 Trillion to bail those bozos out. Yes, they were smooth as Gen. Washington, hardly any blood and you watched cable TV as they did it: they of course made money on you as they stole the whole American dream in a multi decade plan. Yes, it was our THIRD AMERICAN REVOLUTION. If everyone is awake enough now to participate with me, RTDNOW will be our FOURTH AMERICAN REVOLUTION. And what’s a revolution anyway? It’s a change of direction. I want American policy and government to be CITIZEN FOCUSED to RESTORE EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT AND MAINTAIN THAT. And I wrote us a simple plan to do it called RTDNOW. Redeem the Dream Now. Read it. All you have to do to get it is add your name and tell everyone RTNOW.COM. Maybe, if you get busy so this can work, I’ll be smoother than our old general.


POLAND: While we are on smooth…we have the Velvet revolution of Lech Walesa in Poland, not much violence. Read about that. Well done. He organized people and got Communism to back down. I just want to do that OVERNIGHT!





We think of rebellions and revolutions as once in a generation thing. But for an eye opener Google ‘List of revolutions and rebellions’ detailed by DECADE around the world and let you jaw drop. They are everywhere every decade. We in America are in such agony as a citizenry because we haven’t had any since the 1960’s. And we haven’t because the Corporate state we all now live in controls media and politicians through money in politics and put us all to sleep by not showing us mass murder happening, mass civil rights violations: IN AMERICA! And real leaders, they paid them off or made them disappear. They still haven’t found Jimmy Hoffa the labor leader. Now we have NO unions in America.


How about the RUMBLE IN SEATLLE when so called ‘anarchists’’ stormed the area around the G-8 Globalization meeting of major industrialized nations who conspired to destroy the American manufacturing base and a generation of American dreams. Why do you think they were rioting?


While you’re at it look up our historical and more recent homespun American rebellions our history books leave out. Shays Rebellion, The Whiskey Rebellion, The World War 1 Veterans’ March on Washington. The Civil Right Movement. What I call “The 1st Popular Music Rebellion” the 1960’s protests against the Vietnam War and for Civil Rights. Today: Black Lives Matter.


Really dig in and find and read the details of the Civil Rights Movement and the holocaust people of color endured and still to some level endure. Oppression and tyranny of our own people of color created that movement. Also ask how it ended. Who ended it? Who had to be murdered to end it. How many had to die to stop a movement for equal rights for people of color in America. Today Black Lives Matter is picking up the Civil Rights Movement but they’ve learned. You don’t have a handful of leaders, everyone becomes a leader. That’s why I’m calling on 300 million people to add their names: we all need to be LEADERS in our own movement to restore OUR OWN and EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM.


Yep, this is our history and our country. It’s our job to do a better job making better history right now. That’s also why this song was written, to bring that home. When 300 million are involved, it’s all of us. And we all want our American dreams back right now. I’m certain of that. So I’m staging our SECOND POPULAR MUSIC REBELLION. HE AMERICAN MUSIC ICONS, I WROTE SONGS FOR YOU. PLEASE COME AND HELP AND COLLABORATE WITH ME ON THE MUSIC! As they said in the music of the 1960’s “the whole worlds watching”. Just now its on their cell phones and its really everyone!






That’s why this song got written. To make it Crytal-Clear: there is now a simple, fast and effective way to rebel without the rebellion part. The new Smartphone age was supposed to be good for something right? Well it will be now. We need to have our next era of 100% citizen activism right now. And now that almost everyone has a smart phone, its easy and free. USE IT TO TELL 300 MILLION ORDINARY HARD WORKING AMERICAN CITIZENS TO GO ONLINE AND ADD THERE NAMES.





You see, you’re talking to the same guy who turned around a bankrupt bank overnight after I let go five people who’d given up and just were playing video games on their computers. Read the RTDNOW Plan to Save America for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens at RTDNOW.COM.


I made this whole RTDNOW effort to be almost free so EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, can easily participate. So EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, will matter again. So EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, will have a name and their voice will be heard in our government. IF YOU WANT YOUR AMERICAN DREAM BACK, YOU HAVE TO GET IT! ADD YOUR NAME, SUBCRIBE FOR $1.00 PER MONTH AND TELL EVERYONE RTDNOW.COM






I have made this as easy and free as I can. I have put a lot of thought into how to revolutionize our government and put it in the palm of 300 million citizens hands 24/7-365 days a year. So we can see right away when they start manipulating our system. So we can all comment quickly and vigorously. And so we’d also have a PEOPLE’S, I mean real peoples, not for profit, place where all voices are heard. And where REAL DEMOCRACY can live. We have almost none now. Since our elected officials and congress don’t do their jobs ($25 trillion in debt and loss of all our jobs is not doing their leadership jobs at all) we will oversee them in a REAL DEMOCRACY.


How about we all, 300 million get to see legislation, that affects ALL OUR LIVES, before its passed? How about WE ALL get to comment and REALLY have our questions and concerns addressed. They say “This can’t be done! Too many people!” “We’ll have chaos and paralysis!!” My friends, that’s what we are now if you’ve gotten that far in this ‘Rock Opera’, that’s what we’ve had for 50 years: chaos and paralysis in government. That’s what we are all LEAVING as we add our names at RTDNOW.COM


Let me explain. One of the good suggestions at the Continental Congress of 1787 that wasn’t adopted was to have 1 Congressman (or Woman) for every 100,000 people so ALL OUR VOICES could be heard. We seem to be able to have 1 policeman for every 100,000 citizens. But that’s because we live in a police state, not a democratic one. And that’s to control and silence the people, especially minorities.


So when it comes to having real democracy we can’t seem to do this. This is because Corporate money in all levels of our politics drowns out the citizen’s voice and is why we are not heard and the citizens agenda has been left behind for 50 years! So what if we did that? Had a representative for every 100,000 people? Or in my draft of the RTDNOW Constitutional Congress it calls for 1 per county of which there are 3,333 about in America today. Well isn’t that just nice. 333,000 million people in America. 3,333 counties, which means we’d have one representative for every 100,000 people about. Not perfect yet, but that’s why as you add your name you can comment on it and fine tune it. But it’s the right idea. And I got if from READING HISTORY. At the fabled Constitutional Convention of 1776 America had only 4 million people. At that time it was a little far reaching idea about 200 years early. But if we had it 50 years ago, 1 representative for every 100,000 people, we’d still have the American dream. But its not too late. Read ADRIAN’S EXECUTIVE ORDERS online under ADRIAN 2020. That’s why I want to build a NEW AMERICAN CAPITAL, in Kansas. To house all these representatives and make it not a far off central government that forgets us all, but one we can all reach on the new bullet trains I’d build to it. Amen. Let it be so. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM.


But in the RTDNOW CITIZEN DRIVEN AMERICA we all, 300 million now have an equal voice when you all sign up for $1.00 per month so I can build the Online RTDNOW Citizen’s Continental Congress. It will have active issue facts and fallacies so we can all know what we are really talking about. It will focus on problems and solutions, not false realities shoved down our throats endlessly. And the brains of 300 million American spirits will come to bear to solve our issues. I will put forth the major obvious national issues with a new framework for us to all comment and recommend. Americans are smart and affective when just takes with problem and solution thinking. That won three world wars!


Now our representatives will have to report to us directly. No more lip service. No more letting Corporate think tanks write up and push stupid 3-Stikes Legislation to fill up prisons so they can donate to candidates they will then own to push a prison state.




We can do what I’m proposing in the simple RTDNOW Plan to restore EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM OVERNIGHT if we get 100 million to 300 million people adding their names, and listening to a free daily song at RTDNOW.COM. It’s really that simple. It’s how our nation started: we signed a petition just like RTDNOW.COM.


All the money collected goes to the RTDNOW.COM effort and plan implementation. I’ve already made and paid for the music and podcasts and the first website out of my own retirement funds. So my monetary contribution of about $150,000 is in and blood sweat and tear time at say $50 per hour totals about $850,000. So at this point I’m all for $1 million of my money and opportunity cost to make your life and your childrens lives MUCH BETTER and I want to do it overnight.


So I don’t want $27 dollars. Bernie’s now asking me for $100 in every email. I don’t want endless donations. Just $1.00 a month from everyone so we are all in this together at the same cost. Equality at last. And we all get the same benefits. See how easy this is. And once this gets really rolling I will have an accounting firm account for it all. As noted on the website, I will make my money to live on from T-shirt sales. I did design the logo and the whole shebang, so I earned that. But your $1.00 monthly of participation is sacred. It’s a dollar of trust. Trust in me. Trust in each other. And the KNOWNING that as we all do we can’t be stopped.


Further, this exemplifies my whole philosophy that everything, including government costs 2-10 times even 1,000 times more that it should. If I can do this all, including ending hunger and homelessness in America for $1.00 per person, why do we spend Billions on elections. If people have a platform, and have something they want to really do, let them run for office and they will get a posting on the to be build non-profit non-partisan, bias-free, 300 million person ONLINE RTDNOW CITIZENS CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. So if I/WE can reduce the cost of elections by 1,000 times, are you really doubting now that I can reduce your cost of living by 50% overnight by altering economic policy?







ADRIAN pulling the heart out of runaway government with the new 300 million as 1 idea Redeem The Dream Now!

EXAMPLE OF A HOT POPULAR REBELLION IN AMERICA that they take out of the history books. Read above and see what persistent low wages led to. Then extrapolate that across America for the last 30 YEARS. This is why I made RTDNOW a cool Popular 'music' Rebellion for EVERYONE. Hot rebellions usually result in the opposite of what we all want. So add your name and  TELL EVERYONE RTDNOW.COM



See the whacky Labor Day 2017 (everybody kind of forgot to celebrate labor laws today because we've lost so many jobs for so long and labor unions are gone) TV news headline below as North Korea provokes us to take action: I think. If all the reporting is accurate. But let's stop right here. Why are reporters asking the President if he will declare war? Are all the news reporters idiots? I mean really. After Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt presented a declaration of war for CONGRESS to approve before he could proceed. This is why America is growing to despise the news media. They have a job to do and they're not doing it just fomenting hysteria and chaos and creating events! That's not their job!!! News media, save your souls while you can and do your jobs. Ask real questions. Present both sides of the issue. Present alternatives. Show detailed historical perspectives that cast insight onto today's issue. You all act like school kids yelling "he hit me" and the kid says "what? Who me?". New media has devolved to be part of the problem in America. They try to make public opinion. They are out of control.


But the Real BIG issue here? CONGRESS is supposed to debate such issues as WAR and a real responses. Not cower and go on recess. That's why I removed the people's heads from the picture shown here: they shouldn't matter: Congress should. But our system of government is SO broken, and this is a prime example. Presidents should not be committing us to war at a whim, like a Roman Emperor, as I've predicted, to mask our ongoing economic collapse (over 30+ years) and continue outrageous defense spending. Bush 1 would have solved this already like he did in Kuwait: with a coalition of many allies. 


But because our current leader has offended every foreign leader except Russia's, nobody's leaning in to help him or us. But this is what it's come to. Congress doesn't do it's job and our Presidents, like King Louis the 15th of France, can change all our lives all by himself. And the media supports that idiocy and crimes of not doing their jobs. The media foments a national state of fear in America to control us all. Gee let's see, shut up and save ourselves from total media incited false armageddon, or calm down and tell them to screw off and sign a petition with me to end all this madness.  We would all be fired long ago for not doing our jobs. There's a hint. What have the last four administrations done to bring this under a managed focus instead of hysteria daily on the TV? Not much.


This my people is where we are at. We do not have a functioning democracy in any way, shape, or form. This is short sighted incoherent government foreign and military policy. 


Now you know why I'm rallying 300 million people as 1, to stop runaway absentee, media driven government. To make all government officials represent the citizen first all the time, and not the mega corporations who benefit from a 70 year war economy we are in. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

Popular Rebellion
  • What’s a “Popular Rebellion of Today”? (Hint: 300 million go online and add their names at RTDNOW.COM)

  • What will that little thing accomplish?? (Hint: as 100 million to 300 million do it, it enacts the RTDNOW Plan that restores everyone’s American dream Overnight and restores everyone’s American spirit.)

  • What does it cost? (Hint: Free to add your name and hear the music and podcasts. $1.00 per month per person, so we are all treated equally for a change, to drive the RTDNOW free concerts and Movement promotion around America. See The Great Deal)

  • Why don’t we all just protest and march, or endlessly donate to political parties that don’t do anything but fail to restore your American dream for 50 years? (Hint: they don’t work. Obviously.)


Words and Music by ADRIAN


They say good things take a whole lotta time

But they don’t have to.


Ok I know why I feel this way, cause I'm gonna free my country

Just by dreaming all day, it's the American way


In the popular rebellion of today

300 million go online and add their names

In the popular rebellion of today



Wouldn't do it if I didn't care, wouldn't scream is all was ok

Wouldn't walk away if my country, is falling face-first off a cliff


Anytime you feel the pain, of runaway government gone insane

Just start your own popular rebellion, go online with all your friends

Add your names at RTDNOW.COM

that’s how we make our world right again



In the Popular Rebellion of Today        

Popular Rebellion: I got the t-shirt


In the Popular Rebellion of Today        

Popular Rebellion: I'm rolling in the mud


In the Popular Rebellion of Today        

Popular Rebellion: because I need to be heard


In the Popular Rebellion of Today        

Popular Rebellion: what did you expect


In the Popular Rebellion of Today        

Popular Rebellion: everybody's dancing with me now


United in song, it makes us strong

This is a popular music rebellion for everyone




It appears that the Articles of Confederation, our first governmental documents in 1777 did not work well because every change to improve and complete it needed unanimous consent of the states. It also appears from this attached reading that the wealthy land owners, the 'Gentlemen Class' were worried that the masses of farmers would take their land. It also appears, just like in 2018, NOBODY had a coherent monetary and economic policy that was causing so much chaos. So much so that much of the money was becoming worthless. While State's could issue their own money, and this could have worked, if there was modern exchange to set exchange values. Like European countries before the Euro common currency. Today the European Union is starting to break apart because like in the US, a common currency doesn't really reflect VALUE anymore. It reflect PROSPECTS. What's the difference? Value is like tying a currency value to real productivity and earning capacity. It is actually worth something. That's why you accept it as payment. Because it will be worth something, tomorrow. Prospects, are all we have in America today and we are on a road to total economic collapse because of it. Our money today is nothing but an IOU. It's not real 'money' and is held up, continues to work, on the promise, the expectation, that we will produce. But that is in question today without a Manufacturing base and the WHOLE WORLD who trades with us is pondering that. That's why today we all sit on the edge of an economic precipice and need dramatics economic reforms OVERNIGHT. That's why I wrote the RTDNOW Plan, read it! So when that 'promise' of 'productivity capacity' as a nation is broken, the whole national currency COLLAPSES. Your savings and paycheck become worthless. And all the people become gradually more hungry and finally rebel. In the attached pages is the story of such a first real American Rebellion: Shays Rebellion. Our first small civil war that broke out in Massachusetts. And it occurred as the taxation burden was shifted onto the farmers (the people were all farmers then) who were having trouble selling their produce due to incomplete and inept foreign trade policy. Sound familiar? Sound like the last 50 years? Today we find the American taxation burden shifted completely to the masses of ordinary citizens once more. In 1787 most citizens were farmers there was no industry, reals estate economy, or shopping malls everywhere. And like today the cost of attorneys to get real justice was high and beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Militia financed by merchants then (billionaire 'Law and Order' is what it is today) repelled Shays rebels as they tried to get fire arms to ramp up their rebellion and repeat American independence. Armed rebellions don't really work well and don't really fix the problem. The text attached reflects that this was a narrow escape for a young America from real civil war, putting down a rebellion in a country founded upon Popular Rebellion. This event, Shays Rebellion, and the phenomenal LACK of LEADERSHIP to fix the missing elements of the Articles of Confederation, set in play the seeds of what was to become the Federalist Party and set up the mindset among the 'Gentlemen Class' to have a convention. We seem unable as a nation to make reforms unless there is an armed rebellion. I want to change that in our culture. Shays Rebellion led to a private convention to gain authority to rule over the masses with powerful unquestionable legal and military authority. Me? If I was around in 1786, I would have updated the Articles of Confederation with sweeping economic reforms (like RTDNOW does today as 300 million ordinary citizens add there names) which would took away the need for economic 'rebellions'. I would not have sold out every State's rights and autonomy forever, OVERNIGHT, and the plight of ALL THE nations CITIZENS down a road of endless taxation growth to effectively rebuild the English Empire. The OPPOSITE of what America was established to do! So if we want to avoid real modern Shays rebellions all across America by well armed groups and citizen militias, (See: Charlottesville Riot 2017 with fascists carrying guns dressed in full riot gear) that's why they've armed up. And where was the Federal Government to put down this rebellion? Absent because they seem to want a modern race war, so we 'need' them.  To avoid such widespread chaos our government needs to meet the economic needs of our 300 million citizens by restoring everyone's America dream. And do it quickly. And we can do it OVERNIGHT by implementing the RTDNOW Plan. Like the 'Gentlemen wealth Class' of 1786, we ALL the ordinary hard working people, 300 million as 1, need to have our own RTDNOW Continental Convention to review, comment on and approve the RTDNOW Plan. 


The 1786 Shays Rebellion was a turning point in our American Government History. The wealth class elite felt threatened and they took decisive action behind closed doors to form the beginnings of a police state to put down and control citizen calls for economic policy reforms. And over the last 50 years the modern Gentleman Class, what I call the Global Elite Wealth Class, has ramped it up to obscene proportions controlling all levers of government and its policy, and creating a police state. And just like the time of 1786 Shays rebellion where 2/3 were poor and hungry, we are all almost there again with half of all Americans, 150 million, that are poor or borderline poor. And this is why I've put RTDNOW together in modern day 2018. So we can have a 300 Million As 1 'mental' rebellion, online, and not a physical one in the streets. What do you think the LA Riots of 25 years ago were when the city burned for a week. That was a taste. That was the first modern Shays rebellion. So like old Gen. Washington and his lieutenant Alexander Hamilton, I am calling an urgent convention of ALL citizens to avoid the real chaos looming. But today's RTDNOW convention, will have EVERYONE present and represent EVERYONE. Add your name and tell EVERYONE RTDNOW.COM. And hopefully with a daily song to inspire you, you can even enjoy our second Popular 'Music' Rebellion.

Excerpts from the "Oxford History

of the United States" by Morison: Confederation and Constitution

JEFFERSON'S POSITION ON CITIZEN REBELLION: “IT’S NECESSARY”. Without any we get tyranny, like today in America. Read for yourself.

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