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After you read this, read Thomas Paine's 1770's pre Revolution pamphlet called "Common Sense". It is still profound. They founded our country on the desire for self rule, not far off centralized rule which leads to tyranny. But then something happened after the revolution and it all went off track decade by decade for a few hundred years. Which is why Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence with special sections to alert us to this timeless problem and how to correct it. Read both Jefferson's original Declaration and then my 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government RTDNOW.


The federalist agenda of 1778 gradually won the debate (centralized power over citizen and state's rights/powers) and eventually killed America, its founding principles, and 300 million American Dreams.

Federalism was an early political party (that arose after George Washington's Presidency, he had no political party like me) that wanted more centralized power. Thomas Jefferson (a central architect of our founding documents) opposed Federalism, because it would lead to a monarchy, a centralized treasury (see Alexander Hamilton who helped propel today's national economic disaster: $25 trillion in debt, borrowing $6 billion a day, headed for implosion and collapse with no way to repay it) and economic collapse because the majority of the people would be economically oppressed.


What is economic oppression? Today, Some call it the corporate welfare state we've been living in for 150 years. Corporations who fund political elections then are given grants/favors from government funded programs we citizens paid for and then those corporations who got it for pennies (or large donations) charge us ungodly amounts for drugs to stay alive and use their financial largess to eliminate competition. Our citizens flee to Mexico or Canada or India in search of affordable prescription drugs or dental or medical services.


Federalism over 200 years led us to a Mafia-like run state of insider corporate favors where all the ordinary hard working citizens are billed (cable TV, Internet, trash, water, etc, EVERYTHING at five times what it should be, for public services) or are left out of society, or sent to war as too many become hungry and unhappy, like in 1942.


Over the decades early American Federalism morphed into two present day political parties, Democrats and Republicans, who run a closed game allowing no other voices, solutions, or third party candidates to emerge. They control the political system and they keep it that way. Most Americans today grew up in it and know nothing else because they play video games and Snapchat instead of reading history.


Both political parties of today have the same major global millionaire billionaire donor puppet masters: they are two sides of the same corrupt political pancake of today. That's why nobody on Wall St. went to prison or even lost their jobs during the last housing crisis and Great Recession after willfully defrauding millions of home owners and every country around the world called substandard mortgages "A" paper. They caused a global financial collapse and they got raises and they are working on the next as we speak. Every economic collapse enables the corporate wealth class to thin the middle class, it's how they maintain power. They take your property (home or commercial building you put 20% down on and improved) at 20 cents on the dollar in Foreclosure as the citizen loses their job. Their economic and political crimes affect every single American citizen stealing their American Dream. When enough are stolen, it creates a nation of renters as we have today. And if you're a renter you know rents are going up rapidly!


Early Federalism has led us to where we are today as a nation. Bankrupt treasury on the verge of collapse, a confused population, and political paralysis for 40 years creating an impassable chasm between the citizen and their government. Freedoms granted every citizen at birth through our founding documents have been taken away, bought. These are crimes against all American citizens: every single one and The to be born.


Our freedoms of speech and economic prosperity have been taken by a series of manipulated acts over decades, a legal chipping away, by a bought and paid for government body to ensure and engross a corporate oligarchy state. They have made themselves legal masters, and the citizen the worker slave.  A virtual corporate monarchy has emerged who has insulated itself from the people of America through corruption at all levels of government with the crowing achievement making corporations citizens with free speech right on a Supreme Court ruling in 2010. That's the chipping I'm talking about over decades. It's why almost all politicians are attorneys. Put it all together, That's why 2/3 of citizens today hover near the poverty line or one Recession away. That's why as a nation we're $25 TRILLION it debt headed to $30 TRILLION. Total economic collapse comes at $40 TRILLION. That's why I say we 10 short years to transform our nation, save America, and every single American dream. It's no joke. It's Armageddon and it's coming if we don't act 300 million as 1 at Read my website and bonus materials. I take no pride in saying this: but I know I'm right, and as you read, you will too.


We were all supposed to thrive based upon the fruits and toil of our labor. Not have every penny sucked out of us in taxes, tariffs, and refusal of corporate masters to pay their share and adequate wages. Today We all live in a world of threats. We need to move to a new mental world. Move to a world of positive action. Of Citizen action. 300 million as 1. Restore everyone's American Dream. A WE (the people) first mentality. Me first got us all to economic collapse and chaos. Me first is a false reality perpetuated through media hitting your pre historic pleasure center every 5 seconds across all social media focusing you on a "fix" of pleasure instead of building the life and country of your dreams, not theirs.


Back to the problem. So if Federalists started this mess where 300 million citizens ended up losing their country and futures, who really pushed it forward big time over 200 years? There was a Democrat named FDR (who are good speakers and had economic crap for brains, zero economic education or experience, like almost all our Presidents who just take orders from corporate America, which just makes our economic problems worse. We seem to elect only followers no leaders) who created the modern federal Bureaucracy of titanic proportions in 1938 because corporate oligarchyism of its time had failed. There was 25% unemployment when he took office. Like today. 2/3 of the people were hungry.  It's 1938 again. They either print money or go to war to stave off real revolution. We just printed ungodly sums of money. See World War II. When FDR left office, after spending TRILLIONS in today's dollars like Obama did, and in doing so FDR created the monster of Federal government that is pulling us all under economically and holding back our citizen led recovery, unemployment was higher! Above 30%! The only thing that pulled the failed FEDERALIST (Corporate) endless mismanagement of the economy out of recession and avoided Revolution was going to war. See Pearl Harbor. Like 911 the Presidents big speech and Moment were ready to heard the citizens into the next American mis-adventure.


Now we are all in the early stages of our undeclared 4th World War: the war on terror. It's been simmering for 20 years: but now it's escalating. Nobody's using all that money, about $2 TRILLION, to restore our manufacturing base, our jobs, our ability to repay our national debt. Why? See above discussion for the answer. Looking over this global economic tyrannyical state without borders leading the war on terror, the real question is "who's the real terrorist?"


So, do you want to just watch World War 4 rage on uncontrolled for the next 30 years as we are all further bankrupted and our military flails around the world "restoring order" so we can hide our ongoing economic collapse? Watch it on every day on your smart phone to distract you from the real issues, yours,  while your American Dream is endlessly trashed, smashed and vanquished?


Or are you ready to use your voice with me to end the bankrupting economic system of historical and modern Federalism, overly centralized government, that is collapsing on itself as we speak? It's time for America to become what it was meant to be: a fully participatory society. Hear every voice, get everyone involved.


Like when America started, we are now about to re-start the American Dream, with our dreams. With our vision of a better day we want to make today. Make every day.


And this time, we have the technology to include "everyone". Every single American spirit, 300 Million As 1 by signing the Redeem The Dream Now petition at


The American people have been repeatedly sold out by inept and paid off politicians who are basically corporate order takers. Let's end it. End their 200 year Sellout of every single American dream.


A moment to update you on the most Current events: Oh and by the way, last week the new billionaire president signed a bill to let internet service providers sell your browser history. That's like putting a Tracking device on your car, just on your life. Its like a prisoner on house arrest wearing a locator anklet so they always know where you are. For god's Sake! Teenagers rightly riot against their phones being tracked. Even they know what freedom is! No training necessary! So why are 300 million citizens taking this laying down???!!?


They just took away more of your/our freedoms furthering their corporate police state and now when you buy items, or even visit a site to investigate, you'll get 10 more offers harassing you that you have to then unsubscribe to! You'll be spending 10% of your day unsubscribing. Beyond a crime of freedom it's a nuisance. It's also your future they just took.


When you go for a job, the employer will search your browser history to see what kind of person you are. This is like George Orwells 1984 book. They are looking at everything you look at and putting it in a data base and sorting it by your ability to commit a crime.  We should all be in the streets all across the nation demanding its repeal. But we watch. That's why I created RTDNOW.COM. We've become a nation of watchers who deal with such violent crime by running and hiding. Make no mistake, the sitting President just put a digital gun to your head. And now the federal government can pull the trigger anytime they want.


300 million as 1 we can't be watchers anymore: our way of life is being taken away. Object with me. Add your name at RTDNOW.coM 300 million as 1 and together we will stop the endless Sellout of the American Dream. And in a simple 3 step plan, restore everyone's American dream overnight!


And if you're really tired of inept paid off politicians for the last 150 years with no experience and no real plan to restore your home economics, let alone overnight, wrote in my name for President: Adrian 2020.


Yes, after 40 years of watching the same madness waiting for the same savior you have I realized nobody's coming up save us. America's been legally, behind our backs and against our will, made into a forced labor camp. Only we can save ourselves, like when our country started. Act with me, 300 million as 1, sign our 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government.


It's tax day April 18, 2017 my names ADRIAN. And I want to end with a question for you. Why do Presidents and major corporations pay no taxes and you pay 10-50%, and we are a bankrupt nation?


Add your name at and tell everyone REDEEM THE DREAM NOW

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