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IN A BLINK, THEY RIGGED THE WHOLE SYSTEM! And in the process, our Supreme Court killed America. It’s the crime of the century! In one ruling our highest Court killed our Republic form of government and Democratic way of life instantly by making all three governmental branches report to big business, not the people. This is what Rigged System means, not necessarily voter booth fraud.


Their ruling allowed uncontrolled corporate money to elect our officials, not we the people. Government is no longer accountable to we the people: the line of trust has been crossed! This ruling effectively taxes everything in your life and goes way beyond the Boston Tea Party tea-tax rebellion, which prompted our 1st Declaration of Independence. Now you know why we’re all signing our 2nd Declaration of Independence, 300 million as 1, at RTDNOW.COM.



I was watching the Today show as the family all grabbed some type of quick breakfast before hurrying out the door to school or a job. My jaw dropped as a failed Presidential candidate named after a baseball piece of equipment changed his well thought out position on a major policy, overnight. The current President made him look honest. But at the time it was just admission of the daily lies politicians tell. They will say ANYTHING if they think it helps them. This put my brain into a Sherman and Peobody loop of “Help me Mr. Wizard!” Where the Wizard would say “Dreezle Drizle Drazel Drum, Time for this one to come home!” I wanted us to all instantly go back to the land of truth. So I wrote this song. Today lying in politics is totally beyond any normal source of reality and approaching criminality. See my song Lip Service.

Making of the Song "The Line That Can't Be Crossed"


Troy Welstad really takes hold and drives the song. I took one of his riffs I liked so much from the middle of the song and added it out front to open the song. I don’t play piano but was always looking for places in my songs to employ Troy’s piano chops. I’m a big Elton John fan like ½ the planet. You can probably hear his influence on my psyche on this song. He’d do a great job covering this song taking it to its full potential. How about it Elton? It would go great on Album 11 VOICES.



Beer Hall Sing Along: that’s what I was going for. I want the whole country singing along. Not sure it gets there, but yes, you can drink beer to this song and dance. Not far from the old Troubadour, which launched careers of Elton John in America and the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt, there was a beer hall pub on Santa Monica Blvd., in LA where a guy called The Fox slugged down gallons of beer while singing this chant (with more words I can’t remember) to an adoring crowd.



When I had my first band session the guys would say “Who does this song sound like?” And I’m thinking…it sounds like me. I learned that when you go from being a Jim Croche or Tracy Chapman, from maybe just a single guitar to a full band, like a flower bouquet, you don’t just throw in the flowers, you arrange them so you see all the colors and beauty better. Tim Ellis was a master musical arranger. He’d always tell me “Just sing it the way you are, the music will form around you.” And so it did. Tim was excellence made his arrangement better match emotion of the song. Yes, it was also a beautiful arrangement having Tim do all this while I focused on crafting 100 songs that would keep you engaged daily and spur you to action with me.




America had been staggering for decades. And like a cagey boxer, in one final lethal body blow, they killed ALL our American Dreams at once. What’s the difference between ‘Killing’ and ‘Murders’? Killings happen, Murders are carefully planned and carried out. In one bold calculated move the Supreme Court killed 250 years of a Republic form of government we call America. All three balancing arms of government were overthrown at once in a quiet coup d’etat: a sudden deposing of government.


Our Judicial Branch (A Republic means a country of laws) and our Congress (Our Congress which was supposed to represent us) and the Executive branch are all now directly pawns of Billionaires and special interest groups, which are front ‘groups’ for mega Corporations, as our ‘court’ legalized money in politics.


Each branch of our government was designed to be able to veto the other to prevent tyranny (paying too much for everything, laws changed behind our backs, etc.) from re-emerging. As we slept, the people appointed to protect us, Supreme Court justices, appointed by Presidents, who took corporate bribes to get elected, sold us all down the river 300 million as 1. Nobody’s trusted government for a long time, but we still held out hope. Now the line of trust between government and the American people has been crossed for good. Government is no longer accountable to us. Just to big money.


That is why we are asking 300 million as 1 to add there names to re-establish a true government of, by, and for the people, so as our 1st Declaration of Independence demands, "to throw off such bounds that amount to tyranny."




The passage of the Supreme Court ruling "Citizens United" legalized buying politicians and killed America. "To accomplish this, the majority – – Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy and Alito – – had to overrule two previous cases where the Court ruled correctly that Congress and the States may try to keep corporate money out of politics." Doesn’t matter if they were republican or Democrats. They were Americans acting against the American people. Oh my, hard to take them down to the station for questioning when they’ve been made deities of justice. What to do? Fix the flaw in our system, that’s what.




If I were President, this would be my second executive order. This order:





To bring America back to life instantly for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens, my Executive Order #2 is establishment of an RTDNOW Appellate Supreme Court. With a simple 2/3 vote this body will be able to immediately overturn such Tyrannical actions of a politicized Supreme Court. Such as the criminally mis-named ‘Citizens United’ ruling. Which gave corporations the rights of people. Such rulings are chilling acts of treason of the highest order, against the American people.


The new Appellate Supreme Court to be established promptly will consist of 1 Judge per State, each for 6 year terms only, staggered 2 years apart. This body will also be able to remove ‘life’ Supreme Court justices for such treasonous acts. And have the power put them behind bars if their rulings reach the level of criminal misconduct. EVERYONE in America will be accountable for their actions. Not just convenience store thieves. 


We all have rights and no court can take them all away in one ruling like they’ve done. There are consequences for crossing the line of trust with the American people. 


With implementation of my Executive Order # 2, the line of trust with the American people can't be Crossed anymore.

  • Who killed America?

  • How?

  • How are our 3 branches of government supposed to operate?

  • How will Adrian restore trust in government?

  • How will Adrian and 300 million of his new friends bring America back to life instantly?


Words and Music by ADRIAN

It’s amazing how we all forget, things we still haven’t learned yet

What’s been in our heritage, carried us across that bridge to greatness


It’s amazing how we can all ignore, what puts the food in the store

What makes the wheels of security go round, behind every door, in every single town


Under every floorboard, behind every cupboard, there’s a line that you can’t see

It’s in your wallet, its in your heart, if you look very closely

It’s the line of trust, and it just can’t be crossed anymore.

It’s the line that can’t be crossed; It’s the line that can’t be crossed.

It’s the line of trust and it just can’t be crossed anymore!


You see once it was a thick line in the sand, now its gotten tiny, and out of hand

Blatant legal thefts are hard to understand, and how politicians can’t stick to the plan

Lobbyists secure pensions to the sky, Social Security’s robbed in the blink of an eye

Trillions spent on wars that benefit whom? Lines been crossed when government’s not accountable to you!


So you better look long and hard in the mirror, see if you’re in there,

Cause you’re the only savior Democracy’s always waiting for!


Boats float gently down the river, we recline over a long slow family dinner

It feels a bit like a biblical last super, that we don’t know how to pay for


Hard to ignore bad results anymore, education fails, promised pale

To what we had, it’s trust gone bad, every time we relax, corruption attacks!

So WE THE PEOPLE had an uprising called the American Revolution in 1776 to declare our individual freedom from economic oppression. But a funny thing keeps happening. Small groups of men keep organizing to take that away. We trusted our representatives and they keep betraying us without our consent. Let's take a walk through our history as the line of trust was continually crossed and set America on the course to rob 300 million citizens of their American dreams that we won in 1776, and economically enslave the American people, and the world's. That's what's causing you to feel a melancholy mix of desperation, despair, and powerless every week as you worry about your future.


So now let's all walk down the big memory lane together and see how the citizens line of trust keeps getting broken until today where we are all bankrupt. That is until we have 300 million citizens signed up at to take our lives and dreams back from a corporatized society.


Here's how's it all went down over time.


1776: the American Dream born. Individual economic freedom and local self rule. 

1787: 1st corporate overthrow know as the constitution. See other time traveler moments. Runaway government "ratified" rights reduced.

1780: Alexander Hamilton helps the corporate form of organization start utilities to benefit society. Prior all businesses owned by people and partnerships ended when the person died.


1883: Mark Twains novel The Guilded Age foretold of the 1920-1930 Robber Barron Age of out of control Corporations smothering the nation: controlling 90% of America. This corporate imbalance was the start of the 1932 Great Depression which seems to happen every 125 years, every 2 and 1/2 generations. That's why it keeps repeating and we keep having Revolutions or Evolutions in this case. We forget and corporations find a new way to control government to economically oppress everyone.


1886: The "Santa Clara" case uses of all things the fourteenth  amendment abolishing slavery to start to assert corporations had rights like people. Saying corporations had constitutionally guaranteed rights. That, that bullshit went through a court means the courts were paid off by corporations. The sellout of the judicial system happened in little steps over time to enable Corporate Citizens United in 2010 giving corporations more rights than you and me the human citizen. These are the crimes against we the people and how they added up to the total corporate control of our government and economics until we are all broke without healthcare or any that isn't bankrupting us.


1870: The corporate attorneys chipping away continued in the Judge Beck case in Iowa. He said the only role of government is to protect your property, meaning corporate ownership. Now remember Police forces of the corporations became "public" police about this time to make the citizens pay for protection of corporate factories. The courts and the judiciary forgot the people's rights. The Judge redefined the pursuit of happiness, to be corporate survival. Fast forward to the collapse of 2010 and the Too Big To Fail banks. Like "neutral" Switzerland in World War 2 was Hitler's bank enabling him to finance an ongoing war, America's banking system is the tool to enable all mega major corporations. They were always going to be bailed out. Because no alternative like REDEEM THE DREAM was in place. What else were they going to do? They save themselves not us. Note: the 2nd World War could have been only 18 months if we took out Switzerland. Think about that as we move forward. Things don't need to take a long time and cost trillions. The bad solutions are all "manufactured" by corporate policy and forced upon us as a national emergency. Watch for the next one and 300 million as 1 scream BULLSHIT with me!


1897: Several legal cases assert that "liberty of contract" (you'd be kicked out of class for that bull crap stretching of intent) extended beyond persons to artificial persons. Artificial persons in


1899: The little State Delaware as they were early to ratify a constitution that assumed its debt now wanted a huge piece of the corporate pie. They passed the MOST loose form of corporate regulation anywhere saying the corporation can do anything that doesn't violate a state law.  This is why many mega corporations are Delaware corporations. This was the start of corporations no longer being accountable to anyone and the citizen becoming powerless in their own society.


1900: This legal chipping away using "legal case rulings" had served to make the corporation a citizen of the republic of laws and that once was ruled by people, we call America. This is why Democracy and 100% participation is needed to put our world back in balance because corrupted officials changed our laws without our consent and deprived all the people of liberty in favor of the few, the wealthy, the corporate elite. That is until Taft was assassinated, and Teddy Roosevelt pushed back!


1901: The mega Trusts, the entities before mega corporations of today, were busted up by President Teddy Roosevelt putting Rockefeller on the run from the law for two years! And then Standard Oil was broken up. The line of trust was re-established between the people and government, for two decades.


1905: New Jersey's governor boast the government is not run by $1 of citizen money. As far back as 1905 corporations were paying for total control of our government and judiciary.


1929: Stupid federal reserve and trade policies with lack of regulation of the financial system caused banks to become casinos with our money and the stock maker to become a total fabrication that would collapse. Much like today.


1930: The New Deal federal programs were basically food stamps for 30 million unemployed. The "Programs" Teddy's distance cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) put in created titanic national federal debt, and brought major corporations together to price fix! You see FDR had absolutely no idea of how to rescue the economy. None. He got C- in economics in college and had zero real life business skills. His advisors did push back on the emerging corporate state at the same time he called in corporate America to "fix" the problem and they did: they gave more control to themselves. This was the 'national big leap forward' of collision and corruption between big business and government which created and accelerated the corporate state we live in today. Just wonderful: we elect leaders that all defer to corporate America, (less than 1 million people now dictate how much American Dream 300 million all get) to dictate and set policy that runs our lives and bankrupts our futures. 


1941-2016: This period of corporations bankrupting the American treasury, moving all the factories and jobs overseas, and controlling all media and hacking the whole world turning it into a surveillance state where every breath is monitored by your watch and stored in a server farm to be used against you later as you try to buy health insurance, will be covered in other albums Time Traveler Moments. 


Hopefully the above brief chronology gives 300 million American Spirits the knowing that once we all had an American dream. The above in short shows how it was slowly stolen behind our backs over time and was hard to see and respond to. How corporations changed our society in an organized plan. Why is this important to you?  It's why everything costs you 2-10 times if not 100 times more than it should and America and most Americans are broke: few own their homes. Debt is how they control you. Everyone. Then the government, the Corporama, say there's no money for adequate health care. Most Americans are dying early. Suffering. Consider being debt free and using your voice actively with me at RTDNOW.Com to restore a true government of the people. 




The sovereignty of America, our self rule has been taken by the corporate culture systematically over the last 150 years. It separated legal operation of a corporation from state rule, causing most states to be their fools and bankrupt today. This systematic takeover of the American government brought the new age of zero accountability: total economic collapse and nobody goes to jail. That's what the corporate structure is. Their think tanks call them a 'nexus of contracts'. Actions have consequences. Corporate actions have globalized and infected the whole world in a new era of citizen economic limited rights slavery as they move around the world seeking the most tolerant environments to commit environmental and social crimes. Let me put this bluntly. Corporate America is an army of money that invaded. They removed your free speech by drowning it with theirs at think tanks, universities, the TV and new agencies they bought. Tell me how somebody can get a noble prize for just getting elected President. It's a global corporate global fantasy they perpetuate. Now that you are fully awake, let's all effortlessly fix this national and global problem that is bankrupting and ruining every citizens America dream:




This gradual usurping of a citizen led government over 3 generations by corporations which I've outlined is the essence of what I'm railing about in the whole Redeem The Dream opera. It's how state's lost control. It's how citizens lost control. It's how we all got put in a $24 TRILLION HOLE called national debt and need to borrow $6 billion a day to survive!


And it's why we ALL need to participate in the new era of 100% citizen activism at RTDNOW.COM because ALL the people need to have their voices heard in setting the policies that determine what world we live in. 


As long as we let corporations be our voice indirectly through their media and directly now with money "legalized" in all our politics we are all doomed. Today the Corporama  controls the culture, every mind as well, (your kids are being brainwashed and raised to "love" corporations), the corporate culture will always lie, break our hearts, and without adequate healthcare leave half of all of us to die. This is why we live in a culture of mistrust today all across America. We are always getting screwed economically in the end and until RTDNOW there was nothing we could do about it. That's the Depression and powerlessness and anxiety you feel before you turn on the TV or on any beautiful day you choose to think about the future.


They, the Corporama, the world's largest 250 corporations always break whatever trust or promise we think we have. And if they can't get out of an economic downturn they start an economic war and literally kill us. It's a totally dysfunctional cyclically abusive relationship I'm going to end and I want your help.


Right here I'm repealing FOREVER the notion in all our laws that artificial persons have liberty rights. Gone. See the sci-fi movie I Robot. Are robots getting Rights too? How about your car? How about your house? Your computer? This corporate twisting of language and twisting of clear and evident citizen human rights to "share" them with corporations and artificial entities so they can control humanity has permanently crossed the line of trust with every person in America and on the planet. If you feel otherwise you have been brainwashed by the Corporama's media: you know the billionaires control it all.


So, let's get busy! Let's use our voices, in every home, on every block, in every town and every city across America. 300 million as 1, add your name to the 2nd Declaration of Independence at RTDNOW.COM to restore every humans American Dream OVERNIGHT! And then keep telling everyone REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!!!!


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song

“The Line That Can't Be Crossed Anymore"

The Line of Trust Between U.S. Citizens and Our Government

"How it keeps getting trampled and how 300 million Americans will restore it OVERNIGHT!"

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