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Just like ancient monarchy’s, our corporate monarchy that  bankrupted america and threatens our future, is ending: because it always collapses on us. 300 million as 1: redeem the dream now.

  1. Have you sold out America?

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A TV series made me think of where we are today as a society. I only watched it a few times. For me, even though I like medieval stuff that was enough. Nothing’s changed in the roles we play in society. And nothing’s changed in good song making: you have to set the mood quickly, and set it deep! To accentuate my opening Game of Thrones introduction lyrics, Tim Ellis had Troy Welstad on keyboard sustain a few notes to go under them and hold the audience: brilliant.




When all the pieces fit, you know you’re in the zone. Our most prolific songwriters write about “the zone” when songs fly out of your head faster than you can write. And when you look at what you wrote and think about it, you don’t want to change a thing. Let’s call it “the magic zone”.  This was one of those songs.




That’s what people tell me it reminds them of. I think it’s the “check in but you can never leave” aura of the song. It’s a familiar story to you unfortunately. More than that it was when Tim Ellis put in the flamenco guitar, giving it “sauce” as he would say. But this song was written as a piano driven song, more like an Elton John song. The irony here is while I admire both artists, I’m not them and can’t come close. But I appreciate the references!


Making of the Song "The Sellout"




Not a bad idea. But like most Americans when I think of 1/3 of our citizens living in poverty, the second 1/3 one recession away, that’s about 200 million people not even close to living their American dreams, I start to mentally wretch. But unlike most of us, I don’t turn off: I get busy.


So why did I write this song, probably the most important out of 100 songs? Because I wanted to get to the heart of the matter. WE’VE ALL BEEN SOLD OUT and it’s killed 300 million American Dreams. It’s not just inept politicians, a nation who put man on the moon can’t be this stupid for this long. WE THE PEOPLE have been sold out so many times in our history its amazing America has lasted 250 years.


And I wrote this song because if 300 million of us understand how, when, and who sold us all out, we can correct it. And we all might all be motivated enough to add our names at RTDNOW.COM and write in Adrian 2020 for President so we can restore everyone’s American Dream OVERNIGHT in a simple 3 step plan. Read it under Movement/The RTDNOW Plan.



Behind closed doors, as usual with the 1%-ers. None of the public was involved, it took away all citizen rights (only restored later) and they cleverly titled it We The People! The same trick would be repeated in 2010 as you will read. 1787 a short 11 years after the founding of our nation, is when the international wealth class “bought in” to America. Literally: the “unknown global investors” own about ½ the Federal Reserve and WE THE REAL PEOPLE don’t get to know who they are. As a result American policy, and treasury, and our taxation, which didn’t exist at our founding, a principal our 1st revolution was fought for, has been manipulated ever since.




So they didn’t dismantle our free enterprise system, bankrupt our treasury, and crash our whole economy. When corporations grow beyond a certain size they kill all competition by paying off regulators, which is alive and well today in 2017 as it was in 1900. See “The Great Recession” and “Too Big To Fail”.


So if corporation’s size was regulated since they arrived in America in early 1800, what happened to collapse the American Dream and American economy 132 years later. Read all my Time Traveler Moments. One recites the billionaire’s attorneys chipping away at the edges of all the regulation bit-by-bit, decade by decade, noting the court cases. They circumvented the corporation’s size limitations until the corporate concentration of wealth and power and manipulation of government officials and policy was total, and about to collapse America…the first time.


In 1900 President Taft, a puppet of the three major billionaires of the time (JD Rockefeller-Oil, JP Morgan-Banking, and Andrew Carnegie-Steel) was elected President through another rigged election of dark money in politics. The times were very similar to today, the precursor to our 1st Great Depression: you’re living in the 2nd when wages stayed flat for 30 years as prices tripled. When all the wealth in America goes to the top 10% or top 1%, then as now, it is unsustainable.


It is unsustainable because when totally concentrated, our economy is not capitalism anymore; its communism. What’s that? It’s when the masses of citizen’s needs are not met, and the economy keeps imploding fed only by more debt. That’s what a centrally planned economy controlled by less than 100 major companies is. That is America today. Back then in 1900 when it was about the same, Taft was assassinated and Teddy Roosevelt became President and he promptly broke up the 40 largest ‘Trusts’, or Corporations, to enable the economy to grow again.


So what was a Trust? It was the “work-around” by corporate attorneys to defy State size regulations for corporations. States limited the size of corporations to stop a handful of companies from overtaking an industry and fixing prices and robbing all the people. “Trusts” were concocted to own many separate companies, which amounted to the same thing: one big mega corporation.


The bloodless one, was the start of money, and global money, in our American politics. Fast forward to today where money in politics by corporations is EVERYWHERE. Beyond that, the ultimate evil happened. Corporations were granted citizenship, as artificial persons, was just legalized by a rogue Supreme Court in 2010. By judges who were political appointees, by Presidents who were bankrolled by the corporations of America. This unseen corporate oligarchy I call “The Corporama”.  


That means you the citizen, me the citizen, WE THE PEOPLE, don’t have any say anymore. Your American Dream of a government of, by, and for the people, is over. It was THE ULTIMATE SELLOUT. Your vote no longer counts. With the passage of “Corporate” Citizens United, “Our” Supreme Court said human beings don’t matter: just corporate citizens do.


It’s the only way to fight 300 Trillion in global wealth that controls our government, makes all our policies to favor the corporation, and leaves me and you, the 300 million average ordinary hard working citizens with the bill. Today that bill stands at $25 TRILLION in national debt and growing. Half our Federal Budget is to fund military to protect “corporate” interests around the globe. First the billionaires socialized (made the citizens pay for) their police forces, the Pinkertons that protected their factories in the 1800’s. Then in the 1900’s they did it to the whole united states military.


Overwhelming? Quite. What to do? Something simple. What we did when we started this country. Sign a petition and demand change. Only do it with EVERYONE. So 300 million ordinary hard working citizens vote can mean something again. So that government policy is IMMEDIATELY re-focused on making our lives better not worse. So a path to the American dream is opened WIDELY for every single American citizen OVERNIGHT.


Tired of having a bankrupt nation going from recession to recession and things getting worse and worse? Tired of friends and loved ones suffering and dying early through inadequate health care? I am. By the way, our healthcare used to be Non-Profit until Nixon changed that to please the Corporama. Yet another big sellout of the American people.


Use the internet to tell everyone to sign RTDNOW.COM our 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government.  What is runaway government anyway? It’s when our government doesn’t listen or respond to the needs of its people. That’s where we are at today. And have been for 30 years.


I was supposed to keep this short. But the American people have been sold out so many times, and it seems like it’s accelerating, I couldn’t. Perhaps when Redeem The Dream Radio gets on air as a daily show that will be a daily segment. “Today’s Sellout of the American Dream.” Subscribe for $1.00 month to fund that and I’ll make it happen!


Let’s end our endless sellout. Ready for our 3rd R-evolution? RTDNOW is an online Rapid-Evolution: to evolve to the country of our dreams. Let’s restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT! 300 million as 1: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!  Add your name at RTDNOW.COM


For The Sellout of the American people to stop, write in ADRIAN 2020 for President.

  • Why do the American people KEEP getting sold out? (Hint: money in politics)

  • How does this KEEP happening? (Hint: closed system)

  • Where did $25 Trillion go? To Whom? How? (Hint: follow the money)

  • How do we stop the sellout and get all our American dreams back overnight? (Hint: Add your name at RTDNOW.COM and use your smart phone to tell the world to join you)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

It’s just a game of thrones set in modern day

I want us all to matter, so let’s start acting that way        


Word on the street, said the fix was in

On the horse race, for the American Dream

Put your money down, get your tickets quick

The horses start running, every four years by six


Ladies and gentlemen, you all had front row seats                         

To the rug getting pulled out, from right under your feet                                   

It's the crime of the century, And it was all tax free

The sellout of the American Dream                         

It makes you cry then scream: Redeem The Dream


Poetry doesn't ease the pain, America will never be the same

Salt in the wound or a cure, it's all up to you from here

Ah we lost control, we lost control

Now the devil owns, the American soul


When the sun sets the day dies, when the sun rises open your eyes

We're all on a bridge between heaven and hell, bodies are rotting its an evil smell

So you tell me my friends, do we lay down like lambs

Or shall we roar like lions, It’s time to move past all the lying


It’s just a game of thrones set in modern day

I want us all to matter, so let’s start acting that way 

(Add your name at RTDNOW.COM)     


James Madison

Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson

Early after American independence we were governed by the Articles of Confederation. The Federal government had No power to tax or control 13 states and was stagnating as 13 forms of regional control. Kind of like Europe before the European Union, which by the way isn't working too well either. 


But something did have to be done to have a more functional central government. So they had a convention for four months. Madison became the primary drafter of the constitution (missing the Bill of Rights that came later only after we the people screamed) and Hamilton vigorously interpreted our new 'constitution' to the public in newspaper articles so 9 of the 13  states would ratify its adoption.


The interpretation of the proposed Constitution came in 85 articles called The Federalists Papers, which effectively recreated a British form of government which was always destined for tyranny, as we have today. Basically the founders didn't know what to do and sold out and copied the English Monarchy: what the revolution was fought against! 


The Virginians sold out, not understanding what 'corporatizing' government so it could be more manageable, would really do. They feared collapse of the new nation so bargained that the seat of new central power would be close to home, in Washington DC next to Virginia, so that they'd have more influence. Washington (a general and head of the army) and Monroe and Madison, the driving forces, were all from Virginia.


The founders hated political parties which always centralize power and take away the peoples voice, freedoms, and social and economic power. The new constitution destroyed, took away, regional state power by creating a behemoth central force that no factions could prevail against. Which is why today most states are bankrupt like college kids waiting for the next parental central government handing out of money and Citizen interest groups get nowhere protesting for citizen rights taken by an overly centralized government. Very British, which Jefferson, also a Virginian, detested at every opportunity. 


Hamilton was also the start of the first political party in America, the Federalists. They wanted a strong national government, central power, which was opposite of what our revolution was fought for. This highjacked American ideals. It was the beginning of our modern dysfunctional political system. 


The American revolution was fought for a government of the many, not the few who cater to the wealth class and let the masses starve and suffer: see 1500-1700 Europe. And that's how the American Dream of a government of the people our forefathers fought for, got sold out, highjacked 12 years after the revolution. Something did need to be done to make a central government more functional, but it went way too far as stated citizen economic oppression.


Essentially, our constitution is our corporate 'articles of incorporation' and Hamiltons essays, are our Corporate 'Bylaws' which say how a company will be operated. We the people didn't approve his Federalist Papers!  Hamilton was building the biggest business the world had ever seen. And he just did it. Nobody can make you write 85 essays to change the course of a nation. Today we call his corporation 'America'. 


Hamilton was the father of American banking and business enterprise but he wasn't  revolutionary: he copied the same English and Dutch banking and business systems and mirrored the English governmental system. It seemed revolutionary because America was mostly farmers. And as a nation they were trying to survive. 


Hamilton basically founded Wall Street and the precursor to our stock market. He brought the wealth class to America to invest in America, refinance and  buy our debt (bonds/treasury notes) so the world didn't foreclose on us. Then his 'Papers' put the wealth class in charge (centralized far off government like Britain) as security to pay themselves back.  He let them buy into the federal reserve!?! Hamiltons essays, not a convention of we the people changed America and focused the American Dream on a minority wealth class, and it's been the same ever since. 


His essays also talked about 'Implied Powers' which is basically saying the federal government could do anything it wants without our consent and that's still quoted by the Supreme Court in decision rulings as 'basis'. That's a monarchical formula for tyranny and absolute power we suffer under today. It appears after Hamilton's essays this country stopped thinking for itself, just arguing. The will of the people which fueled our revolution was extinguished in his essays. Very Shakespearean 'the power of the pen is mightier than the sword". Or was that Kipling? Back to American history.


Hamilton was such an overwhelming driving force, (his 85 essays, kind of like 100 song rock opera today) he was without answer. Jefferson, whose ideals fueled our revolution and still defines America, was in France negotiating. The idealistic leader of the revolution, Jefferson, wasn't there when this all happened. 


So Hamilton seized the moment and filled the vacumn of leadership as a new nation of WE THE PEOPLE unknowingly became the first corporate enterprise in America. America itself became the first corporate enterprise because it sold its stock, treasury notes, to investors from all over the world. Corporate because it took the power from WE and gave it to small groups of people who served their interests and that of the wealth class. That was Hamilton's effect on America.


The ideals and the direction of the American Dream for which we fought a revolution were highjacked and put on a corporate footing serving a wealth class (very historical, a hostile takeover)  and fast forward to today brought us to 300 million American Dreams stolen, 50 million hungry and shelter insecure and $25 trillion in debt we can't repay, headed for national bankruptcy and implosion in every household in America. Hamilton went way too far. Regulators who get bought by the wealth class, what I call the Corporama, removed any chance of balance and put us all on the road to national economic disaster.


At the start of the revolution Jefferson knew this was a possibility (history repeating) and he wrote the Declaration of Independence to give us citizens the rights to throw off such tyranny if it didn't serve we the people. So I (Adrian) wrote our 2nd Declaration of Independence to outline our modern economic tyranny and ask 300 million citizens to sign it to return the bankrupt America from the wealth class to we the citizen because they have terribly mismanaged our country and our futures. 


Later after Hamilton's essays, Jefferson's Vice President, Aaron Burr, would kill Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Because back in the day, real men stood up to bullying slanderous tongues like Hamilton's. Hamilton had a bad end because he often went way too far. 


My 'essays' to restore everyone's American Dream are in a 100 song rock opera and website and podcasts so 300 million people and the states they inhabit, would understand how the American dream was highjacked, sold out, and ratify the RTDNOW plan to return America and the American Dream to every citizen by adding their names to the Redeem The Dream Now petition.


America and all our American dreams of social freedom and free enterprise were sold out. Above was the start of the sellout. Other time traveler moments will detail how in future decades the wealth class bought off government and perpetuated it. This whole opera and adding your name, 300 Million As 1, is how we bring America back into balance to also represent 300 million citizens economic rights and restore everyone's American dream overnight. All we get is Lip service from the Corporama and their media for 240 years now. 300 million as 1: Redeem the dream now!


The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “The Sellout"


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