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CALL TO ACTION (wake up America)


300 million citizens have been turned into apathetic zombies. Lead characters in a daily national nightmare. Change is called “Creative Destruction”. “Creative” means we control it. Wake up; control our future at RTDNOW.COM.


Making of the Song "Wake Up"

The band knocked it out on the first pass. Some go that way. If the music is written intuitively it doesn’t need much explaining. I wanted the world to know what a legendary drummer Mike Braun is and asked him to lead the song in with massive jungle drums.


Postproduction Tim Ellis added an epic lead guitar. I had him add a raging arpeggio in front signifying waking up from a bad dream. I needed to wake up all of America, so I used a phenomenal youth choir to say it, which added a huge second layer of background vocals. The megaphone street protest may be my first of what I call, Ghost Tracks. This whole opera is my screaming protest. Sing along and protest with me daily.


Needing a memorable ending I added a Pink Floyd “Pudding” moment. “Clean your room! Then you can redeem your dream!” Cleaning is a process of taking responsibility. Cleaning house nationally is a bigger house: we all have to clean. I love Albert Reda’s wonderful bass and his evocative last notes. That’s what 11 Muddy Waters blues bass awards will do for you. Thanks Albert!

This song was originally titled: “Creative Destruction”. The term Creative Destruction was coined in 1942 by Joseph Schumpeter in his book “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy”.  Schumpeter’s term was derived from a careful reading of communist Karl Marx, who describes how existing wealth must be destroyed to create new wealth.  Marx says, “Capitalism destroys or reconfigures previous economic orders.”  Later he argues that the creative-destructive forces unleashed by capitalism would ultimately lead to its demise as a system. But, I won’t put us all to sleep with economic history…Let’s just say: if capitalism is not controlled by a true democracy, an active and outspoken citizenry that keeps money out of politics, Marx was basically right. We’re living it now.

Wake Up

Capitalism unfettered seems to grow until it strangles all competition including the people its products and service serve unless somebody like Teddy Roosevelt (or Adrian) comes along and hits Force Quit, the Reset Button, to break up the monopolies. Capitalism relies on the competition between companies buying and selling, so that the ordinary citizen derives benefits.
Take title companies as an example of unfettered capitalism: when there are just a handful of title companies nationwide, that’s a cartel, and they control the market. Most title insurance is not new; it’s a renewal, but they charge like there is risk and it is new.  It’s a scam costing five times what it should, and it is enforced by government ‘banking’ policies enacted by that same cartel. The same is true of the insurance industry. The banking system is ripping us off and sailing away with billions. Remember how insurance started? Merchant ships didn’t want to pay their taxes. Sound familiar?  So the King told the Pirates, they were actually authorized in writing, to loot ships and split their “bounty”. Amazingly nothing ever changes. Most insurance is a tax at 10 times what it should be. It’s criminal. Write in my name for President 2020, I’ll fix it.


The healthcare industry used to be non-profit until the 1960’s when our old friend Tricky Dicky, our first real deranged President, Richard Nixon, a tool of the billionaires, changed Healthcare to, for-profit and opened the door to China.  …Oops!  That is two of the biggest F-ups that screwed our whole economy and jobs right there. He opened two Pandora’s boxes and screwed America and the ordinary citizen forever.  Or, at least it is until we all fix it. None of this is new, the same pattern repeats over and over. It may appear to be new to a new generation who doesn’t know its history or where all the economic books were stacked.  Even if some of them did know their futures depend on it, their peers are too distracted by social media to create a meaningful dialogue. And with Fake News the only news, we’re all screwed until 300 million subscribe at RTDNOW.COM for $1.00/month and I’ll bring back real unbiased fact based journalism.
I have always enjoyed history. I recently read Eisenhower’s biography, and gained insight on how D-Day was planned and orchestrated WITHOUT computers.  Five thousand ships, a few million people, fake platoons, false landings and false messages all distracted Hitler from Omaha beach. Think about that against my proposal to use the internet for promoting REDEEM THE DREAM; it makes my strategy seem like child’s play. We have the right tools to make this happen right now; we can do this!




Back in 1910, America almost looked communist, kind of like it does now. Big industry controlled the government and virtually everything else too. There was a fat guy named Taft who was elected by billionaires paying off everyone to shut up the guy speaking sense, named Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy wanted to break up the corporate cartels, but they made him Vice-President. Taft was assassinated by one of the unemployed workers that the billionaires put out of work. The billionaires’ companies had combined to make even more profit and so they could screw the ordinary consumer. It’s a neverending story because they always pay off the regulators. If you elect me President and I pass legislation making being bought off punishable by death, it would stop it right there.

Consider a modern day example of this: Mitt Romney bought two mattress companies with hedge funds, merged them and laid-off half the employees. Then, he stopped making double pillow top mattresses, the kind you can flip and potentially use for 20 years. He began selling no-flip mattresses, which lasted under five years.  Now, we, the consumer, have to pay for the same thing four times…at a higher price for the benefit of not flipping.
Consider another story about how ‘financiers’ waste their money and ours, putting a good local company out of business: G.I. Joe’s was a privately owned sporting goods and auto parts store which employed hundreds of people in the Northwest. It was founded after WWII and catered to GIs and their families after the war. It became a staple. It was bought by a fund out of San Francisco, which borrows a lot of money (against the assets of the company, and basically goes into debt) to finance the purchase.  Enabled by Bill Clinton’s deregulation of the financial industry. Which was a payoff for electing him twice. The buyers immediately changed Joe’s successful formula of the combined auto and sporting goods, and brought in a big box, department store format. They eliminated the auto and focused solely on the outdoorsman, so they could compete with other, better-funded, full-service, well-entrenched department store chains. These corporate fools, fueled by cheap money from deregulated Hedge funds, because the regulators were paid off, promptly went out of business costing hundreds of local jobs. This story is important for many reasons, but also for our coming future. The Internet as it matures will render many big retail locations, and their jobs…obsolete. It is already happening in slow motion over a coming 25 year cycle.  “Macy’s closes 20 stores, 6,000 jobs lost”. Now when you add that to what these stupid financiers are doing, you have economic catastrophe brewing and a total economic collapse.
These examples give you an idea of how ticked off that assassin was. He was out of a job and having to spend more for virtually everything, when he went after Taft.  Then Teddy Roosevelt became President and kept his promise to bust up large corporate monopolies. Thank you, Teddy! The billionaire titans of that day: John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie, all had conspired to violate the will of the people. But the people acted, and the kingpins, along with their paid off government officials, came tumbling down.
We must awaken our nation’s people to tame corporate greed and make economics work for the ordinary citizen. We must begin creative destruction to rebuild our economy here in America OVER-NIGHT! Creative destruction ‘describes the process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one’.  It may sound complicated, but not if you know that business, and business growth, is based upon one of three things:

  • Innovation: a new science.

  • Improvement: a better mousetrap.

  • Distribution: a better way to move.

When one, or a group of companies succeed to the point that they actively crowd out (destroy) competition (by legal and illegal means), it’s called a monopoly.  When monopolies conspire to defraud the public, they are simply inviting a revolution. It is beyond amazing that America has survived and flourished for 250 years, but now we are at the same rigged system tipping point again.  It’s time to Wake Up, America!
Today, we the people paid, and pay, for the government, the roads, the airwaves, and do things like help invent the Internet which books their reservations and does their commerce. Citizen paid for roads get people to hotels owned by? Corporations use all of this, which we pay for to distribute their products and take our money. We paid for their delivery system, so they could and can exist. A handful of mega corporations control the government, instituting laws and policies to create further monopolies so they can overcharge us all and use their power to manipulate our form of government, buy paying off politicians to silence, control and choke the voice of the people, and all our futures.
American history displays a clear pattern: We had a Revolution in 1776 to end corporate cartel tyranny then: the East India Trading Company. One hundred twenty-five years later, in 1901, Teddy attacked forty monopolies and broke up corporate cartels and put JD Rockefeller on the run and in jail. One hundred and twenty-five years after that, we are at approximately the same point. Billionaires and corporations have enslaved our politics and our economics. But, it is time for an overhaul; but we do not want another “revolution”, it is time for our Evolution to 100% citizen activism.
And, we cannot begin the creative destruction necessary until we Wake Up America. That is why the name of the song got changed from “Creative Destruction”! We need to wake up to the patterns and learn our history lessons. We need to see that nothing is going to change until we ALL demand it as one. Like my song, “It’s Judgment Day,” says, “Don’t just pray it’ll all work out the right way.  Let’s work together, and determine, our own Judgment Day.”

  • Who needs to wake up?

  • Why are we all waking up now as one people?

  • “Who cares?”*


* It’s a famous quote from a fellow student in my 9th grade Culver City, CA, Algebra class of 40 years ago. Memorable for sure, but idiotic like weekly tweets by politicians to distract us while they’re robbing us blind. The ‘don’t’ care’ attitude ends up with you being out of work and broke.


But that’s the point: WAKE UP AMERICA!  We all have to care right now because America is $20 trillion in debt: broke.  That’s the amount that was basically stolen by politicians who were paid off to remove regulations that protected you, all of us citizens, from the same economic billionaire predators who did the same thing in 1776 and 1901. It’s not rocket science. We all were robbed. That’s why everyone should all care. They robbed your past and stole your future. And its time to stop the endless robbery called runaway government and get our future back.


WAKE UP AMERICA! 300 Million as 1 Redeem The Dream Now


Words and Music by ADRIAN




What is new is old, what is bought is sold

What was right, becomes wrong

In a world of creative destruction

In a world of creative destruction


The answer is old, it’s new, the question is me, it’s you

It’s not what you lose or win,

When you’re living in a world of creative destruction




Creation and destruction co-exist, on a merry-go-round you just can’t miss

Creation and destruction flow through you,

To make a life of meaning that is you, aaahhggg ah!




Write me a song, spin me a yarn, Make me a movie delete one

Create a better world to replace one

Become masters of creative destruction




The future is up to us, the future is up to us: wake up, wake up

Oh my people, it is way past time to wake up

Every single one of us. Every 50-100 years

Things get so out of balance most of the people just want to throw up!

And usually you have a revolution. But what we need, and what we want

Cause I’ve talked to most of you is an Evolution


It’s time to make America EVERYTHING it was supposed to be for EVERYBODY

The promised land. Tell everyone: RTDNOW.COM, RTDNOW.COM, RTDNOW.COM add your name tell everyoneeeee


Hello? Are you awake? (Knocking) Been singing to you for an hour now

Waaake up!  I’m coming in. Oh my God! This rooms a mess! CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Then! You can go redeem your dream, at RTDNOW.COM

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