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You can’t be Mother Teresa; she’s a saint. But you can redeem 300 millions souls. Use your iPhone, add your name at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone “We’re all redeemers now”.

Ol' Ben Franklin got everyone involved through his writings, and the rest is "our" history.  

We're just doing it again, in our time, to secure our futures. We are all redeemers, again. Add your name at RTDNOW.COM".    - Adrian 2017

It’s nice having a music library of 120 songs and over 3,000 tracks of sounds. When you’ve done this much work on a project, new possibilities emerge. For the title track of Album 6, Begin The Evolution, I had the band do a long musical intro with a Doors type bending guitar and a Pink Floyd chill. It was supposed to be the sound of your DNA connecting its best parts: evolving. The music for We Are All Redeemers is that intro, repurposed.


The speech of biblical proportions I read raised Tim Ellis’ eyebrows. But Tim had produced spoken masters and enjoyed the effort. Later I plucked Mimy’s (my percussionist) wind chime sound from my “library”. I had Dean Baskerville my sound engineer slow it, then reverse it, and connect both in an ongoing loop which got strapped to both ends of the music. That ethereal sound recreates Ben Franklin playing his Glass Harp, he invented. And “Voila!” You’re chilling in 1773, in a pre-revolutionary parlor smoking hemp with Big Ben. He never said it directly as far as I know, but all his writings to me add up to: “We’re all redeemers”.  And as a later song says Nothin’s Changin’.


Making of the Song "We Are All Redeemers"


The idea for this song came from a highly stylized TV series, The Bible A.D.  No, AD doesn’t stand for Adrian. But it was so Shakespearean and moody to convey the timeless internal battle for redemption. Of a people, (basically their souls, what they believe), taking their futures back from the oppressors mind control and slavery. It’s an amazing timeless story: of awakening. Because once you realize you can leave oppression: you just do. That realization is your redemption moment. It’s the point of my opera. It’s that simple, times 300 million.


We can have the country we want right now, and end the billionaires economic oppression of our time, OVER-NIGHT. Just as soon as we all realize, we can. As you’ve heard “It’s all in your head” and it is. You just have to find where it’s hiding. And as a later song says “Just stand up man! Leave the city of the damned”.


We Are All Redeemers

The PT Barnum/Houdini magic trick here is to use the Internet to awaken 300 million at once. To create the moment of redemption in everyone nearly simultaneously: over 36 months. That’s our job, to be redeemers, and make this go and stay viral. The rock opera and the website are the vehicles. You are the driver. All the rest is aftermath and will follow through. That’s why my effort to reinvent a true government of, by and for we the people, with new online tools to make it actually work daily, for every citizen, as it was supposed to be, will happen. That’s why this song is potentially the game changer. Simple as it is, it’s a universal truth and can become a universal redemption flashpoint.


The story of redemption (in our time, Redeem The Dream) needs to be retold to each generation because oppressors resurface every 75-150 years. Looking powerful, with pretty women, smiling faces, good suits, a wacky entourage, and some type of wild hair. Actually, they’re easy to spot, because they’re not like us. They’ll take your house, your children, your life, and your future, all with a smile. And not lose any sleep while you’re telling everyone how cool and tough they are.


Like The Who’s Rock Opera’s, I reinforce themes. This song screams the main theme, redemption, and foreshadows two pure concepts coming together in you, creating it. “We all evolve” and “We’re all redeemers”. As you realize it’s the same music easily transformed, you realize you’re the same person, transforming, because you now see how we can all redeem ourselves.


The path of redemption is always the same. It’s in you. Anything else is clever diversion. Nobody can make you happy but you. Nobody can secure your future but you. Nobody can redeem you but you. Once you realize this, you’ve evolved, and are activated. Then redeeming becomes a daily effortless pursuit; yes of happiness.


So spread the word with me “We’re all redeemers” at RTDNOW.COM. We always have been. I’m just reminding us and helping focus all of us, 300 million as 1, as redeemers of everyone’s American dream in an OVER-NIGHT movement called Redeem The Dream Now.  

  • What do redeemers do?

  • How do I redeem the American dream?

  • Hint: see the RTDNOW Plan to Save America.


Words and Music by ADRIAN

We are all redeemers.  Me, you, your family, and all the strangers around you.

And we’re all Americans. We have a lot in common.


We are all redeemers, with the sacred task of leaving this country “better” than we found it.


We are all redeemers, every single one of us.  And now it’s our turn, and our time.


We are all redeemers to fulfill America’s promise. Make it everything is was supposed to be for everybody.


The problem is nobody can, and nobody will, do that for us.

The solution is simple and old. We all have to do it together.


That’s why I wrote us, this 100 song “opera”

Because I know what you want. And we all know what we need. 


It’s time: help me awaken 300 million citizens as 1.

Redeem the dream, now.

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