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  - ADRIAN 2017.

Muhammad Ali, the boxer, chose to go to prison to stand for truth. He’s called The Greatest because he fought “The Whole System” and won.  Jefferson did too. To be the greatest, all you have to do is be David and defeat Goliath. And so we all are doing now.


Making of thre Song "Who Am I?"



The chocolate accidentally gets shoved into peanut butter: both go “Wow!” I wrote the music twice, shoved it together, and manufactured a Lennon-McCartney moment. Pessimist-meets-optimist-gets emotional tension and release. “Wow!"


Tim Ellis my producer asked “What’s the arrangement?” I said a Who type front with raging Keith Moon type drums transitioning to a Moody Blues lament, building back to a Who-like grand finally full of Dylan-esque lyrics. He waited for more. He wouldn’t make a song unless he thought it had real potential. “How you connecting the two ‘movements’?”  I did a verbal air guitar riff. He slowly smiled. We got excited. Tim plugged in his electric guitar and embellished my chords ripping out a rough leaving me saying “Wow!”


Later as we made the song I joked into the mic “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Moody Blues!!!”  Jean Pierre Garau jerked his head to say “Oh, that’s the feel you want” and made the middle beautifully reminiscent of songs like Tuesday Afternoon. Mike Braun knocked the drums out of the park, “They’re tight!”  Everybody who knows drumming says that about Mike.


While I knew the Moodies hits, I never owned an album or saw them live until Tim Ellis finally told me all the poetry put to off the beaten path music I was creating was Moody Blues-like. I had no idea.




The Who. Big fan. No surprise Quadrophenia, (one of their rock operas) is one of my favorite albums I’d always play on the 9-hour drive to college from LA to Chico, CA, which would take up the first 90 minutes and 90 miles. I dreamt up GPS Navigation way before I ever heard of it on those drives, but never dreamed of making a big rock opera. 


Not until I saw how much horsepower the Promised Land Band had 30 years later, and then quickly realized America was collapsing so fast before my eyes and each President was just imitating Sully Sullenberger trying to land a crashing economy in terminal decline without killing too many people. Now that’s compassion, not leadership, unfortunately. I guess everyone eventually tells us who they are, mostly too late, unfortunately. But I wrote this song because I need to know now, from all 300 million Americans. Right now: and so do you. That’s the relentless drive you hear and feel in the song.




I needed to give the effort of my life to try to convince 300 million citizens

to help me save America. It started at 30 songs, quickly went to 76 for

American Spirit, then I realized I needed 100 to create 100% activism to

let everyone know I meant business and make EVERYONE actually BELIEVE.


But I guess all that tells you who I am.  And how far I’ll go for what I believe in and to make something happen. Coincidently, the title of Pete Townshend’s autobiography is Who I Am.  Pete? You and Roger want to cover this song for Album 11 VOICES, and help me save America?  Now that would be a dream come true.  I am wearing my Quadrophenia hoodie from your 2016 tour as I write this at 12:28 AM.




It’s a small world, getting smaller by the minute. As the American economy continues its cruel decline (because they don’t want to restore everyone’s American dream as I do, or they wouldn’t have let your economy go overseas) we are all going to find ourselves in the same economic lifeboat clinging to life. Like the Titanic, there are not nearly enough lifeboats.  They’ve all left anyway.  That’s why I’m so emphatic in this song. Everyone really needs to wake up now before this ship we sail in called America, breaks in two also.


Want to save America fast?  It’s easy, just tell me who you are by adding your name at RTDNOW.COM.  Tell me you’re an American spirit.  Because the world is gonna get real small real fast one way or another.  We all sink going as we are, or we all swim: add your name so we all know who we are again and turn this ship around. We are all slowly drowning, that’s what short on money is. Swim. Everybody. Now.  As Thomas said, “Take Action!”

Who Am I? Hell of a question. Throughout our lives the answer changes as we grow and learn. Yet our innate core values, our sense of compassion or responsibility, don’t change, unless we have experienced some kind of an awakening. Some of us are awake but many of us aren’t. My goal, the goal of this opera, is to awaken all 100% of us together with the vision of a new national mission. Awaken us all as Americans. We are one people.


We let media ploys pitting republicans against democrats, or the people against the government, or against the media, or against whom every to make us mad and turn off while a super-minority of 10 million elites divide us to endlessly rob our treasury while never really offering any solutions for 300 million hard working citizens. They are laughing at us because we fall for it every time. Every four years, for the last 60 years at least. They take us for fools and sheep. They call us Sheeple. That’s who the elites running our government by paying off our politicians think we are. Worse, they just don’t care, they understand how to manipulate a whole country and they make it look easy. The news media looks like fools because unfortunately, they played that role. Now you have a better idea of why I’m trying to wake everyone up at once. Because we are the only ones that can save us, and we are unstoppable as one.

WHO AM I the song is the essence of the opera, and the lyrics of this song are inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson. Seven years ago, during a family trip to Washington DC, I bought a book of Thomas Jefferson’s quotes. He was quite a scholar. We even got to visit his personal library, and it was one of many high points in my family’s trip to Washington DC.  I am simply in awe when I think about Jefferson drafting the Declaration without a word processor, putting pen to parchment. He was able to assimilate so much information and translate it into such a profound message. He considered all that had gone before, defined who an American is and who we were going to be for generations. It is astounding to think that he changed the world with those words in that single document.


What was it in Jefferson and the 56 other signers of our first Declaration of Independence from runaway government that enabled them to take such radical action against all common thought? We look back and see boldness; we see utter fearlessness as they stood up together to declare who they were. This is why I start the song Seize The Moment with Jefferson’s quote. Because it appears we’ve forgotten who we are as Americans. And it is time to tell the world who we are once again. When we do, we affirm our heritage, we affirm our path forward, we affirm our rights to a government of, by and for the people once more. So, I asked myself, “WHO AM I?”, And I’m asking you to ask of yourself, “WHO AM I?”  I know we are all American spirits seeking freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: we must all awaken that in us if we are to save America for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens who make this country run.

So who are you? Are you one of the 120-Million citizens who did NOT vote in the 2016 presidential election? Did you feel your vote did not matter in a system rigged by money in politics, as many told me? Do you realize if all those people who ‘opted out’ had voted for a single write in candidate, like ADRIAN 2020, they could have easily elected a person with an OVER-NIGHT plan to reclaim America for the ordinary citizen? As we know who we are we are again, we grasp the power as a people to control our futures.  Just like we did in 1776, we grasp the power of us, all of us, just signing the RTDNOW petition is that power and can change the world again, OVER-NIGHT.


I am challenging every single American to rediscover their American Spirit and participate. Our founders weren’t going to be fools of the establishment or slaves to tyranny. They ended their nightmare by signing a declaration, which in one act, changed the future of the world. They told everyone who they were: free.


In the simple act of signing a declaration they told the world they were going to be people who decided their own fate and controlled their own destiny. They each declared it individually and as a unit. Our Declaration of Independence may have been the greatest, the most transformational, and most potent single act, in all human history. 


Again, I ask you to ask of yourself, “WHO AM I?” because it all starts there.  If you’re a free fearless American spirit like me ready to steer your own future, tell me who you are by adding your name at and you will tell the whole world once more: American!

Who Am I?
  • Really, ask yourself, who am I?

  • What bold actions made you, you?

  • Really, what do you stand for?

  • What do we stand for as Americans?

  • What should we stand for?


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Abusers never stop, abusers never stop

We’re not going to be deaf dumb and blind kids to our fate, anymore!


Gotta find a way, gotta find a way, to live my American dream everyday!

But what will become of my dreams when everything is not what it seems?


Is life one big con? Is that what’s gone wrong?

The lights are still on. But is anyone home?


Am I gonna save America? Am I gonna save America?

Am I gonna save America? Am I gonna save America?


Am I Adrian redeeming the dream tonight? 

If we want the abuse to stop my friends its time to fight!


A child is conceived in bliss.  A baby is born perfect.  Looking out with tender eyes.

Wondering who? Who am I?


Will I be sad? Or will I be bad? Or will I shine my light on the world? 

Searching inside, still asking, Who am I?


I really need to know, it’s the key to this show, where you’re the star of your future you know,

I really need to know, so ask yourself “Who Am I?”


She stumbles through high school, he bumbles through dating drool, searching the Internet like a lost cupid fool trying to find himself in someone else, surfing and wondering “Who Am I?”


Am I the lone techie? Am I the full body tattooed stripper? Am I the Wolfie? Or am I always dinner? Am I my parents DNA? Brands I wear? Rap I hear? Am I queer? “Who Am I?”


I really need to know, it’s the key to this show, where you’re the star of your future you know,

I really need to know, so ask yourself “Who Am I?”


I need to know!  He needs to know! I need to know. He needs to know!

The mirror won’t tell me, am I just the evening show? Who am I?


Am I the gun? Am I the trigger? Am I the white boy, trying to deliver?

Am I the truth? Am I the lie? Am I a politician that needs to fry?  Who am I?


I really need to know, it’s the key to this show, where you’re the star of your future you know,

I really need to know, ask yourself please ask yourself “Who Am I?”


Am I the ruler in a cave? The blind slave? Am I the redeemer of the American dreamer my friends?

Am I the virus? Am I the cure? Am I what you been waiting for?


Am I the Angel? Am I the Devil? Am I the dirt? Or am I the shovel?

Is money in politics a sick joke we’re all made to smoke?


Are we finally awake? Oh I hope for God’s sake. The priest and the sinner. Am I both?

Is there no winner in the fight for your soul?


Am I the Acid Queen? The Pinball Wizard?

Am I Pete Townsend? Or just a beginner?


Don’t care about left or right. Am I an American Spirit?

Am I redeeming the dream tonight?


Ask yourself, really, “Who Am I?”


This is the essence of Jefferson's brilliance often forgotten and overlooked. With his proclamations he set every single person on the planet free: he freed their minds from Social programming. He told everyone who was existing in some form of social and economic slavery: they had a free will. He should be called the modern founder of free will not just a free thinker.


He freed everyone from the past master-and-slave relationship. Free us from traditional expectations thrown upon us. Of who we were, and who we would become! Freed us to rebel against abusive government policies. With his words he gave us all the freedom to pursue our wildest dreams and not look back. He changed the world.


Through RTDNOW I am bringing all of that back into today so each one of us individually and collectively can together seek our new economic freedom. To 300 million ordinary hard working citizens to free and empower each one of us.  So take a moment to time travel back with me to 1774 now. Read and see how the American Revolution picked up steam with Jefferson's writings in the Virginia Declaration of Rights that would change the world forever.

Thomas Jefferson

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “Who Am I?"

Jefferson writes 'The 1st' Emancipation Declaration! For the whole planet.

Jefferson already knew what he wanted to say two years before he wrote the Declaration of Independence. And while the phrase "pursuit of happiness" may have been 'common talk' as far back as 1690, Jefferson crystallized it and broadcasted it as never before. As you will read here, he was talking about independence of 'every-single-human-being', not just independence for a new country.  

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