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July 2020


A hit for Decades. It's how we all got to a dysfunctional government circus being distracted.

The Federal Reserve, our central bank, in July 2020 just REMOVED 10% bank reserves. Ohhh shiiiiiit

  • This will cause Banks to Fail 


  • 'Fed' is 50% Foreign Owned

  • Created 1913 on a Duck Hunting trip on Jekyll Island off Georgia. Weird but true. Read the eBook!


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.46.58 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 5.05.15 PM.png

60 Million don't have clean drinking water. U may b next!

  • You found out here because 6 companies control all media.

Homelessness is Now a Crime!


  • 30 million homeless, 100 million soon unless we all REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

  • Left: Homeless NYC man beaten by police, taken to hospital. END homelessness, Reinvent Policing RTDNOW

     This Weeks         NOTABLE  QUOTABLE'S

Timeless Wisdom - We Forget to Remember

<---------"Wall St. is America's Biggest Threat. Jefferson 1777

Divided, We Fall Apart. Adrian 2020------------>

<----------There's No Try, Just Do. Yoda-Timeless

The Universe Rewards Risk & Passion. Joe Rogan ---------->

"Just Try the Bleach" Attributed to a bleach salesman-2020

My Rant !@$%# Secret Police
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