The amazing American Dream Story starts with how millions of American spirits effortlessly banded together overnight to form the United States Of America. With no cell phones in 1776, imagine that. And how American ingenuity invented most of the modern world and won three world wars. And the amazing rapid decline of the last 50 years where a flourishing American Dream was dismantled but by bit creating a corporate state bringing all 300 million Americans not in the elite wealth class to the brink of poverty and total collapse of our country.


Decades of American Family and Worker Decline



300 Million citizens now have an immediate way to save America and restore everyone’s American Dream, by adding their name to the RTDNOW Plan

that starts with 1% fixed rate home loans for all. This single policy change makes housing affordable for every American, elevates 75

Million citizens out of poverty, helps 52 Million reduce their rent by 50% or achieve home ownership, and sets our course to end homelessness. The RTDNOW Plan rapidly transforms America into a Citizen First

Nation overnight by doubling the net

monthly income  of every household,

ending runaway government, and

creating 40 Million new high wage

jobs to ensure a prosperous future

for every American. 



This may be the most

important letter you 

ever read. 

Please read this letter from Adrian

and learn why we need you to

join RTDNOW.

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