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Musically, RTDNOW sets a new record, with a 12 album anthology. Each day, Adrian wants you to hear 1 of 100 new songs, with the intentionality of creating gradual momentum, and full awareness of what we face as a people. Together we will review our founding documents, look at the harsh realities of today, and dream about a better future. We need to be reminded what makes us uniquely American and how that transformed our entire planet, so we can have courage to face our future and improve it. The American people need to claim their American Dream now!


Awakening 300 Million American spirits to reclaim our country, their own future and restore the prosperity of this great nation is possible. In four short years, virtually overnight, we seek not “revolution” but a radical evolution. We need to rediscover that the key to making this happen is US! We are the key to our own redemption; it's our turn. With the age of the internet and the ubiquitous smart phone, citizen participation is virtually effortless. We can all participate in the world’s first free interactive online rock opera, by listening daily, and sharing the message.


The themes of this opera were written for the ordinary average citizen. Like it or not, 1% of the population (about 3 million people), the 'super elites', have been setting the American corporate and global agenda for 50 years, bankrupting the country and many average citizens in the process. No government can be that stupid for that long; it was an organized plan. The super elites are supported by about 7 million well paid 'elites' that they keep in power and comfort to supervise and enforce their agenda and policies through media and government. And they're global. They hide behind mega corporations. As a group, I call them the “Corporama.” That's 10 million of them. But there are 300 million of us ordinary citizens, and it's our turn to drive. The primary goal of the prelude is to rally 300 Million American spirits as 1, and call everyone to add their name to the RTDNOW petition online. This is a new Declaration of Independence from our current runaway government.

With this petition, every person reserves their seat in the RTDNOW Citizen’s Constitutional Congress, an online forum where citizens may review, improve, ratify and approve Adrian's simple three-step RTDNOW PLAN TO SAVE AMERICA.

As proceeds from the Rock Opera accrue by the dollar, rather than billions, We the People can help restore the voice and will of the people. We want you not just to listen, but to participate and help expand RTDNOW nationally!


Sign Up Now for just $1/month and get everything, all the music, the ebook and control of your American Dream back. It's today's GREAT DEAL for every American citizen. 

"My friends, we are all on the edge of an abyss. The next step you take will determine not just your future, but all of our futures. When our whole system of government no longer represents the people, becomes corrupted and paralyzed, and just as in 1775 or 1901 is driven by billionaires, it’s up to us all to do something uniquely American and sign a petition. 

Starting now, we need to unite as one voice, 300-Million-As-1, effortlessly at RTDNOW.LCOM adding our names to save America for its citizens in our time. In certainty and trust, we shall all act to restore everyone's American dream in an OVERNIGHT PLAN!  Tell everyone: RTDNOW.COM."

With a panoramic vision of America past, present and future, Adrian sings a story of the loss and redemption of the American Dream, with a few dozen fabulous music artists. His online story unfolds daily at RTDNOW.COM spurring us toward transformation to save America.


Below is the original release format of 12 albums Adrian references in his podcasts. Because the American dream is melting down faster than polar ice caps (300 million of us are the polar bears) Adrian accelerated release of the opera in 3 mega albums with a compilation preview as the summary. As all our great musicians step forward to sing with Adrian, cover a song, or deliver their own RTDNOW song for the opera, these 12 albums will be released full of guest artists.


“As my song ‘In the Belly of the Beast’ laments, ‘We’re all on a frozen lake, and the ice is starting to crackle and break.’ One and all: Redeem the Dream Now!”


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