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RTDNOW is a 300 Million as 1 Petition Vote to Reinvent America Overnight



In An Overnight 2020 RTD Plan Online


Protests nationwide are demanding an end to systemic racism and 50 years of economic failures that created total inequality and poverty. Now that we're all awake it's time to all take the next step to improve America. Why am I asking everyone to participate here to do that?  This affects us all.  80% of us have no savings, 25% just lost jobs, America's Bankrupt, government has no citizens plan, and we're all about to lose 50 million jobs to technology. The future for most is bleak, until we change it. Until we make our own history like our founders, by signing a 2020 national petition for what we want instead of waiting for a government lost for five decades, a LIFETIME, paralyzed still by money in politics, offering only lip service. The serious overdue structural changes we seek to renew America with real equality for all, takes all of us, at least 100 million, with a defined plan. I've spent 10 years drafting such a plan called The RTDNOW All Citizens Plan for your review. You'll see its an implementation plan. The policies such as 1% non profit home loans work swiftly to deliver the American Dream of Equality (social, political, and economic) and Prosperity, to all, as we all add our names to pass it on a will of the people petition vote here. The Plan fixes America's 245 year old birth defects. OUR 2 ORIGINAL SINS: money in politics, and systemic racism. The intertwined causes of our national social and economic disasters unfolding in unison, threatening our total collapse, in a newly revealed police state of fear which held it in place for the last 50 years. Read my eBook for details. Nobody gives you anything good. WE have to say specifically what we want, and how we want it delivered, (in policies and programs), or we won't get what we want. Yes, it's just like at a restaurant, its not rocket science, government can't deliver what we don't specifically order, so to speak. But as a country of 300 million citizens, not in the wealth class elite, WE have to place the specific order all together: and now we ALL can. RTDNOW exists to make structural change happen after all the energy of a national awakening dissipates. It's easy, in your hand 24/7 on your phone, so all will participate actively. Take meaningful action to protect your family now, to make a real future of equality and prosperity for all. If you're finally ready for a renewed, healed America, with smart, specific and and fast acting 2020 new all citizen's policy solutions be RTDNOW: the new America now. Get your T-Shirt.

RTDNOW's free: add your name and share 


300 MILLION AS 1 REDEEM THE DREAM NOW    Thank you, Adrian.

Please Read The Plan It's For Everyone
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Adrian Explains HOW RTDNOW Works For You
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Take Action Together To Protect Our Families
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