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What 'The Rock Opera to Save America' Means


The music is the story of the American dream, and how we restore it for everyone. It's called REDEEM THE DREAM, The Rock Opera to Save America. I want to be clear what that means. We are saving the American dream, of equality, prosperity, and democracy for all.... We are saving it from 40 years of money in politics from global corporations who influence our duly elected officials to carry out their wishes, or they don't get more money to stay elected. We are saving America from this massive corruption that amounts to $50 trillion that bankrupted all Americans and our country, channeling all the money to the top 10% and offshore. In summary, we are saving America from endless dysfunctional government, total economic collapse, and a new fascism of believed lies it has bred, which is a short term dead end for those who think they have no other options left after four decades (almost a generation) of decay bringing poverty to our nation. We have a peaceful productive way before us all now with the RTDNOW effort to solve our biggest problems overnight at internet speed.


As we all share the music and this site, so we all add our names to the RTDNOW petition, we provide the will of the people, what it will take to pass an RTDNOW Plan that removes money from politics to give this country back to we the people, where it belongs, under our constitution, yes with its flaws, its watering down to mean anything these days, which we will all correct with the RTDNOW constitutional amendment outlined in the plan. So that is what 'The Rock Opera to Save America' means. P.S. I spent 10 years creating RTDNOW to replace 80 million jobs and refloat the whole economy fast as we lose 80 million jobs to technology over the next 10 years. That's the big collapse coming our dysfunctional government is letting happen. The RTDNOW plan needs to be implemented now, about a decade early because Covid crippled the economy and caused social disruption that will be with us for a decade just in time for the next collapse if we don't implement RTDNOW soon. The podcasts and ebook give much detail as to why we all need the RTDNOW Plan now to save America. I pray for all our elected officials to succeed for us all, but they need the RTDNOW Plan and all our voices to succeed for us all.


Both have been missing, all our voices and real solutions for a generation. We all need to get back on the road to a bright future fast. 300 million as 1 Add your names. As we get 100 million names I will present the petition to Congress for immediate adoption. And if they don't pass it, then draft me, vote Adrian 2024 and I'll implement it virtually overnight. Together, we can and we will save America. The other options, more of the same, fascism, all suck. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW.

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