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They hatched a plan in 1971 to divide the American people and it’s almost complete. Divide them from each other. Divide them from their government. Divide them from their rights. Divide them from American values. Divide them from the American Dream. Divide them from their jobs. Divide them from their money. Divide them from their American spirit to ‘Do-Better’. Divide them from their country until the point the 300 million hard working American citizens were divided from their future. Enough.



We can’t wait 10-20 years until America has lost all its jobs (1/2 of all retail stores closing is next losing 20 million more jobs) and is in total economic and social collapse. It’s time to save America and restore everyone’s American dream, while we still can, and do it overnight. It’s time for every single American to REDEEM THE AMERICAN DREAM.


And there’s only one way that happens, where everyone gets the America they really want to live in, and gets it now. UNITED WE STAND! And now we all have a place and peaceful way to do it quickly:




Making of the Song "United We Stand (at RTDNOW.COM)"



That was my instruction to Tim Ellis my producer when I asked him to bring the horn players in for this song. I said I want it more prolific than the horns that brought down the Walls of Jericho! We already have such a heathen wall in this country standing between the people and their government holding back 300 million American dreams. It’s called Wall St. That’s why the horns needed a divine intervention kind of sound: they needed to attract everyone to march around our wall seven times to bring it down.




That was the original opening line, ‘ride my scooter down the street’, but without the music video, it didn’t make sense, so I changed it. I pictured me on a Harley riding real slow and giving a head nod to a kid on a tricycle and an old lady on an electric scooter going down the street, as in all generations were getting on the same (web) page. Seems like we’re all on scooters of some type these days. Maybe I’ll change the opening line back as I get to make the music video.




That’s what my head said when I heard Troy Welstad’s piano adaptation of my melody. It was everything I hoped for: soothing, inspiring, calming and emboldening. Thanks Troy! It was now everything a new national anthem (what!/?) should sound like. Yes, we need another new one that we can all sing along to with real meaning for us all today. We have five anthems: Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, This Land is Your Land, and America the Beautiful, so what’s one more. Remember the famous movie ‘Casablanca’? Watch the part where the Free French stand and sing out, all joining in one by one adding their voices, right in front of Vichy (Nazi) French Troops in bold face defiance until they were more powerful. Well, now we all have a song to sing 300 million as 1 in defiance of big money taking over our country and stealing the American dream.




What? That’s what Mike Braun my drummer did to capture the grandeur of the song at the opening and in a few places playing brushes expertly on and across the symbols. Mike is such a pro. Whatever I asked for he just nodded and did something 10 times better. Thanks Mike! Instead of Hail to the Chief being played every time the President walks in the room, if I were President, we’d move out of the 18th Century and play something meaningful, like my song, United We Stand.

Paul Brainard shows off his Les Paul Goldtop Guitar

Steve Hale and Michele Van Kleef background singers warm up

Paul Brainard Records with Dean Baskerville and Adrian

Paul Brainard on Steel Guitar




William Henry Lee

Virginia, 1776

Thomas Jefferson

Virginia, 1776


Oregon, 2018

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “United We Stand"

Let’s start with how America began and what it was supposed to be. Our first and true constitution came from the LEE RESOLUTION on June 6, 1776. It set in motion a new country with a new government to be created composed of 3 documents that said: America was to be independent, global, and of the people. 


Here’s a brief summary of how we all united to change the world and create the American Dream. I note where that was corrupted and how as we all add our names, 300 Million As 1, to effortlessly unite again online at RTDNOW.COM, we all redeem the dream. We all, every citizen, restore the real American dream, of citizen equality and independence, overnight, as we all enter the new era of 100% participation, conveniently and for free, by just using our cell phones to create the next America, to chart the future we the people choose.


This Time Traveler Moment concludes comparing our first constitution, called the Articles of Confederation, which gave us independence and equality, to our 2nd, which removed independence and equality, with a shorter simpler title of, The Constitution of 1787, and Adrian’s proposed RTDNOW 2020 PLAN, which amends our 2nd constitution (governmental plan) to restore citizen and State equality with the knowledge and participation of all our people, thereby restoring the original American dream of social, political and economic equality, for every single citizen.


Our three founding documents per the Lee Resolution, circa 1776, with a 2020, literally ‘renewed’ America, perspective:

  1. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE created America separating it from Great Britain and created the American Dream of social, political and economic equality for every citizen which changed how the world operates, obliterating the Master-Slave rules the world ran under for eons, oppressing everyone on the planet. Our Declaration gave unremovable rights and powers of freedom to every individual. Thomas Jefferson, who Adrian models after, was the primary writer. It remains the most famous document on the planet, because it freed the planet and all the people of the world from systemic tyranny, also known as perpetual runaway government. This document is our primary charter as Americans and remains unchanged and in force today. From its inception, 2/3 of all counties on earth followed its lead to practice some form of equality through Democracy. The world in 1777 called America ‘Jefferson’s Democracy’ for good reason.

  2. A PLAN FOR FOREIGN ALLIANCES was to be created. Never perfected and corrupted by a global wealth class over 25 decades with money in politics fueling endless runaway (from its citizens) government, it led to four World Wars over resources and in 2018 bankrupted the world and thereby destabilized the majority of countries causing massive uncontrolled migrations to begin. Adrian is proposing a new foreign alliance concept of ‘Mutual Sustainability’ to end perpetual hot and cold wars which have usurped the wealth of the world with over 100 armed conflicts between nations over the last 250 years of our existence. “Adrian’s (Mutual Sustainability) Doctrine” establishes world equality and economic peace by extending the RTDNOW (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW) PLAN, for modification and implementation, to all countries to restore citizen rights and equality, citizen economic health, and build their country’s new American Dream growth engine. By creating sustainable economics in each country based on citizen equality, destabilization of the world governments and populations evaporates as prosperity is created in each independent country.​

  3. A PLAN FOR CONFEDERATION was to be established to connect the fully independent 13 states of 1776 into a combined government that equally represents all the people of all the states. Our first and true constitution was called THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION and embodied what the founders fought for in a 7 year long Revolutionary War, to end the economic tyranny and social oppression that always comes from a far-off located central government that is geographically distant so as to be taken far away from the people so the wealth class elite, without close supervision by all the people via a people’s free and independent press, corrupts representatives with ‘donations’ and ‘favors’ who then change our social, economic, and due process laws and policy, without the people's consent, manipulating the people’s system of government, to channel the wealth of the country to themselves, (In 1776 The wealth class was called The Gentleman’s Class and today it’s called The Corporate Class) and to build armies (or today global corporate economic monopolies and cartels) to conquer new territory to plunder global wealth and resources, to ever expand their wealth. This of course is unsustainable which is why each ‘old order’ crumbles in some people’s uprising every 100 years or so. The Articles of Confederation accomplished representing the people with nearby government, to remain of all the People, perfectly. But the wealth class highjacked this perfect government of equality in process within 10 short years, replacing it completely with an old form of English Monarchy with no citizen rights, by putting a fresh face: General Washington’s, everywhere. This 2nd U.S. governmental plan and document was formed without We the People, behind closed doors, in a military coup led by our foremost General (Washington) and three conspirators as we shall examine in detail in other RTDNOW Time Traveler Moments. Our second, non-people’s wealth class government of 1787, took all power and independence away from the States, and citizens, in a new document simply called, The Constitution. Adrian’s RTDNOW PLAN ends 240 years of Runaway Government by amending that. The RTDNOW Amendments restore and rebalance, the Independence taken away from us all to recreate citizen and state independence and equality: the real American Dream. Foremost it creates instant economic equality with the RTDNOW Citizen’s ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS, (please read the RTDNOW PLAN). All 3 steps of the RTDNOW PLAN restore the real and original COMPLETE American Dream, and expand it instantly, to every single citizen, overnight, as we all add our names, (in a physical act of equality) at RTDNOW.COM, 300 Million As 1. Yes, United We Stand.



Just like we did it the first two times by all adding our names, but this time all the people signing a petition called Redeem The Dream at RTDNOW.COM


To understand how we are restoring the complete American dream of social, political and economic equality for every single citizen, let’s compare our first (perfect American dream) Constitution, to the (wealth class) 2nd Constitution, and the RTDNOW Plan of 2020, which through using the amendment process of the 2nd constitution, amends it to redeem, get back, restore, 300 million american complete dreams, overnight. And how just by 300 million citizens adding their names online at RTDNOW.COM, we all end 240 years of runaway government. And we all create citizen economic equality doubling 90% of all citizen’s net income, and we all save America from total social and economic collapse under $40 trillion of national debt in about 10 short years, by building the next American dream engine now, that will retire that debt. And we all do that simply by changing economic policy: part of the RTDNOW citizen’s plan. Please read the RTDNOW plan. It’s brief and for every single citizen.


2018, the Quiet Before the Next Economic Tidal Wave. Automated trucking will take away,kill, 3 MILLION American’s jobs. We are going to lose upwards of 20 Million jobs to technology over the next 10-20 years. It’s time to act, 300 Million As 1: Add your name and tell everyone Redeem The Dream Now @ RTDNOW.COM



But as hard and as long as you may look, there’s only one to the titanic mess America is in: United We Stand. UNITED WE STAND? Well that really is an over the top, overly ambitious title/vision statement for an opening to the world’s first 100 song ‘interactive’ mega rock opera called REDEEM THE DREAM, with the goal to Save America and restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT. Effortlessly we are going to start the new era of 100% activism at RTDNOW.COM listened to the next free-access redemption song and live United We Stand as we invoke the power of all the people.


“But Adrian, we are at our worst point in American history since the civil war at being united as a people. You’ve got to be kidding Adrian. Is this a joke?” No, it’s not. And as everyone tunes in to hear the story of the real American dream daily in song and podcast they will be inspired to add their name at RTDNOW.COM in the new era of 100% activism to restore everyone’s American dream and save America from total collapse. We will rapidly achieve unity in purpose as a people once more: to save ourselves, our American dreams, and our country, again.

But how did we, 300 million citizens with the same needs for living and aspirations for a ‘better’ life, get so divided? That’s simple, Global Corporate Money in media and our politics changed laws and all information became dis-information over the last 50 years to bring us to where we are now. 100 MILLION in poverty, 100 MILLION one recession away, and $26 TRILLION in national debt which at $40 TRILLION in 10 short years will cause our total economic collapse if not addressed now as the RTDNOW PLAN does.

United We Stand (at RTDNOW.COM)

The details of the theft of the American dream and our precarious national collapse situation are not simple to find or easily put together constructively, which is why nobody has. But I put them all together for us in podcasts and bonus materials of each song in the opera to tell you, every American who lost the American dream, exactly how it happened, how the American dream and American government was stolen from its citizens small step by step, decade by decade, and who did it. I will point out American dream turning points so you can see what we had as a real American dream, how it was purposely dismantled, and I will explain the RTDNOW PLAN of how we put Humpty Dumpty back together again. How we get all the pieces of the complete American dream of social, political and economic equality, back for every single citizen quickly. Beyond the chaos and deceit of the twisted story of stealing the American dream, this opera and RTDNOW.COM website provides SOLUTIONS to save American and restore everyone’s American dream overnight.



A curious thing happened about 10 years ago. Americans stopped really looking for answers. Stopped demanding them. Started to settle for all the lies, corruption in government, and total destruction of 300 million American dreams. We as a people stopped looking for real answers and accepted endless BS from all our politicians, our elected representatives who would say such idiotic things as “we found out about it when you did in the news” when they’d been monitoring bad characters or trends for YEARS. Faced with endless lies and stonewalling, We the People gave up and went about the business of surviving a constantly collapsing bubble driven economy that had its growth engine, big factories, removed and watched ourselves and our nation fall helplessly further and further into debt.


Wow, that’s a really sad conclusion. But that’s what I see all across America. The young are trying to survive; the old are trying to stay alive. It’s like everyone’s running as hard as they can away from a sinking ship with as much as they can take and carry stepping on and over people as they go. It’s a prolonged quiet nation wide panic by about 100 million who see a collapse coming. And for 100 million in poverty right now, its just survival every week. And because real decline in America has gone on for 20 years now, it’s caused a fissure in our national psyche, of who we are, and has put a lid on the American spirit burning in each of us. America is smoldering in hopelessness. It’s come to a point that the people who won three world wars, and put man on the moon, think nothing substantial and meaningful, like restoring everyone’s American dream overnight can be done anymore. It can!


But these are troubling times indeed. The most troubling since 1938. America is at a crossroads. And this is a very sad state of Personal and national affairs for 300 Million Americans who live in fear of the next big economic collapse coming around the bend. But that’s what motivated me to make such an over the top complete effort to reach every American, and offer new solutions, THE RTDNOW PLAN, to quickly restore our national soul, our individual, and collective prosperity.



Because not only have we the people stopped looking for answers, everybody in charge of looking for answers stopped, that’s why. Our politicians, our President, our journalists, our economists. Going into more debt for the citizen and more tax breaks for Billionaires who took the last American dream engine overseas with our leaders help is the only tired and worn out solution total idiots as leaders offer. Any teenager can go into debt without making money. That’s how they run America. It’s total incompetence and we all know it. So tell me, who hasn’t stopped looking for answers? Now that’s an interesting answer that will surprise you: Protestors! Yeah the only people demanding we do much better on every front of the American Dream are citizen activist protestors. And I’m the newest one. And this opera is asking everyone in America to protest with me, 300 million as 1, just by using your cell phone daily.





Welcome to the rock opera to save America, the biggest, simplistic and most peaceful online constructive protest the world has ever seen to Save America from total economic and social collapse and restore 300 Million American dreams overnight.


The rock opera to save America is called REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, or RTDNOW for short. It’s a 100 song free access daily rock opera at RTDNOW.COM meant to create an effortless 300 Million citizen equality movement in every home in America called RTDNOW so that we can restore 300 Million American dreams overnight with a simple RTDNOW Citizens PLAN that does such things as instantly doubling the take home pay for 90% of Americans overnight with simple policy changes.





We are a terribly divided people today as we were right before the civil war. But today it’s not a race class division; it’s a money class division. Similar to 1900 just 30 years before the 1st Great Depression. And while we are too mentally exhausted by blabbering liars on all our corporate controlled media who just seem like they are endlessly providing emotional counseling to 300 Million Americans who keep losing people and things we love needlessly. We are all inside our heads saying, “is this what we’ve become? Blabbering idiots? Is nobody going to show up with real answers to the biggest problems of low wages, job loss, insufficient health care, quality education and training that were all purposely REMOVED from the real American Dream by a money class over the last 50 years? What are all these idiots we ‘elect’ or more correctly, global corporate money elects, doing with our money and our country!”


Yes we are all in a state of silent rage. And America has not become a nice place to live anymore for 150 Million of our Citizens, 50% of ALL our People! My friends we are at a tipping point in American history. We either ALL forge a new path of equality forward for every citizen where all our voices are heard, we all finally get equal rights, and we get the economic tools to start and finish with a complete American Dream and pursue it to our hearts desire in between, or we slip farther into the netherworld we live in of fake information, puppet leaders, and a global elite money class robbing us blind. I’ve written us the plan to save America overnight called RTDNOW (REDEEM THE DREAM NOW) please take 5 minutes and read it at RTDNOW.COM under Movement.





All RTDNOW needs to work is 300 Million (the minimum is 100 Million) YOU’s adding your name at RTDNOW.COM and subscribing for just $1.00 per month. That’s it. In this movement we are all equals from  start to finish as you participate, which is the blueprint for how the new America will operate as we get 100 million to 300 million people to add their names. We will finally all achieve the bedrock of the American dream: Equality. We will all move to a new understanding that things don’t cost anywhere near what we are all charged, that’s why we are a bankrupted nation. For example, this whole effort was done in my spare time from extra day job hours worked. It did not take me millions or billions to reach out to everyone in America and create a new way forward for all American citizens. It did not take any investors or donors or corporations or any think tanks or political parties that have failed us all badly. It only took a lot of American spirit and American ingenuity. Please read the RTDNOW Citizen’s PLAN which is full of such ingenuity streamlining American policy overnight to make America work for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens instantly.





Yes, the integrated RTDNOW, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW rock opera, website and movement is my answer to all our major problems, ending runaway government, fixing family economics Instantly by doubling your net income overnight, and putting a citizen first system in place to build our next American dream engine (our last one was factories but they’ve left, and technology will reduce jobs in any new factories) and keep government working for the citizens which it hasn’t done for 50 years. Which is why 300 million American citizens are numb, outraged and confused.


Put simply, the one answer we are all looking for is United we Stand. It’s how we started and it’s how we restart America and the American Dream. And through this daily rock opera I am invoking that, it’s the most powerful power we have.



Equality put into our system of government, corruption removed from government, and the citizens needs put at the top of the government to do list not the bottom. There are more details under Adrian 2020 at RTDNOW.COM of exactly how I’d transform America overnight to meet the needs of every citizen. Yes, please write in my name for President, Adrian 2020, if you want me to implement the plan. I’d never made music and made a 100 song rock opera in four years. That should give you and idea of how quickly I’d streamline and refocus 100 federal agencies, monetary and economic policy to favor the ordinary citizen and reform the whole out of control runaway government system bankrupting us and our kids futures OVERNIGHT!


Overnight is one of my favorite words and I’ll keep saying it until you believe it. We’ve been living a lie. We’ve been taught to wait forever which means NEVER. It’s time to understand we can do what we the people want as long as it benefits us all equally. So I’ll be saying it endlessly ‘OVERNIGHT’ until every citizen understands, and then believes that if we all our names at RTDNOW.COM to endorse the RTDNOW Citizens PLAN we can implement it OVERNIGHT!



How do we restore everyone’s American dream? How in the world do we do it OVERNIGHT? Without an answer to ‘how do we do it’ the American citizen has kept losing ground every single year for the last 50 years as prices tripled and wages stayed FLAT. Our wages buy only 1/3 of what our parents did 30 years ago. This is another example of no leadership in government for decades. But there’s really good news, I’ve invented and created the How to move us out of our 50 year decline and stagnation. 300 Million As 1 Redeem The Dream Now At RTDNOW.COM


There are 100 free access daily songs at RTDNOW.COM to inspire you daily, 100 days in a row, 3 times a year, to make RTDNOW.COM viral to really make this happen overnight and then stay that way. And just like that, everybody tells everybody and soon we will all Be United in common purpose at


To save America from total economic and social collapse and restore 300 Million

American Dreams OVERNIGHT with the simple RTDNOW Citizens Equality PLAN


300 Million hard working American citizens are all Looking for Answers to our most pressing household problems. To pay bills. To feed their families. To have affordable medical services. To get quality education that leads to something. To build a real solid future. You’ll find real solutions at RTDNOW.COM/Movement and Adrian 2020 at the site.





Since the start of time in situations like this, there’s only been one real answer: United We Stand. It’s time to do it again because the hard truth is only we can save ourselves. How does this happen quickly, for $1.00 per month per citizen, almost free? We all add our names and subscribe at RTDNOW.COM


Hopefully I’ve made it informative, entertaining, fun and easy. See you daily for the next free access redemption song. Thank you for your time. My name’s Adrian. Enjoy the opera telling the real story of the Real American Dream and how 300 Million American Spirits unite effortlessly to redeem it and redeem themselves in the new era of 100% activism starting at RTDNOW.COM



United We Stand (at RTDNOW.COM)
  • What are we uniting for? (HINT: to save America from total economic collapse and restore 300 million American dreams overnight)

  • How do we unite? Effortlessly? (HINT: Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM. It’s free access to all and Adrian is asking everyone to subscribe for $1.00 per month to support the RTDNOW Equality Movement.)

  • Where are we uniting? (HINT: daily at RTDNOW.COM to hear 1 of 100 original songs about the American dream to inspire us to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM)

  • What’s in it for me? I’m 18, I’m 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78… (HINT: the RTDNOW PLAN reduces everyone’s cost of living by 50% overnight which is like getting a permanent 50-100% pay increase and builds the new American dream engine)

United We Stand (at RTDNOW.COM)

Words and Music by ADRIAN

Took a walk down the street

Just want something good to eat

But my favorite joints are closed

They lost their lease

Count all the pretty signs on houses

Where lots of families once lived

Now there’s a hollow feeling

Across too many neighborhoods


Everywhere I turn, Americans are looking for answers

From the mighty Columbia, to the Great Mississippi Delta

From the New York Harbor, to the streets of Texarkana

The answer is

United We Stand, United We Stand

United We Stand my friends


I want to print a million copies of the Constitution

And glue it on the doors of all our institutions

Because when we all start to participate

That’s what makes our country great

We all need to live the dream

Or the bird of freedom just flies away

All generations of Americans need to get

Actively involved and stay that way


Paul Revere he was an Artisan

George Washington, a Farmer

Ben Franklin, he was a Journalist

Is everyone getting the message yet?


We are the means to save the dream

If we solve and discuss and not scream

We have all the advantages here

And the peoples’ thirst for unity is clear

So get up everyday in a new way

And decide to connect above the fray

Throw all the petty issues away

And make up your mind to unify

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