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Remember the moment the American dream was perfect? Not evolved and perfected, but with the entire DNA for greatness: the promised land of citizen equality. It was perfect at birth: born as a ‘Democratic-Republic’. This meant the people ran the government, but THE CATCH was they had to use all their voices, to impose their will, to keep it that way. The idea was that the people should never accept what the American Revolution just rejected: corruption, a centralized money class system that reigned tyranny and oppression on all the people through a controlling invisible wealth class.


But ever since an American general from Plato’s warrior class, named George Washington, had a closed door meeting for four months to take the Democratic part of our founding out, and replace it with his name everywhere, replacing our Democracy, 50%, or one half of our American psyche with, his image as Demi-God, all we’ve had was a Republic with his face on it: without a real participatory Democracy. And the real American dream has died a slow 240 year death.


True Democracy was purposefully taken out of our psyche by the money class of 1786, called The Gentlemen Class then, in a document called The Constitution, before all the people of a newly born country actually had a chance to participate in their new government. And when the people don’t actively participate, government gets overrun EVEN MORE by money in politics and all citizens gradually lose their rights, freedoms, wealth, what we call the American dream, and eventually, as we are at risk at today, can even lose their whole country.


Today is just like that period of loss of half our identity as a people in 1787, and only the voices and policies of the corporate elite wealth class (who are really paying politicians) are heard and the real American dream of equality, local self-rule, and economic freedom, has become totally lost. And the only way to get that back, is to do what our original founder did, all participate together.


The majority of the American people need to scream as one like they did in 1776. Today that will of the people scream is called REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM. Do it daily as you hear the free redemption song and put it in every email, and soon, 300 million will scream as 1. That’s the Will of the People.


Making of the Song "Will of the People"



Those were my instructions to Tim Ellis my producer of how to translate my garage band home demo of one guitar to a band session. Tim was an expert in understanding the emotion of a song and making the music sound that way.




After the song was done and mixed I still felt ‘restless’ about it. It was solid and cool but it didn’t jerk me out of my id with the first note. It was missing the excitement and danger of raising your voice. Because Tim had passed away I had Dean Baskerville who had taken over Tim’s duties in post-production completion of the songs, bring in a nasty-good overly talented lead guitarist named Matt Salinas he worked with.


Shredding on lead guitar 



I’m still very much the babe in the woods in big time advanced music production: but I still know what I want. My advance instruction to the lead guitar session was to come up with an original lead guitar solo intro like the Beatles did famously in their song titled, Revolution, to wake up the world. Somehow with everyone’s busy schedule this all got forgotten and we all show up and they say, “What are we doing?” I am still learning that musicians work well spontaneously: it’s art. The good news is, so do I. As there was no direction I blasted into a verbal lead guitar solo and everybody said, “Yeah, that’s cool!” And 30 minutes later we had what we needed. I just love the lead guitar intro Matt Salinas did: I hope you do too!

Adrian directs the addition of lead guitar

Jeramy and Dean cracking up



Like all the humble and overly talented artists Tim Ellis surrounded himself with, I had no idea who they were when I met them. So it was with my videographer, Ethan Sheils. He did an excellent job filming and editing this video given the low budget and lack of planning. I wanted to start some basic videos to go with all the studio band footage I’d compiled over 5 band sessions. The day before the video I got a hip-pointer at the gym and was in terrible pain, not moving much, as you can kind of see on my face in half the video. But I never cancel appointments I make so I soldiered through. I am so glad we filmed that day because within a year Tim Ellis passed away. Everyone who knew Tim loved and admired him and we’re all lucky to have this footage to see him rocking it up. We filmed two music videos this day: Will of the People and Protest and Vote.

The Will of the People is accomplished only when everyone gets involved. 

Video was filmed by Hawthorne House on location at the Kung Fu Bakery Music Studio in Portland, Oregon.

Will of the People background vocals recording session.


This book is the primary source for comments about Truman. See pages about 895 on.

“Two American Dream Turning Points”


1. 1952 Executive Order 10340

by President Harry Truman

Question of the day: Does that mean 10339 presidential orders came before? And what were they all? Gasp!


Is America a Democracy? A Republic? A Monarchy? Or has America become that crazy in-law that seems sane in front of the cameras only to spin out of control when we turn our gaze? Unfortunately America’s become the crazy in-law we can’t seem to get rid: not of our blood. Who kind of showed up through a bad marriage long ago of authoritarianism policies in 1787 and the real America dream of 1776. So what do we as Americans do every time the crazy in-law is about to take all our money and rights while smiling and patting us on the back?


We organize. Everyone. To make the obvious, the truth, what is right, the American Dream, right again, for all of us. 


When we all do it like we are doing today, by all adding our names (to stop our crazy in-law, Runaway Government) at RTDNOW.COM in the Redeem The Dream Now Movement, we want something primary. Freedoms that were taken from us. We band together to restore everyone’s Complete American dream (of social, political, and economic freedom and equality) and while we’re all at it, Save America from total Econmic and social collapse from inept and totally corrupted economic management over 50 years. We all band together and do it effortlessly, for good reason: to save all our futures. All Our freedoms. All Our America.

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context

of Adrian's Song “Will of the People"

But back to executive orders which are a by product of that 1787 bad marriage to the elite wealth class called the constitution that gave our President new sole executive powers which always end up creating a runaway government that lives in its own world, playing by its own rules as it writes them, carelessly leaving all the citizens, you and me and our kids, behind in their dust and fallout, without hearing our voices or cries.


Oddly, some executive orders are well intentioned to the people, others are not. Back in 1952 Harry Truman was a busy man. He had fired his Attorney General McGrath, former DNC chairman, who appeared to be obstructing the investigation of the IRS. Wow! I think I may like Truman. Maybe. It was a farcical series of events, just like today (2018 where the President tells the world in a tweet “I’m a genius!”), of people in Office without real balls or clarity of purpose and a real citizen’s plan, and do nothing but waste all our time like the three stooges. No real reform of the IRS, needed way back in 1952, occurred, but it was a glimmer of trying to end Government and corporate collusion.


But as soon as that scandal fizzled out, Harry Truman was knee deep in his next: nationwide telephone and steel strikes being threatened. Indeed, President Truman was a very busy man, he was overseeing truce talks with our old buddies North Korea at the same time. And we are still doing that!!! 66 years later?!? Now that’s like a medieval 100 years war!!!


But more interesting than failed foreign policy over a half a century, Truman announced that night he was seizing the steel mills. WTF? In one of the boldest decisions of his Presidency, since dropping two nuclear bombs on a country (Japan) in surrender talks, he started to turn America into a communist state, and change the course of everyone’s American Dream for the next 75 years. All with a single executive order that came from that bad marriage of 1787.


Before my RTDNOW effort is over I will ( we all will) rewrite the constitution (amend it) to address, curb, such abuse of power by the crazy in-law taking short sighted and unwitting executive action without our consent. Even if like this one by Truman, be it well intentioned or not: it was a total disaster. An epic fail. One sided executive decisions like this is what threw America off its compromise axis and has paralyzed our whole government for 50 years! My whole lifetime! A generation! That’s why America is bankrupt. As we ran out of enemies we fought ourselves. And the big kids picked up their toys and left.


So yes, OMFG! Did Truman’s executive order 10340 seizing the steel mills ever scare the you know what out of the global wealth class elite who owned most of corporate America. It scarred them to death! And determined action. The President with a stroke of his pen, just took everything they owned. Wow, American history is exciting. Well, this dictatorial move by a president combined with the turmoil of the national riots over a decade of the later 1960’s and into the 1970’s, put fear into the global wealth class elite that this could happen again. But the next time to ALL their factories and they, the corporate elite wealth began to really organize to prevent it. They silently organized to take control of government before government took total control of them. In a world of cause and affect, executive order 10340 was a key American Dream turning point. I guess I don’t like Harry that much.


America had been somewhat on its fine balance for decades of serving the people and big business so that both could gain advancement and Co-exist in a still growing, prosperous America. But as the global wealth class elite issued their call to arms to all corporate titans to save ‘their corporate way of life’ in the famous Louis Powell memo of 1971, the will of the people, exhausted from a decade of protesting Runaway Government and seeking to extend the American Dream equally to all citizens with Civil Rights Legislation, went curiously silent. It wasn’t because the people were exhausted. They weren’t. They were frightened. They had their heart violently cut out. All the people’s leaders had just been assassinated. Coincidence? No, ruthless. President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King all dead in a few short years. The Cuban middle Crisis occurred in 1957 creating a table of global fear. Why? Because after world war 2 an out of control American militarism put nukes on Russia’s doorstep in Turkey: a nuclear gun to Russia’s head. So Russia returned the favor putting a few nukes in Cuba a few years later. So avoidable. The moral of all my stories in this opera? All actions create reactions. The big reactions take 15-30 years to hit us all after they ramp up. Example: this opera/Podcasts/Website took about 7 years to research, plan, and make. And that’s why we have to include everyone in the next America we are building, even corporate America who abandoned us.


The unorganized and unruly ‘Will of the People’ protests in the 1960’s were all firmly eventually all quashed by a politicized FBI and ‘silent’ Government Deep State policing force as countless armed ‘raids’ took place. The 1960’s citizens rebellion, the most violent since the Whiskey Rebellion in New England, put down by Alexander Hamilton with a real military action, had also been put down.


And the reaction to government raids and all the internal unrest that looked like it may become the next civil war? Americans got more guns and more guns. Until today we are in the Wild West again at high noon everyday. At this pace Kevlar clothes may be the next growth industry.


And the government’s clamp down to end the prolonged ten year people’s uprising of the 1960’s-1970’s, orchestrated by the truly crazy in-law, disgraced President Nixon, put us all on a ‘be quiet to get along’ scared of our shadows path. A long 40 year path where Runaway Government did what it wanted for the next 60 years bringing us to the bankrupt America of today. Where America is in such titanic unpayable debt that if we let runaway government continue, America will collapse into a failed East German type police State within 10-20 years.


So it’s time again to invoke the Will of the People once more. But this time, do it by learning the lessons of the past. This time in a very organized, all inclusive, very peaceful, and very results oriented way to quickly restore everyone’s American Dream and put America back on its fine axis. Where all the citizens thrive, and corporate America can prosper also. In response to the 1952 American turning point I discuss here, corporate America quietly took 3/4 of their factories, your good paying jobs, our last American Dream engine, overseas, so the government could never nationalize them again with a stroke of the pen.


Even Presidents have to understand that there will be a big reaction to an executive action. Many times a decade or two later. That’s why our original founders did not have a strong chief executive in our first true government ‘of the people’ under the Articles of Confederation!


Sometimes the best action is the hardest: to do nothing and let a tense moment pass. I state repeatedly that I think most American presidents were bird brains with no economic training making them incapable of organizing, or pointing the American economy in the right direction, to make all our American dreams thrive. The above proves it. Truman followed FDR as President who had even less economic brains: I cover that in detail in later podcasts. We’ve all had NO economic equality for 300 Million citizens because nobody defined it, or organized the economy to naturally provide it to all: until my plan, read the RTDNOW PLAN. We’ve all been missing the same economic rights and tools to rapidly build our American dreams. All because our idiot Presidents have ZERO economic brains or thought through plans. All became tools of the global wealth class elite. That’s why they were all always ‘blindsided’ and reactionary to the citizens needs they were ignoring. OMG! And you thought you were winging your new job!


And when you look back at all our great movements, of the people, (and unfortunately the corporations) because the people’s needs were ignored for decades, all these pivotal moments in the real history of the American Dream, it was all reactions to a lot of seat of the pants ‘taking things away’ from the people (like 1787) or the corporations, 

(executive order 10340) until the other side pushes back with everything they have over the next 40 years!


We all need to end this see-saw 49 year fight since EO 10430 of the rich against poor in America and achieve a balance where we all thrive. This battle for control of America and its money has raged since the revolution. It’s time to end our internal battle so we can all thrive and prosper again.


Please read my RTDNOW PLAN, Redeem The Dream Now Plan to Restore everyone’s Complete American Dream OVERNIGHT. In short, after it doubles the net income of 90% of We the real people instantly by changing policy, it re-balances citizens needs and the need for larger corporations to thrive. You’ll find it’s not that complicated. It just needs the Will of the People to invoike it. 300 Million As 1 tell everyone to add their names at RTDNOW.COM and we will end our current 66 year cycle of runaway government and redeem the real American Dream.


P.S. How Executive Order 10340 Ended


The Supreme Court overturned President Truman’s seizing of corporate America’s factories. We did not see another government overreach of titanic proportions that would cause the next American Dream turning point (this Opera) until 2010 when Government officials who read history did not ‘seize’ the failed banking industry, nicely they did not directly repeat Truman’s blunder, which would have sent 3/4 of our banks overseas over the next 40 years as the reaction. Instead of the government directly seizing the banks, they became ‘custodians’ until the banks recovered. That was engineered by Hank Paulson, not a bad move at all. Before he went into government he was also an architect of the ‘too big to fail’ ‘bubble to bubble to bailout’ economics that caused the bank collapse problem he tried to fix, and we all still suffer under, hanging like a giant anvil over all our heads, today.


That ‘custodianship’ gave the banks a $700 BILLION bailout, giveaway, we will all have to pay for as the too big to fail CEO’s of Banks and financial institutions all rode into the sunset with all our money: what I call false profits. My song False Prophets which derides them is on album 8. Goldman Sachs was a global investment banking firm Hank Paulson headed before becoming treasury secretary. As that firm was failing in 2009 from Mismanagement, the government and treasury department, he headed, rushed through its conversion for Goldman to become a bank, so we could all bail Goldman Sachs and Hanks pension out. Read his book for his interpretation of events: I did. We will not have an America of the People until we have treasury secretaries that come from Main St., not Wall St. Wall St. only serves themselves and takes the money from 300 Million citizens in their next bubble and burst cycle they’ve addicted us to because with wages that stagnated for 30 years as prices tripled: we’re all hungry. The next economic bubble will burst on us all about 2025-2028. Pay off all your debt and save your money. Go to cash and resources backed equities. You’ve been forewarned about five years ahead. If everyone listens they won’t get economically crushed yet again. 


The moral of the story of the 2010 ‘Great Recession’ which is part of three recessions which taken together is our 2nd Great Depression propped up and hidden by $16 Trillion in new national debt, where the middle class keeps getting wiped out, and 50 Million new poor in America were created, as we all bailed out an inept uncaring elite global wealth class that rules is one more time, is we are all Economically living on borrowed (pardon the pun, like borrowed money, the national debt) time.


All this corruption and economic chaos created the final momentum for me to be fed up enough with runaway government and total economic ineptness and collusion (Another example: NAFTA) with the global wealth class elite to create the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW rock opera and movement for 300 Million ordinary hard working citizens to have a real voice and control their future.


Nobody’s coming to save us but us, 300 Million of Us. That should be obvious by now. But in case it’s not, I made 100 Daily songs and podcasts and Time Traver Moments with details like this, connecting all the dots, to bring the real story of the American dream, to light. 


The only true thing in America that works? We all have to participate to have a country of our design, for the people, and in our control. But we have had just the opposite for over four straight decades: Runaway Government. And it’s almost totally killed 300 Million American dreams.


It’s time to change all that, and do it quickly, overnight. This is your once in a generation chance, don’t miss it. Tell everyone Daily as you hear the next redemption song: add your name, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW at RTDNOW.COM.

2. 1971, The Louis Powell memo lays out the Corporate wealth class’s takeover of America

Click photo to read

The Powell Memo

Harry Truman, US President, dropped ‘The Bomb’ on Japan, and Corporate America!

Richard Nixon, deranged US President, impeached, started rigging the Supreme Court to destroy equality and the American Dream by appointing his personal attorney, Louis Powell, to the Supreme Court.

Louis Powell, the modern architect of runaway government. He’s the man who killed equality, for the world. He wrote the infamous Powell memo, distributed to corporate America in 1971, to create corporate control of American politics, education, and the economy. This is where ‘Think Tanks’ and ‘Special Interest Groups’ began, who basically were corporations conspiring against the American people for control of American economic, and foreign policy. This is where corporate money in politics took over the American people’s government by paying politicians and writing our laws for them to pass in their ‘Think Tanks’. This bad American Dream turning point began corporations, controlled by the global elite wealth class, modern ascent to control America and progressively bankrupt it, destroying 300 Million American dreams today. 


Read the Powell memo. Good old President Nixon’s personal attorney, who he appointed to the Supreme Court, lays out the global elite wealth class plan to take over American politics, education and media in 1971. This was the biggest modern American Dream turning point. 

Will of the People





America was born with a full and complete American Dream DNA of social, political, and economic equality which was known as a “Democratic-Republic.” And ever since the Democratic part got taken out and replaced with a false American dream governing system originally called Federalism in 1787, or today its evolved to Corporatism. A ruling global elite wealth class controls how much American dream all we 300 million ordinary hard working citizens get. And we the people have been fighting this unseen global elite wealth class to get all the parts of our American dream back.


Let’s recap a few bold examples in American history, of how the American people used the Will of the People, all screaming at once in unison about an issue, to get back an equality part of American dream we were all promised:


1.The Women’s Rights Movement: 1890-1910, successful and is still evolving.

2.The Workers Rights Movement: 1850-1950, successful and then mostly dismantled.

3.The Civil Rights Movement: 1960-1975, successful but ended unfinished and eroded.






How long and hard it was for each movement to succeed, and as it ended, or was ended by silent government intervention, the wealth class elite put in motion their new plan to dismantle citizen equality gains, when all the people went home. Many of the gains were eroded or lost BECAUSE we had no citizen system in place to invoke the Will of the People to control government that got corrupted by money in politics, THAT BECAME ROUTINE, diverting our national wealth to the agenda of the elite global wealth class.


For 250 years, we haven’t learned how (and there wasn’t an easy way until RTDNOW) as a people to stay actively engaged in our government demanding our citizen rights and complete American dream of Social, Political and Economic Equality. There has NEVER been a system to effortlessly involve every citizen so the Will of the People can be formed through real fact based discourse and discussion. And that process has never been commonplace AS IT SHOULD BE IN A FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY. That is until now. Until RTDNOW. Until we make it so.


With Album 1, Today’s the Day (We All Become Superman) the Redeem The Dream Now Movement was launched in 2018: 250 years after our start. That’s why this is a big deal and you should get involved. It’s a once in a 5-generation event. Please read the simple RTDNOW Plan to restore everyone’s full American dream and Save America (and keep it that way) at RTDNOW.COM under movement. I wrote it to include every single American equally. And that is how we all become Superhuman with the power to change our world OVERNIGHT into the country of our dreams, by acting together at RTDNOW.COM signing a petition called RTDNOW.







GLOBAL breakdown of social order, or a transformation of civilization happens about every 100 years usually spurred by a technological revolution that changes the balance of power. In 1900 it was telegraph and railways and the industrial revolution that followed. In 1945 it was nuclear weapons and space age military technology which percolated down to the public over 50 years: the fax machine, the personal computer, networking.


Today it is the digital and internet revolutions bringing cheap computing and inexpensive global connectivity power into the hands of every individual ON THE PLANET! This is creating a titanic shift in world economic order as the populations that slept through the last 50 years of REAL HIGHER EDUCATION in skills that matter (sciences) are rapidly being left behind, and geography and industrial might no longer matter if you can control the digital age from a laptop anywhere in the world.


The tragedy here is that this death spiral of jobs and wages in America (stagnant for 30 years) is just quietly accelerating. About 2030 it will accelerate like a Hockey Puck as global digitization and robotics combined replace HALF of all jobs. We will lose HALF  of all jobs: See my song Ghost Towns in Album 2. The double tragedy is our failed political leaders have done NOTHING to replace our last national economic American dream engine, like I am proposing in the RTDNOW PLAN to restore everyone’s American dream overnight and save America by building our next American dream economic engine, and to implement an America 2050 Manufacturing Plan. Please read my plan for every citizen at RTDNOW.COM/Movement/ Plan. Your future, all our futures, depend on it.





All this rapid societal movement, in the 1900’s physically of people and goods, in 2000 a short 100 years later, online, instant movement of information (to the whole planet!) and anywhere immediate access, is causing a massive shift of power and attitudes about human civilization. You see soon there will be NO secrets. We will all come out of a dream state of false facts and see the rapid evolutionary movement taking place all around us that we have only felt until now.


America is now rapidly re-Evolving, massive wealth transfer and concentration is occurring rapidly with mind boggling social displacement. Government in its present state of paralysis and confusion and corruption can’t keep up with it causing needless human suffering all across America. Globally we now see refugee countries that seem permanent: that’s the start of failed global State social displacement with NO economic (American dream) engine running. Nationally, look under EVERY freeway in America near a larger city. You see bars, or concrete spikes, to keep a mobile homeless population of 20-30 million in America…moving.


We now see the total evaporation of well-paying, long-term, manufacturing jobs in America. Like slave labor, we are all ‘At-Will’ with NO rights as employees. The generation called the Millinneals, 75 million strong born between 1977-1994, are now 23-40 years old. They know this all too well and don’t expect to stay at any job long. They’ve adopted a vagabond work ethic expecting to all be thrown away as their job is done. They’ve accepted the false corporate system they’ve grown up in. But they can reject it now.


Why reject it? As this native (born with it) Internet generation matures over the next 10-20 years half the retail stores in America will close hurling ALL AMERICANS into the greatest depression we have ever seen as half the retail jobs go away. First Corporate America responding to labor union gains by taking the factories and those jobs away bit by bit overseas without telling us. Next it’s they’re taking ½ of the actual amount of retail stores and those retail jobs, quietly without telling you. Opps! About 124 million people are employed in the US. 70% of that is retail related, that’s 86 million retail direct and related jobs. Let’s say only 25% lose their jobs as their stores close. That’s 22 MILLION jobs about to be lost without a plan in place to actively start now to replace them. 5% job loss can start a recession. 22 million is four times larger!


But that was the good news. It could be much BIGGER job losses over time than 22 million which is 18% of all jobs lost, 1 in five working people in America, every household will be affected at the low end of my prediction. But think about ocean tankers that used to have crews of 60 people that now steam across the world with a crew of only 8: that’s an 85% REDUCTION IN WORKFORCE. Now apply that concept already in place in Corporate America with all employees and wages they pay. You guessed it, they will work as hard as they can to eliminate 80% of all employees which creates super salaries and bonuses for those few who remain and titanic profits for the owners. And the ordinary hard working American citizen not participating in government will be left behind yet again. 


THIS BUDDING TREND IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOR EVERYONE AND OUR WHOLE ECONOMY AND AMERICA’S ABILITY TO CONTINUE AS A NATION. See WW 1 Germany, WW 2 Germany, Argentina, Greece, USSR, etc., for examples of what happens to countries at economic burn out. So when you connect all the dots, if you want an America, an American dream alive for every American, YOU HAVE TO DEMAND AND BUILD A NEW AMERICAN DREAM ENGINE RIGHT NOW ALL ACROSS AMERICA. That’s what the RTDNOW PLAN does, its why I wrote it, please read it now it’s a simple plan, then add your name at RTDNOW.COM. And daily as you hear the free-access inspirational song, tell everyone RTDNOW.COM






It was misdirected by the mega global corporation to themselves by massive amounts of DARK unseen money in politics for five decades. That transferred wealth away from the American citizen to the faceless global elite Corporate wealth class I call, the Corporama. The government under their influence wasted $50 TRILLION of our dollars in corporate give-a-ways and national debt and decided not to use any of all that money to build the next American dream engine for, and to reinvest in, the next generation...of American citizens. That’s called Runaway Government that we will end as 100 million to 300 million ordinary citizens add their names at RTDNOW.COM to participate in directing the future of America. This is necessary because of global money throughout out political system.


So at the most pivotal time in our history since 1939, as the whole world is shifting under each of us digitally, our jobs, what fuels ALL our American dreams, that are being minimized, off-shored, or replaced in a blink DIGITALLY, Online, our government is TOTALLY ABSENT. They have ZERO for a plan to restart every American dream in America.





Consider what it will take to keep what’s left of major manufacturers here. The pressure on YOUR wages (and benefits) will be DOWNWARD because some energetic young soul in China, Pakistan, or India, a country who had the foresight to give them really good educations (I had two brilliant Pakistani finance professors at California State University, Chico, in 1980, for example) is sucking up your factory or knowledge job online in seconds for 10% of the cost here. And they no longer have to come to America and spend money here. This is no joke, and how we have brain dead politicians in both parties, and it is no accident. They’ve all left the American citizen behind. It’s happening right now all across America. See my song Ghost Towns in Album 2. The song and it’s Podcast talk about how the 3 mega trends of the Internet, Robotics, and New Globalization are converging to take away 30 million jobs in America over 20 years and put more downward pressure on all wages. 30 million jobs lost, that’s 25% of all jobs in America. That’s equal to the GREAT DEPRESSION of 1932. Silence. Gasp!


So if we don’t use the will of the people right now adding our names 300 million as 1 to implement the RTDNOW PLAN, which builds our next American dream engine in every citizen, in every home, on every block, all across America, OVERNIGHT, we are headed for total American economic implosion in 1-2 decades. Read the RTDNOW Plan now, its at RTDNOW.COM under movement.





All Old or Present ORDERS, run on a philosophy. RTDNOW, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, for example, is a citizen’s equality philosophy (the original complete American Dream with details to make it work for everyone) that balances complete equality for all citizens with free enterprise, along with new policies that remove corruption, to let both thrive and coexist. And by doing so it puts the American dream back on its carefully balanced axis of citizen and corporate productivity, so it can spin fast and smoothly, for all.


But today’s global social change afoot is NOT driven by a competing world view/social order philosophy like Democracy, Socialism, Communism or Capitalism. It’s just driven by a quiet corporate fascism that is now showing its face in the light of day, and subtle government totalitarianism, imposing the will and policies of the few elite global wealth class, quietly through massive tidal waves of money in our politics, over all us 300 million ordinary hard working citizens.


They did this by slowly changing our laws, quietly until all citizens are silenced, making it a crime to speak out: really read the Patriot Act. My podcast engineer likes example. The Patriot act made it so you can’t speak out about the Beef and Livestock industry and how it is destabilizing the planet and only doing so subsidized by government give-aways. This was tied together with a give away to the American armaments industry as we attacked Afghanistan in response to 911. And next was Iraq who had no weapons of mass destruction as was falsely claimed as the pretense to war by our leaders.


In the last breakdown of the older Order, in about 1910, monarchies of old were giving way to a global democracy movement following America. But there was a glitch. As we will talk about in the song Let's Save America on Album 1, Side B, there were two different interpretations of what Plato meant by perfect State in his book starting western civilization called the Republic. That glitch that difference that divided the world for the last 100 years was a difference of opinion about what Plato meant because among other things Plato said people shouldn’t own property.


And today as the wealth class gradually takes all our property away, as they mercilessly raise prices, making more of us renters (car loans, home loans, internet access, legal rights if you can’t pay, are all a form of monthly rent) through absurd social and economic policy that disenfranchise us all. A fraudulent tax code and economic policies take away citizen wealth individually and collectively from all of us. That’s why I’m sitting here wondering if the global wealth class elite re-read, and reinterpreted, Plato ‘Perfect State’ in a new two class system: Economic Masters and Slaves. Because that’s what we have today in America as a quiet dominant civilization we all live under. And what we are changing by all adding our names at RTDNOW.COM.








One failed 19th Century philosophy called Communism, said the people owned everything (the country) but nothing much personally. Communism sounds a lot like what Plato was saying, but not quite because he left out the Entrepreneurial class that builds and invents things. And when a society can’t build and invent (Pursue their own happiness) because they can’t own and prosper, the society and communism, as an ism, fails.


The other OLD failed civilization philosophy was called Capitalism, and its about to die, globally. The irony is like old Karl Marx predicted, without real regulation and balance, he called it ‘Capitalism Unfettered’, it feeds upon itself until it kills itself. That’s about where the Western World is today. That is the inherent flaw in capitalism “Without Balance” it too fails and collapses on us all.


Example: most of the countries in the world today are broke (America borrows $6 Billion a day to survive) all trapped in a too big too fail bailout (by the citizens!) syndrome of government/corporate corruption. In pure form, Capitalism said that any person could own property, or the whole country (we call them billionaires) at the expense of the rest of the People, if they were smart enough to do it. That’s what happened with Billionaires Carnegie, Rockefeller and Morgan in 1900 and led to our 1st Great Depression 30 years later. With no real corporate law or regulation enforcement because they were paid off: Billionaires used illegal means to become multi billionaires.


We the 300 million ordinary hard working American people whose American dream has been ripped off by the wealth class for the last 50 years need to arrive at a new pragmatic formula (1+1=2 like RTDNOW) that equally balances the needs and aspirations of every citizen to live their full American dream (social, political and economic equality) and for our most prolific wealth builders to also have an environment where they can succeed...equally and fairly with low taxation, to employ more Americans, but not at the expense of ALL the average ordinary hard working citizens, as it is today.





Our great corporate leaders sell out all the American people with payoffs and reckless policy shoved through government for a reason. The same reason they moved their factories overseas: to get 1800's sweat-shops back in 2010 with longer workdays and less benefits to make more money. Over the first half of the 20th century corporate America lost the battle between management and labor: labor unions flourished.


So Corporate America’s response to avoid labor unions, to avoid environmental regulations, to avoid workers compensation insurance, to avoid taxation, they just avoided America! Just BRILLIANT! They just left America and all its citizens behind. To avoid EVERYTHING that made America a nice place to live, all the gains of the Will of the People Movements noted, to increase the quality of life and the American, what built our LAST American dream, Corporate America and the global elite wealth class just abandoned America and all its citizens. Poof!


And they were so smooth in shutting up politicians about this mass slow five-decade exodus of wealth and factories that our whole LAST American Dream engine just disappeared: and nobody noticed? EXAMPLE: no politician ever running for President points this out and put forth a real citizen plan to build the next American dream engine. Like I am doing with RTDNOW. The American people are always the last to know their American dream engine was exported.


Ordinary hard working citizens, known as workers, want to live in modest prosperity and comfort with the opportunity to do much better, if they choose to pursue it. Factory owners seek to limit that by exploiting workers with subsistence wages, oppressive policies to increase their profits. We, and the world, desperately need a solution, a new civilization philosophy that balances both so all prosper. That new philosophy of equal prosperity is called RTDNOW: Redeem The Dream Now.






The people have a will for a better life. The ruling global elite global corporate wealth class has the will to exploit our people, exploit America, all levels of governments, and all our resources for endless increase in profits. It is this struggle that divided the world into what we used to call communists and capitalists.


For 170 years this battle has raged. In recent American history we see it in the Corporate Revolt and Revolution of 1970. Elsewhere in other Podcasts, we have discussed the Lewis Powell memo was effectively Corporate America’s Declaration of Independence calling for corporations to control government policy and education in America.


1971 is 36 years after the blossoming of the American dream started expanding after 1945 after World War 2 ended. Basically half a generation of capitalists watched greater worker wages and benefits dismantle half of their potential profits. They calculated the trend forward that if the workers rights (also known as their American dreams) were to continue to increase they would have even less profits 30 years from now!


That was the conclusion of the trend analysis by corporate America in 1970 and why they staged their Corporate Revolution flooding OUR politics with money until their crowning achievement in 2010 having a rogue Supreme Court make corporations artificial citizens which TOTALLY dismantled our democracy by allowing corporate money to be legal in politics and with this ruling dismantled the notion that America is a Republic, is a FARCE, because now the corporations were now making the laws and governmental policy: NOT the People anymore.






What to do. We had a corporate revolt for 46 years and nobody noticed until they stole $25 trillion dollars from the treasury, $16 TRILLION IN THE LAST 16 YEARS, and made off with another $25 trillion in corporate giveaways.


That's partly how the Redeem The Dream Now was imagined, in response to today’s titanic imbalance in America between the haves, and have-nots, like in 1776. And in recent American history it caused a purposeful Corporate Revolt that ended up overthrowing the peoples government as discussed above. This imbalance destroyed 300 million American dreams as the American citizens were put to sleep for a generation. Now rapid upward mobility for 300 million ordinary citizens has been wiped out.


So where do we as a people find ourselves for a civilization philosophy to follow in 2018 forward to make all our lives better, that we can all believe in? Communism was a failure. Capitalism fails all the people by mercilessly exploiting and abandoning to economic suffering and implosion them every 60-90 years.


We, and the world, don't have a valid civilization philosophy at the moment because the global wealth class elite brought back subsistence wages which are the hallmark of the Master-Slave relationship that existed for centuries, only to be ended for a short time, with a new civilization philosophy of personal freedom equality emerged in 1776.


That civilization philosophy was the Declaration of Independence drafted primarily by Thomas Jefferson. That one document blew up the master slave relationship that ruled the world by declaring to the world "All men are created equal." And that was the birth of the American dream.


But the sad irony is that the real American dream of equality, local self-rule and no taxation, which was another way of saying economic freedom, the wealth class stepped in once more 10 short years later in our second American revolution. And ever since, the will of the American people has been purposefully fragmented to bury Jeffersonian Ideals, which were the basis for the American dream (see Adrian 2020/Jeffersonian Renewal) and slowly strangle the American dream until working in America today once again resembles subsistence wage plantation workers.





To put America back in balance where ALL citizens have a vibrant America dream and corporations have reforms so they bring factories back, I developed the 300 million as 1 Redeem The Dream Now movement. The RTDNOW Plan restores everyone's America dream overnight by putting all the elements that work for all the people into an equality plan and Movement.


The RTDNOW Plan is waiting for every single citizen in America to read at RTDNOW.COM. And then to get it implemented we need 100 million to 300 million to add their names to the RTDNOW petition to end modern runaway government at RTDNOW.COM so it can be implemented based upon the will of the American people.


The only question for every American citizen is, "Are you tired enough of getting bankrupted by runaway government that you'll add your name to a simple RTDNOW Plan to save America for the ordinary hard working citizen?” Or have you all been thoroughly brainwashed that only the wealthy can rule over us? That only big corporations can chart our paths forward? Have you become so confused and apathetic that you are unable to do a simple action to save your American dream and America itself?


The results of over 30 years of Corporate rule in America through money in politics, it changed all governmental policy to benefit corporations not citizens. And in doing so destroyed the last American dream engine taking countless major factories overseas. By being in debt $25 trillion and spending another $25 trillion with NOTHING to show for it is a horror story.






At this point 300 million Americans adding their names to the RTDNOW Plan is like 300 million citizens jumping in a giant life-boat to escape an economy that will go under within 10-20 years, drifting with no citizens American dream plan, and grabbing an oar and paddling for shore.


300 million as one read the RTDNOW 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway government. Read that RTDNOW ‘Citizen’s’ Plan. That's 10 minutes total. Then add your name at RTDNOW.COM, subscribe for just $1.00/month and use the daily free redemption song as your inspiration to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

  • What is the Will of the People? (HINT: 3 great movements define it)

  • What is a Civilization Philosophy? (HINT: what economies run on)

  • Why do we need one? (HINT: the restore equality and prosperity to all citizens)

  • How does RTDNOW invoke the Will of the People? (HINT: add your name 300 million as 1)

  • What does it cost? Is it fast? (HINT: Online its free and can happen in months if everyone gets busy telling everyone RTDNOW.COM)

Will of the People
Will of the People

Words and Music by ADRIAN

How can they all forget? Once they get elected

What happens to their brains, was it all, just an election game

Representative Democracy, is supposed to be, for every body

Only one thing ever mattered

Only one thing ever been true

Only one thing honest politicians elected to do

Will of the people, Will of the people

Will of the people, Will of the people


It starts with "We The People", now sits hidden on capital mall

Politicians focus on party agendas, instead of listening to

The people who sent them

Need to reform the system, separate government and big business

Like Church and State


Stop arguing with your neighbor, that's what big media’s paid for

Focus on where we agree, that’s how we’ll fix our country


After years of abuse, from blatant lies, and half-truths

We all need to unite to defeat, the corporations with the ropes round our feet

It will be easier than you think, when we all act, as one


“It’s time to make all our votes count equally again

Let’s go to the website, RTDNOW.COM

Sign the petition to save America

Get the message our virally

Until Everyone has signed the petition

And together we will restore:

The will of the people”

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