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Let’s start with what’s broken. Or to quote Bob Dylan’s song “Everything’s Broken.” Politics are overrun with money: so let’s fix it. The economy got gutted so there’s nothing left: so let’s fix it. There’s institutionalized racism in a jailed nation: so let’s fix it. The American dream has been lost: so we’re all going to get it back.  Oh, and can you fix it all at the same time? Oh, and can you make it simple, free and OVERNIGHT?


Sure, no problem. Simple. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM and when we have 300 million people signed up who want their American dream back…it will happen OVERNIGHT. You can’t stop 100 million or more people. So get busy telling everyone RTDNOW.COM!


Making of Adrian's Song "Fix Our World"




I don’t watch nearly enough. But every time I do I expand as a person. My consciousness expands rather than contracts. That’s what happens when we watch fantasy which only reinforces the make-believe world we all live in. So I watched a documentary about a James Brown cover artist. A guy from the Ghetto that sang at clubs sounding like and doing James Brown songs. I love James Brown. He had it! Someone produced him and he had one hit song about the world burning down. Great song, but that’s not what I see when I look at you and me. So I wrote the opposite of his song. And when this song starts “Live from the Apollo theater! It’s James Brown!” I’m laughing because I’m not James Brown, but having a ball trying to get into his vibe!




So after my second Bob Dylan concert I noticed how much 12 bar blues he uses in his songs. It’s good for storytelling. Then I though back to the early Van Halen albums and some vibes I like: similar. The rolling stones: lot’s of blues. That’s the way I wrote the music. Not that I thought about it much, blues fit the lyrics of this song well. I snuck it into a band session. The two day sessions where we’d already be doing 14 songs and I’d say “I just need this one, it will be the easiest song you every played.” Tim Ellis looks at me waiting. “It’s 12 bar blues.” “Oh” Tim says, “I do that when I snore.”




The joke I’d hear from talented musician’s in studio was “shorter verses and get to the longer solo’s. My music is lyric driven because that’s my strength. I’m not whitty like Bob Dylan because I want 300 million people to get what I’m saying and take action: so I wrote simply on purpose. Even though I write good music and melody, that’s an afterthought for me. Gifted musicians’ that aren’t lyricists first write fabulous music and make up lyrics to go with it. So for a change, this song was a musicians’ dream come true. Real short verses and a ton of solo’s.




Are we really going to wait until we are $40 Trillion in debt and our whole economy collapses for good? No. Are we really going to let politicians lie, cheat and steal and all live in mansions we got ripped off for? No. Are we really going to hand economic and social chaos to our kids to fix? No.


I mean really, what did you think was going to happen? Did you think I was going to wave a magic wand and restore everyone’s American dream overnight? Well I am, but I need 100 million to 300 million to wave the RTDNOW magic want with me by adding their names. And that’s why I wrote this song. The original title was Help Me Fix Our World. Fix Our World is a more memorable statement of what we will all do.


I turn 59 this October 2017.  So from age 20 when I was in college and became vaguely aware that nobody in government ever had clue how to run the American economy as interest rates reached 18%, I spent 40 years paying attention and waiting for someone to save us. NOBODY BUT YOU CAN SAVE US. That’s why things got worse and worse in America until we are 70% retail with half of all jobs minimum wage. YOU CAN’T LIVE ON MINIMUM WAGE IN AMERICA. That’s why 100 million are below the poverty line and 100 million hover above it. And 100 million that think they are middle class know that the economic bubble will burst again and they may lose their house.


And when it does burst soon again you will see what I’ve been pointing out in bonus material and podcasts. You can’t sell products to people who don’t have jobs. You can’t collect mortgage payments from people who don’t have jobs. Right now of $1 Trillion in student loans 70% can’t pay them. Do you know why our economy is imploding every 4-8 years and keeps getting worse? It wasn’t designed for the citizen: just the corporation. Our economic policy, what I want to flip flop, put the citizen on top and the mega global corporation on the bottom, was written by them for them. That’s why they pay little tax and whine forever about that and we pay 10-50% so our government can buy their services so they can take most of that overseas because the global market is 10 times as big as the US market. Simply, in economic terms, we the American people are enablers of abusive Corporateers who changed our economic policy to penalize the citizen (taxes and fees) and reward the corporation (tax breaks, bail outs, etc).





Over 35 years in the lending industry I’ve written business plans and funded the growth of thousands of small businesses and created thousands of American dreams. Unlike all our business brain dead leaders, I know what makes a business make money. I’ve been a top salesman for the last 20 years and guess what? I have the lowest loan loss ratio.


Why? Because it matters to me that the entrepreneur succeeds. It matters to me that the bank has a good loan. It matters to me that we keep creating jobs here. It matters to me for several decades that America lives up to its potential and restarts its American Dream Engine.


You see, I was trained so long ago that we treated the money we lent like our own. I was trained so long ago that we asked a lot of question. I was trained so long ago that we added up all the numbers. I was trained so long ago that we met with our customers every 90 days and looked at updated projections and talked about the next 90 to 180 days and adjusted as needed. The banking industry got corporatized, commoditized and sterilized. Today we have a generation of smiling doorknockers. They have no idea what they’re doing and only want a commission so they will sell the heck out of bad loan. I don’t have to market because my customers know I care about them and they seek me out. They know I know that all their blood sweat and tears, and money, they put into their business, is usually everything they have. I want that to grow, even when the economy tanks, if a loan is structured well, it can survive and the business can survive.


I’ve turned around a bankrupt bank in record time. It was a lot of work, but policy wise not that hard. Why in the world we have to bail out Wall St. lunatics every 10 years with a few trillion dollars that is just a corporate give away. When you do half the job, you should only get half the profits. They take all the profits and we underwrite, pay, the half they didn’t account for. See my song False Prophets in album 8. Write in my name for president and I’ll make the banking industry work for the American people. And I’ll make that happen OVERNIGHT.


So I can get on a soapbox and rail on our leaders because I’ve read many of their biographies. They have no real feet on the ground training and no clue about small business; what creates 2 out of every 3 new jobs and American dreams. And I have boatloads of it. They put no effort or money into world-class education, which is what makes American dreams happen. Remember our 1st Declaration of Independence “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Pursuit of happiness meant advancement and advancement came from education. No good education = no American dream. And here we all are for 50 years getting robbed blind by government without a clue how to transform America. It’s not rocket science and not that difficult. The main problem is money in politics funded by corporations which push through their agenda and leave 300 million citizens behind.


As I recently read The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman, a brief history of the 21st Century I finally understood why my finance professors, sharp guys, at Chico State in California, back in 1982, were from Indian and Pakistan. THOSE COUNTRIES INVESTED IN EDUCATION STARTING IN THE 1960’s!!! And while they suffered under a failed Soviet style economy, once the digital world reached them, they had the engine to drive their American dreams from home called the internet. They were educated; we were not. Look for the Indian and Pakistani names, and respect what they’ve done. They are leaders in Silicon Valley, on Wall St. But they did what we used to do EDUCATE OUR PEOPLE REALLY WELL. It’s time to fix our world and be us again.




So it should be PAINFULLY obvious: nobody’s coming to save us. Nobody. Everybody who says they are changes their tune once in office, takes nice photos, lies really well, and retires with great pensions and lobbyist money because they skewed laws and policies to get the corporate agenda passed.


In this song I’m asking YOU, YES YOU! To help me Fix Our World. Read the RTDNOW Plan that restores everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT! All it takes is you wanting your American dream back and adding your name at RTDNOW.COM. Times 300 million. It’s that simple. 100 million to 300 million people who want something can’t be stopped. So as this album is titled “Today’s The Day” we all become superman and super woman with the power to restore everyone’s American dream overnight.


-Use your cell phone daily to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

-Support the RTDNOW Movement by subscribing for $1.00 per month

-Wear your RTDNOW T-shirt proudly.


See you daily at RTDNOW.COM for the next free redemption song. I made 100 to inspire you daily to tell everyone RTDNOW.COM and to create the new era of 100% citizen activism to restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT!


And in this way, all adding our names at RTDNOW.COM, together, we will Fix Our World!

1/2 of all retail stores will close over the next 10-20 years creating coast to coast economic ghost towns, if we don't act 300 million as 1. Add your name and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM "it's time to fix our world."


"And It's Collapsing Everywhere"


Sears has already closed half of its 3,500 large retail stores. The other half are now teetering. My Podcasts and bonus material talk about our whole economy imploding, killing everyone's American dream, without 300 million signing RTDNOW.COM, because our leaders caused and keep sustaining poor economic policies. Here is another current example from the Wall St. Journal 8/25/17. If we are 70% retail, and half of those stores go away, employment will plummet by 20% over 5-10 years, and wages will not got up with too many seeking work. 300 million as 1: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW!

  • How many American dreams need fixing? (Hint: 300 million)

  • How does Adrian make it simple and free to restore everyone’s American dream?

  • What simple almost effortless things can you do daily to help fix our world?

  • (Hint: put RTDNOW.COM on the bottom of every text and email, tell everyone.)


Words and Music by ADRIAN

Live from the Apollo theater. It’s James Brown!!!


Oh, some say its all burning down!

Nothing works right anymore

But that’s not what I see

When I look at you and me


It’s time to fix our world, fix our world

Fix our world, Oh, help me fix our world!


My preacher says the Angels hide within

He says that’s where they’re all hiding

And only you can set them free

Sing along everybody


It’s time to fix our world: make all the right moves

Time to fix our world: so everything works right again

Time to fix our world: for everybody

Oh, help me fix our world!


Cause you know, all the love in this world

Is flowing, like a little river, through your heart right now

And let me tell you, when we connect, all the hearts and minds

We’re going to turn it all around. I guarantee it.


Tell the people Troy. Timmie, make them believe.


Help me fix our world

Help me fix our world

Help me fix our world

Help me fix our world

Help me fix our world!


Thomas Paine was a vocal critic of policies of oppression against the american people. His writings on the future of government inspired declaring of independence.

His most recognized work is a pamphlet entitled "Common Sense".

Adrian wrote a 100 song rock opera to fight modern day policies oppressing all American citizens and the future of our government. He put together the RTDNOW movement to restore everyone’s American dream OVERNIGHT and is asking 300 million American spirits to declare independence again from policies of runaway government by adding their names at RTDNOW.COM"

Common Sense 2017

The Real Story of the American Dream In Context of Adrian's Song “Fix Our World"

Common Sense: Then (1776) and Now (2017)

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