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We all missed it because their storytelling was too good. That’s why my message is direct. Like a cowboy says Let's Ride! It's the modern shorthand for quickly gathering a 300 million posse online to restore everyone’s American dream OVER-NIGHT! Spelled out it means: SIGN Redeem The Dream Now ONLINE. It’s our 2nd Declaration of Independence from runaway corrupt government: our response to all our American Dreams being slowly stolen over five decades. So I'm asking 300 million American spirits to get on their browser and RIDE WITH ME at RTDNOW.COM daily. If you want it to be more exciting, think it like living the storyline from the movie ‘Cowboys and Aliens’. No worries here, I'm an American Internet space-cowboy: I won’t let eloquence slow us down. Let’s Ride!



I needed to write DIRECTLY and talk BIG for all this to work FAST. Like pitching a strike in bowling. So I rolled out the American Spirit again to help ask 300 million people to act immediately with me. Why? We’re all SO different, but we’re all the same really, all with the same basic needs, all with American Dreams. That’s how the first Declaration happened. And because of that, we all have our American spirit in common. To cap the moment I ‘Bring in the Kingpin!’ of American Spirits, who runs the American Hall of Spirits, Thomas Jefferson. I deliver us one of his inspirational timeless quotes, which is more relevant today than ever. It echoes the message of the earlier song Nothin’s Changin’: it’s so true.



In my first two years I’d ask my producer, or didn’t have to, if he was ‘buying’ my delivery. If it was authentic, and effective, enough. The fast way to authentic is to use the first take. When you’re not trying, it ends up meeting that standard. Odd, but, true. When I asked my sound Engineer Dean Baskerville how I did on the voice for the Jefferson quote he said, “It sounds like what I should hear when I visit the Jefferson Memorial. You should call them up and do his quotes and bring him to life”. At that point I didn’t even know I bore a slight resemblance to him. OK, he was buying it. You speak slowly to be heard and understood.



Born in NYC, but I grew up in Southern California from age seven. Technically poor (but happy), our family went to Disneyland at least once a year, we just purchased the lower priced tickets. A version of equality, or inequality? We all get in but don’t get the same experience. Hmmm, sounds like America’s pay-to-play no free access system was ingrained through Corporations who later took over government. Gatekeepers EVERYWHERE you turn punching your ticket and taking your money. Sounds like our daily life today: water was free, etc. They’ve monetized EVERYWHERE you want or have to go. Anyway, in those days it wasn’t a one-price universal-pass. They hadn’t yet figured out with a flat universal access more people would come at one price and they’d make more on the food and gift store sales. Kind of part of what’ I’d do for our whole economic system if you gave me the opportunity: streamline free-access. Capitalism sometimes takes a looong while to get smart, then gets stupid quickly, then like a light bulb coming on, because somebody remembers what worked best, smart again. There’s NOTHING new in capitalism. It’s how it’s implemented, or not, that determines how much American Dream every American gets. In the Disneyland buy each ‘Ticket era” the ‘bad’ boring short-line no-wait rides we’re A Tickets (Like Iceland is green and Greenland is ice to keep people away or attract them, it’s a timeless deceipt), and the best long-line long-wait rides like the Matterhorn rollercoaster, we’re E Tickets. Maybe that was for the Entitled class. The A-mazing Mr. Lincoln, was an A ticket, we always quickly sat down to hear his famous A-ddress “Four score…” and to rest our feet. So I was basically going with that mechanical President Lincoln vibe. The sweetest thing about Disneyland? It gave us all pure family time and wonderful memories I am enjoying again 50 years later. It’s forever and A Ticket! Thanks Walt! I’ve always had more fun in the cheap seats. Digging out the Disney-Lincoln voice half a century later proves I am a good listener, pay attention, and never forget.



This is a radio theater song. It started without a name, and it needed music. Tim Ellis and I did a rough draft of this song months before his death. I asked him to give me something with a big electric guitar that said “And now…it’s time…”. He looked at me and handed me the guitar. I looked at the guitar for a moment, then banged it out. He nodded then made it sound 100 times better. Later after Tim passed I’d take that guitar sound and repurpose it for the song Our Turn in Pro Tools with Dean. This connected the two songs in purpose and music in the opera: It’s Our Turn (to Save America)-Sign RTDNOW.COM.




Now, for the red meat. Months later, I was watching one of those relaxing animals shows before bed. The ones with each link in the food chain preying on the next. “Oops Mr. Alligator, watch out for Mr. Hippo, he’ll bite you in half!” Like a public handing, we all stare in rapt attention hoping to see this actually happen. As I gazed across the broad African Savannah watching animal Darwinism unfold in rapid procession, across all species, it made me think of all the people we have in America and how in business, and politics, and in society, the one with bigger teeth prey on the small fries. In the animal kingdom they rarely kill their own: only humans do that routinely. Back to the story, that’s where the two personalities, American Spirit Hall voices I use, in call and response, come from. We have two broad categories of People-Animals in America: the live and let lives, The Givers, who are always being preyed upon, by The Takers. Until the givers all band together to put those murderers of our American Dream in jail, or put them out to pasture pronto. Like in our 1st Declaration of Independence, and now what I’m empowering 300 million of my countrymen and women to do in our 2nd: Declaration of Independence. RTDNOW: Redeem The Dream Now.



This is a radio theater song. It started without a name, and it needed music. Tim Ellis and I did a rough draft of this song months before his death. I asked him to give me something with a big electric guitar that said “And now…it’s time…”. He looked at me and handed me the guitar. I looked at the guitar for a moment, then banged it out. He nodded then made it sound 100 times better. Later after Tim passed I’d take that guitar sound and repurpose it for the song Our Turn in Pro Tools with Dean. This connected the two songs in purpose and music in the opera: It’s Our Turn (to Save America)-Sign RTDNOW.COM.



The ‘song’ had to transition from the intro to the second half: so I vocalized and Tim embellished, a wild guitar riff. Basically its what I remember great guitarists doing to warm up when nobody was paying attention: fun and unscripted. Add in the Thomas Jefferson quote and that was the warm up part of the song.



For the back end of the song I read a speech, no music. You’ll note my timing is tight. I have good timing. But my timing on full-band songs was like having spotlights flipped on pointed to my ears, everything was so bright, sound-wise, all at once, blinding. I’d written most of this on my favorite $99 nylon string guitar I bought at R&B (Rhythm & Blues) Music when my son was taking drum lessons. When you first write a song you’re just wandering a bit finding which timing you like. My creativity outstripped my learning curve: I was moving so fast I left out the three months to nail it down part…I just picked the best song I’d written that week and rolled into the studio and said “Like it?” Great timing with a band, like Tim Ellis my producer was known for, takes many, many years, of skill and practice. I was in my third studio/band year: the big band training wheels were still on.



But where’s the music? I was speaking to thin air, which wasn’t bad; everybody says I speak better than sing. But its an opera (not the boring ‘Amazing Mr. Lincoln’ robot.) so we dove into my music library and I made the leap connecting this song, in spirit, to my song Walking With Giants. So we took the piano track (one of 20) and pasted it in whole, no edits. As we listened to it, the room went still, with a double Wow mental exclamation moment as an OHHHMMMM silent energy filled it. A buzzing filled our brains with excitement. That’s why I don’t need to smoke Pot. The universe had spoken! Tim and I just stared at each other. It fit perfectly as-is. In total length and cadence timing, it all fit…perfectly. It was as if I spoke and the piano played after, the way music is supposed to be created, so that the piano notes can accent my ‘melody’ line and place proper emphasis with my words. This was the type of magic occurring in Kung Fu Studios on my music project on a regular basis. Emphasis ‘rhythm’ it seems is personal style. I’d been doing business presentations for 35 years to the point I did them in my sleep and would have real out of body experiences in meetings as my delivery cadence got everyone into the same rhythm and I watched from the top of the room. I just transferred this skill to my opera spoken word. That’s what you hear in this speech, done in one take, no edits.



JP Garu’s beautiful piano made it feel like one of those old history TV shows “TONIGHT! Alastair Cook’s MASTERPIECE THEATRE!!! Tonight we visit Ancient Rome to speak with Julius Caesar before he stole everyone’s ears, then we’ll leapfrog to jolly old England to sit beside Sir Winston Churchill as he delivers his famous NEVER-Surrender speech. We will fight them on the shores, in the skies…an articulate Rocky Balboa “Yeah, just tell me when and where!” I love both characters, one real, one fictional, because their words were just a ruse to pull their opponents in, then both delivered in the ring smashing them!” While I made the quote above up for humor’s sake, that’s what my minds eye remembers, kind of how it got spoofed on SNL, and how it felt to me when I was young. So this all felt really cool to me. Actually, I love it. When Morgan Freeman hangs up his “Morgan Freeman-Morgan Freeman: God made Earth when I narrated it!” shoes narrating everything on the planet, I want to do some of that work, if you can call it ‘work’. History Channel / BBC America / Smithsonian Channel / Disney: give me a call!



Townshend basically sang about societal problems. Like deceit and the silent ongoing trauma we experience as its depth is revealed. And how non-confrontation screws us up like his famous rock opera character Tommy. He retreats into his fantasy world like 300 million America’s have to avoid the truth have. I'm singing about the solutions to our national trauma of learning we’ve been sold out. So now’s the time, stop being Tommy, and please Sign RTDNOW.COM with me it's our turn to save America. Like JOHN HANCOCK, I am the first signer of our modern declaration and my signatures the biggest. And to keep leaning on Pete's genius, (He's like a 'rock-n-roll' Winston Churchill when you put his best lyrics together) although I may be trying his patience, "Who's Next?"

Making of Adrian's Song "Sign RTDNOW"




It pays to pay attention: empires like America fade, divide or die, unless they find a magic door like RTDNOW.COM to renew themselves over-night!


Rome fell and all the money and brains went to? Wait for it…New Rome. Which translates to Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, in Turkey. It went north. Money and wealth seem to take over a nation, push it to absurd conquests (like needing more quarterly profits rather than sustainability. Sound familiar?) than it can maintain, and then, right before it blows up or fails, the wealth quietly slips out the back door. Leaves. New York? New England? Everybody getting this? The first city on the Moon is not going to be called Pangea to signify one human race. It’s going to be called Earth City or New Earth. So it wasn’t a conspiracy, not even close: they weren’t hiding it. Like anything, you have to understand exactly what you’re looking at. They were naming it for the same reason all names are developed: to attract what you are looking for. Back to boring Empire history. At one point in time the little Island of England, ruled over 85% of civilized lands on earth: the sun never set on the English Empire! That’s why it’s called Great Britain. It helps that their timing for all this was as the steam engine was paired with fossil fuels creating their industrial revolution, the first the world had never seen. The British Empire failed when they became over extended but the real reason was total corruption throughout government: money in politics. Just like America today.



The phases as you know are: birth, growth, maturity, decay, death, and rebirth. We are between decay and death, and I have crafted a Declaration for us to all sign, 300 million as 1, to leapfrog death, (Remember, I don’t believe in no-win situations) and take us all straight to Rebirth and avoid all the super painful destruction to come. Let’s look at where we are. Like Rome or England, our industry quietly slipped out the back door over the last 75 years, and with it much of the money. Our largest Corporations keep 2/3 offshore. When England’s industry moved to America to avoid the collapse of the British Empire, it fueled the birth of America’s Industrial Revolution. In the song, I point out how America’s first flag was that of the East India Trading Company, the British Mega Corporation (Exxon-Halliburton-Bank of America, combined) of its time, a de-facto arm of the corrupt English Government, with it’s own Army of 300,000 enforcing their global corporate greed. Side Bar: how can that be a coincidence? If you’re forming a new country full of free thinkers would you use the Exxon flag to start it all? No. Money and industry like everything in America it seems, determined our flag. It signified English money’s move to America. Now you may have an inkling who owns part of the Federal Reserve that we can never know, it’s never been revealed. They put their stamp on it for God’s sake. The big British corporate money moved to America and stayed. England, no offense, has been our little cousin ever since. That story and comparison gives you an idea of what may come if we don’t all act together and add our names at RTDNOW.COM right now. Just using our American special power to change the world overnight, just by signing a declaration of individual, universal, freedom.


Economically at home we’re 70% retail and 33% of the economy is financial churn: home loan refinances, etc. We don’t MAKE anything anymore. Our economy will rapidly decline as more jobs leave and the Internet closes 1/3 of the stores in America over the next 10-30 years, which won’t be necessary, as most sales will go online. This, if not addressed with a comprehensive plan like RTDNOW, will cause our final national economic collapse that will affect us all somewhat equally, that haven’t left already. The ‘UN-SINKABLE Titanic, the worlds greatest ocean liner, had 12 watertight compartments to keep it ‘afloat’. But a 100-foot tear across them slowly filled all of them with water so it could never recover. Our economy used to be diverse and function on many separate cylinders or compartments, always keeping us, our economy, upright and steaming ahead. But right now the tear in our economy (lost Manufacturing base) is about 65 feet long, the $20 trillion of national debt is the water filling up in our engine room weighing us all down heading toward Davey Jones Locker. If it’s not stopped immediately, the globalist corruption that led to $20 trillion in debt will surely sink us all. I’m imploring every single American, right now, SIGN RTDNOW.COM and let’s all right the ship we sail in we call America. A nice allegory for sure, but hopefully language 300 million American’s that didn’t spend a career in small business economics will understand completely. Small business is what made this country great and fuels 2 of every 3 new jobs, which means small business creates 66% of all new American Dreams. Corrupt big industry pushed money throughout our political system to control our budget process and has nearly destroyed our small business/American Dream engine, by stalling and sucking up all the capital. Hopefully the ship analogy will move 300 million as 1, to act with me to SIGN RTDNOW.COM. American’s are not stupid. We’ve just been bamboozled really well and until now have not had any way to really act constructively to end runaway government: SIGN RTDNOW.COM and reset our economic priorities OVER-NIGHT. Trade policy does needs attention, but that’s the latest globalist’s Flim-Flam magic trick, to buy another decade, and its good: blame themselves because they can’t hide it anymore, but don’t really do anything to solve the problem of jobs for the hard working citizen. Wake up! The factories are all already gone. Please sign RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone to join you so we can restart the economic engine that made America.


The last great Superpower. Primarily referring to our Navy and Air Force and stock of Nuclear Weapons we will never use. We became the World’s Policeman out of necessity in World War 2. It changed America’s personality as a nation from Pacifist, to Aggressor. We we’re threatened and we responded: and the problem is, the war stopped, but we never did. We still have global standing armies preparing to fight wars that do not exist. The ugly truth: we have become the worlds munitions industry. We have ‘manufactured’ 50% of our national budget to support ‘Defense’ against threats like… Lithuania, Greece, 15 guys with box cutters? Tell me who? That’s a really sad joke. But our Defense Paranoia Industry supports a globalist agenda (that doesn’t include 300 million of us hard working Americans) because without order on the worlds high seas (sound like Jolly Old England’s Empire falling yet? Try the Dutch before them? Or Spain before them? Or the Trojans before them? All Naval powers to dominate global trade) The globalist economic regime does not continue to exist. Somebody (billionaire globalists) has been siphoning all the money out of America for 40 years (about $40 trillion) and it’s NOT the 300 million hard working citizens I am writing this opera for. That’s why we still have a homeless problem, why we can’t get food to the Superdome, and have inner city slums ALL ACROSS AMERICA. It’s the Billionaire globalists who pay off both political parties and control the global agenda. As you are seeing now, Billionaires hang out will Billionaires. It’s like the old Movie Trading Places. I’m sure it was a $1.0 bet “I’ll show you I can get elected President, then I’ll invite you all in, that will be our new meeting place, and there won’t be any resistance to our global agenda anymore.” How about doing the opposite, get an ordinary guy who represents you. Write in ADRIAN for President 2020 and I’ll slash our corrupt national budget in half by cutting out corruption and duplication and reinvest that in every city in America for small business and new industry.



300 MILLION AS 1, IT’S TIME TO ACT. As our founders did, they just signed a Declaration and the rest is history. It worked because it affirmed what they stood for, which fueled the greatest growth period in all human history. I’m asking you to find your American spirit in a hurry and reaffirm our American ideals again. Launch our next great period of prosperity with the goal of securing the prosperity of every American family: RESTORING EVERYONE’S AMERICAN DREAM OVER-NIGHT! I’ve made it almost free, almost effortless, and it saves your future. THAT’S MY GREAT DEAL FOR EVERY AMERICAN AND WHY I’M ASKING YOU TO SIGN RTDNOW.COM


READ HOW AMERICA NEEDS TO BE CAREFULLY HANDED FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT or there won’t be an America! Note the explanation starting at the bottom of the first page onward. This opera personified that point of view, bringing Thomas Jefferson, the original American Spirit, and his beliefs, into practice today in song and The RTDNOW Plan.




I’m asking every single American to take a simple look at where we are now both in the context of history, and in the context of your family’s daily economics and what you see coming. Then I know you will act with me to end our massive government corruption, what we playfully call runaway government, so it’s constantly dismissed like an errant child. It’s not. Smart government focused on the citizen is what keeps our American Dreams alive: and all that’s about to die. I’m asking and will keep asking: SIGN RTDNOW.COM our 2nd Declaration of Independence. Live free, or let our way of life die. The choice is yours. Choose with me: Sign RTDNOW.COM  How’s that for a dramatic ending to Album 2? I wish I made it all up, but I didn’t. I’m just trying to save America for my children and everyone’s across America.  I’m 58, I don’t need this or the drama. Like you, circumstances forced it upon me. But this still is the home of the brave, it has to be done. So I’m doing it. Please do it with me. You’ll start to feel better immediately with a real way forward out of mess of biblical proportions. As Winston Churchill, our cousin-in-law famously proclaimed, in his finest hour: NEVER, EVER, SURRENDER! Sign RTDNOW.COM is saying the same thing. He was English and eloquent, I’m an American space cowboy with a rock opera, more direct.

  • When was the last time anyone acted to restore EVERYONE’S American dream OVER-NIGHT? (Hint: see founding of America/the 1st Declaration of Independence)

  • When was the last time the American people were presented with a detailed comprehensive plan to save America for every ordinary hard working citizen OVER-NIGHT? (Hint: Never, until RTDNOW)

  • What is the GREAT DEAL in our time Adrian is offering every single American that only costs $1.00/month per person? (Hint: see THE GREAT DEAL at RTDNOW.COM)

  • Please sign RTDNOW.COM. Add your name to the second Declaration of Independence to restore everyone’s American Dream OVER-NIGHT! Live free or die slowly. Choose: Redeem The Dream Now.


Words and Music by ADRIAN

I am alive. I AM DEAD

I am a King. I’M A PAUPER

I’m a giver. I’M A TAKER

Destroyer. REDEEMER

I am sympathetic. I AM CALLOUS

I am a slave. I AM A MASTER

I am a brother. I AM A SISTER

I’m a father. I’M A MOTHER


REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, I Am The American Spirit


“I hope we shall crush, in its birth, the aristocracy of our ‘Monied’ Corporations, which dare already, to challenge our government to a trail by strength, and bid defiance, to the laws of our country.” Thomas Jefferson, 1777


Ever since the start of our American Revolution in 1773

The world of the corporation and the citizen, have been colliding.

Our first flag was that of the largest global mega corporation of its time.

The East India Trading Company. That’s not a coincidence.

It’s like free thinkers deciding to have the first flag of your country,

Be the Exxon flag, what you we’re rebelling against in the first place.

It’s time to act. The East India Trading Company sold Tea for the Crown,

That caused the Boston Tea Party, which started our American Revolution

In the first place. It’s time to act. Basically the Crown and Corporations

Stealing from the citizen.


Think about this for a while. It’s time to act.

The East India Corporation had its own army of 300,000 People, enforcing its Corporate greed. Pummeling Free Enterprise for endless Corporate Profit.

The East India Trading Company lent money to the English Treasury,

And owned, funded and controlled, members of English Parliament.

It’s time to act. The increase of the Tea Tax,

Was so the Mega Corporations could make more money.


This is why American Citizens, hate taxation, and rebel against it.

We know, where it comes from. Its time to act.

Nothing has ever been what it seems. And not much has changed 250 years later.

Today, we face the same Corporate threat. And over the last 40 years

It’s run rampant. And unchecked, and made our country very, very ill.

To the point where our Democracy can’t function.

An our Economy and Treasury are in ruins. It’s time to act.

Endlessly stolen from, by a Corporate over-run of our government.

Its time to act. And now, the future of America, all our futures, are in jeopardy.

IT’S TIME TO ACT. This opera is your wake up call. A 300 million person

Wake up call.


You see we’ve never really achieved independence from Corporate rule.

It’s time we did. It’s Our Time. Right Now. It’s time to act.

That’s why I wrote this opera. It’s easy to save America.

Just add your name to the second Declaration of Independence

From runaway government at RTDNOW.COM and tell everyone

All 300 million of us need to tune in daily for a song at RTDNOW.COM

And we are going to save America. Take Action. It’s the American way.

It’s what our founders did. It’s what we Americans do in the Home of the Brave

When worlds collide. Take Action.


RTDNOW is the original perfect vision reborn


It’s time to act. Tell Everyone, its time to act.

ADD YOUR NAME RTDNOW.COM It’s time to act.




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