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Nobody wants a handout. Just a helping hand to get past where they're stuck. America has reached a point it can't self correct, and we all need to take each others hand all at once to help it get unstuck.

Self correcting was the balancing act 3 'co-equal' branches of government did an ok job on for 200 years. Until global and billionaire money flowed in from Corporate 'donors' to make an elected system of government, formerly known as a 'democracy' to turn it into a 'plutocracy' where the rich pay to control the direction of America. Which over 40 years has landed 300 million people and the whole country in BANKRUPTCY. And Unbelievably, with no plan from government to change course. My name is Adrian. Me and old Thomas Jefferson seem to bear resemblance, and we have both written a 1 page plan for the American dream. His plan, the declaration of independence, started it. Mine, extends his original plan of local self rule and economic freedom in a true workable framework of EQUALITY to every single citizen overnight. I channeled the spirit of Thomas Jefferson into this opera. His quotes are in every album. Now as the lyrics say, and you will see as the stage production comes out and Thomas and I are on stage singing side by side harmonizing, "Please take my hand, again." Please take the hand of freedom, sign a petition called RTDNOW, 300 million as 1.

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Seems like the driving forces of a company or a government, or a music production get their names on everything. But when something turns out great, there's always a lot of unsung heroes. Tim Ellis made everyone he worked with sound better. David Limpkind on harmonica makes you 'feel' this song with his haunting harmonic. Daily life in America would not be if not for a lot of unsung heroes. Thanks Tim, and thanks David, just to name two out of 40 musicians who helped make my music sounds great. 


Making of the Song "Take My Hand"


I wrote Take My Hand long before I dreamed of writing an opera. It was a lonely period of my life when I was working twelve or fourteen hour days. It seemed I never made it home before the kids were in bed. I’d surf TV channels a while, but then I always ended up back on my guitar for hours, writing music and lyrics.


These years were boom years in small business banking, circa 2006-2009. The economy collapsed in 2008, so by early 2009 record numbers of people were struggling to pay their mortgages, and leaving their homes in foreclosure. So many families had to pack up and find a new beginning. And, with this I’d had some first-hand experience. I’d lost my job a few times through no fault of my own. I had tried to be an internet millionaire and lost everything. I’d experienced that fear and the love required to overcome it. Take My Hand was born out of how it went down for so many families, just like mine.


I had a ringside seat in the banking industry, so I had been able to predict this economic collapse. I did tell colleagues and clients that the sky was falling, but since I wasn’t really ‘anyone’, nobody really listened:


Businesses from different industries had begun calling me short of cash, needing $500,000 to $1,000,000. They were suddenly required to pay for inventory and other essentials more quickly than usual. Their own bills were due 14 days sooner, while their customers were taking 30 days longer to pay them. 


Intrigued, I looked up Bank of America & Citibank balance sheets online. I could discern that this seemingly small change in small business operating terms would put 10% of the weakest companies out of business in 120 days, the next 10% within a year, and the next 10% less than two years. The domino effect was going to be across the board; it was setting up as the perfect economic storm. Many Americans would not realize this for nine months, and then it would be too late…It still raises the hair on the back of my neck when I tell this story. You see, on a loan balance sheet, when you subtract 10% off the asset side of the B of A balance sheet, it wipes out ALL the equity. It puts them out of business. I believed I could see the whole banking industry going down. Citibank stock was going to go from $50/share to $5/share; it actually plummeted to $1.00.  I thought the stock market, which was then at 14,000, would drop to 6,000; it really dropped to 7,000.  Because the Federal Reserve could not allow so many companies to go out of business, I predicted the interest rates were going to plummet from a prime of 8.25% in one year to 3.5%; it actually fell to 3.25%.  The reason the Fed could not allow so many failing business to shock the economic system is because all of the people who were about to lose their jobs would seek unemployment. Unemployment and government assistance, when the nation overall was already at or near bankruptcy? I think you can see why it’s so important to restructure the banking industry to serve small businesses better.  


If a small business lender with 35 years experience of helping create jobs in all types of businesses could predict this, why didn’t the wizards of Wall Street sound the alarm?  They were too busy quietly removing their money as fast as they could, to let the little guys take the fall; it was in their interest to keep quiet. This resulted in a $7 Trillion bailout. We’ll be paying for this for a long time. And it is for this type of management that companies such as Goldman Sachs retain banking status and get to be bailed out?


This pattern continues to repeat. We are near the brink again. It’s time for us to take each other’s hands, all 300 million of us. We need to REDEEM THE DREAM, because time is short. I am reaching out now: please Take My Hand!

  • Who's hand is Adrian asking everyone to take? (HINT: his at RTDNOW by adding your name to an all citizens petition to restore the American dream. And as you do you also take Thomas Jefferson's, who extended it to all American's and the world 250 years ago.)

  • Where do I take Adrian's hand? (HINT: add your name at

  • The song says "We've lost everything for nothing" what does that mean? It means we have lost our democracy because laws were changed so your vote doesn't matter, it means that led to total corruption of government with money in politics, which led to economic policies favoring global corporations, which caused inflation, which means everything costs 3X more, your money only goes 1/3 as far as it used to, which means we are all on the verge of doing it all again as technology takes HALF of all American jobs over 5-10 the lyrics say, we will just repeat "We've lost everything for nothing" because we all didn't take each other's hand at 300 million as 1, please take my hand so we can enact a plan to save ourselves.


Words and Music by ADRIAN


I can hear the gravel crackle under our feet,

I can see your breath racing in front of me

I know the world can be pretty scary.

We’re riding down this highway side by side,

Scenery rolls by but we can’t hide

The aching in our hearts will not subside


Take my hand,

Take my hand,

As we ride across this great land,

Take my hand


We lost everything for nothing,

We believed in people that didn’t know us

Now we’re outlaws riding away from what consumed us

Tomorrow sun will rise, of that I’m sure,

Tomorrow will be better that’s what we’re hoping for

Tomorrow will open a brand new door for us


Take my hand, take my hand, as we ride across this land, take my hand please

Take my hand, as we ride like outlaws across this land, take my hand ohh please

Take my hand, cause I’ll always be your man, take my hand, again,

I’ll always be your best friend, take my hand, please take my hand,

As we try to become one, again.

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