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Has Come Back In A Rock Opera

with Adrian to Help Save It.



A 100 Song Rock Opera, Tells Our Amazing Story of the American Dream, How We're All Saving it, to Save America Itself, Bringing Thomas Jefferson, and His Ideals That Formed America, Back to Life!

This 30 song compilation 1st release, tells the story shorthand, previewing three mega albums. Adrian uses a variety of musical styles to tell the birth of the American dream, with the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, put to music. It was written to be sung, as recently discovered. The Declaration of Independence was so much more than just separation from England. It was the 2nd biggest event in history: it changed the world.


It was the first invitation to ALL human beings, to be Free and 

Equal: Unlocking ALL Human Potential


It's promise was removing historical oppression of wealth class elite societies of the few controlling everything and leaving crumbs for the masses. But that's EXACTLY where we've ended up again 250 years later. Adrian and Thomas both appear in songs such as "Get Out of This Mess" where Adrian sings to todays citizens and Jefferson Raps his feelings rallying all again. This marks the first Guest Artist, AHAVA, appearing in the opera. Adrian's invited All Music Artists to join him broadcasting at Redemption Radio.

In Song, Bonus Materials and Podcasts, Adrian walks us through American dream turning points that killed the American dream for 200 million Americans; and The RTDNOW Plan to restore it.


And finally, like our Lord of the Rings story it is, Jefferson (like Gandalf) returns to prod Adrian to extend his timeless invitation, to be Free and Equal, to create our next period of long term prospertity for all, to all 300 million citizens today.


And so Adrian developed RTDNOW, today's Magic Door, we all pass through just by adding our names at, to redeem, to get back everyone's American Dream of equality. 

Overnight, just like 1776: but this time with a plan so the American Dream reaches EVERY citizen. The implementation plan Jefferson didn't write the first time. Which left the Magic Door open for Hamilton's inequality plan: which has run amok and become so epic it's pushed the nation to total collapse.

Equality, equal access, is the engine that drives every citizen's upward mobility, fueled by our own pursuit.


The two work together propelling us all forward to live our dreams. That's the magic of our founding ideals of 1776 Thomas Jefferson penned into every American life, we lost, was taken away, and we are all about to get back.

Our American dream engine's in bad need of a tune up. Right now 100 Million are in poverty and another 100 Million may slip in as technology takes away 40 million jobs. America itself may completely collapse as debt reaches $40 Trillion within 10 years. Living conditions in 2019 are FAR WORSE than the Great Depression of 1929!

If we don't enact a citizens plan like RTDNOW soon to create 40 million new high wage jobs ASAP, we will ALL be witnessing the death of the American dream.


That's why Jefferson returned. It's time to Save America. But to do that we ALL need to take action. Adrian and Jefferson, body and soul, sing, dance, and give speeches to rekindle EVERY American Spirit. Kinda like old Thomas did in 1776 the first time. But now to get Everyone to ADD YOUR NAME. to the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW PLAN so we all can save America fast.

Adrian's epic rock opera musical was made over 10 years with the help of dozens of top musicians. 


100 Songs and Podcasts, a heroic effort indeed to reach ALL citizens to tell them the solution to restoring everyone's American dream is in all our hands. As 100 million citizens add their names at RTDNOW.COM, we are ALL hitting the American Dream 'RESET' Magic Button to enact the REDEEM THE DREAM NOW (RTDNOW) PLAN: to achieve local self rule and economic freedom in a real equality framework. The real American dream, Thomas Jefferson laid out for us to all thrive. It was lost. Now it's back.

Adrian's RTDNOW Citizen 1st Plan works FAST with 1% Fixed Rate RESET Home Loans for ALL, DOUBLING everyone's 

net monthly income, OVERNIGHT.


It helps 100 Million (1 of 3 in America) leap out of poverty and may save 100 Million from it. It instantly makes housing affordable for ALL. And places us on path to end homelessness in America.

Adrian's plan makes the banking system work for ALL American citizens instead of against them, just by changing policy. That's how Adrian wants to restore EVERYONE'S American dream fast, and he wants every citizen to help. Make his plan, your plan, just by adding your name and sharing.

America's DECLINED for 50 years: now we have a fast, simple and fun way forward, and 300 Million Citizens are personally invited. 


Redeem The Dream Now is a FREE Access, ALL Citizen  Movement, for everyone, ALL 300 million citizens to participate. What's next? Enjoy the opera and SHARE RTDNOW DAILY. Because it takes all of us to restore EVERYONE'S American dream.


There's only one question: You in?

Two times 100% citizen participation made Everyone's American dream Improve 100% fast:

World War 2 and the American Revolution of 1776. 


all happens

on your phone.


FREE so ALL 300 million citizens will participate.


Add Your Name, to save America in an overnight plan.

Let the music 

inspire you daily,

and Bonus Materials inform you.

Please SHARE !!!

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