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Hi, I'm Adrian. I don't believe in miracles.

I believe we make miracles happen.

It's time to all make some again.


Age 45: I knew we all deserved much more.

Over 15 years I made 100  songs to rally 300 Million of us to restore the American Dream. 


EVERYONE said, "Rally? Restore the American Dream!!!" So I wrote a plan. 100 million names launches it. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 8.38.41 PM.png

To fix all our big problems super fast (poverty, homelessness, corruption, inequality, collapse, as technology kills 80 million jobs) I built us a bullet train:

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 11.00.42

We're all stars of this show on our phones, sharing so all can get aboard by adding our names to restore everyone's American Dream!

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To Redeem The Dream, we all help:

Add your name.

Subscribe $1.00 per month.

Share RTDNOW.COM daily.


Why will 300 million Americans all help?

  • To all get up to $1,000 per month

  • End poverty and hunger

  • Make housing affordable

  • Help 250 million without savings now 

  • To save America from collapse with 80 million new good jobs in my plan 

  • My plan also pays for itselfSo, You in?

Now It's EASY FOR EVERYONE To Save America

And if you really love my plan, write in Adrian 2024

Enjoy Sharing the Music so We All Add Our Names

Album 1, 30 Songs



We All Become Superman to

Restore the American Dream

The opera opens with song Ghost Towns. Highlighting a national economic epidemic that started 20 years ago and just came to everyone's full attention in the Covid shutdown. What we all saw in the shutdown nationwide could become the 'new normal' for America after technology takes 80 million jobs and we all work at home in five years. That's if we don't all support a plan to save ourselves, like the RTDNOW Plan Adrian is proposing to restore everyone's American dream. 


Adrian switches to a light full acoustic guitar romp in song 2: ALL YOU GOT. It's a tongue in cheek double entendre call out to all the real musical superstars out there to join this effort. If they just watch, Adrian laments, I may be all you got, and we can all lose all we got. The next song brings urgency looking into every wallet in America urging that we, CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE. A blazing rocker like the best of Kansas.


Adrian brings the opera home in, For the Ordinary Man, with hard driving Classic 70's rock, before moving to tell the nation THIS IS OUR TIME. He reminds us how we got in this mess in a fun way with his song, Everybody's For Sale. 

Album 1 includes soulful ballads such as That's All You Need to Know, and Today's the Day, the title song of album 1: it imparts his personal message to everyone, "We All Become Superman Once We Believe We Can." And with RTDNOW now we all can add our names to restore the American dream.


The heart of the rock opera laments its Another Day in the USA watching endless corruption fuel American decline and urges us to declare independence from this ongoing failing of the citizen, with the new RTDNOW economic revolution. The title song of the Opera, Redeem The Dream Now, is backed by a choir urges us all that we can redeem, get back right away, the American dream, it just takes everybody.  

Adrian became a Johnny Cash fan after everyone kept telling him he sounded like him. That said, Adrian covers a myriad of styles and genres from hard rock to reggae, to punk, to hip hop, to etherial Pink Floyd inspired vibes to keep the listener enthralled. 

A 1930's era song driven by Dixie Land Horns 'Lend a Hand' implores everyone to help saying, "Throw yourself a bone, the life you save may be your own." That's why Adrian's asking you to add your name and to tell everyone daily!

Why? Because 78% are paycheck to paycheck in 2020 and 100 Million are in poverty BEFORE the pandemic collapse, and we're about to lose 80 million jobs to technology that will blow up 100 Million home budgets. Bailouts are temporary and just sink the economy faster as they add up.

It Shall Be Done is Adrian's promise to all, that all American dreams will be restored, a much better American dream, if everyone tells everyone to add their names at RTDNOW.COM  

How do we make restoring everyone's American Dream happen? Overnight? Easy, 300 million as 1, In an Online Stampede.  

Album 1 ends with a saxophone infused sing along, Let's Save America. Now we can. REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, add your name and share! 

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