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AMERICA NEEDS MUCH MORE THAN ENDLESS BAILOUTS. An Unprecedented Problem Needs an Unprecedented SolutionGovernment should improve all our lives: it didn't. Why? It can no longer self correct. So we all need to help it now.


It's up to all of us to save ourselves with a 1 page plan again. All on your phone. With music and podcasts. It's easy for all. By simply all adding our names at to start it, the

RTDNOW Plan is a 300 million citizen non-profit buying club, Delivering a significantly improved American Dream to all monthly, which fixes all City and State budgets saving all from collapse.


This editorial is asking 100 million to 300 million citizens to all support RTDNOW by adding your names and subscribing, to put America on a new fast path to prosperity for all, based upon a discussion below of Adrian's mostly self funding policies, that benefit all rapidly.


I'll warn you, this is a long read. But it doubles your income fast and saves America.

Reading's the tough part. After that, 100 million have to add their names once. EZ.


Adrian's OPED below has 3 parts:

1. Introducing The RTDNOW Plan TO YOU

2. Now Your Future...IS IN YOUR HANDS


Please Read. Please Share. Thank You!

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 6.33.50 PM.png


Introducing The RTDNOW PLAN to You

Adrian's Overnight All Citizen trickle UP new policies introduced and discussed below, and together with the full RTDNOW PLAN, are complete and immediate solutions for all 300 million citizens, and small businesses, to save America from total structural collapse we are in (we just produce debt and no real income growth for most) from sloppily turning into a full blown 15 year Great Depression.


Adrian has a background of 40 years in financing small businesses, what makes up 50% of our $22 Trillion economy, the sector hardest hit in the Covid 2019 pandemic, and has been working on the RTDNOW PLAN solution since 2010: for roll out in 2025 to fix the crash anticipated in 2030 from the Autonomous Revolution, robotics, like Skynet, for Terminator fans, thats taking 50% of all our jobs.


But with the pandemic, 300 million citizens need a well thought through, complete 'new deal' solution that's fast, that is much more than just more than bailouts which digs our economic hole deeper, and can work overnight. So Adrian is introducing his independent non political all citizens plan to save America, and 300 million American Dreams, to 300 million citizens and the nation to review for implementation now.

THE RTDNOW PLAN: its a 'New Deal' and 'Citizens Marshall Plan' SOLUTION in one.


Simple New policies Build a NEW AMERICAN DREAM FOR ALL, Almost Overnight.



300 Million CITIZENS, 30 Million SMALL BUSINESSES, 19,495 CITIES, and 50 STATES


  • Restores Every Household's budget Overnight

  • Which saves America Overnight

  • It Restarts the Economy

  • Creates a Citizens Economy with 40 million new businesses 80 million new GOOD jobs

  • DOUBLES the minimum wage  

  • Makes Housing Very Affordable for all ending poverty

  • And Adrian's RTDNOW Plan Mostly Pays for Itself

Adrian Calls RTDNOW "The Great Deal" because it is so much better and faster than President Roosevelt's new Deal in the 1930's our last great depression. Everyone's been waiting for RTDNOW, the 'New Deal' in our time. Grab it! Add your name.


For a Significantly Improved American Dream fast

1. Households cost of living is cut in half permanently, which will end poverty and homelessness in America, as all get up to $1,000 month more in their pockets EVERY MONTH with 1% fixed non-profit home loans.


With cost of living decreased 50%, housing becomes affordable for all. How? Interest rates are zero, and we the people have about $9 Trillion in zero or near zero interest rate deposits. FYI, we the people are supposed to regulate the banking system, not the other way around, which has bankrupted us all and the nation.


We the people will set this new policy on a petition vote (300 million as 1, add your name at or the willing can all put their money in a non profit new RTDNOW Citizen Owned Bank and we can lend our own zero percent money to ourselves at 1% fixed. But that would collapse the banking system, so the reset to the national new maximum home loan rate of 1% fixed up to $400,000 for all Americans, is preferred. Amounts over $400,000 will be lent by the current system on a parri passu basis. This means the 2nd trust deed shares the collateral as if its one loan. Most Americans need $400,000 or less. This is economic equality in action.  


Also, all home loans need a special Standstill provision, for new loans, and retroactive, for 100 year events like Covid. Up to 12 month rent and loan (home, auto, etc) and payment stop. That means it just doesn't get paid, and its ok. Its not owed by 1/2 of America without jobs who can never pay it. This is FAR less expensive than national bankruptcies and evictions, which are a major domino that causes a great depression. Duh.


A Standstill policy saves us from sliding into a Great Depression. It's like a time out. The clock just stops, to acknowledge what a 100 year pandemic event did to the economy. Really look at the history of home lending. And business lending for that matter. 1930's short 5 year loans, economic shock, equals great depression. Duh, that doesn't work. Not being able to pay for your life when the workforce just decreased by 30% and will be crap for 48 months IS THE SAME THING. So now we have 30 year home loans, but there's still no MAJOR shock absorber mechanism or system for all renters and home owners. That's what a Standstill provision is, and now you know why we need it, you need it. It's amazing really the home loan and small business lending system has no 'collarbone' or circuit breaker like a Standstill provision to stop the whole system from breaking and dying under a very large unforeseen shock. That's all a Standstill provision is to save us all from a great housing and business depression. Again, duh. I studied banking in college and this was evident to me then in 1980. So when I was put in to turn around the second most unprofitable bank in the nation days from failing, I manufactured one by hand when I turned around the bank overnight and everyone was very happy.


About Standstill Agreements: We use STANDSTILL AGREEMENTS in business lending all the time, for over 40 years. When I turned around the 2nd most unprofitable bank in the nation, I retroactively put the same type of thing in place, overnight, which kept everyone in business and enabled me to restructure all the loans in the bank to meet the new reality, so all businesses thrived. Nobody told me to do it. It wasn't in the banking classes I took in college. It just made sense, it's the missing pieces TO END THE SUFFERING FROM A 10 YEAR BOOM  BUST CYCLE WE ARE IN. So when I was in charge of lending policy, I didn't foreclose on anyone, that's totally unnecessary. Standstill is the simple path forward right now for all renters, home owners, and building owners, to shelter in place. We need to make it an overnight national policy. I'm just taking a commercial business concept and applying it to all our home economics, national economics, overnight. And with a Standstill policy, you don't need a Multi Billion Dollar bailout of any lenders, It Saves Us Trillions. Lenders by the way, are supposed to be regulated by we the people. This is how good effective government for the people should operate. The affect of Covid on the economy is like a nuclear bomb going off, and should be treated as a once in a 100 year event it is. 300 million as 1, Demand Adrian's STANDSTILL Policy, and RTDNOW!

Under The full RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN, 50 MILLION Renters get ZERO down home loans, which when they buy, lowers their monthly cost of housing by 50%. That's how all citizens will end up with almost twice as much for their daily work in a new RTDNOW America we can bring into being demanding it 300 million as1: add your name and share!


Why SHOULD YOU? We don't have a choice. Rents are out of control for 20 years, many have DOUBLED while your wages stayed flat! THAT'S WHY WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LIVE IN AMERICA ANYMORE. THAT'S WHY 100 MILLION ARE IN POVERTY IN 2019 headed for 200 million in 2020. Rent has been unaffordable for most for a long time now. With 50% unemployed by August, there will be nationwide defaults and evictions threatened. Without RTDNOW policies we may have a whole nation of homeless.


Really?  Well, only 69% of renters paid rent in April 2020 (it will get worse going forward), down from 82% last year. It equals 13% actual unemployment at 4/11/20: it will be 25% by July. Add in larger businesses like Boeing and GE about to layoff or furlough 10-20% of employees. This takes us to 40% unemployment by July. Add in 20% of all small businesses going bust, that's 50% unemployment. EXACTLY WHAT I FORECASTED IN ALL MY SONGS AND PODCASTS made over the last 3-5 years, AND WHAT RTDNOW WAS WRITTEN FOR. That's 60-80 MILLION Americans out of work. Whether they report it or not.


That's how our homelessness problem can grow from 30 million in December 2019, to 100 million by December 2020. That is why I am so vigorous in my writing here. Government can't sleep walk through this like they did the Covid response. All Americans need RTDNOW. 300 million as 1, please add your name and share! 

2. Snap Food Stamp Program expanded to feed 150 million.


This will cover 40-50 million jobs losses over 18 months averaging 3-4 people per household, until the first 30-50 million RTDNOW jobs kick in. These 100 million to 150 million on food assistance should support RTDNOW. Please add your name. Over 30% of our food supply each year gets wasted. Government is starting to redirect this excess food supply to those in need. That needs to be ramped up and accelerated. And over 12-48 months (the length of this Covid collapse ordeal) as RTDNOW jobs are here, one by one, people come off this assistance.

3. 100% Unemployment Insurance for remainder of sheltering costs until real tested vaccines emerge.


This is for the true time period needed: the 6 month pandemic sheltering health crisis and 12 month restart. a Total of 18 months. In #4 below, we implement the RTDNOW plan creating 30 million RTDNOW new jobs 12 months so both #2 and #3 here don't become permanent, and phase back down goes to historical rates of 60% of wages to encourage all back to work as jobs are there. Again, this is part of a new system for MAJOR systemic shock absorption to avoid a great depression. It's only  a crisis every time wasting $6 Trillion in more debt because nobody in government knows how to handle it and implement. When I turned around a bankrupt bank I problem identified day 1. I problem solved day 2, and implemented SOLUTIONS actively all day, day 3 and for the next 14 months for 12 hours a day. I didn't wait 90 days or two years staring at the wall. Every home in America is like a small business. Money in every month, money out. RTDNOW makes money in always much bigger than money out and has shock absorbers built in for when that gets disrupted. So this #3 is also temporary MAJOR shock absorber, and goes away as high wage jobs are created. Implementation. If your home cost is 50% less, and food is taken care of (see #2) then you would submit historical monthly bills, and the difference you need to get by while unemployed: not more, not less. And you are motivated for a new RTDNOW JOB or start a business.

4. Create 80 million new high wage jobs: 30 million year 1.


RTDNOW Policies Double your gross pay by doubling a new Fed minimum wage. Before Covid, 80 million jobs in America we're minimum wage. This doubles their salary. If you read the book 'The McDonaldization of America' you'll see that Corporate America wants to make MOST jobs in America...minimum wage. So without RTDNOW things will only get worse for at least 200 million Americans. We will grow from 50% in minimum wage jobs to 75%, and most will be poor in America.


How can RTDNOW policies make DOUBLING the minimum wage even possible? Read #5 next. We are all giving your bosses enough inexpensive money, an 80% reduction in their cost of financing, to easily afford it, thrive, and expand. Under RTDNOW, we all win. By July 2020 we will have 50 million unemployed or furloughed. These 50 million (and their dependents, say 100 million people in total) should support RTDNOW. Add your name and share!

5. The RTDNOW FULL Small Business Financing Plan: 

     Recovery, Expansion, and New Business Funding. It includes:

  • 12 Month All Business Debt and Rent Standstill Provision.

  • 1% Fixed Rate Reset On Existing Business Loans.

  • 1% Fixed Loans: Expansion and New. 40 year amo.

  • Business taxation reformed to match revenues.


These Policies help Start 40 Million New Small Businesses over six years, (we put about 10% of the people in America in business) which will employ 80 million as they start, (which is 50% of the present workforce that will be lost to technology) and grow from there. All these jobs will be at Double the present minimum wage because the financing cost is 80% below market. America will put Americans in business, to set their own salaries, enjoy a 50% tax reduction as business owners, and thrive.


After two locations, the present banking system at 5% versus 1% kicks in. We will manufacture successful businesses that employ many here in America. Anyone receiving such a loan is required to mentor 3 people over 15 years, two of which can't be family. Then we finance those people. It is a self sustaining cycle of manufacturing competent entrepreneurs. WE all win paying it forward. I am sure 15 million people nationwide, about 5% of 300 million, would crawl over nails for this deal right away. Starting with 2 employees (Google, Apple, Wright Brothers, etc., etc.) 30 million jobs can be created in year 1 easily nationwide.

On as statewide level example, California. Its 12% of the national population. So in this example 5% of about 40 million people in California is about 2 million people who would start a new business. Let's say they hire 4 people each. That's 8 million new good jobs in one year. So if you have 17.7 million employed in 2019, and you lose 30% to unemployment due to Covid, or about 5 million jobs lost. So let's discount my rosy job forecast by 50% in year 1 to 4 million new jobs. Let's discount it by 75%, and say we only create 2 million new good jobs in year 1. And 2 million in year two. Anyway you cut it, starting right now, June 2020, to be in full swing in 12 months as we come fully out of Covid, we create full employment fast, with new RTDNOW jobs at double the minimum wage. Disaster(S) avoided. All are very happy.


And what else does this accomplish? Over time, 3-6 years, it creates enough jobs to replace the 50% we are losing to the Autonomous Revolution that Covid accelerated. In this example 50% of 17.7 million jobs, about 8 million will be lost, and new ones created over about 5-7 years. The RTDNOW Plan accounts for these job losses, making these new jobs, so California, or any other state, doesn't keep going in the tank as massive jobs losses occur over the next 5-7 years. So we are not just fixing the Covid economic crisis-problem at hand, we are fixing the next problem WE KNOW IS ON OUR DOORSTEP AND COMING FAST, proactively.


CREATING A NEW MIDDLE CLASS OVERNIGHT. AND WHAT ELSE DOES RTDNOW JOBS PROGRAMS DO? Rather than treating America like a 1930's giant public works project in 2020 like government is about to do, filling pot holes, and keeping all the money in America amassed at the top, this redistributes it all across America so we all benefit. And we somewhat effortlessly create a 40 million (25% of all workers) new citizen (40 million new small businesses over 6 years in the RTDNOW Plan) middle class to replace what was wiped out over the last 50 years by trickle down economics that don't work and killed the American economy. This is what good government looks like. You've just never seen it before in your lifetime.

Requirements for these 40 million new business 1% fixed loans will be experience, a business plan, references, and working with a supplied 'Business Coach' monthly. WE are not throwing money out the window here. I've written business plans for 20 years and distributed loans for 40 years. I've been the top lender with the lowest loss ratio everywhere I worked. How? I understand business and management and adapting. This part of THE RTDNOW PLAN is a massive GOOD JOBS FOR ALL PROGRAM that is VERY EFFICIENT, LOW COST, with NO CORRUPTION, that can be rolled out fast, and effective, with a low loss ratio, using an RTDNOW (free) effective business plan template. I developed it 10 years ago, so its' ready to go. It's not what you get off the shelf. The only difference between a failed business and a great one is management. The RTDNOW business plan template forces you to think and make wise decisions, not impulsive or seat of the pant. And it quickly updates monthly to address changing conditions. This is why I know the vast majority of these new businesses will be successful.

Those people who meet the requirements and are ready get funded asap. Those who need 3-6 months with a business coach to perfect their success formula (every business has one, those who don't understand it fail, the RTDNOW business planning template helps entrepreneurs define and manage it monthly) ease into it. WE all will succeed together.


And Cities and States all on the verge of bankruptcy now that live off sales tax and income taxes? Now you are at full employment fast, and people have twice as much money to spend. Every City and State thrives under the RTDNOW Plan. The longer 535 in Congress, 19,495 Mayors and 50 Governors wait, the bigger the hole (debt) you will have to dig out of. But like Lyndon Johnson said to Martin Luther King, "Martin, you have to make me pass Civil Rights Legislation." What that means is a LARGE amount of people have to demand RTDNOW to enable most of the Mayors and Governors to support and implement it. 300 million as 1, add your name at The missing element in America's collapses? All its citizens.


1% reset on all existing small business loans is another MAJOR shock absorber RTDNOW puts into 50% OF THE WHOLE ECONOMY OVERNIGHT, to keep 35% OF ALL SMALL BUSINESSES out of bankruptcy over 24-36 months. This prevents another domino that causes a great depression that we are all staring in the eyes. This is FAST and CHEAP: so much less costly than a banking collapse, and better for all.


Let me explain how this could work. Existing small business loan interest rates reduced: 1% for 60 months. Then lender enjoys not having to write off the whole loan and 30% of their portfolio which will go bad (see the last 'great' recession), which will collapse the banking industry again. 


Let's discuss complicated, wasteful, inefficient steps the government just did trying to help, but just made it worse ADDING DEBT. The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) rolled out only covers 2.5 months of what will be an 18 month economic ordeal for small businesses, and will take 2 months to reach only 10% of 30 million small businesses. Using that math about 40% of small businesses, the weakest,  will go bust fast. But why? Well, 70% of businesses are retail with rent. Payroll is only 25%-35% of the monthly budget. This means 60% of monthly expenses are not covered. If PPP is amended so loans can be used for these expenses and be forgiveable, it would only cover about 1 month; which is about 17 months short of the need.


Let's put this in perspective to understand why RTDNOW is needed to save us all.

Only 25% of small businesses had any savings, which means 75% of small businesses, over 20 million small businesses, are at risk of BK. While big business gets vast sweeping bailout loans, small businesses nationwide are being starved to extinction: for decades now. Crumbs is what PPP is compared to the need. 1.6 million small businesses out of 30 million, 5% got PPP funding in rounds 1. Round 2 will be another 5%. THAT LEAVES 80-90% OF ALL SMALL BUSINESSES WITHOUT ANY REAL ASSISTANCE.


Without DIRECT RTDNOW policies about NOW, 1% reset on small business loans, standstills, etc, HALF OUR SMALL BUSINESSES MAY FAIL within 24 months. That causes the long great depression, makes inequality much worse, and ends the American dream for 300 million citizens.


Inept debt driven government 1930 public works policies, that DO NOT SUPPORT what drives for 50% of our economy, SMALL BUSINESS, because our economy has been structured around large big corporations for 50 years, because they donate / payoff politicians for their re-election, which keeps these bankrupting policies the same, is why this is SO BAD AS USUAL. Only this time, we can't afford it.

What's the cost of totally inadequate understanding and loan support for small businesses all across America? A government that doesn't understand or care about small business is in the process of killing 16 million jobs permanently and will cut $4 TRILLION out of a $22 TRILLION American GDP. OMG is right!!! It's the knockout punch for the American economy by August 2020 that will topple the stock market back to 12,000 or 9,000, as nobody has money to buy from BIG companies, let alone pay rent.




I want to state the obvious, we have a ton of great people in government, working hard, in a system that can't self correct anymore, which is leading to its total collapse sooner than later. The other obvious elephant in the room is almost every single president has had economic crap for brains.


All bluster and great speeches and BS but not much else and we are sick of it and can't afford to fail our people any longer. They BS their  way into office with No real detailed vision on how to achieve prosperity for all with an actual RTDNOW Plan worked out like I am proposing for your adoption. They have no boots on the ground IN DEPTH experience in many businesses, or small business, which makes up 50% of our economy: and under my RTDNOW policies will rapidly grow to 75% of the economy so we all thrive if we all add our names 300 million as 1.


The sitting president this time is different. Or is he? A billionaire, with billionaire cabinet members directing billions of dollars of tax cuts to the wealth class elite, TWO TIMES NOW. His election was a primal scream by the people to get someone who understands business to lead America and remember the citizens economics. But that hasn't happened. The same problem we have faced for decades is the sitting president doesn't have any real vision for America other than rambling press conferences wasting all our time, or a real detailed plan like RTDNOW, with real policies to make your life better today, and for the next 100 years. 


While I pray for him, that he is successful for us all, he is making things worse doing what President Coolidge did in the 1920's (known by the nickname Silent Cal, I guess nicknaming politicians isn't new either) to bring on (versus avoid by setting a real course with real policies for the people) the last Great Depression. Both President Coolidge and the current president did that same things: enact tariffs, loosen regulations, print money and debt to make things look good when they weren't. Just like the last roaring 20's after the last pandemic in 1918 RIGHT BEFORE THE LAST GREAT DEPRESSION. I implore everyone to really read history thoroughly, because its cyclical, it repeats. While both presidents right before the last and current Great Depression are not responsible for what happened the prior 20-40 years to set up the country for total collapse, both are guilty for not recognizing the obvious and fixing it: like the RTDNOW PLAN DOES OVERNIGHT!


We already know, but one quick example for everyone in a simple question to clarify how inept government is, "If you spend 5 times what you make, for years, what happens?" If you're a billionaire you just borrow more of the peoples money or raise prices, or default and skip town. If you're an economy, or 300 million citizens, you go bankrupt and fall into a 15 year great depression.


My people, this is not rocket science, and national economics is not above a sixth grader. Yet we keep electing people who love to talk, it makes us feel good, sometimes, but they ALL keep doing the same dumb things. IT'S TIME FOR NEW THINKING. IT'S TIME FOR NEW MANAGEMENT.


That is why RTDNOW exists, to put YOUR ECONOMIC FUTURE IN YOUR HANDS, 300 MILLION citizens hands, to change this inept economic policy bankrupting us all. And do it overnight. Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM



Big money in politics for 40 years uncontrolled has built an economic system that favors and caters to big corporations, because of election 'donations' and ignores 50% of the economy that creates 2 out of every 3 new jobs in a recovery: SMALL BUSINESS. How can I say government is totally clueless about small business in America? I met personally with my senators offices in D.C. during THE LAST melt down in 2010 when banks couldn't get money out the door to help small businesses. I met with their small business expert who just learned where the bathrooms were. It was worse than a bad joke, other than saying the words 'small business' they knew absolutely NOTHING about them. Those were the seeds of this inept response ten years later. They didn't listen then. GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT SMALL BUSINESSES: until we all add our names to make them. At 50% OF THE WHOLE ECONOMY, $12 Trillion, SMALL BUSINESS CZAR SHOULD BE A CABINET LEVEL POSITION! Write in Adrian 2020 and I'll fix that in a hurry.


For example, had an expert in small business set policy, PPP could have really been rolled out overnight if they reversed the payroll tax service based on an algorithm of real payroll data in the system already. That would have money to 60% of small businesses in 1 week and left the whole banking system to assist sole proprietors and independent contractors and those not banking with a participating bank left out in the cold. Adrian's a small business expert, 40 years experience, what this country needs as a president for all for the 50% of the economy that gets no love and no money and is left to die.


Adrian's policies are quicker, robust and far much more complete than PPP. In an RTDNOW AMERICA, all small businesses get 1% reset rates on all debt for 60 months, and new 1% fixed RTDNOW American Dream loan money to restart after the health risk. New money will be amortized over 40 years, due in 20, to be so inexpensive that they thrive and can rehire at 2X minimum wage. Under RTDNOW All Win.

But to get it, we all need to demand it, together, now at 30 million small businesses, about 30 million owners, about 80 million employees, ALL SHOULD ADD THEIR NAMES for RTDNOW right now and blast it over social media while they still have companies, jobs in them.


BTW, the ill advised unemployment stimulus actually creates unemployment! On one hand, PPP, the government program, is giving money away to keep people on payroll. ON THE OTHER HAND, they are INCREASING the salary for most minimum wage workers WHO ARE ASKING TO BE LAID OFF to get a 33% pay increase under the new 4 month enhanced unemployment benefits. IT'S GREAT the government did something, to prevent riots in the streets. But based upon the above you can see how its so inept, clueless, and a recipe for total economic disaster for us all. You will notice I don't name names. That's because I don't care about any political party that just pays off their donors, they are the past. We are building the future overnight if you help. Please add your name.


Help by making RTDNOW.COM an online stampede, to endorse Adrianomic's, Adrian's overnight citizen prosperity and small business policies. Yes, this is a citizens economic revolution if we all add our names to pass it, we will keep 150 million citizens and 30 million small business from declaring bankruptcy soon: the only option left to them as insurers won't pay because that will bankrupt them. And we will have THE CORRECT SMALL BUSINESS FUNDING PACKAGE to cover what will be a 12-18 month restart and recovery time frame.



I hope everyone is starting to see, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED ECONOMICALLY. And as a nation we're all in the same sinking ship with more birdbrain half baked policies coming out daily. We don't have a choice here: REALLY Refloat the whole economy fast by enacting Adrian's policies for all, (add your names 300 million as 1) or all slide into a 5-15 year great depression in fits and starts. My point with these blunt economic facts and realities, right now, May 2020-June 2021,  this is our moment to avert total economic disaster in 24 month. That's why I'm not sugar coating this. Read more for more details. We all have to jump into the RTDNOW 300 million as 1 life raft very soon and row: by adding our names and sharing daily.

Adrian's policies also save America $7 Trillion dollars.


How? The cost to not melt down and shelter the country in place each month is about $1 Trillion, 5% of GDP PER MONTH. If we do what government is doing now we will spend $10 Trillion or more covering a slow wind down into a great depression that only gets us to full stop as an economy.

Why do I say this? It's the same old problem they have masked with more debt for 40 years, NO PRODUCTION. Debt, and the 33% of our economy that is churn, refinancing your home for example, is not production, its just a hole we continue to dig. We have to create new jobs (the RTDNOW Plan creates 80 million jobs, 30 million year 1) that are much more than retail minimum wage and make things again. Government has avoided that for 40 years. Ask why? Then add your name. Adrian's policies restore real production which creates real national security.

Adrianomics gets all citizens and small businesses

through this whole to a thriving restart. 

Through an 18 months pandemic fallout, and in steps DOUBLES Your pay. VERY directly if your HALF of ALL American workers, 80 million, making minimum wage, and if you own a business, your profits will more than double because everyone has more money to spend, sales will go up dramatically, and your overhead stayed the same, so your small businesses profits will double or triple. And that's aided by 1% fixed small business loan reset and new loans saving you up to 80% of your financing cost.


And guess who most small businesses buy a lot of their materials from? Big businesses, whose profits will more than double. Adrian's policies transform America so we all thrive overnight as 100 million to 300 million add their names at to push the RTDNOW Plan through, restoring 300 million FULLER American dreams, and save us ALL from a 15-Year collapse. And because the real interest rate is zero, maybe negative soon, and we are reducing citizens and 30 million to 40 million small businesses borrowing cost to 1%, THE RTDNOW PLAN MOSTLY PAYS FOR ITSELF by citizen regulation of the out of control banking system with new Adrionomic policies in the plan. PLEASE READ THE RTDNOW PLAN that goes with action policies above.

So what is Adrianomics? Sounds cute but what is it? It's the opposite of what doesn't work, 50 years of failed Trickle Down economics. Nothing 'trick-eled' down! In 2019 before COVID in what was called a great bull economy of 10 years by corporate hucksters, 78% of Americans had NO SAVINGS. 100 MILLION, 1/3 LIVED IN POVERTY, 30 million were shelter insecure or homeless and its growing. 75% of all Small Businesses had NO SAVINGS. In case nobody knows what NO SAVINGS means, it means on the verge of bankruptcy. Not to mention the Federal Government is $25 Trillion in debt (bankrupt) which is up 25 times from $1 Trillion in 1980: we have been bankrupt for a long time. And while we are all in need of a real plan to fix our economics, the last President tried to stop the current president from taking credit for this 'great' economy by reminding him he was the one who propped it all up with stimulus after the last collapse. Enough of what bankrupts us all, bailouts and trickle down lies, we are all switching to TRICKLE UP economics, Adrianomics, I've explained it above, if we all all want to propser, then we need to all add our names.

Adrian's Increasing My Pay? 

Not really. You are: as 100 million add your names

By up to 200%?  YES! 

So if you made $25,000 per year, you would be making the equivalent of about $62,000 a year at the same job, or job type, if we all add our names and support RTDNOW. This is the new 'significantly improved' American dream where we all have a great standard of living I want us all to bring into being almost overnight, for everyone in America.

Let me explain. Adrian's RTDNOW Plan policies number above, reduce your household cost of living more than 50% overnight improving your life 100% fast. This includes 1% fixed home loans that effectively increase your take home pay by almost 50% each month. Renters can now buy over the next 6-12 months as the RTDNOW Rent Standstill Policy is in affect and all benefit equally with everyone else. As everyone in America adds their names at RTDNOW.COM, the RTDNOW Movement moves into action directly as the initiator of a national 300 MILLION CITIZENS non profit 'BUYING CLUB'. The biggest in the world: it will get the best prices. It will turn us all into VIP citizens overnight. Adrian plans to use our collective buying power to be able to lower many of our other basic household and living expenses by 20-50%. These two steps leave every citizen with twice as much money every month. Home loan resets can happen overnight, the buying club will build over time. It will start as 100 million are signed up. While this step does not increase your wages, it makes them all count and go, twice as far. It's like a 100% wage increase.

80 million New RTDNOW Jobs created under Adrian's plan will double gross pay for those 80 million on minimum wage in America. This is a direct 100% improvement in wages, in your paycheck top line. Together, the above increases everyone's wages by 50% all the way to 200% for half of America. And who else gets a 100% increase in their net income? All the small businesses in America (and yes the big ones too) because now ALL AMERICANS have A LOT MORE  money to spend every single month.


DOES RTDNOW FIX the economics of all the bankrupt States and Cities? YES.

And with EVERYONE spending A LOT more money monthly, guess who else gets a 100% to 300% increase in their net income? STATES. CITIES. They work on sales taxes, citizen state income taxes and have been going bankrupt for a long time now. 80 million new RTDNOW jobs at 2x minimum wage. PLUS the 80 million that didn't lose their jobs now having 50% more to spend each month. As long as States stop wasting money and become efficient, they will thrive. Under RTDNOW we all win. RTDNOW will turn all of America around rather quickly.


RTDNOW is the magic formula to make all citizens, businesses, and municipalities flourish.


RTDNOW is my E=MC2 formula. It makes everything 'relatively' equal in a new economic system that balances itself, while unleashing sustainable economic prosperity. I did read Einsteins biography and did use visualizations like he used to come to my conclusions. More people should read more. Yes, RTDNOW is worthy of a Nobel Prize: nobody else has ever proposed such an integrated Economic Reform Plan. RTDNOW has been copyrighted to make that point, but I'm sharing with the world without fanfare because I want us all to really build this new American dream, fast, and all live in a new world where we all thrive. And if America does not hop on board with RTDNOW, I'm sure many of the bankrupt nations around the world will. Australia just gave everyone 3 months expenses because everyone's broke. Hong Kong, the same. Other countries are just suffering. Now they can flourish under new RTDNOW policies.

IS RTDNOW REALLY NECESSARY? People Complain, but Most Get By. Don't they?

We had 100 million in poverty in 2019. There will be 200 million in poverty by the end of 2020 most on meager government assistance. But all that is changing fast, yep, overnight. It should be obvious to all we can't just barely get by anymore on debt. The debt dam has burst and we are all drowning in monthly expenses that keep doubling as wages stay flat and we lose jobs. The States and Federal Government run on sales and income taxes. They were already BANKRUPT before 30 million to 50 million lose their jobs and most spending in America stops. Effectively, they are all out of business. The Federal debt alone could go from $25 Trillion to $40 Trillion (what I predict in my podcasts as the full collapse tipping point) to keep America 'Limping Along' and STILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM!


So that's what we all face. Your REAL choice here is to demand Adrian's policies to restore every household, and small business, budget overnight and set the table for everyone and every small business to thrive. You still may be asking why do this? For everyone? I hear nitwits on the news 'worry' not to give too much to the people. We are doing this because those same knuckleheads took the earning power of your money, the value of your purchasing power has been decreased by 65% over 40 years as we printed money to hide lack of production in America. The resulting inflation (if they calculated it correctly) made all our money worth less than half of what it should be. In short, you don't have to an economist to see prices tripled over 40 years while most peoples wages stayed flat.


Adrianomics restores every citizens earning power to what it was before we let runaway government, fueled by money in politics which the RTDNOW plan ends, take it away over four decades bringing 250 million to staring poverty in the eyes. Adrianomic policies make America very livable again, fast, for ALL citizens. This and other Adrianomic policies restore everyone's American dream overnight. Under RTDNOW we all win.


Unfortunately even the biggest businesses and Wall St. win too

But that's OK, because now they won't mind a transaction tax

to make all education free and wipe out all existing student debt


Why? We (300 million people and 30 million small businesses) will ALL have 2/3 more money to spend every month, and if we implement the RTDNOW plan it won't be on rent or mortgages going up all the time. RTDNOW policies produce a prolonged sustainable economic boom for all without printing new money or debt. Yes, even big business wins big under Adrianomics. Their profits will quadruple, stocks will rise like never before, and all 401 K's will be worth four times as much. THAT IS IF AT LEAST 100 MILLION PEOPLE ADD THEIR NAMES AT RTDNOW to make it happen. Please add your name! 


Adrian's affordable housing 1% fixed rate loan policy

Ends poverty and hunger in America fast, and permanently.



Instead of, against them every day, making poverty and inequality worse, and causing suffering across our nation. Effectively, Adrian is creating a two tier banking system. 1: where everyone can thrive and have a good standard of living for 8 hours work (Adrian's Plan makes 80 million jobs) and run a thriving small business, with RTDNOW policies discussed. 2: for those who want to be multi millionaires and billionaires, we have the existing banking system that stays in place taking care of the top 20%: its just not taking the 80%'s money away, $9 trillion in deposits they pay us zero on every month, to do it anymore. We only need 100 MILLION citizens demanding this (but I'd like all 300 million because it benefits us all and saves America from total inevitable collapse) can make it happen. Add your name!

Avoid a 15 Year Collapse?    

If we all add your names

To be clear, we've already been in a 15 year collapse propped up by debt. But the next one will be 10 times worse. Why? 250 million citizens had no savings before the pandemic. Only 25% of small businesses had any savings. We will have HIGH persistent unemployment and 'decreasing' wages and benefits because technology is taking over tasks and more and more will work from home. 150 million citizens are about to default on their credit cards and personal loans. Rent strikes are forming nationally: building owners may have to file for bankruptcy protection. This will lead to a banking collapse in 2022-2024. Banking is structured for a 10% shock. A recession is usually 3-6%. This is a 35+% shock to the economy that will reverberate for years, to be very clear of what's really happening right now. It's a knockout punch if we don't act. One small example: nobody will buy a new car. Auto repairs will be put off. Think it through, its a one way ticket. That is without RTDNOW put in motion now.


If we don't enact RTDNOW the gap from total economic destruction to recovery is 15 years.


That's why its called a GREAT Depression: 5 year wind down, we're six months in at May 2020, a 10 year stall of widespread national poverty and suffering, to a real RTDNOW Type Plan emerging, or a global war starting to put us all to work and pull us out. But now we have the RTDNOW PLAN as we are entering the 2nd Great Depression, and if we all act fast online sharing and all adding our names, we can avoid that terrible suffering for every family.


Adrian's plan can start today to REALLY stabilize the American ship we all economically sail in called the Titanic, and jumpstart IMMEDIATE FULL rebuilding of our whole economy, to be in action right now, so as the pandemic winds down we are off and running with 30 million new jobs. Any politician who tells you different isn't talking to you. He's talking to WALL ST. and the elite top 10%. There is no plan for 300 million citizens, hasn't been since 1776. I think you can see that daily in the news, this is it: RTDNOW.

That's why only WE can save US. Nobody's giving you Adrian's plan but you the citizen. Add your name...300 million as 1, at RTDNOW.COM


WHY We All Need The


IT'S 5 SOLUTIONS in 1 to cure 5 COLLAPSES at onceAnything less takes all we own

1. The pandemic's destroying 30 million jobs. 

2. Technology's filling in: half those workers won't be rehired. Then the autonomous revolution's taking 50 million more jobs in 48 months. Over 10 years of research I came to my own conclusions. Then in Covid sheltering I found this detailed reporting on all the jobs going away and not returning. Watch it. It will make your jaw drop and you will really understand why 300 million as 1, we all need RTDNOW ASAP:


3. Global trade wars hollowed corporate equity, which will topple state and national budgets, given the first two above. Stimulus only puts this deadline for reinventing America (that's what RTDNOW does overnight) out 24-48 months.


4. Liquidity's gone in the national supply chain: goods become scarce. 78% of Americans had no savings in 2019 after 10 years of a 'great' economy. This  is 'the endless bind' I sing of in my song Left Behind.


250 million citizen had zero liquid cash before the pandemic. Only 25%, 8 million out of 30 million small businesses had any savings. The "Liquidity" racing out of the system now is Corporate Liquidity, which causes Corporate Bankruptcy, and Banking collapses. That's what the Fed is trying to prop up with a $600 Billion in direct loans. But they are too expensive and too slow. The Fed needs to use Adrianomics small business policies to save 30% of middle sized companies from bankruptcy and 15% from going total bust. 

5. Elitist Laws are Designed to Take Your Property. Bankruptcy laws for citizens were changed so your debt STAYS after your bankruptcy. Banking regulations are designed to TAKE YOUR PROPERTY. When I turned around a failed bank overnight, I did the opposite of what they told me and nobody was foreclosed on and the bank flourished...almost overnight.

As noted above 150 million citizens and 30 million small businesses, and middle size businesses, over 500 employees, will all be staring BANKRUPTCY IN THE FACE over the next 1-48 months. To hold on to what you have, you need The RTDNOW PLAN which puts all debt on standstill.

For all 300 million ordinary citizens caught in this endless bind growing much worse if we don't act fast, because this epic 100 year storm cluster of 5 Giant Domino Disasters, will become an endless great depression in 24 months, if we all watch. Use our voices, or we'll be left behind again.







The 1st Great Depression 100 YEARS AGO never really ended for 1/3 of Americans still in poverty today. If we don't all add our names to make our future doing the RTDNOW PLAN, real poverty will rapidly grow, IN SIX MONTHS, from 100 million in 2019 BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, to 200 million in 2021. Ouch! 


Without the RTDNOW Plan 2 out of 3 Americans will be trapped in poverty, no jobs, no income, no future, after what elites will call a 'recovery'. This is not acceptable to me and shouldn't be to you. Pass RTDNOW 300 million as 1 end our 1st and 2nd depressions.


If you want to REALLY SURVIVE what will be an 18 month pandemic economic nightmare, if you want real full recovery to reach EVERY citizen in every community in America, if you want to end poverty permanently with Adrian, if you want more than never ending Lip Service (see my song) from smiling people who can't get anything done but give our money away, if you truly want your American dream restored fast...




THE LESSON AMERICA TEACHES ALL: Want something done right, do it yourself.

Nobody, nobody, nobody, gives you your Liberty and Freedom. And like 1776, the trick is, it takes all of us to get it for all of us. That's why I made 100 songs and podcasts to show every citizen what real economic freedom is, and we can all stampede online to get it.

Being critical of bad governmental policies is the most American thing there is. It's how we started. It's much better to criticize with a solution proposed like RTDNOW. The key here is to be very constructive with a well thought through solution for all like RTDNOW THAT CAN TAKE AFFECT IMMEDIATELY. KNEE JERK BAILOUTS ALONE just take us ALL farther over the cliff. So please take action in an online stampede supporting Adrian's RTDNOW Plan to restore all our American dreams fast.

I have thrown a lot at you to digest all at once. But Americans are smart. Please take your time to think this through the new policies I have laid out that mostly pay for themselves and work overnight. Also, ask yourself, 'What happens if we don't implement the RTDNOW all citizens plan?' Services will go down, wages already being reduced for those still with a job, will go down, taxes on those fortunate to have a good job and property will go up, taxes on all businesses will go up. Costs will skyrocket.


Like copyrighting my songs only cost $35 for 100, just 3 years ago. Now it cost me almost $700. That's extreme yes. But look around you. Everything is going up by 20-30% per year because businesses are all on the edge of bankruptcy. And because prices are going up fast, most people are putting off everything but critical services. That's the daily economic death spiral we are all in 300 million as 1. Most of America will be in poverty soon if we don't all add our names 300 million as 1 at




Without the RTDNOW PLAN as an option, massive bailouts will haphazardly continue until America fully collapses under national debt 2X its $22 GDP which will shrink to $20 Trillion. As we rapidly hit $40 Trillion in national debt, as I laid out in all my 50 podcasts, that's the country killing tipping point economically. Because of Covid, that is only 3-5 years off now, not the 5-20 years mentioned in my podcasts. Bailouts, or go to war to put the country to work, is just OLD TIRED WORN OUT FAILED THINKING none of us can afford one minute longer. Try the new plan that doubles your pay, lowers your cost of living by 50% which makes all States and Cities thrives again: RTDNOW. It's easy, 300 million as 1, add your name at The future is very bright if you make it that way: RTDNOW.


Now let's talk about STATES facing immediate financial implosion: CALIFORNIA. It's Gross Revenues as a State equal 25 smaller states. California is almost 15% of the national $22 Trillion GDP at $3 Trillion a year. It's 40 million residents make up 12% of America. California has been hard to afford to live in and have a company in for years. And now the shutdown that will kill tourism and consumerism for a year at least. Bailouts may not be an option in a Republican Presidency...that may go four more years.


Dear Governor Newsom, you're absolutely right, recovery will be a long slow painful process. But if you want to use 2020 thinking and not 1930 thinking that didn't work then and won't work now, it doesn't have to be. You seem to be people focused and an early adopter, please give me a call to discuss implementing the RTDNOW Plan in California. It will make all your citizens very happy. I know California well, growing up in Culver City, studying banking, at Chico State, in northern California. Much of my banking career was there, in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. I've implemented Statewide lending programs and worked for independent, national, and international banks in your State. It was in California that I turned around the 2nd most unprofitable bank in the nation overnight as interim CFO inventing RTDNOW policies. So I know they work, and work fast, for businesses, who employ many people, and the banks that will implode if too many businesses, all on the verge, go out of business too fast.


Today California is facing unprecedented unemployment that will grow worse. Tomorrow it will face massive business bankruptcies. Periodic riots and looting. Then comes the banking collapse. That's the next 36 months of pain. I'm offering California, all its citizens and businesses, a way to head this all off fast, all at once with the RTDNOW Plan. Without it, its a slow collapse into a great depression. I want what all Americans want, and why I spent 10 years making RTDNOW. I want good responsive and responsible government that FIXES THE PROBLEMS, and does it at low cost and fast. That's most of my motivation. And if I can help you turn California around overnight, like I did that bankrupt bank in your State way back when, then America will adopt the RTDNOW plan. And as we all work together, we are all gonna save America. Because we have to, and all the other ways, just only forestall collapse. I'd love to know what your other real options are. I'd like to help anyway I can.


1971, President Nixon took us off the Gold Standard, so ANY amount of money can be printed. Sounds good but when you double the money supply your money and buying power goes DOWN by 50%. That's the trick still in use, Tricky Dicky (hard to shake the nicknames somehow) gave us besides Watergate, deregulating healthcare to bankrupt us all, an oh, he turned China into a global competitor that took most of our factories and half our national income so we are in debt $25 trillion and over half our jobs today are minimum, wage.


So what's happening with this trickery right now? The Federal Reserve, who started pumping $9 Trillion into the economy LAST September, (they never tell you a collapse is coming, you have to pay attention) just moved bank reserve requirements to ZERO in March 15, 2020. Why do we need bank reserves? So they don't all collapse and we have to bail them all out again. Why did the move them to zZZZERO? To quietly put $5-10 TRILLION into the money supply with fake money.


So in 2010 the Fed pumped about $16 Trillion to get us out of the four year great recession. We are six months into this 2020 collapse and we have passed that. Further, this let's the banks in trouble get further in trouble: its what will cause the 2024 Banking Collapse I am forecasting, in case you care. Is the OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE NEED. It's old worn out tired thinking IN ACTION. Its another ECONOMIC DOMINO falling now, that puts us into a 15 year depression, and now that you're aware, we are ALL watching happen in real time. For me, it's like watching a terrible train wreck that instead of taking 15 seconds, takes 15 years.

If you're wondering what the other financial trickery our government and banking system comes up with to make you for get your money is worth-less each year, they are: home equity loans, home refinancing, credit card loans, easing lending restrictions on mid sized companies so they are all now over extended (will fail), small tax rebates after they gave all your money to millionaires and billionaires in NEW tax breaks, etc. And the insult is that while interest rates are ZERO now, what they pay you for money in the bank, they charge you 3% to 18%, which makes inequality WORSE! Then they just printed $19 Trillion more (and that's before we have to spend $10 Trillion to bail out the banks again in 2025) which makes what money you do have WORTH EVEN LESS.


THESE ARE NOT SOLUTIONS! It's really time for new thinking. It's time for RTDNOW.




Is it just me? Or is everyone getting tired of a collapse every 10 years worse than the last TAKING AWAY OUR LIVES? Let me put the doom and gloom in perspective. Capitalism unregulated failed in 1900 and totally collapsed in 1929 after foreign tariffs and easy money to corporations, just like over the last few years, and after a pandemic, sounding familiar yet, which was after a war. Its a rerun 100 years later. My 50 podcasts and eBook free at this site walk through the details of all that. We are just repeating it by all our leaders who don't read  history very well. And our current doom and gloom is BEFORE we lose 50 million more jobs to technology in the Autonomous Revolution upon us all. AND BY THE WAY, capitalism failed again 30 years ago in 1990. So this great depression is on time if you paid attention.


Since 1980 our national debt increased from $1 Trillion to $25 Trillion (plus add in what former Treasury Secretary Paulson says is $50 Trillion in off the books debt in his 2012 book) means we have no real national production after the factories left. Our leaders NEVER did anything like THE RTDNOW PLAN to replace it. Obviously we been sold out. This is an area where we can't self correct due to corruption in all levels of national government. Since1971 our leaders have only been inventing financial tricks  and done nothing real or productive for all like RTDNOW. Think of what that means: 50 YEARS of NO PLAN to replace 1/2 our economic earning power. That's the cost of money in politics. That's the cost of corruption of both political parties corrupted to do nothing for us. That's why this is a non political all citizens plan.


THAT'S HOW WE ALL BECAME, AND WHY WE ARE LOCKED IN, A BOOM-BUST CYCLE with contrived 'bubbles' bursting every 10 years. That was painful and ugly over the last 50 years and it thinned a robust middle class into an America of 10% haves and 90% have nots. But now things are different. We are ALL in a 100 YEAR paradigm shift. American life just changed and financial tricks won't work anymore, and America will totally collapse unless we save it: 300 MILLION AS 1, add your name at




America fundamentally changed in the last 90 days. Retailing as we knew it, 70% of the WHOLE economy, $16 OF $22 TRILLION of now toast: 50% of the retail stores will close over 36 months, that's a 55 million job losses nationwide SOON! Listen to my podcast Ghost Towns. And most non retail businesses will now have half their remaining employees working from home in 12 months. Which will leave commercial office space 50% full as they pay 50% less or leave. Over 50% of bank loans have commercial real estate as collateral. Companies failing won't get loans a banks stop lending and that is a major DOMINO pushing us into a great depression because it causes the banking system to implode again. Again, all avoidable at low cost. This is why we reset all small business loans existing to 1% for 60 months now.


Let's go further into the future 12-48 months. Mall owners nationwide are drawing up plans now to tear down malls and build condos. They see it coming too. Poof! Gone. BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO GO haphazardly DOWN THIS ROAD of total economic Armageddon that nobody in government is prepared for. I'm almost begging everyone to REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. 300 million as 1, let's reform the failed capitalist system (80% had no savings in 2019 and 100 million were in poverty) to thrive and work for everyone in the overnight RTDNOW Plan: please add your name!

In conclusion, I'm asking everyone in America to please carefully think The RTDNOW Plan through. I dare you to tell me it won't work. Or work fast. I dare you to find the downside where everyone's American dream is not being restored in a  simple integrated all citizens American Dream implementation plan that also saves us all from the impending economic collapse in almost every home, business, and our nation, now, and over five years as technology takes HALF OF ALL JOBS, from total collapse. And when you don't have any other real options, and you're tired of America failing and always being broke, I dare you to join me.

Now that I have spelled out how this affects everyone in America, how bad the downside of not taking constructive action will get, and how every citizen, business, City and State benefits overnight, and how it saves all of America, 300 million as 1, Let's All Get Busy! 

It's EASY: 300 million as 1 Add Your Name at RTDNOW.COM share daily!



Now Your Future... 



In case you're wondering how I wrote RTDNOW


Hello, I've spent a lifetime (40 Years) analyzing the economy and working with thousands of small and large businesses, in all industries, distributing business loans, in boom and bust times, and when tasked at turning around a failed bank, I changed policy to make it happen, yes, overnight.


As a result of this training to project financially and create American dreams and jobs (I've directly distributed over $1 billion to thousands of small businesses making American dreams happen) I could see this collapse coming IN VIVID DETAIL and spent the last 10 years developing the Redeem the Dream Now All Citizens Movement, that comes with an overnight All Citizens Plan, Podcasts, and Rock Opera to Inspire every citizen to participate to restore everyone's American dream in full by all adding our names 300 million as 1, after a big collapse.


While the pandemic was unexpected, I had been planning for the last five years on how to quickly and for almost no cost, restart the whole American economy, so every household thrives, restore everyone's full American dream fast, overnight, after we lose 80 million jobs to technology soon.


So the Total BIGGEST EVER COLLAPSE I planned for, LOSING HALF OF ALL JOBS, I'll repeat in case you're stunned, HALF OF ALL JOBS IN AMERICA will be lost, 1 out of 2 in America, the timeline for that with the pandemic has been compressed from a 10-20 year horizon, to 12-48 months. Just look around you. Everyone's working from home, that took 30 days not 10 years. Nobody's going into stores, half of which would have been closing over 10 years as a new generation shops mostly online for price, selection and convenience:



My Podcasts and eBook detail all this with many examples.


THE GOOD NEWS: We have the all citizens RTDNOW plan to restore everyone's American dream overnight ready to go. It just takes 300 million citizens, even 100 million to demand it. 





Be safe. Be thoughtful. Be American. Be polite. Be RTDNOW.

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