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DATE:        10/1/18.

FROM:       Adrian

TO:              Every American

SUBJECT:   The Real State of our Union, and How 300 Million Citizens Save America

                     and Restore Everyone’s American Dream fast at RTDNOW.COM

The American Dream has been systematically destroyed over five decades and America is on a road to total collapse. It’s time for 300 Million citizens to step in with an All citizens movement designed to solve our biggest issues and restore the American Dream Overnight. 


THE RTDNOW PLAN that I wrote for every citizens, is a non-political solution for 300 Million citizens, uniquely driven by a daily Rock Opera and Podcasts to inform all Americans and inspire all to action to implement an overnight plan, THE RTDNOW PLAN, to restore everyone's American dream and save America from total collapse. Together we can restore EVERYONE’S full American dream. Which means we will once again have local self-rule, economic freedom and prosperity for all, and citizen equality.


The RTDNOW Plan first does this by changing policy that doubles household net income overnight with 1% fixed rate home loans, giving EVERY home a 50-100% PERMANENT pay raise of 50-100% by lowering your mortgage or rent cost by up to $1,000 EVERY MONTH. So that's up to $1,000 more, free, in your pocket every month, and it pays for itself as the rate is reset. This is among other reforms you can read about in the RTDNOW Citizen’s Economic Bill of Rights in my plan to save America.


This one policy change makes housing affordable for all, and it helps 80 Million leap out of poverty by doubling their monthly cash in pocket. It save 80 million from slipping into poverty as layoffs, reduced hours and furloughs accelerate. It provides a viable path for 52 Million responsible renters to immediately become home owners who will be able to build equity and not throw their hard-earned money away each month on rent. The RTDNOW PLAN creates overnight prosperity for every citizen to survive and thrive.


The second part of the RTDNOW Plan ends runaway government with an RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment that puts an end to poverty and homeless over the next 10 years, while setting the stage (for what I call the American Dream engine) to generate jobs and encourage small businesses to flourish. EVERYONE will have the chance to live their full American Dream every day.


The RTDNOW Plan is designed to add 80 Million new high wage jobs over 5 years, and transform the economy thereafter with growing new businesses to create another 80 million jobs. This is to replace jobs that will soon be lost to converging advanced technologies. Advancements in technology, what is known as the Autonomous Revolution, computers and robots do your job better and faster, will cause 50% of ALL jobs to be lost OVER 1-10 YEARS.


Combine this with 50% of ALL retail stores CLOSING, being replaced by online shopping. Our economy is 70% retail. Out of 160 million total works thats about 100 million. 50 million of those jobs, your jobs, will be gone forever soon.


Combine this with the rapid, ongoing “Amazon-ing” of America, where uncontrolled monopolies puts thousands of people out of work and hundreds of small companies out of business every single month. Advancing technology affects EVERY American dream and all areas of American work and daily life.


THIS AFFECTS EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, every person in college, everyone currently in a job, unemployed, or trying to retire, and ALL the children depending on their parents for food, shelter, education, healthcare, and a path forward.

Some may argue that, with 100 Million baby boomers retiring or dying over the next 20 years, jobs will become available. But many boomer jobs are being RAPIDLY eliminated by technology, so the jobs being vacated aren’t necessarily going to be replaced!


And combine the above with global DIGITAL JOB LOSSES. Understand that some of the SKILL JOBS not being replaced by technology are already BEING LOST flowing overseas digitally for 20% of the cost.




What I've laid out above adds up to. Essentially, the trend in Corporate America is to ELIMINATE 75% of ALL jobs: OUR JOBS. This will drive down wages and benefits, then quite suddenly implode our whole economy along with the finances of every American household across the country.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 6.33.50 PM.png

  • Today in America, 36 Million people are on food stamps. More than the number of people seeking food assistance during the Great Depression. And this is a 'Good' economy of 'full' employment.

  • 100 Million Americans (that’s 1 out of every 3 people) live below the poverty line.

  • Up to 30 Million are shelter insecure or homeless any given day. And its growing.

  • These levels could DOUBLE, 2 out of every 3 people in America will be in poverty if we don’t all act now. 


Because of flawed leadership like NAFTA, and lack of investment in the American people and small businesses, which create 2 out of 3 new jobs, the American economy is no longer balanced and diverse: it’s a staggering 70% retail. So, let’s do the numbers together: There are only about 160 Million working Americans, which doesn't count 35 million who aren't counted since the great depression of 1930's not working now. If we lost only 40 Million jobs from the working 160 million, 25% is a low estimate, we probably will lose 50% of jobs, some 'experts' predict 100 million job losses to technology a mature internet, full digital globalization, and faster-than-human robotics that don’t sleep. Also recognize some full time jobs, about 30%, or 50 million, would become part time with no benefits! to technology. All this would permanently kill what’s left of the American dream for most of the 300 Million hard working citizens. This adds up to 200 Million Americans (2 out of 3 Americans) would be below the poverty line! Families would continue to have their bills to pay, but with only 1/2 to 2/3 of their present income, which will lead to the collapse of our banks. Again. But worse this time.


If our banking system collapses again, it would send our country into a 25-year worst ever Depression. We would be $40 Trillion in debt with 25% fewer taxpayers (100 million baby boomers are retiring or dying), and 25% fewer companies (that's the affect of letting Alexa and Amazon into every aspect of your life) to pay taxes and provide other options. In the America our economically brain dead leaders have put us all on the path to we will really have no way as a nation to repay national debt. In contrast to our small defaulting in 2016, this will be a massive default on a global scale, as bankrupt countries try to get back some of the money they lent us. And that is what will cause a prolonged Greatest Depression. Yes, they are making America a great failure again through dimwitted economic policies for the wealth class elite leaving 90% of Americans in poverty of fear.


Note: a sitting Billionaire president just lowered corporate taxes, AND WANTS TO DO IT AGAIN expediting 300 Million citizens demise. I don't mention names because I don't care what paid off political party they claim to be a part of. WE NEED TO MOVE FORWARD AS A NATIO WITH SOLUTIONS. Please read the RTDNOW PLAN.


The collapse of both household budgets, YOU HAVE ALL YOUR BILLS AND HALF THE INCOME YOU'RE USED TO, and the national economy, 50% OF ALL RETAIL STORES CLOSE, ROBOTICS LAY OF 80 MILLION, HALF, OF ALL WORKERS IN AMERICA, will be a double whammy, worse than any we’ve ever seen. It will serve to transfer what’s left of any middle-class wealth to the elite 1%. America will once again return to a full master/slave economy, under the 1% elites, if we let this happen. If America falls, the world economy falls. Not to mention that defaulting on national debt is often followed by world war, which is an economic plundering to settle un-payable debts.


Do not let the current 2020 economic 'boom' distract you. It's temporary, juiced by 10 years of loose monetary policy, stimulus and tax cuts: which covers up the fact our economy, what we actually make, is shrinking by 10% per year. The current pandemic spreading is beginning to show its a false recovery propped up by debt. It is not dissimilar to the roaring 20’s. It may be 2020, but it’s 1928 all over again. The current president is repeating all of President Calvin Coolidge’s mistakes, which followed President McKinley’s, who was also elected by billionaires  in 1900 to let them form monopolies, similar to what we have today. A consolidated economy in the hands of the few monopolies wiped out most competition and brought on the Great Depression of 1929-1944: then our economy shrunk by 35%! We had to go to World War to restart the American Dream engine. After we bombed the factories of the world to the ground, we had the room to prosper for 60 years. Now that prosperity has expired, we've survived on growing debt of $16 TRILLION over 16 years which is about to come to an end.

We ALL need a new way forward fast. It’s called RTDNOW: Redeem the Dream Now.

So please dig in and really do your own homework. I’ve done 10 years of extensive personal research into all the turning points of the American dream, and what led up to them. I’ve also spent 30 years and significant personal resources to expand the American dream for thousands of Americans and small businesses, and to develop the RTDNOW Plan, yes by myself, so we can save America and restore everyone’s American dream overnight.




RTDNOW needs a minimum of 100 Million citizens to add their names at RTDNOW.COM. That same 100 Million that have lost their American dreams and don’t even bother voting for President anymore because they know the system is rigged for the elite wealth class. Another 100 Million Americans that have some bits of the American dream and are trying to get more, but they feel the bottom is about to fall out of it at any moment. 100 million that may find themselves in a 100 million person job line as technology quickly takes 100 million jobs away. Americans need their American Dream of upward mobility and citizen equality, and they need it now.


I encourage you to listen to the daily songs and PODCASTS free access at RTDNOW.COM. The podcasts are to inform you about how THE RTDNOW PLAN works and works for your family, and educate America about the American dream turning points so we understand why we are making sweeping changes. The songs are to inspire you as you hear one DAILY to tell as many people as possible about RTDNOW so they can add their names. Whether you like my singing or not, the songs themselves testify to the reasons I went to all the trouble to make 100 songs and create this movement over 10 years at my own expense. I want all citizens to have access to a real and immediate way forward to live their full American Dream. And, together we can head off, and reverse, the economic collapse of America, and the death of all our American dreams. The goal of sharing the songs is to inspire all daily, until we can gain 100% citizen participation at RTDNOW.COM.

If 300 Million Americans add their names to the RTDNOW Plan, we can avoid the economic collapse of America that has begun. Carefully look around you as you go through your daily life given what I've described above. Like any fantastic story, RTDNOW explains how we all redeem ourselves and solve all our biggest national problems at once. Together, we can put our Humpty Dumpty --of 300 Million shattered American dreams-- back together again by ALL participating in a citizen-first movement called RTDNOW.


My friends, we have 5-10 years before the big collapse, when national debt hits $40 Trillion. If there is not a vaccine to the corona pandemic, the timetable will accelerate down to 1-3 years. Like right now. That’s why it’s really time for 300 Million citizens to act with me today, NOW, while we still have time. The RTDNOW Citizen 1st Movement makes action almost effortless for every single citizen, for all ages, races and genders. RTDNOW harnesses the most common advanced technologies to work for We the People: It’s online and accessible 24/7; you can follow it anywhere you may go.




Please join my dream of making the American Dream a reality for Every American.

I designed it to be free access, fast, and fun. The way things should be.

Together, we are unstoppable. And if you want to make this super easy and fast, 

and have me implement my RTDNOW PLAN day 1, WRITE IN ADRIAN 2020 for President.


I'm the only one with an ALL CITIZENS PLAN that works overnight.

to restore EVERYONE'S American Dream.


I'm the only one with a plan that pays for itself! This means it will work and not dig a deeper hole.

Nothing will change if you don't try. Now its so easy: 300 million as 1, add your name 

at RTDNOW.COM and write in Adrian 2020.

Lastly, understand I did not pay for all this and work on it for 10 years for me. I'm

now 61, I started this project when I was 51. I could care less about being president.

But if you really read my plan, I know how to save America and implement it fast.

I did it for all of us. We need a new way forward: REDEEM THE DREAM NOW

God bless you and your family because you, and together

at, we are the new united RTDNOW states of America.

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