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Write In Candidate 

for President of the 

United States of America


START DATE 1/16/2020



Because the swamp of Washington DC can't be drained I'm turning it into the proud historical monument it has become.


We will rapidly rebuild a true government of, by and for the people in mind, spirit and deed.

And Let us start by building our nations new capital.


Washington DC was the center of America when there was 1 million people and 13 colonies. Today we are a global empire that needs to become very efficient very fast for all our people, all our resources, to make all our fortunes everything they should be. And this is how it will be happen and be implemented.



To make government effective, efficient and most importantly readily accessible directly to every single citizen. It will make a terminally dysfunctional Congress work again removing both their contrived and logistical excuses for dereliction of their duty for the last 40 years causing America's decline. Government will become both thorough and speedy once more to serve we the people OVER-NIGHT!


It will also house the new 50 member RTDNOW Appellate Supreme Court to protect and enforce the will of the people, permanently ending the 250 year rule of corporations in America. It will signify in vision and deed the fulfilling America's promise completing the job of the founding fathers of a true government of, by and for the people.


It will have an American Spirits Hall of Fame. Where we can all renew our spirit reliving all the moments just like this one, where an ordinary citizen without any real money took action did what had to be done to renew America for all.



It's time to stop running America like a broken down amusement park and live the Dream 300 million as 1. Yes, we are all about to enter the land we were promised: our promised land. First in our minds as we all redeem the dream. Then in reality with a new capital of We The People, that will signify our rebirth as a proud, determined and capable people and usher in the next great period of America to every single one of its citizens, and to the world.


Kansas has always been the heart of America. And with their approval, it will become the soul as we construct the world's greatest capital. We will construct 9 bullet train lines reaching every point in the country bringing all Americans and their government together quickly and effortlessly within 2 hours (OVER-NIGHT) so rapid progress will become the norm. This is how we will actually make America work like the land of our dreams.


And unlike the Hunger games capital in the movie, we are doing this because in the new era of 100% citizen activism every single citizen will all visit our capital and elected officials monthly if they want, for free. Free access. not once in a lifetime on a vacation field trip. We are dismantling the totalitarian pay-to-play corrupt system that has bankrupted our treasury and every citizen along with it.


In this way it will work for the people once more so all our citizens can actively and easily participate in their own government and no longer be ruled by someone else's perverted version of it. Good Government is us, participating. Only we the people are the proud guardians and champions of all our American Dreams.


Envision it, build it, live it. Let it be so.




ADRIAN, March 2017

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