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Write In Candidate 

for President of the 

United States of America




Because America has fallen into prolonged decay, and a pervasive economic suffering affects most of our people. The RTDNOW Plan to Save America will be implemented by the willing, hopefully 300 million American spirits, starting right now, as they add their names at RTDNOW.COM.


The Executive Orders below begin implementation of Adrian's 3-Step RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS PLAN to restore everyone's American dream, almost, OVER-NIGHT.



"After 250 years its time to fulfill America’s promise and extend the American dream to every single American. We’ve all watched America sink like a stone for 50 years. It’s time for fresh thinking that benefits all American Citizens. It’s time to act.


I don't have to be President to issue executive orders. Like America started, we're just doing it because our needs are not being met and it needs to be done. And if we had real leadership for the last 50 years, all this would have been done already. So let’s get busy! Spread the word to everyone in America. Things will change for the better OVER-NIGHT as we are involved in a new national mission to restore America: Redeem The Dream Now.


Write in my name for President, ADRIAN 2020, and I will implement my RTDNOW Executive Orders all across our nation. I intend to actually make all my lofty promises and visions to renew America OVER-NIGHT actually happen. More details will be in my e-Book.


Let my executive orders serve to stir your imagination, of what can be, if you get actively involved. Let them send a bolt of lighting to restart your American ‘can-do’ Spirit so we all engage and stop watching our futures disintegrate. And then let us all meet in person and online, and let the will of the people be done once more."


In Certainty and Trust, It Shall Be     

ADRIAN   March 18, 2017



These orders will focus 300 million American spirits to resolve our most pressing issues so that everyone’s American dream can be restored OVER-NIGHT! Here are Adrian's first 15 executive orders that take effect now as we all sign up at RTDNOW.COM 300 million as 1. The effect of these orders catapults 300 million citizens as one into a modern online 'Independence Hall' of today, to chart our path forward to renew our freedoms. They put in motion a set of citizen actions to modernize our system of government so that it once again becomes capable of hearing all our voices, and meeting the needs of all our citizens.

                  The New Capital


We will build a new capital for our nation to bring it into the 21st Century and propel it forward. American City (A.C.) will be located in the middle of America to become accessible to all and transform our government from a distant paralyzed dysfunctional over bloated tyrannical body into one that is streamlined (runs at half the cost) and positioned to actively and quickly meet with we the people to serve our needs. Government will become fast, efficient and effective. Planning to begin 1/1/2020 and to cost less that $1 Trillion taxpayer dollars (which becomes the largest public works/jobs program ever expanding the economy) the rest contributed by corporations that cheated on taxes for 50 years. In 50-100 years Delaware will be underwater due to ice cap melting. Washington, D.C. is 90 miles east. For many reasons, including the rebirth of our nation, and to drive our individual and common prosperity for the next 250 years, is time to move on.

                  RTDNOW 300 Million Citizens Continental Congress


This will be an easy and active online forum for every citizen to ‘freely’ access their government and drive social change. It makes every single Citizen’s voice in America be heard and makes everyone matter again. It’s already being established as you add your name in an online at RTDNOW.COM in a roll call. Like our first Declaration of Independence but with all 300 million Americans not just 56 wealthy landowners participating. As this online citizens congress is built and grows, it will permanently end corrupt runaway government and make the actively participating citizen the most important person in government.

                RTDNOW Constitutional Amendment


This will return control of the country to we the people by removing money from politics with 10 sweeping reforms. It is the legislation that ends our current runaway corrupt government OVER-NIGHT!

                  RTDNOW Economic Bill of Rights


10 sweeping monetary policy reforms doubles the money in everyone’s pocket making less than $300,000: on an annual basis. It’s more like giving every single citizen a 100% increase in wages. 100 times faster than minimum wage raises which also help. This RTDNOW Bill provides direct affordable access for every single American to seek and reach their American Dream. Free access to: Education, Dream Portal, internships, and low cost capital. Instantly, it re-makes our financial system putting every single American on the road to living their American dream. And OVER-NIGHT, our economy now works for us.

                  Appellate Supreme Court


To bring America back to life instantly for 300 million ordinary hard working citizens, this executive order is for the establishment of an RTDNOW Appellate Supreme Court. With a simple 2/3 vote this body will be able to immediately overturn such Tyrannical actions of a politicized Supreme Court. Such as the criminally mis-named ‘Citizens United’ ruling. Which gave corporations the rights of people. Such rulings are chilling acts of treason of the highest order, against the American people.


The new Appellate Supreme Court to be established promptly will consist of 1 Judge per State, each for 6 year terms only, staggered 2 years apart. This body will also be able to remove ‘life’ Supreme Court justices for such treasonous acts. And have the power put them behind bars if their rulings reach the level of criminal misconduct. EVERYONE in America will be accountable for their actions. Not just convenience store thieves. 

                  New American Currency


The paper and coin money system of the United States will be redone to reflect those American Spirits which have exhibited world changing accomplishments. From Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison on a new $20 Bill, to John Kennedy and Martin Luther King on the $10 Bill. We will update our currency to shine our accomplishments and spirit around the globe once more signaling the next great period of American prosperity has begun. Who knows? If this all works I can end up on the $1 dollar bill with the oldest George W. The real one, Washington.

                  Truth and Reconciliation Commissions


A committee within the Citizen’s Continental Congress will be established to factually expose fraud and corruption throughout our government. Expose those responsible and seek amiable and prompt ending, or redress of such fraudulent contracts and arrangements which are bankrupting the American people.

                  American Human Rights Commission and Racism Reparations


A committee within the Citizen’s Continental Congress will be established to examine and rectify such issues as the use of lethal force upon citizens. While every single police officer is entitled to return home safely every single night, as a nation we must come to a universal non-lethal process of rectifying police-citizen interactions 99% of the time.  A list of 10 top issues will be developed and factually focused on so progress will be made and we can all live in the land of our dreams. Our Prison System will be transformed into a 21st Century Rehabilitation System. 

                  American Hunger and Homelessness Commission


The RTDNOW ‘GREAT DEAL’ Plan to coordinate existing baskets of service providers in each city will be rolled out nationally. Statewide coordinators will distribute RTDNOW software to facilitate regional access to services for the hungry and homeless and matching state and federal grants will be distributed. Homelessness costs more to keep than cure. That’s already been proven in countless studies. We’re going to remove this stain on our soul and take care of all our people and retrain them to take care of themselves. Americans will volunteer in droves and we will make every road in every community all across American shine like a street of gold for everyone once more.

                  American Healthcare Commission


When a tiny country like Cuba has a better healthcare system than the US, it's time for a diagnosis and complete overhaul. A commission will be formed to examine each aspect as to why the US healthcare system is failing and costs 100 times more than it should, bankrupting the nation, employers and many of our citizens. We can and will solve the healthcare crisis. First, we will understand who is stealing all the money and how. And then we can ask them how they can live letting our people suffer, and die early. It’s a national disgrace and as we all come to the same understanding of how we’re getting ripping off. We will all fix it OVER-NIGHT! 

                  Banking & Financial Restructure

Complete restructuring of the American financial and banking system to work for, instead of against, (as it is now), 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. Listen to my podcast Ghost Towns. Then read Hank Paulson's book where our government looks like keystone cops chasing the Econmic bad guys 10 years after their crimes ripped us all off for about $5 trillion and how he was the Dutch boy plugging all the holes in our monetary and banking policy and regulation with ...debt about $5 trillion over two administrations, to stave off our total economic collapse in 2008-2012. Then he laments as he leaves office as US treasury secretary, we have what's now $50 trillion of unfunded deficits ahead which will crush every American household and tax the middle class to death. Thrown into the situation he was, he may have done all he could while giving away only a few billion to his old buddies at Goldman. But let's put all that "I never saw it coming BS" the Corporama insiders always give us all, in context. In 2020 we live in a $80 trillion world economy and a $22 trillion US economy. The trends I predict will not only collapse the American economy but the global economy if we don't act decisively and completely very soon. Right now, 300 million as 1 we will get out in front of this financial Armageddon two decades around the corner, and modernize and reform all our regulatory and monetary policy to achieve present and future economic security for every American family OVER-NIGHT. We are not helpless, to just get ripped off endlessly and just go off a rising economic cliff together every 5-10 years. 300 million as 1 we will make all our economic futures what they should be: prosperous and secure. Redeem The Dream Now!

                    Education Overhaul

Complete overhaul of the American Education System. From grade school we will now give our children the core education skills taken out by the Corporama that are needed to actively engage, to debate, to build, to imagine, to innovate, to work in a team, and to compete and win. We will fold junior college into the last year of high school. And we will make two years of formal college free in exchange for students mentoring other students 15 years after they graduate and are productive in their chosen field. In this way we will start an ongoing g generational cycle of American Dream Renewal with apprenticeships and direct handing off of Industry and Profession Expertise through hands on training. Our children will graduate knowing how to drive their own path to success right out of the gates and will have a hand to pull them along. They will have the confidence to compete and win in a national and global digital economy. They will have zero student debt when they graduate. Our education system will once again become the envy of the world and propel the next century of American prosperity.

                     100% Voter Turnout, 100% Counted

100% voting and accuracy requirement in all elections with severe penalty for obstruction or tampering, directly or indirectly through third party firm legislators may 'hire' like in Florida in the 2008 Presidential election. On the citizens' side there is no excuse for non participation. On government's side there's no excuse for inability to get every single citizen accurately registered months ahead of time. There is no excuse in a country that orchestrated D Day without computers and put man on the moon to not be able to have a voting system that is cost effective, totally accurate, and easily verify every single vote beyond a shadow of a doubt. For example: I've never seen a bank fail to collect a monthly payment to the penny! The wealth class that has controlled America for over the last 240 years has not fixed this because it's how they originally highjacked the American Revolution 10 years after in 1787 at the first Constitutional Convention with less than 100 voters (and only 5% of the population voted for George Washington's election because poor weren't allowed to vote, kind of like today) maintain national power still today with a minority of less than 10 million super elite faithful and 20 million crony followers. Limiting voter turnout by any means possible is their original playbook and is still actively used today. And if you don't vote you play right into it. The wealth elite 'The Corporama' is only 30 million people who actively  disenfranchise 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. That's why 300 Million As 1, we will all start voting actively every election as if our futures depended upon it (which they do!) and demand absolute accuracy in every single election. Redeem The Dream Now!

                    Actively Constructively Communicate with All Citizens

The president will hold at least one monthly formal press conference to take questions. Present will be 50 major newspapers and 50 rural papers or the equivalent online news information site covering their state or territory. In each state urban and rural newspapers may regionally coordinate their questions and the lead will change so that 12 state newspapers and 12 rural ones, and their constituents, will each be directly heard each year. 


It is each newspapers responsibility to communicate actively with their readers to organize and submit their most pressing questions. We will endeavor in all ways to have all the peoples voices actively heard at the executive level and by their congressional representatives. Any questions not answered will be addressed first at the next press conference. 


The American people will no longer be without voice. The American citizen will no longer be ignored. The needs of the citizen will be front and center every month so progress can be energetic. The executive branch and our government shall actively and constructively engage and respond to 300 million average ordinary hard working citizens that make this country run every month.

                    The RTDNOW At-Cost Citizens' Marketplace (ACCM)

Where you the ordinary citizens own the production line, so YOU keep ALL the profits! This will reduce cost of living by up to 75%. As discussed in The RTDNOW Plan, 1% fixed home loans for all reduces cost of living by almost 50% OVERNIGHT!"


THE VISION: As the RTDNOW Movement grows across America your monthly $1.00 subscription donations will fund Regional, maybe one per State, non-profit companies with well paying local jobs and good healthcare. This will supply us ALL basic goods to live that lower our monthly cost of living by up to 75%. Along with 1% home loans we will mandate, this will reduce your cost of living by over 50% effectively giving you a 100% increase in income without a wage increase, even though those should happen. This method just makes it happen for a whole population OVERNIGHT, versus never and having 200 million poor as we do today. I don't have to be President to make this happen. Please Subscribe.

Run as local non-profits, RTDNOW FACTORIES will be owned by all of us Subscribers at RTDNOW in a cooperative business format, these manufacturing plants will NEVER leave our communities. They will NEVER be sold out by inept politicians, or Wall St., and will never fail because nobody, even in China, will undersell us.


RTDNOW FACTORIES will become major employers state by state (500 employees in Oregon is a MAJOR employer) dedicated to creating job skills and management expertise for the employees and volunteers. Who will be RTDNOW volunteers? Everybody like me, Adrian, who has a skill and is not ready to retire yet: I'm a volunteer in this whole effort. 


There will be 9 mega RTDNOW ALL CITIZENS warehouses across America where these goods will be stockpiled and distributed region by region, creating thousands of more local jobs.


AMERICAN DREAM FACTORIES: These RTDNOW factories in each State will create streams of new citizen economic leaders, who go on to use the RTDNOW Entrepreneurial skills and ethics training and new direct assistance RTDNOW Entrepreneurial programs (like the RTDNOW DREAM PORTAL, MENTORSHIP, and you guessed it, 1% business loans for your first location so citizens can easily start their own businesses, and grow quickly to employ other local Citizens with good wages and benefits, and really have a direct path and way to live their American dreams fully. 


We are not just producing goods you need to live at true cost, we are directly producing American dreams for generations to come by retraining the entire country to be successful energetic entrepreneurs. 


My name is Adrian, please subscribe for $1.00 per month and tell everyone RTDNOW.COM

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