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Write In Candidate 

for President of the 

United States of America







  • 1% FIXED rate non-profit home loans for ALL 

  • DOUBLES the money every citizen has monthly

  • MAKES housing affordable for ALL

  • HELPS 100 million out of poverty fast

  • CANCELS student debt: education free 

  • REDUCES Medical and Rx costs 75% 

  • ENDS poverty and homelessness 

  • ENDS personal taxation

  • CREATES 40 million high wage jobs

As 100 Million Add Your Names We Launch The RTDNOW Plan.



The Redeem The Dream Now (RTDNOW) Plan is self emancipation in action, online, 250 years later. 

It was inspired by Thomas Jefferson, the Creator of the American Dream, and his writings, such as the Declaration of Independence, instructing us to rewrite the rules when they no longer serve the people, like today with 100 million in poverty on path for 200 million in poverty and total collapse of the United State itself. It was also inspired by John Adams' 1775 resolution instructing the States to form 'Updated' rules of governance. It also draws basis from Alexander Hamilton's essays as an example of how an ordinary citizen suggests in detail how government may better serve all the people in his Federalist Papers. See The RTDNOW Papers for details on how The RTDNOW Plan provides new guards and security for ALL the peoples freedoms, and representation. 


The RTDNOW American Dream Implementation Plan presented here is to restore 300 million citizens real American dream of local self rule and economic freedom, overnight, in a true atmosphere of equal access, and treatment. It's what the founders left for all us citizens to work out. And we've all failed miserably so far. It's time to change that. As we all add our names, we will establish the RTDNOW Citizens Continental Congress, what the Romans called the 'Assembly of Centuries'. Where ALL citizens voices will be actively heard, to renew our democracy, and hold our patricians, today's elite global wealth class, paying off politicians, in check. Adding your name also endorses this plan for passage and implementation to restore our democracy and transform our economy to ensure the prosperity of EVERY American family. Adrian hopes all Americans add their names and subscribe for $1.00 a month to support RTDNOW and fund national town hall events where citizens input will be taken on the plan and all voices will be heard. That said, 1/2 of all Americans are hurting, and unnecessarily dying early right now and that's before 40 million jobs are lost to technology over the next 1-15 years. Who may support this plan? How about 78% living paycheck to paycheck in 2019 in what is being called a GOOD economy. It's time, right now, to REDEEM THE AMERICAN DREAM. If nobody adds their name and subscribes, this will end up as a Broadway Musical of what could be. But if all citizens join with Adrian online, almost for free, we can restore EVERYONE'S Dream right now.


The RTDNOW Plan DOUBLES everyone's net monthly income, makes housing very affordable for ALL, ENDS poverty quickly, 100 Million are in poverty now, and ends homelessness, by reducing living costs 50%.


Adrian is an Independent like the founders, but in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson who was a Democratic-Republican. That's how American ideals started. The two are both supposed to be combined full of actively involved citizens, not political parties corrupted with big money fighting with each other to endless paralysis forgetting the needs of the citizen, what we all call runaway government. The RTDNOW Plan brings the vision of an actively involved citizenry to life by creating an equal access environment for all citizens to participate, in such a way where corporations continue to thrive, but answer to the citizenry. As we double every citizens monthly income, all corporations income will increase 3,000%. This plan creates a prolonged economic boom for ALL.

The RTDNOW Plan also saves America from total collapse in 10 years as technology rapidly takes away 40 million jobs, by creating 40 million new high wage jobs that won't leave, with 1% American Dream Small Business Loans.


If we do nothing for 300 million citizens, like we've done for 40 years, we will lose 40 million jobs. 200 million will fall into poverty, half the family units in America will have only 1/2 their income which collapses their household budget, which collapses America. It's all connected to the financial health of the average citizen. Then banks will collapse again, and by that time America will be $40 Trillion in debt unable to borrow or print more money. Even as we pass the RTDNOW PLAN overnight, it takes 3-7 years to implement and reach every citizen. That's why it's time for every single citizen to support this plan right now. 10 years ahead of the big collapse coming.


Keep in mind there is NO other plan, never been ANY plan, to restore every citizens American dream. Ask why? Then join with Adrian, it's free, and  save your American dream and everyone else's. And if you really like my plan, and want me to implement it, write in Adrian 2020 for President.



To 100% Activism

As 300 Million Americans add their names at RTDNOW.COM to reserve their free seat in a nationwide online forum where we all have Equal Voice, we effortlessly form THE RTDNOW CITIZENS’ CONTINENTAL CONGRESS To Create Social Equality for All.



  • Every voice is heard

  • Every vote matters

  • Replaces electoral college​

  • Creates a path for a Citizen-first America

  • Places access to, and ongoing direction of government, in the hands (cell phones) of 300 Million citizens 24/7-365

  • Makes elections free, fair, and transparent so candidates don’t need any corporate donations

  • 100% voting will become the new normal


Our Sacred Democracy

The 300 Million Americans that added our names will all review, comment on, and then support passage of THE RTDNOW CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT To Create Political Equality for All by getting money out of politics and ending it's lobbying.


  • Ends runaway government

  • Removes money in politics

  • Restores integrity of 1 person, 1 vote, by removing all corporate donations

  • Restores citizen rule

  • Restores a functional Republic format of government

  • Reestablishes, a fair, fully equal, and fully inclusive, Democratic national process of governance, for all

  • Sole Presidential King Like power will be very limited. 

  • Fairness in Broadcasting Doctrine to be Restored.

  • Fraud penalties for Fake News

  • Jail for inciting hate in media


To Economic Freedom

Adrian’s 10 point economic program will quickly double 300 Million citizens’ net earnings (effectively a 50-100% pay raise) as we all review, comment on, and support passage of THE RTDNOW CITIZENS’ ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS To Create Economic Freedom for All.



  • 1% fixed rate home loans for all

  • Makes housing affordable for all

  • Doubles citizen net income

  • Creates 40 million good jobs

  • Creates upward mobility for all

  • College and trade school education made free 

  • Makes healthcare non-profit again, and affordable to all

  • Creates a firm path for every citizen to become a millionaire over their lifetime

  • Empowers 30 million citizens homelessness and100 million  living in poverty

  • Ends Fed Personal Taxation

  • America 2050 Economic Plan

 At 100 Million Names We 'DO THE PLAN'

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