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We live in the most wealthy and successful country in the world, but we're bankrupt. It's not a natural outcome and it's not supposed to be this way.


We are all $25 TRILLION in debt and what did we get for it? We are taxed to death and what did we get for it? We don't have affordable healthcare and it's killing our friends and loved ones faster. Our government has been overrun by money in politics for decades, which created this invisible prison we all live in called economic oppression. 


Decades of repeating failed and tyrannical policies that depress and oppress citizenss economic prospects is turning 300 million hard working American citizens into a nation of poor renters. Government policies paid for by the Corporama have stolen, exported and destroyed the American Dream. The erosion and loss of the American Dream, our economic freedom, is oppression! 


Failure to end our fifty year downward spiral of citizen's economics (costs have tripled and wages stagnated=we are all poorer) is proof it's been foisted upon us all in an organized plan through media outlets that are bought and paid for. 


Americans invented and built the modern world and won three world wars. Nobody that smart can be this stupid for so long. How can you blow $25 Trillion and still have crumbling bridges, no accessible healthcare, a runaway educational system which is the key to every American dream being realized, and dysfunctional government? 

You can't: its oppression. 


Citizen oppression happens every 75-125 years over three generations as the wealth class overruns and controls our politics and policies with payoffs and "donations". This is how the American Dream was stolen from 300 million ordinary hard working citizens. By whom? Follow the money!




Oppression in America Today.

10% of all high school students are housing insecure: couch surfing or worse. Students leave college, trained for jobs that aren't there, with up to $100,000 in student loan debt they are unable to pay. Over 50% of all student loans are in default. 50 million citizens across America are food and shelter insecure daily. Hunger and homelessness are rapidly growing across our nation. The Great Depression of 1932 only had 30 million people hungry! 


70% of all jobs are retail, near minimum wage, and half may be going away soon as Internet sales grow. The local retail employment base will greatly diminish, and economic ghost towns will spring up across the country.


Effective unemployment and under employment is a persistent 10-15%, when counting everyone. Our manufacturing base has been shipped overseas so we cannot earn, so we as a people and a nation slip farther into debt. Most states are as bankrupt as the federal treasury. That's not our natural state: it's oppression. 


When prices keep endlessly rising, when jails keep getting filled because someone is earning $100,000 per prisoner per year: it's oppression. When institutionalized racism jails 40% of the males of one race: it's racism and oppression. My friends, it's way past time to end our oppression, and 300 million as 1, move to our natural state of peace and individual prosperity. 




By 2050 the majority of the population will be non white.

But if citizens can't vote because of mass incarceration in American policy, or that vote no longer matters because corporate votes count 1 billion time more because they can now legally contribute to politicians to steer social and economic policy their way, it still won't matter; there will still be racial oppression. Unless we all wake up now 300 Million As 1.


We all have to mentally unjail ourselves from the master-slave mentality they've put us in. Since the 1915 racist film Birth of a Nation, for the last CENTURY, minorities in America have been demonized and progressively criminalized to take advantage of the loophole in the 13th amendment. That felons can't vote, so we've become a prison society. America’s war on its minorities took different names after slavery was abolished. Segregation, Jim Crow, 'Law and Order', War on Drugs and over the last 50 years both political parties had to out-do each other to see how many minorities they could put in prison while scaring the whole nation to death to vote against their rational brain every four years.


This whole medieval modern slavery system has brought us to 2020. Today, Black men are 5% of the population and 40% of the prison population. Yeah, really. THEY, the wealth class elite, have successfully implemented a fully coordinated systematic racist state IN AMERICA, over the last five decades. This ranges from law changes, to surveillance state, to police use of lethal force being commonplace. Our un-Godly Dehumanizing Satanic prisons they built across our great land instead of rehabilitation prisons. Prisons became a political tool: profit centers of industry to fund political campaigns and perpetuate our national State of Fear.

Corporate-funded think tanks by names like ALEC drafted legislation and spoon fed it to politicians they bankrolled all across America. They promoted a gun and violence frenzy and then introduced laws to keep prisons full; laws like 3 Strikes and 85% mandatory sentence serving.



Today our prisons are a literal slave labor force for Corporate America. They build our products, plant our potatoes in Idaho. Yeah, it's the year 1550 in our prisons. True Dark Ages. All right under our noses. And while the corporate/political/wealth class now profess there is a 'prison problem' because they can't hide it anymore, they want to do 'soft imprisonment of EVERYONE. They are lobbying right now to privatize parole. This means they can pull over ANYONE and claim a crime and 'let you go' if you agree to wear a tracking anklet. This is beyond Orwellian. They've made us prisoners in our mind, already living false realities. Now they want to confine masses of the population to their homes or neighborhood. They, the 1%, are the minority ranchers, we the American people are the endless heard of cattle. See it for what it really is before one person in every home in America is wearing an anklet, and yes, then EVERYONE in that household will live in fear of wearing one. We are all being systematically oppressed. 



THEY, they elite global wealth class, have been so successful in manipulating us all as a people, we fear everything now. We fear the government. We fear the police. We fear the future. We fear drugs. We fear the IRS. We especially fear deranged criminal politicians. We fear what tomorrow may bring. And we fear who we are because we all forgot. Manipulated, programmed by repetitive images such as TV programs called ridiculous things like “Law and Order” to perpetuate your subliminal fear and condition you to blame the wrong thieves! Minorities are not coming to take your American Dream; they only want to live theirs: Corporate America stole everyone's Dream and it's time for all of us to get it back.


Put all irrational programmed fears aside. Totally and right now. It's way past time to stop fearing the wrong beast. The beast is runaway government, powered by money in politics, funded by corporations and the global elite wealth class who created a cold race war in America over 5 decades. It was a hot war for minorities with their leaders assassinated, their churches bombed: yes by our government. It's time to stop fearing that you have a conscience and use it. You do really know what's happening. Stop being an American holocaust denier. When 2 million are jailed forever for petty theft, when 30 million are food and shelter insecure daily in America, it’s bad all over and getting worse. Stop denying that you should have a real life of meaning and purpose. It's time, 300 Million As 1, to stop fearing our neighbors. It's time to stop fearing people who look different. It's time for you, 300 million you’s, to stop your own repetitive programmed mental oppression as it kicks in automatically everyday as you see a minority, so we can all move to the America we want. And like any awakening, it doesn't take that long. We are going to do it overnight. This message, this movement called RTDNOW, is your awakening. I'm sorry for blowing your mind but as Arthur C. Clark's book famously said, "This is CHILDHOOD'S END." It's time for all of us 300 million as 1 to grow up in a blink.



Your life, and America, are what you believe they are. So start to really believe in yourself. Believe in a simple plan called Redeem The Dream Now to restore EVERYONE'S American Dream of social and economic equality. Where we all have the same opportunity to pursue our dreams. Believe you have the power every day to make this all happen overnight. It's time to free our country from an oppressive wealth minority class that uses social and economic policy to physically oppress and demonize minorities and economically oppress 300 million as 1. Like it or not, we are all in this leaky boat we call America together. We all lost the American dream, socially our votes don't count, and economically we are a poor bankrupt nation. Now we're all going to get it back. Get the American Dream back for every citizen. And let's do it overnight.



Now use your smart phone to tell everyone daily: RTDNOW.COM. And soon, as we all awaken to the new era of 100% participation in government, in implementing the future we want, an overnight restoration of the American dream for EVERY American, we will have that future. To end our oppression, you first have to join me in visualizing the country we want. It's in the RTDNOW PLAN. We all effortlessly participate daily, corporations and the elite class are removed from policy-making, as the RTDNOW Citizens Continental Congress replaces their law-writing think tanks, and 300 million citizens get an RTDNOW Citizen's Economic Bill of Rights to immediately double the cash in their pocket.


Then as we all effortlessly add our names, 100 million to 300 million can't be stopped. We are the American Spirits that make this country run. It's time to leave the mentally and physically bankrupted America. Do it now. 300 million as 1, REDEEM THE DREAM NOW. Add your name and keep telling everyone RTDNOW.COM.

End our oppression now

300 Million As 1

Redeem the Dream Now


From a letter to C. Hammond of 18 August 1821:


"...whenever all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated."

Jefferson Saw the Future of Far-Off Centralized Government that Leads to Oppression

ADD YOUR NAME to the RTDNOW 2nd Declaration of Independence



Economic oppression of the American people is EVERYWHERE now. Nearly half of all Americans, a STAGGERING 142 MILLION citizens, is considered "poor" or "low income". And it's getting worse. That's why it's time to act, 300 million as 1, to Redeem the Dream, to restore everyone's American Dream OVER-NIGHT, before poverty is on every doorstep across America.


Here are the details:

(this was BEFORE Covid)

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