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Write In Candidate 

for President of the 

United States of America


Waiting for 250 years for equality in America is never. It's time to all get, and ALL live our American Dreams. 


Here's what the RTDNOW Plan really does almost overnight to establish equality and a true government of, by and for the people restoring everyone's American dream of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



Act 1: Gets us ALL Social Equality

Act 2: Gets us ALL Political Equality 

Act 3: Gets us ALL Economic Equality


Those are the three components of EQUALITY: social, political and economic. And we've never had it because nobody's identified all three or addressed all three at the same time, so we could ALL finally have EQUALITY. Specifics? We are ending poverty. Making Racial Equality. 


The RTDNOW Plan does to fulfill the promise through our actions of our Declaration of Independence "all men (and women) are created equal" with equal rights as equal citizens to pursue their American dreams.  

Now all it takes to get Real Equality in America so 300 million ordinary citizens can all have the same tools and rights to actively pursue and live their American dreams, is YOU. 300 million YOU's. 

You have to participate daily for five minutes. Hear a free redemptions song at RTDNOW.COM, to inspire you and remind you what we are doing and fighting for: to Redeem 300 million ordinary hard working American citizens dreams OVER-NIGHT! 

Then get busy just telling EVERYONE RTDNOW.COM, add your name and subscribe for just $1.00 per month, and that's it. Soon 100 million to 300 million unstoppable American Spirits will be on the same webpage with the same mission of finally achieving equality and in doing so we restore everyone's American dream overnight!

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