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All Citizens Movement Driven by Free Music

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Adrian made 100 songs telling the story of the loss of the American dream that also rally us all, all 300 million ordinary hard working citizens, to save it.  50 years of decline collapsed American life. 50% in poverty, 78% live by each paycheck

homelessness and despair creep across the nation: technology's taking 80 million jobs. Nothings being done. Things are getting worse and will get much worse if we don't all take action. As technology takes away up to 5 out of every 10 jobs 200 Million Americans may be living in poverty within 5-10 years, which collapses America. 100 Million are in poverty now.

To restore everyone's American dream fast, overnight, we're using an All Citizens plan that establishes equality, lowering the cost of living by 50% permanently by giving every household up to $1,000 more each month in cash. Adrian's crafted his plan to pay for itself by indirectly regulating banking with 'Will of The People' purchasing power. We need 100 million names to launch the plan. So go ahead and blow up social media and blast RTDNOW.COM everywhere. If you want Adrian to implement the plan as written real fast, write in Adrian 2024.



It's driven by a rock opera of over 100 songs rolling out, free access online at RTDNOW.COM. That's the fun part. The SIMPLE part is 98% happens on your phone, 300 million citizen's phones. Hear a song, share it. Adrian's asking 300 million people to add their names to support his All Citizens Plan to restore everyone's American Dream overnight. It's free. Adrian has paid for everything so far personally. And he wrote and performed 100 songs and 50 podcasts: now that was the hard part! Now he's asking everyone who wants their American Dream back to subscribe for $1.00 / month (to get all 100 songs free) and provide the funding to roll RTDNOW out nationwide fast to reach every single citizen.   



Bold plans like Adrian's REDEEM THE DREAM NOW, can get passed into policy changes in just 1 Day, as we ALL add our names, but then they take a few months to reach everyone percolating through the system. Adrian's made the RTDNOW Plan for the Autonomous Revolution taking 80 MILLION JOBS away about 2030. But the COVID 2019 epidemic, and how it was not handled, made a WHOLE NATION work from home in 30 days not 10 years. It accelerated the 80 MILLION JOB LOSSES from 10-15 years to now to 48 months. 25% of America is out of work RIGHT NOW, 40 million JOBS ALREADY lost in June 2020. Government doesn't have a plan to save us all, except 1930's public works, filling potholes, WHICH WILL FAIL US ALL AGAIN. We need need to implement the RTDNOW PLAN to create 40 MILLION new small businesses, starting with 80 million jobs at double the minimum wage. This produces a middle class, ongoing wealth for all not debt and collapse. 



Aside from Home loan interest rates now almost headed toward zero interest...we can also pay for (without paying for) 1% non profit home loans by using our own $9 Trillion in zero deposit accounts nationwide if they do not reset the home loan rate. If they don't reset it based upon the will of the people, 100 million can form our own bank and lend ourselves our own zero percent money at 1%. But that could collapse the banking system, so they will comply as we all make our intentions knows. To pay for doubling the minimum wage and growing jobs, small businesses will get 40 year  1% loans, which is an 80% cost reductions, (real interest rate is now zero but we all get charged 3-7%) and all businesses will have their revenue and profits doubled, even with minimum wage doubled, because EVERYONE has TWICE as MUCH real MONEY TO SPEND they earned, not put on a credit card they can't pay. DOUBLING CITIZEN CASH DOUBLES THE WHOLE ECONOMY SUSTAINABLY. This saves ALL OF AMERICA fast, all Cities and bankrupt States because all this CASH FLOW pays for their sales and income taxes. WE ALL WIN SAVING AMERICA by creating INCOME for all, not debt for all. It's new thinking, with new solutions for all. RTDNOW FOR ALL.



Yes. EVERYONE in America somewhat equally. 100 MILLION were in poverty in America in 2019. With the Covid shutdown 200 million may be in poverty soon. With no plan right now already working to replace 80 million jobs that will be lost to technology , 50 million households will have 100% of their bills, and lose 50% of their income, if we don't act now. This will collapse 1/2 of ALL household budgets, and that will collapse America itself as a nation. 200 million will fall headfirst into poverty (78% have NO savings in 2020 in what was an 11 long year GOOD economy) and homelessness will increase to 50 million!

REALLY ADRIAN? Yes, really. See the old USSR and others nationwide economic failures for examples, because nobody like me was crazy enough to make an opera, write a plan, and think that everyone would be wise enough to participate to save themselves. But we can ALL choose a different path, to save EVERYONE'S American Dream, if we ALL act now. Please take action with Adrian. Accept his personal invitation to redeem the dream and save America. It's the first one the American people have had since Thomas Jefferson's 250 years ago. That's why it seems unusual. But its way overdue! RTDNOW is free access for ALL: its for EVERYONE. Please participate.



We ALL make it happen by Sharing Daily. As we get 100 million names at RTDNOW.COM demanding it, WE DO THE PLAN! Adrian made a rock opera with Podcasts, about restoring the American dream, to inform and inspire ALL, to participate. That's why theres 100 songs, to keep inspiring you to reach out to everyone daily. Yes, its all free! Yes, Adrian dreamt it all up and paid for it all himself so far. So just SHARE!!! If you REALLY want a new American for you fast, please subscribe for $1month to support RTDNOW or Donate. This needs everyone's moral and small financial support. It's free access so ALL will participate. And everyone can afford $1.00/month subscription to save their future and have equal voice in our future. Yes, that's what equality is, we all pay the same small amount and ALL our voices are heard equally, and we benefit equally. Please help.


Adrian’s doing things differently to get different results. And it’s time you did too! 50 years of decline in American life with politics as usual putting American in Bankruptcy and and a never ending downward spiral with no organized citizen first plan to save us all, is quite enough. We all need to move on to being independents for a few moments and act to save America. Adrian’s using a rock Opera (with written song bonus materials and podcasts) to reach 300 million citizens quickly and directly without any donors, corporate fake news failure pundits, or political media filters confusing you so you have no idea what's really going on. As big name musicians come to RTDNOW Redemption RADIO to do interviews and sing with Adrian, we will ignite the American spirit in all citizens and lift the whole country. Hopefully all the entertainment makes you forget you're actually saving the world as you save America. Because the whole world would be a totalitarian police state barely able to feed itself already by now if America and the American dream of a classless society didn't exist. So enjoy the music!



Every citizen’s life improves 100% immediately as RTDNOW policies double their net income with policy changes such as 1% fixed rate home loans for all that gives each household up to $1,000 per month in extra cash because Adrian's plan reduces their home cost by about half each month. UNBELIEVABLE! Not really. Interest rates are negative right now in June 2020. This helps 100 Million leap out of poverty overnight, and housing becomes very affordable for all so everyone becomes wealthy over their life, even those of us on minimum wage. Student debt will be cancelled, education will become free, Medical and Rx costs will be reduced 75% in steps in a non-profit healthcare system that works side by side the existing for profit one ripping us all off. Adrian's REDEEM THE DREAM NOW PLAN puts us on a fast path to end homelessness and poverty PERMANENTLY!



We the people make the rules when we all use our voices together: IT'S CALLED DEMOCRACY. Since there is BILLIONS of Lobbyist, and Foreign Government Money SETTING OUR RULES, taking away our American Dream, we are using this movement to chart a course DECIDED BY THE CITIZENS, not billionaires, Corporations, China who took all our Factories and Jobs and Half our Economy THIS WAY, or Putin playing with our elections.


For example, did you know that since 1980 good people in government were trying to go to a 1 PAGE zero cost tax return for most of the citizens. Do you know why it hasn't happened in 40 YEARS!!!! LOBBYISTS spend at least $5 MILLION a YEAR DONATING to OUR REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS. FOR FORTY YEARS!!!!  That means Tax Return Companies like IN TO IT, etc, have spent $200 MILLION to do what? To charge you $35 to $150 annually, what adds up to $100 Million in profits for them each year. Times 40 years, that's almost HALF A BILLION DOLLARS THEY STOLE FROM US CITIZENS and the lobbying donations we will make illegal, only cost them 5% of what they made!!! THAT IS SUCH A GOOD DEAL, PAYING OFF POLITICIANS WITH DONATIONS and LOBBYISTS THAT IT WILL NEVER STOP UNLESS WE ALL STOP IT as one group.


I'm trying to suggest and deliver sweeping reforms of economic freedom and equality for all, with new trickle UP policies, THAT NO POLITICAL PARTY CAN DELIVER, so all thrive. We are all living the poverty of the lie of 50 years of trick-le down economics. THIS 2020 ALL CITIZENS MOVEMENT IS FAST, all on your smartphone. It's free and fun. If you get busy and share daily it will reach the whole country in no time. 300 Million, even 100 Million people, are unstoppable. The real secret in the free money Adrian is redistributing back to you in his plan, is that we are all charged about 2-10 times what we should be. The big example is paying 4-6% for your home loan versus what it should be 1%, so we pay Mortgage or Rent that is TWICE AS MUCH AS IT SHOULD BE. A small example above is losing about $100 on your tax return preparation cost each year. Now just think, if I can, with Redeem the Dream Movement, reduce your cost of a home loan 75%, 5% to 1%. Reduce your cost of tax return preparation by 100%... are you getting the picture here? As a group, we can reduce MOST of our living costs by 75%. This isn't a joke, and I'm not selling you anything but a bright future for every citizens if we all unite together in what is essentially the BIGGEST BUYING CLUB the world has ever seen. And its free for everyone.

FOR ALL OUR BASIC LIVING NEEDS, 300 million as 1 as we all add our names, we are moving to a NON PROFIT cost plus 10% saving you up to 50% or more on your whole life. America becomes livable again. This ends poverty and hunger and an over bloated welfare state that is imploding as we speak. Everyone in America has a quality life again. As we all add our names at RTDNOW.COM, we effortlessly form a 100 million to 300 million person RTDNOW BUYING CLUB!


Having ALL your living costs will go down by 50% is like everyone getting a 50-100% permanent pay raise. Adrian's plan also restarts the American dream engine by creating 80 million good new jobs that will stay here at 2X minimum wage. NOW PLEASE NOTE: while Mr. Biden may double your minimum wage if elected...companies will INCREASE PRICES TO PAY FOR IT. It's just running in place, it doesn't really work. It's another political gimmick. My plan is complete, covers every aspect of your life. Home costs and rent will be FIXED for 50 Years. Healthcare will be NON- Profit like it was before 1971. WHAT I AM TELLING YOU IS WE CAN ALL HAVE A GREAT AMERICAN DREAM RIGHT NOW.


Versus all doing what we've done for 40 years support fake (paid off) people with fake (donor and lobbyist) plans, which will result in losing half our jobs, 80 MILLION to technology over 20 years and America itself FULLY collapsing. It's time to save your own future. Nobody's coming to save us but all of us. THAT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS ABOUT NOW. Please help.

  • Print RTDNOW Free Posters Post them Everywhere Online and In every coffee shop in America 


  • Just end all Texts, tweets, emails: RTDNOW.COM

  • Please SUBSCRIBE for $1.0/month. Get all 100 songs and support the RTDNOW Movement.


Don’t wait, just appoint yourselves ‘RTDNOW Block Captains’ and spread the word on your street, or your floor of a building, in your groups and all around town. You don't have to convince anyone of anything, just share RTDNOW.COM. Let them discover we all have a fast free, and fun, way forward.


PLEASE NOTE: There are no other plans to restore everyone's American dream in an overnight that pays you, and PAYS FOR ITSELF. This is it! Adrian figured it out over 10 years as he made all the music. Everyone will figure out this is the one real chance in a lifetime to get our American dreams back.

Let the music inspire you and help to share daily.


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