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 The 2nd Great Depression Started and Government Can't Fix It: so We ALL Need to Help. And after waiting 250 years for real social equality, and tangible economic freedom, the real American dream, it's time to all go get it. And now its very easy. This all citizens movement all happens on your phone. If you like the RTDNOW all citizens plan, add your name and share. As 100 million sign up the plan happens. The music is to inspire all of us daily. RTDNOW makes real change Internet fast, it just takes you: add your name. America, now we can do this!
Equality And Prosperity
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So Everybody Wins
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United We Stand
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As we all add our names, RTDNOW acts like a 300 million citizen non-profit buying club delivering the American Dream to all at 50% off. The economic plan doubles the minimum wage and creates 80 million jobs fast to save America from collapse. It pays for itself by indirectly regulating the banking system to work for ALL citizens. Why bother? We are now in the 2nd great depression. We will lose 50 million more jobs over 5 years to technology. So if you want any American dream, if you want to survive, we all need to help make this happen fast by sharing this with 300 million citizens in an online stampede. I wish I was joking. Hear the podcasts.



1. Add Your Name

2. Please Subscribe

3. Share Daily

Hi, I'm, Adrian. I spent 10 years researching how to create a new American Dream overnight for all to be able to write a 1 page plan to accomplish it. Then I made this movement for us all. And I wanted it to be fun. So I made a musical about the birth, loss, and our redemption of the American dream. The idea is to hear a song each day and share it so 300 million, or at least 100 million participateYes this movement also Rocks! A free access daily musical to help us all spread RTDNOW to reach EVERYONE!


So please save your American Dream and everyone else's at the same time. Not many other real options that will work FOR EVERYONE. This is a homespun grass roots and self financed, until 300 million want a new American dream and subscribe for $1/month to lend a hand. So excuse any typo's and enjoy ALL the music!

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