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Welcome to the REDEEM THE DREAM RADIO Archive


Home of the Brave

Who Am I?

We Are All Redeemers

We Conquered the World

Wake Up America

Leave the City of the Damned

Our Journey Begins Anew

For the Ordinary Man

Nothin's Changin'

Lip Service

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Adrian has created the world's first 100 song interactive rock opera playing daily at RTDNOW.COM to create the new era of 100% Activism so we can all restore a true government of, by and for, we the people, and complete the perfect original vision of the founding fathers.


"The online opera is free access, like America should be, which is why I made it for 300 million American Spirits."

- Adrian

In 100 installments, Adrian's songs tell our story, of our American Journey, of our nation's birth, the loss, and our redemption of the American Dream, by 300 million newly-activated citizens at RTDNOW.COM.


The backstory and lyrics of each song brings to life today's most pressing issues in every American household as Adrian
conveys his motivation to write the song for the American people.  


The podcasts bring the immediacy of each citizen's daily effort to live their American dream into the moment, concluding with the broadcast of the full song - for free!

Please share my bonus material with everyone, and we are all going to restore 300 million American Dreams virtually overnight, and save America for the ordinary hard working citizen in the new era of 100% citizen participation at RTDNOW.COM. That's why I went to all this effort. All that is missing is you. Tell everyone to RTDNOW.COM"


Thank you!




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ABOUT: Each song's backstory

STUDIO: Videos and stories

LYRICS: Our American journey

PODCAST: Thoughts and insight

Ghost Towns

Petty Theft & Grand Larceny

Everybody's For Sale

The Sellout (of the American Dream)

The Line that Can't be Crossed

Take My Hand

It's Our Turn

Open the Magic Door


Everything Starts Somewhere

Fix Our World

Lend a Hand

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